Rest in Peace Dr. Douglass

My comments:  I have read this dear doctor’s reports for many years.  He will be very sorely missed.  Heaven rejoices, and we mourn.  It is our great loss.
Dear Reader,

We have lost a legend.

I’m writing today with a heavy heart to let you know that Dr. William Campbell Douglass II, our fearless editor and my dear friend, has died after a brief illness. His death is a tremendous loss for his family, friends, and the millions of readers who benefited from his humor, wit and endless knowledge.

Dr. Douglass was a patriot, a medical maverick, and a compassionate healer who saved lives in every corner of the world. He treated our soldiers as a military flight surgeon, fought malaria in Central America, and even operated his own clinic in Africa.

And he was never afraid to tell it like it is. Dr. Douglass stood up to government bullies and billion-dollar drug company interests to make sure you’d always have access to the latest science and life-saving cures.

He was, quite simply, the conscience of modern medicine — and Dr. Douglass kept working and fighting for you right up until the end. In fact, over the next couple months we’ll be bringing you the remarkable final issues he wrote of his life-changing newsletter, Douglass Report. You won’t want to miss them.

It was important to Dr. Douglass that his work continue after he was gone. He understood — as we all do — that while our bodies may come with an expiration date, the truth doesn’t.

That’s why Dr. Douglass asked me to continue writing his Daily Dose in his place to make sure you’d always have the information you’d need to make the best health decisions for yourself and the people you love. It’s a responsibility I accept in his honor, and you’ll continue receiving your regular issues of Daily Dose soon.

But tonight I’ll be lighting up a double Corona cigar and sipping a glass of single-malt scotch in honor of my friend, Dr. Douglass — and I hope you’ll do the same. That’s what he would have wanted.

And let’s remember that it’s up to all of us to keep up the work — and the fight — that Dr. Douglass started.

To your health,

Jack Harrison

14 responses to “Rest in Peace Dr. Douglass

  1. Prayers for the family.

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  2. I was shocked and saddened to hear this news. Oh how we need more
    knowledgeable honest doctors like him!

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  3. williamjamesward

    Yes Dr. William C. Douglass was a real person with and excellent
    mind. Truthful to what he thought and practiced, I received his
    newsletter for many years and will miss his messages and
    grand opinions. I pray he is now enjoying the company of the
    Saints in their eternal reward……………….William

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  4. Sad news. He will be greatly missed.

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  5. Yes, he gave us such great information…I’ve known of him for 30 years.


  6. Dr. Douglass fed into conspiracy theories and dismissed settled science (i.e., he said that smoking was good for you, etc.). It was hard to determine which of his statements were accurate and which were simply not true.
    It would seem to me that if he followed his own advice, and that advice was truly healthful, he would not have died at a relatively young age.
    It is critical that everyone get information from all sources and make educated decisions, not just take a maverick’s word for it because “it’s all a big pharma/big medicine conspiracy.”


    • I never heard him say smoking was good for you, and I read his stuff for years….but everything he put out was pretty good in my estimation…conspiracy theories…where two or more are gathered to do harm, I don’t think so.


  7. For information on Dr. Douglass and smoking, please see where he is quoted: “Smoking in moderation will not harm you,” Campbell explained, citing several medical conditions, including cancer, that can be improved by smoking. In one study he referenced, women who smoked the most were found to have a statistically significant 54% decrease in incidents of breast cancer when compared to woman who never smoked. Campbell also said smoking in moderation can prevent arteries from becoming clogged, as well as relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. His book on the subject is “The Health Benefits of Tobacco” – see
    I always enjoyed his newsletter, but, as with all health information, it has to be viewed critically.
    May he rest in peace.


    • Thanks for this Bruce, I never read that. When I had my first child, 50 years ago this December, my obstetrician smoked in his office…never bothered me a bit, but I think what has happened is the additives put in by the tabacco companies have made smoking danged dangerous. Way back when I was a child and it was just tobacco that my grandfather and his sons occasionally smoked, they were not addicted, and they never smoked in the barns…it was a luxury only afforded after lunch time dinners and evening suppers…then things changed. I hate cigarettes today, and yet, so many of us smoked for years because our parents smoked, and we never thought anything of it.


  8. Bruce — You said, “It would seem to me that if he followed his own advice, and that advice was truly healthful, he would not have died at a relatively young age.” Young age? He was 89 (Born: 1926, Died: 2015). The medical establishment fails to get at least half of all people they see beyond the age of 76. But it’s really not about longevity anyway — it’s about the quality of your life up to your appointed time. Douglass died of a brief illness. Up to then, he enjoyed a healthy, happy life. The “cut-and-drug” medical establishment may get you to your appointed time, but it’ll be complete with a chronically disabling illness, missing body parts, and/or numerous side effects. I’m 65 years old. Dr. Douglass’ newsletters helped me see the light after I had an angioplasty on a 100% blocked artery when I was 49. The surgeons told me I’d be back approximately every 3 years to have a new stent put in. About three months later, after overcoming my skepticism of Dr. Douglass’ sound medical information, I immediately stopped following the low-fat pyramid that I’d followed for the previous 15 years and returned to eating high-fat meats, butter, foods baked in lard, eggs, and whole raw milk, along with having two alcoholic drinks per night and taking various nutritional supplements. I have been symptom free ever since … and, jimmy-crack-corn, I don’t care about cholesterol! Oh yes … about his tobacco statements. I don’t smoke cigars, but I switched from smoking a pack-a-day commercial cigarettes (which I’d been doing since age 14) to a pack-a-day cigarettes with organic tobacco. Get this: my lungs have actually cleared up! Now, I’m not saying smoking is good for you — but I also question the medical “data” that exists against this popular bugaboo. Despite all the rhetoric, advertising, propaganda campaigns, laws, and lawsuits, science (that is, using the scientific method — control group studies, etc., are NOT science) has never proven that tobacco smoking causes cancer. Which means all the “evidence” is no less anecdotal than my own testimony above. At least I haven’t find the proof in libraries or on the Internet. Maybe you can.

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    • Terry, thanks so much for your wonderful comment. I know that the diet you speak of actually helps cure epilepsy as well. You are a smart man…and dear Dr. Douglass I read for many many years. We eat butter, milk, cream, and all the other good stuff and guess what? It’s lowered our cholesterol.


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