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Teachers Warned Not to Say ‘Boys’ or ‘Girls’ as It ‘Reminds Pupils of Gender’

“I don’t think it is useful to be constantly reminded of your gender all the time and all the stereotypes that go with it.”

 Teachers should avoid calling female pupils “girls” or “ladies” because it means they are “constantly reminded of their gender”, a former government mental health tsar has said.

Natasha Devon, who was appointed MBE in 2015 for “services to young people”, said the move would help transgendered children as well as encourage female and male students to defy traditional notions of gender, which affect “well-being”.

She told the Girls’ School Association’s annual conference in Manchester that she would “never walk into a room in an all-girls’ school and say ‘girls’ or ‘ladies’” because it is “patronising”.

Teachers should instead address youngsters as “pupils”, “students”, or even just “people”, she insisted, according to The Telegraph.

“I don’t think it is useful to be constantly reminded of your gender all the time and all the stereotypes that go with it.”

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Here’s The One NFL Player Who Kneeled During The Anthem On Thanksgiving

Vernon took a knee right before his team took on the Washington Redskins in the Thursday night game

New York Giants defensive end Olivier Vernon was the only NFL player to kneel during the national anthem in a Thanksgiving game Thursday.

Vernon took a knee right before his team took on the Washington Redskins in the Thursday night game. No other players demonstrated during the anthem.

Giants defensive end Olivier Vernon kneels on Thanksgiving night. Vernon’s father is a retired police officer, and he’s been kneeling for the anthem since Trump’s comments in September.

It also appears no players kneeled during the day’s two previous games, which saw the Minnesota Vikings defeat the Detroit Lions and the Los Angeles Chargers win against the Dallas Cowboys.

Vernon has been protesting during the national anthem ever since September when President Trump stirred up outrage by arguing that any player who kneels should be fired. Several players joined in anthem protests following the president’s comments, but the number of players who have continued to do so has dropped significantly throughout the season.

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Church of Sweden Officially Drops Calling God ‘Lord’, ‘He’ to Be More Inclusive

Leftism consuming every inch of Swedish culture

The Church of Sweden has voted to adopt a controversial new handbook which says masculine references to God, such as “He” and “Lord” should be scrapped so as to be more “inclusive.”

Despite heavy criticism from organisations including Royal Swedish Academy, on Thursday the church approved the new handbook with a large majority.

The Church Handbook  — which was last updated in 1986  — sets out how services, baptisms, weddings and funerals should be conducted, in language, liturgy, theology and music, and is therefore central to the church’s activities.

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Texas trooper shot and killed during routine traffic stop

A Texas Department of Public Safety police officer was killed in the line of duty on Thanksgiving

A Texas Department of Public Safety police officer was killed in the line of duty on Thanksgiving while conducting a routine traffic stop in Freestone County, authorities said. Freestone County is about 90 miles southeast of Dallas.

According to Texas DPS officials, trooper Damon Allen was returning to his patrol vehicle at about 4 p.m. following the stop when he was shot by a rifle. Allen was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The suspect, 32-year-old Dabrett Montreal Black, fled the scene before being arrested around 9 p.m. in Waller County, just northeast of Houston. Black was taken into custody without incident and is now receiving treatment for a canine bite, police said.

Shortly after news of Allen’s death was released Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statement expressing his condolences to the officer’s family, writing on Twitter, “Sad on Thanksgiving to lose one of our state troopers in the line of duty. Prayers for his family. Swift justice for his killer.”

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Kelleigh Nelson~Judeo-Christian Americans Thankful Despite Secular Attacks

Judeo-Christian Americans Thankful Despite Secular Attacks


O give thanks unto the LORD, for He is good: for His mercy endureth forever.  Psalms 107:1 

To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee forever.  Psalms 30:12

From the Mt. Vernon website comes the truth of Thanksgiving.

Americans don’t know it and children aren’t taught it, but George Washington is responsible for our Thanksgiving holiday. It was our first president, not the Pilgrims and not Abraham Lincoln, who led the charge to make this day of thanks a truly national event.

Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1789

On October 3, 1789, George Washington issued his Thanksgiving proclamation, designating for “the People of the United States a day of public thanks-giving” to be held on “Thursday the 26th day of November,” 1789, marking the first national celebration of a holiday that has become commonplace in today’s households.

It was President Franklin Roosevelt who wanted to extend Christmas shopping by another week and change Thanksgiving to the third Thursday of November, but the public outcry was massive.  So, in 1941, Congress named the fourth Thursday in November as our national day of thanks.  Norman Rockwell painted this holiday as “freedom from want.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

On Monday, White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders made reporters tell what they are thankful for before asking her a question.  All but one of them actually told what they were thankful for, and she pulled it off brilliantly.

Then they turned around and tweeted their disgust with her.  Sad, but this is the state of America’s media and culture today.  We need to stand for our Christian heritage, just as Sarah did.

The Hatred of Christendom

My sweet Christian friend, Shirley Edwards, had a recent article in NewsWithViews that was heartbreaking.  Shirley lives in the UK, and writes about what is going on across the pond.  Her latest article, The Crucifixion of Truth in The United Kingdom, gave several examples of the bias against Christians and how the foundations of the British way of life have been sacrificed causing them to lose their own identity.

The case of Joshua Sutcliffe, a Christian math teacher at a school in Oxfordshire is facing discipline for calling a female student a ‘girl’ when they wanted to be called a boy.  The school has accused Joshua of ‘mis-gendering’ the pupil contravening the school’s equality policy.

Felix Ngole, expelled from his course at Sheffield University for stating his Christian views on marriage and sexual ethics on Facebook. It is thought his views could have offended someone.

Sarah Kuteh a Christian nurse fired by the National Health Service (NHS) for talking to patients about her faith while she was helping them get ready for surgery.

Richard Page, a magistrate who has been disciplined by a Cabinet minister and England’s highest judge for saying that he thought a child’s best interests lie in being raised by a mother and a father.

Barry Trayhorn, a Pentecostal minister forced to resign after a complaint was made about a bible verse he quoted at a prison chapel service.

(These cases are being defended by Christian lawyers).

Faith Destroyed by Government

Shirley goes on to say that, “public services such as local councils who once served the community have now changed into law enforcers; it may be possible that the senior leaders of those organizations have partaken in common purpose training, and disseminated that work ethos down through the organization and out into society.”

And guess what “common purpose training” (CP) is…it’s a political charity using behavioral modification.  The link exposes CP for what it is…an elitist pro-EU political organization helping to replace democracy in the UK, and worldwide, with CP chosen ‘elite’ leaders. In truth, their hidden networks and political objectives are undermining and destroying our democratic society and are threatening ‘free will’ in adults, teenagers and children. Their work is funded by public money and big business, including international banks.

We’ve all heard about “behavioral modification” for years in America.  It has been used for years in the government schools rather than academic teaching.  Any researcher regarding education knows those buzzwords well.

America’s War Against Christendom

A TIME Magazine article from June of 2016 entitled, Regular Christians Are No Longer Welcome in American Culture, exposes the same anti-God tactics as are being used in the UK. The faithful are paying the prices for their beliefs, not just with bakers who refuse to bake cakes for homosexuals, but far more insidious, as if that wasn’t bad enough.

A teacher in New Jersey was suspended for giving a student a Bible.  (If you haven’t seen, God’s Not Dead II, get it and watch because this is what is happening).

A football coach in Washington was placed on leave for saying a prayer on the field at the end of a game, but it’s just fine if the NFL kneels in disrespect to our flag, our national anthem and our veterans.

A fire chief in Atlanta was fired for self-publishing a book defending Christian moral teaching, something he did outside of his employment, but was still fired for it despite his first amendment rights.

And remember the female Marine who was court-martialed for pasting a Bible verse above her desk.

Anti-Christian activists hurl smears like “bigot” and “hater” at Americans who hold traditional beliefs about marriage and accuse anti-abortion Christians of waging a supposed “war on women.”  Meanwhile the making of money off the sales of aborted babies’ bodies goes on and only because of Trump does this practice have a chance of being stopped.

TIME tells that even Christian institutions face pressure to conform to secularist ideology—or else. Evangelical schools like Gordon College in Massachusetts and Kings College in New York have had their accreditation questioned.

The secularists and haters of Christ argue that Christian schools should not even exist and home-schooled children have been targeted because it’s a “Christian thing,” and it is child abuse!  My God that’s backward, what is going on in our government schools is the real child abuse.  Even Christian charities, adoption agenciesCatholic hospitals, and crisis pregnancy centers have become objects of attack.

The father of our country, George Washington, along with Virginian Robert E. Lee’s portraits were recently removed from Washington’s own church in Virginia.  Both of these men were of great faith, and both made huge sacrifices for freedom and liberty.


In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God, I Thessalonians 5:18.  Despite the attacks on both Jews and Christians because of faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the attacks on Christendom and our Messiah, the King of Glory, Jesus Christ, we need to thank God for our many blessings.

Like Sarah Sanders, I will list the many reason that I am so grateful to the Lord.  I was raised in Chicago, and got the best of the City in the 1950s, and I had a great education.  My summers and vacations were spent on my grandparents’ dairy farm in northern Indiana.  We had wonderful family gatherings, blessing and memories I will never forget.  I am married to a wonderful well-adjusted Christian man, who loves me unconditionally and even helps me clean house!  I can see, hear, taste, smell and touch. I can still kneel to wipe up my floors, and I can walk my beloved dogs.

Our great country has problems, but we’ve been blessed to see a new President in our White House who wants to make our country great again.  We are blessed for so many things, our wonderful veterans and active military, for our friends and families, for our warm homes in the winter, and cool homes in the summer, for food on the table, for jobs that pay the bills, and for countless many other things that would take pages to mention.


I remember attending church on Thanksgiving while gram’s turkey was in the oven and all of the family gathered together in church to thank the Lord for our blessings.  Oh, for the preachers of the past who spoke the truth so willingly and lovingly.  We need to be in prayer for our country, our President, his family, and his administration, and we need desperately, more than anything else…to stand for our faith in God!

Today we start the season of Christmas.  It’s Christ’s birthday that we celebrate next. All of our blessings come from God, so praise and thank Him, and stand for His truth in American society today.  Lord bless you all!

P.S.  We are so thankful for so many blessings, including the fact that we have NewsWithViews who daily publishes truth from researchers who love our country and want to make her great again.  The NWVs CEO and publisher works tirelessly to bring the best articles by journalist researchers into your email daily.  We stay alive only because of donations from grateful readers.  Please consider donating to NWVs on a monthly basis to help us make America great again.

© 2017 Kelleigh Nelson – All Rights Reserved

ISIS Calls for Barron Trump’s Assassination

ISIS Calls for Barron Trump’s Assassination

Location of First Son’s school revealed

Jerome Corsi~DOJ Won’t Block $600 Million CIA Contract to – Why?

DOJ Won’t Block $600 Million CIA Contract to – Why?

Amazon’s deep ties to intelligence agencies revealed

Men’s Shaving Company Attacks ‘Toxic Masculinity’ In New Ad

Men’s Shaving Company Attacks ‘Toxic Masculinity’ In New Ad

Harry’s ignites backlash with feminist meme

Today is International Men’s Day. Believe it or not, that’s a thing.

Now more than ever, being a man demands introspection, humility, and optimism. To get to a better tomorrow, we need to take a look at today, and at the misguided stereotypes that got us here in the first place.

As with many ill-fated attempts by organizations and businesses to mix left-wing politics with advertising, the response has been overwhelmingly negative, and despite having nearly 370,000 views on Facebook at the time of this writing, the post has generated less than 800 positive reactions, and a mere 310 shares.

While the ad offers a small semblance of neutrality that could garner benefit of the doubt from less cynical or discerning observers, replies by the company in the comments sections dispel uncertainty about their angle or position, leaving many to speculate if ardent feminists or “soy boys” are running the show at Harry’s.

“We repeat: toxic masculinity is the problem, not being a man,” Harry’s wrote in reply to the most popular comment on their Facebook post. “There’s a big difference and we’re excited to help move this conversation along.”

“2017’s hot business strategy: virtue signal against your customer base to those who aren’t interested in your product,” wrote one savvy Twitter user.

Harry’s is just the latest in an ever-growing list of companies torpedoing swaths of their customer base by espousing or supporting the radical left-wing/globalist agenda, which includes ESPN, Kellogg’s, Nordstrom, the NFL, Camping World, Pepsi, and Starbucks.

UK supermarket chain Tesco recently sparked international backlash and vows of a boycott with their first commercial of the Christmas season by prominently featuring Muslim in hijabs, a gay couple with a baby, and a Sikh man, while whitewashing Christianity out of the ad.

Merchants who mix their politics with business do so at great risk in the current era, prompting some to wonder why they attempt it at all.

Dan Lyman: Facebook | Twitter

Bezos & Deep State Unite: Amazon Launches Cloud Service For CIA

Bezos & Deep State Unite: Amazon Launches Cloud Service For CIA

CIA’s $600 million contract with Amazon in 2013 finally paying off

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange also praised Trump for his efforts to expose WaPo as a CIA propaganda arm.

Motivation aside, Trump showing why massive CIA contractor Amazon (Bezos) owns the Washington Post is fantastic. 

Scaramucci at Yad Vashem: We must stand for truth & justice

Scaramucci at Yad Vashem: We must stand for truth & justice

Former White House Communications Director speaks with Arutz Sheva about his experience visiting Yad Vashem and his message to world leaders

Chana Roberts, 20/11/17 12:3

“In the town I grew up in we had a large Jewish neighborhood,” Scaramucci said. “I can still remember when I was sixteen, one of the fathers of one of the girls in our school came. He was a prisoner in one of the labor camps and he gave a very big exposition of what it was like.”

“Now, it’s 35 years later for me, and to come here and to see it the way its been described here and memorialized – it’s very very painful… Hopefully…many world leaders can come and see this so they can know and have it burned in their hearts and in their minds ‘never again.’

“Never can there be this kind of atrocity, this injustice to humanity, this lack of proactivity to prevent something like this. For me it was incredibly moving, it’s something I’ll never forget. I can only hope…to bring all of my children here so they can see this as well.”

Speaking about how society views the Holocaust today, Scaramucci noted that “we’re in an age now where there’s a lot of misinformation. We’re in an age of social media, so there’s a lot of people who are using the mediums in an untruthful way. It’s very important to fight that, and stand for truth and stand for justice.”

“If we don’t have a living memory of this atrocity, it makes it that much harder. I’m very proud to stand here and have witnessed it and heard so many of the beautiful stories of life…. We have to continue the fight to let people know what happened, so that it never happens again.”

He also noted that one of the defining features of Israel is its love, both for its own people and for humanity.

“What the great nation of Israel stands for is the protection of minorities and the protection of human rights,” Scaramucci said. “What I found overwhelming here in addition to the memory [of the Holocaust] is the love – the love that the Jewish people have for each other and the love that the Jewish people have for humanity, which was expressed so beautifully here.”

Video~Elon Musk Issues Emergency Warning! Globalists Are Building A Giant Altar On Which To Sacrifice Humans

Bill Clinton Still Silent About Flights On Pedophile’s Sex Plane

Bill Clinton Still Silent About Flights On Pedophile’s Sex Plane

Clinton flew on some trips where the flight logs showed only the first names of female passengers

Charles Manson: The Eco-Warrior Who Wanted to Kill Humans to Save the Earth

Charles Manson: The Eco-Warrior Who Wanted to Kill Humans to Save the Earth

Notorious cult leader wanted to wipe out 50 million to stop the polar ice caps melting

Illegal Aliens Killed Border Patrol Agent by Crushing in His Skull with Rocks, Says NBPC

Illegal Aliens Killed Border Patrol Agent by Crushing in His Skull with Rocks, Says NBPC

“These disgusting acts and complete disregard for human life need to stop immediately.”

French Postal Service Refuses to Deliver to Migrant ‘No Go Zone’ Citing ‘Danger to Staff’

French Postal Service Refuses to Deliver to Migrant ‘No Go Zone’ Citing ‘Danger to Staff’

The company announced the measures last week saying that residents of the Paris suburb will have to travel to pick up locations to get their packages