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10 Tips On Not Being A Victim Of Crime.

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  1. The truth about telemarketer and robocalls. How to stop them.

    In my opinion:
    I have a copper landline for my home phone service. Every day I receive between 2 to 7 telemarketer and Robocalls. I registered my phone number with the Federal Trade Commission DNC registry (do not call registry). This was a big mistake, because it immediately increased the number of calls I received. I purchased a call blocker however it soon proved to be worthless because the telemarketers would constantly spoof or changing their numbers. I called my phone company, that was also a waist of time.

    I had a conversation with a telemarketer and she openly admitted that her company got its phone number from the DNC Registry (do not call registry) and the Public Housing Authority.

    The DNC registry (do not call registry) is not only worthless; it is a means for telemarketers to get our phone numbers.
    Public Housing Authority is also a phone number source for telemarketers.

    Why is the phone company, the DNC registry and Public Housing Authority culpable? Answer; Follow the money. Probably profit, revenue, employment, etc. Company’s get paid for selling phone lists. Phone companies also overcharge for generally ineffective landline call blocking options and equipment. Everyone profits except the phone customers.

    How to reduce the number of telemarketer calls:
    1. Do not believe anything the DNC registry, a telemarketer or the phone company tells you. Have your phone number completely remove from the DNC Registry. Never report your phone number to the DNC registry.
    2. Contact your Public Housing Authority, file a complaint and have your telephone number removed.
    3. Hang up right away. Never reply to any questions or prompts from a telemarketer. Example, “Press 2 to have your phone number removed”. Don’t do it, this will only add your phone number back on to their call list as a live person.
    4. If you have a cell phone, VoIP, cable or FiOS phone service your provider or others may be able to offer you an app or software to block telemarketers. Try no mo robo, ,it’s free. You can also try (Hiya, RoboKiller, PrivacyStar, YouMail, TrueCaller). Copper landlines are often more difficult to control telemarketer calls.
    5. Never give out your phone number on government forms, contest, voter registration, etc.
    6. A call blocker will only be of use if the callers are using the same phone number. However most of the time telemarketer constantly spoof or changing their numbers.
    7. Do a 77 option once a week on your copper landline. With some phone company’s you can try Block Anonymous Callers (77) however this may also be of limited use.

    Pass this on to other telemarketer victims.



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