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Minnesota Somalis defraud taxpayers $100M; sent to terrorists

This is so typical, all these “refugees” and illegal aliens are bleeding American taxpayers, but to have funds used for terrorism is beyond the pale. Where the hell is our worthless Congress?! We have leftist Paul Ryan even trying to pass amnesty before he leaves. I wish he’d go now…because he’s been a thorn in our side since he took office.

Fellowship of the Minds

KMSP Fox9 in Minneapolis, Minnesota has undertaken something the national MSM no longer seem to do — bold, investigative journalism.

For five months, Fox9 investigated rampant welfare fraud by the Somali “refugee” and immigrant community in Minnesota, which cost the state’s taxpayers a whopping $100 million a year. Even worse, the $millions defrauded were then transferred to Muslim terrorists in Somali and other countries in the Middle East.

Through the Refugee Act of 1980, sponsored by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) and former Sen. Joe Biden (D), the federal government has been aggressively “resettling” refugees from the east African country of Somalia into the United States, especially Minnesota. As of 2017, the state has an estimated 57,000 Somalis, the largest population of Somalis outside of East Africa.

Jeff Baillon reports on May 13, 2018 that Fox9 investigators used (1) public records; and (2) nearly a dozen government sources…

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An American Disgrace


President Trump tweeted out “John Brennan is panicking. He has disgraced himself, he has disgraced the Country, he has disgraced the entire Intelligence Community.”

Trump and the ‘Fourth Turning’ of America

An old high school chum bought this book and sent it to me. Told me I had to read it. Slowly but surely I did, and Dr. E has laid out the book in concise and easy understanding. She’s right!

Fellowship of the Minds

In their 1997 book, The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy – What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous With Destiny, authors William Strauss and Neil Howedescribe the history of America — the 13 colonies and the United States — as a fourfold cycle of generational types. People in a particular age group tend to share a distinct set of beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors because they all grew up and came of age during a particular period in history. Strauss and Howe maintained that every 80 years American history has been marked by a crisis or “fourth turning” that destroyed an old order and created a new one. Reportedly, Steve Bannon, President Trump’s former chief strategist and senior counselor, is a proponent of the “fourth turning” idea.

Jay Weidner is a filmmaker, author and radio personality. In the essay, “Trump and the…

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We Must Fight – President Reagan



Iran Releasing Names Of Officials Who Took Bribes On Nuke Deal!

Iran Releasing Names Of Officials Who Took Bribes On Nuke Deal! Look Who Was Just Spotted In Iran!!

NXIVM Doctor Accused of Conducting Sick Illegal Human Experiments

Forced actresses to watch gang rape and dismemberment videos for ‘fright study’

The resident physician of the NXIVM sex cult has been charged with illegally conducting twisted human experiments.

According to a New York oversight board, Dr. Brandon Porter forced Canadian actress and former NXIVM member Jennifer Kobelt to watch gang rape and dismemberment videos and recorded her reaction for a “fright study” that was allegedly conducted on over 100 other people.

“He continued to film my reaction for at least 10 minutes as I just sat there, dry heaving like I was going to puke and crying very hard,” Kobelt said in the Health Department complaint.

“He failed me, not only as a friend but as the medical practitioner I had trusted on numerous occasions with my health while I was in New York.”

Despite initially dismissing Kobelt’s claims in 2017, the Office of Professional Medical Conduct has now accused Porter of “moral unfitness, gross negligence and gross incompetence among other charges,” reported The New York Post.

Dr. Brandon Porter (Facebook)

He is accused of showing “human subjects an actual video of the horrific and brutal murders and dismemberment of four women by machetes; and violent film clips, including a male African American being viciously stomped by a Nazi; a conscious male being forced to eat a portion of his own brain matter; and a graphic gang rape.”

“The state also slapped him for not reporting to health officials that many of the attendees, including children, at a 2016 NXIVM event became ill with an infectious illness that produced flu-like symptoms, vomiting and diarrhea.”

NXIVM founder Keith Raniere was jailed last month and is charged with trafficking and indoctrinating women – including Hollywood actresses – into his sex cult, which included branding them with his initials, starving them, and forcing them to perform sex acts on him.

As we’ve reported, the NXIVM cult has ties to numerous wealthy liberal elites, including the Clinton campaign, the Rothschild banking dynasty, and even billionaire and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.

BREAKING: NJ Teachers Union President Will “Bend the Truth,” Cover Up Child Abuse in Schools

How Politically Biased Are Universities?

New Study Finds It’s Far Worse Than Anybody Thought.

ByJames Barrett

It’s no secret that the majority of the faculty at our colleges and universities lean heavily to the left and generally support the Democratic Party’s agenda, and study after study over the last few decades has shown that ideological and political imbalance to be growing increasingly more dramatic. A new study has produced perhaps the most eye-opening findings yet.

An extensive study of 8,688 tenure-track professors at 51 of the 66 top-ranked liberal arts colleges in the U.S. published by the National Association of Scholars found that the ratio of faculty members registered as Democrats compared to those registered Republican is now a stunning 10.4 to 1. If two military colleges that are technically described as “liberal arts colleges” are removed from the calculations, the ratio is 12.7 to 1.

The researcher, Mitchell Langbert, Associate Professor of Business at Brooklyn College, found that nearly 40% of the colleges in the study had zero faculty members who were registered Republican. Not a single one. Nearly 80% of the 51 colleges had so few Republican faculty members that they were statistically insignificant.

Here’s how Langbert leads into his study of what he describes as the “troubling” political homogeneity of faculty at our leading liberal arts colleges:

In this article I offer new evidence about something readers of Academic Questions already know: The political registration of full-time, Ph.D.-holding professors in top-tier liberal arts colleges is overwhelmingly Democratic. Indeed, faculty political affiliations at 39 percent of the colleges in my sample are Republican free—having zero Republicans. The political registration in most of the remaining 61 percent, with a few important exceptions, is slightly more than zero percent but nevertheless absurdly skewed against Republican affiliation and in favor of Democratic affiliation. Thus, 78.2 percent of the academic departments in my sample have either zero Republicans, or so few as to make no difference.

My sample of 8,688 tenure track, Ph.D.–holding professors from fifty-one of the sixty-six top ranked liberal arts colleges in the U.S. News 2017 report consists of 5,197, or 59.8 percent, who are registered either Republican or Democrat. The mean Democratic-to-Republican ratio (D:R) across the sample is 10.4:1, but because of an anomaly in the definition of what constitutes a liberal arts college in the U.S. News survey, I include two military colleges, West Point and Annapolis. If these are excluded, the D:R ratio is a whopping 12.7:1.

When Langbert broke down the political affiliations by field, he found some clear and rather unsurprising trends: by far the highest imbalance is found in the more ideological fields, in particular the social sciences and humanities:

The STEM subjects, such as chemistry, economics, mathematics, and physics, have lower D:R ratios than the social sciences and humanities. The highest D:R ratio of all is for the most ideological field: interdisciplinary studies. I could not find a single Republican with an exclusive appointment to fields like gender studies, Africana studies, and peace studies. As Fabio Rojas describes with respect to Africana or Black studies, these fields had their roots in ideologically motivated political movements that crystallized in the 1960s and 1970s.

So how did we get here? Langbert notes that this trend toward an increasingly uniformly left-leaning faculty has spanned decades, both in the United States and Britain. “More than a decade ago, Stanley Rothman and colleagues provided evidence that while 39 percent of the professoriate on average described itself as Left in 1984, 72 percent did so in 1999,” Langbert writes. “They find a national average D:R ratio of 4.5:1.7 More recently, Anthony J. Quain, Daniel B. Klein, and I find D:R ratios of 11.5:1 in the social science departments of highly ranked national universities.”

Langbert’s findings show that the ratio is now almost 13:1 if the military colleges, which probably shouldn’t be categorized as liberal arts, are excluded from the equation. Langbert offers some examples of why this disturbingly homogeneous faculty is so problematic in academia (footnotes removed):

Political homogeneity is problematic because it biases research and teaching and reduces academic credibility. In a recent book on social psychology, The Politics of Social Psychology edited by Jarret T. Crawford and Lee Jussim, Mark J. Brandt and Anna Katarina Spälti, show that because of left-wing bias, psychologists are far more likely to study the character and evolution of individuals on the Right than individuals on the Left. Inevitably affecting the quality of this research, though, George Yancey found that sociologists prefer not to work with fundamentalists, evangelicals, National Rifle Association members, and Republicans. Even though more Americans are conservative than liberal, academic psychologists’ biases cause them to believe that conservatism is deviant. In the study of gender, Charlotta Stern finds that the ideological presumptions in sociology prevent any but the no-differences-between-genders assumptions of left-leaning sociologists from making serious research inroads. So pervasive is the lack of balance in academia that more than 1,000 professors and graduate students have started Heterodox Academy, an organization committed to increasing “viewpoint diversity” in higher education. The end result is that objective science becomes problematic, and where research is problematic, teaching is more so.

In his explanation of his methods for conducting the study, Langbert notes that he found that 23.4% of tenure-track professors from the 51 colleges were unregistered with either the Democratic or Republican parties. He explains that he did not try to deduce their political leanings because it is “not possible to accurately measure” the political affiliations of those who list themselves as independent or unaffiliated. Citing a 2014 Gallup study that found that an equal percentage of Democrats and Republicans believe a third party is needed, Langbert reasons that there “seems little reason to believe that one party or ideology is more strongly associated with non-affiliation.”

What They’re NOT Telling You About London

Zuckerberg’s Announcement Means Final Remaining Conservative Voices on Facebook Will Be Eliminated by Election Day

Zuckerberg’s Announcement Means Final Remaining Conservative Voices on Facebook Will Be Eliminated by Election Day

Since the 2016 election Facebook has been cracking down on conservative and pro-Trump content.

Top conservative websites have seen a stunning drop in their Facebook traffic.
This was no accident. This was the plan.

In January 2017, Facebook began making algorithm changes to make sure conservative news was no longer so influential. The Gateway Pundit Facebook traffic has consistently decreased with each algorithm change.

A March 2018 study by The Outline organization found conservative publishers were hit the hardest by Facebook algorithm changes. The study also showed that The Gateway Pundit was hit the hardest.

In March 2018 Western Journal also published a study that found conservative publishers were hit the hardest by the recent Facebook algorithm changes. The report found that liberal publishers actually saw a 2 percent increase in traffic. Conservative publishers lost an average of 14 percent in traffic.

Facebook official Campbell Brown, a former anchor on NBC and CNN, told attendees at a recent technology and publishing conference that Facebook would be censoring news publishers based on its own internal biases. And they did.

Hundreds of dead newborn girls have been found dumped in garbage piles in Pakistan

Hundreds of dead newborn girls have been found dumped in garbage piles in Pakistan over the last year as cultural preference for boys drives more parents to murder babies

  • 345 babies found in garbage in Karachi since January last year, charities reveal
  • 99 per cent found to be girls amid a cultural preference for boys, report says
  • In one horrifying case in, a four-day-old was found dead with her throat slit

Hundreds of dead newborn girls have been found dumped in garbage piles in Pakistan over the last year amid a cultural preference for boys, it has emerged.

A total of 345 babies have been found dead in refuse heaps in Karachi, Pakistan’s most populous city, since the beginning of 2017 with 99 per cent of them found to be girls, according to local reports.

In one horrifying case, a four-day-old was found dead with her throat slit. Another newborn was left on the steps of a mosque only to be stoned to death when a cleric assumed it was an ‘illegitimate baby’, a charity reported.

Hundreds of dead newborn girls have been found dumped in garbage piles in Pakistan over the last year amid a cultural preference for boys, it has emerged (file picture)

<img id=”i-c4fdecd26ce860e8″ src=”” height=”431″ width=”634″ alt=”Hundreds of dead newborn girls have been found dumped in garbage piles in Pakistan over the last year amid a cultural preference for boys, it has emerged (file picture)” class=”blkBorder img-share”/>

Hundreds of dead newborn girls have been found dumped in garbage piles in Pakistan over the last year amid a cultural preference for boys, it has emerged (file picture)

According to The News International, activists from the Chhipa Welfare Foundation said it had come across 93 such cases in Karachi with 70 in 2017 and 23 this year345 babies found in garbage in Karachi since January last year, charities reveal

Hundreds of dead newborn girls have been found dumped in garbage piles in Pakistan over the last year amid a cultural preference for boys, it has emerged.

Pentagon Has Spent $697,627 on ‘Can I Kiss You’ Training

Pentagon Has Spent $697,627 on ‘Can I Kiss You’ Training

‘Starting a conversation about relationships and intimacy’


The Pentagon has spent roughly $700,000 on training designed to tell soldiers when it is appropriate to kiss a girl.

The “Can I Kiss You?” training was most recently deployed last week at the U.S. Army base in Fort Eustis, Va. Soldiers learned about “starting a conversation about relationships and intimacy.”

“The training event aimed to provide soldiers with skills to build respectful relationships and tools to apply effective communication with partners in support of April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month,” the Department of Defense said in a press release.

“Traditionally, this annual training is delivered through lectures and projected slides,” the department said. “This year Quenita Samuel, 93rd Signal Brigade SHARP victim advocate, said she wanted to break tradition for a more engaging conversation with Soldiers.”

“We want to make Soldiers feel more comfortable with starting a conversation about relationships and intimacy,” Samuel said. “I think they will be more receptive in a more engaging and interactive environment as opposed to a policy-driven lecture.”

Can I Kiss You?is a 60 to 90 minute training session taught by Mike Domitrz, an author and public speaker who travels the world teaching people about consent. A hallmark of the training is telling troops they must ask a woman before a kiss ending a date, no matter what.

At Fort Eustis, soldiers learned from Domitrz the “importance of healthy dating environments and a clearer understanding of consent.”

“Domitrz performed his one-man show titled, ‘Can I Kiss You?,’ a presentation that uses humor and personal anecdotes to create an open dialogue about respect, consent, and sexual assault prevention,” the department said.

“Laugh till you cry in this revealing look at dating and intimacy,” a poster advertising the show reads.

Domitrz’s group—the Date Safe Project—has received numerous contracts for training from the Pentagon over the years, including contracts as high as $90,800 for alcohol education and training in 2016.

Since 2009, Domitrz and the Date Safe Project have received $697,627 from the Pentagon for training. The group has also received $15,000 from the Maritime Administration, bring the total taxpayer funded bill to $712,627.

The Pentagon said preventing sexual assault is a high priority. On Tuesday, the department released its annual report on sexual assault, showing a 9.7 percent increase in reports of sexual assault involving service members as either victims or subjects of criminal investigations from the previous year.

However, 10 percent of reports made by service members who were the victims were “for incidents that occurred to them before entering military service.”

There were over 5,000 incidents reported within military service—an increase of 10 percent from 2016. Of the reported victims, 1,084 were men.

The Deep State Plot to Fix the 2016 Election Keeps Unraveling

The Deep State Plot to Fix the 2016 Election Keeps Unraveling

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

There’s an awful lot of embarrassment to cancel. – The D.C.- based publication The Hill announced that it will no longer participate in the White House Correspondents Dinner, saying that “In short, there’s no reason for us to participate in something that casts our profession in a poor light.”  Well, if that’s the goal, then The Hill should also cancel its’ Twitter feed, which casts the dead profession of journalism in a bad, fake light about 52 times every day.

He’s gonna need another letter from all those fake feminist colleagues of his, or maybe not. – Tom Brokaw was accused of sexual harrassment by a third woman on Monday, and this one is actually pretty absurd.  Someone named Mary Reinholz came out of the woodwork to claim that Brokaw kissed her following an interview in her home, which he conducted for NBC News…wait for it…50 years ago!  As in half a damn century.  As in 1968, before Richard Nixon beat Hubert Humphrey to win the presidency.  And for some reason, the cretins who run the New York Daily News felt the need to report this story.  Hell, even I’m going to be defending Tom Brokaw if this keeps up.  Perhaps the people at The Hill should quit reading the New York Daily News, too.

You'll Never Forgive Yourself If You Pass On This Cheap Penny Stock

Yes, and 10 out of 10 people are consuming fake news.  So what’s your point? – The World Health Organization issued a new study in which it claims that 9 out of 10 people on earth are breathing polluted air.  And – guess what? – the problem is “far worse in poorer countries.”  No, you think?  What oh what would we do if we did not spend billions of dollars funding the WHO each year to give us compelling information such as this?

A fake dossier too fake even for Comey, McCabe and Strzok. – If you thought that the efforts by the Pantsuit Princess’s campaign, the DNC and its loyalists to smear Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign were limited to spending millions of dollars to fund the Fusion GPS Fake Trump Dossier, well, think again.  Real Clear Investigations reports that a second fake dossier, written by notorious Clinton toady Cody (toady Cody:  it rhymes) Shearer, was handed to the State Department by the even more sleazy Clinton hack Sidney Blumenthal in mid-2016.

Even better, this second fake dossier eventually came into the hands of the sleazebags who were running the FBI at the time, and it was so obviously fake that even those hacks who were trying to fix the election for the Fainting Felon tossed it in the can.  The Shearer dossier is so amateurishly done that it misspells Paul Manafort’s name as “Manniford.”  Good lord.

The big question at hand related to the Shearer dossier is whether it served as some of the basis for the Fusion GPS dossier – which we know formed the main foundation of the requests by the Obama minions at FBI and DOJ for the FISA warrant that allowed them to spy on the Trump campaign.  There is no question that Fussion GPS had the Shearer document in its possession, and both documents contain some of the same fake allegations against President Trump.  It was this question that led Devin Nunes and his House Intelligence Committee to expand its investigation on Russia collusion into the State Department.

One key part of all of this is that it puts an absolute lie to James Comey’s contention that he he did not know who was funding the Fusion GPS work (Comey in fact laughably told Bret Baier the other day that he still does not know this fact).  This is because Shearer identifies the DNC as the source of that funding in the first page of his dossier.  Given the timeline of when the Shearer dossier was provided to the FBI, Comey and everyone else there would have been aware of that fact at the time they filed for their first FISA warrant, and failed to reveal that to the judge in the case.

The RealClearInvestigations story is a great piece of work, and everyone should take the time to read it.  It’s long and complex, but it provides clarity on another piece of the mendacity that was taking place within the Obama FBI and DOJ during the 2016 election campaign.

Never forget this:  Had the Coughing Crook won the election, all of this would have been buried and everyone involved would have skated.  Jim Comey would still be your FBI director, Loretta Lynch would still be your attorney general, and the utterly corrupt John Brennan and James Clapper would still be running your national intelligence apparatus.

The more we learn about all of this, the more I view the outcome of the 2016 election as an act of divine intervention.

Just another day in the conspiracy keeps unraveling thread by thread America.

That is all.

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Haley ‘taking names’: Report reveals which nations have America’s back at UN – and which ones don’t

When Nikki Haley started as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, she warned she’d be “taking names” of countries that do not have “our back.” Now, a newly released annual State Department report on voting records at the world body will tell her who exactly is in America’s corner – and who is not. 

The report found that U.N. member states only voted with the United States 31 percent of the time last year on resolutions at the U.N. General Assembly – down 10 percent from the prior year. Reacting to the new report, Haley said in a statement that it was not an “acceptable return” on the United States’ investment and suggested this could factor into aid decisions.

Haley emphasized that U.S. taxpayers pay for 22 percent of the U.N. budget – more, she said, than the next three highest donor nations combined. Haley noted that the U.S. cares more about “being right than popular and are once again standing up for our interests and values” but said:

“Either way, this is not an acceptable return on our investment. When we arrived at the UN last year, we said we would be taking names, and this list of voting records speaks for itself. President Trump wants to ensure that our foreign assistance dollars – the most generous in the world – always serve American interests, and we look forward to helping him see that the American people are no longer taken for granted.”

First published in 1984, “The report to the Congress on Voting Practices in the United Nations” reviews voting of the 193 members of the U.N. General Assembly (UNGA) and the 15 members of the Security Council, as well as several other items including resolutions related to Israel.

According to the report, the country that voted least with the U.S. was Zimbabwe – having voted zero times with America. According to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) foreign aid explorer website, Zimbabwe received $58 million in aid for this year.

"Blood Profits" author Vanessa Neumann on the political shift in Cuba and the future of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Rounding out the bottom 10 nations not aligned with the U.S. were: Burundi, which received $2.9 million in U.S. aid; Iran (no U.S. aid); Syria ($72 million); Venezuela ($230,000); North Korea (no U.S. aid); Turkmenistan ($200,0000); Cuba ($115,000); Bolivia ($115,000); and South Africa ($100 million). All figures are from the USAID explorer website.

As the largest contributor to the United Nations, U.S. taxpayers gave $10 billion in 2016 for voluntary and assessed contributions. Voluntary contributions go to fund agencies such as UNICEF and the World Food Program (WFP). Assessed contributions are obligatory payments made by all member states and based on such things as per capita income and population. It funds peacekeeping and the regular budget of the U.N.

Mark Leon Goldberg, editor of the news and commentary website UN Dispatch, said the latest report isn’t truly representative.

‘This is not an acceptable return on our investment.’

– U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley

“This report misrepresents the true extent of cooperation and agreement with the United States at the U.N. because the 2017 report, unlike in past years, excludes decisions that are taken by consensus,” he said. “Votes by consensus represent the vast majority of decisions taken at the U.N. Excluding these decisions from the overall count gives the appearance that the U.N. is a far more adversarial place than it actually is.” 

The report stated that it indeed used a new updated methodology intended “to capture more accurately the voting conduct of UN member states.” It also stated that votes on Israel skewered “their metrics for countries that oppose these resolutions.” Of the 93 total resolutions that needed a vote, one-quarter of them were on Israel.

According to the report, the country that voted most with the United States in the U.N. General Assembly was Israel. The other nine on the top 10 list were U.S. allies Micronesia, Canada, Marshall Islands, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Palau, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

Asked if the new report could lead to the U.S. cutting funding to the U.N., Stephane Dujarric, the spokesman for U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, told Fox News that, “Obviously member states vote the way they want to vote. For the Secretary General the engagement of the United States, engagement with the United States at the United Nations is critical, it is very important.” He concluded “that as for the scale of assessment, that’s a member state issue.”

Jonathan Wachtel, a former director of communications for Haley at the U.S. Mission to the U.N., told Fox News that as the United States is the largest contributor and most powerful member of the world body, “it is understandable that frustration arises when Washington’s foreign policy goals come under assault at the institution.”

Miguel Diaz-Canal succeeds Raul Castro as Cuba's new president; Steve Harrigan reports live from Havana, Cuba.

Wachtel continued, “While it is important for the United States to turn to the U.N. to work with other nations to achieve peace and security in troubled parts of the world, it is wrong for the U.S. to simultaneously turn a blind eye to dismissive practices by irresponsible countries.” It is also wrong, he said, for enemies of the U.S. to use the U.N. to boost their power, manipulate the system to get aid and yet work to compromise U.S. sovereignty.

Martin Edwards, a professor at Seton Hall University’s School of Diplomacy and International Relations in New Jersey, told Fox News that the report provided a “nice grandstanding tactic” for Haley but said it raised more questions than answers.

“It’s unclear what this will mean for current foreign aid recipients — are we really going to give less humanitarian aid to South Sudan? How does that advance our interests?” he said.

Ben Evansky reports for Fox News on the United Nations and international affairs.

He can be followed @BenEvansky

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