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Now it’s American Airlines: Male steward hits woman with stroller, challenges passenger to a fight

Fellowship of the Minds

The friendly skies have become a nightmare for travelers.

Barely two weeks after United Airlines became a pariah for assaulting and forcibly dragging a ticketed passenger, 69-year-old doctor David Dao, off an overbooked flight, American Airlines made the news when a male steward hit a mother with a stroller as Flight 591 was about to depart from San Francisco to Dallas Friday afternoon, April 21, 2017.

Passenger Surain Adyanthaya took this video and posted it to Facebook.

Adyanthaya said he started filming after the flight attendant “violently took a stroller from a lady with her baby on my flight, hitting her and just missing the baby. They just involuntarily escorted the mother and her kids off the flight and let the flight attendant back on, who tried to fight other passengers. The mom asked for an apology and the AA official declined.”

In the video taken by Adyanthaya, as the…

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Breaking: Alex Jones Exposes Sandy Hook Vampires

Jones covers latest media hit job – April 22, 2017 734 Comments


Elite Panic: Call For Trump To Be Put Into Mental Institution

Globalists want Trump gone, but the genie is out of the bottle…



The Grand Canyon has always been on my list of must see places.  It was a short drive from Flagstaff.  We were fortunate to arrive there while parking near the South Rim was still available.  We had thought about visiting the Skywalk, but canyon geography and time caused us to forego that this trip.  Truthfully, you could spend several days exploring the canyon.  Some wayward hikers have unintentionally spent longer.  The Grand Canyon averages 10 miles across and is 277 miles long.  We were near the South Rim and the Skywalk was Grand Canyon West.  To visit the Skywalk would add another four hours driving time to cover the additional 243 miles.  So we decided to walk some of the South Rim instead, which we did for about four, my dogs were barking at the end, hours.

After the obligatory stop at the visitor center and the bathroom, we followed the signs and our map to the South Rim trail.  You cannot see the canyon from the parking area or the visitor center and the anxiety builds until you reach the edge for the first time and the first thing you see takes your breath away.

Suzie-Q and I have been blessed to see some spectacular sites from Niagara Falls to the majesty of the Swiss Alps, but we’ve never experienced a natural sight such as this.  We also had manmade comparisons of world sites including our most recent of Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam.  Taking my first look out over the canyon, the first thought that came to my mind was God made this and every manmade thing I’ve seen pales in comparison.

There was a high wind warning for our time there and it caused me to wonder how many ball caps are lying somewhere in the bottom of the canyon.  The wind was not fooling around and some gusts were quite strong.  I actually had some concern for people who were letting relatively small children walk along and near the edge out of someone’s grip.  Even without the high wind, Suzie-Q was a little skittish but I was able to coax here near enough to the edge to get some pictures.  But she would not climb a tree.

You do know that she was not pleased when I posed for this one, especially with the wind gusting.

There simply are not enough photographs that can really capture the Grand Canyon.  You have to see it and consider the enormity of it to truly appreciate God’s creation.

We have scratched the visit from our list, but I think we’ll come back here again.  I would like to take the mule ride down into the canyon.  It may be as the Lone Ranger because Suzie-Q shared a few choice Korean expressions when I suggested it.  Nearest English translation: “You cragee?”

Last stop was a bonus added by George and Chong Mi.

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Statement on Syrian Airstrike

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Last week, under the unanimous support of military advisors and allied nations, our Commander-in-Chief launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles into one of Syria’s top military airbases. The Russians were notified 1 hour prior to the strike and the casualty toll was less than 10 people. The strike was intended as a slap on the wrist warning instead of a declaration of war. It was a retaliation of the confirmed reports that Assad used this airbase to launch chemical weapons upon innocent civilians. There is worldwide condemnation of the use of chemical weapons, but the missile strike has received a mix of criticism and praise.

A show of strength in this tactical fashion is President Trump’s way of telling the world that the US means business and to respect our authority as the leader of the free world. The empty threat of Obama’s red-line in Syria a few years back weakened…

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Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is giving talking points to Joe Scarborough, which is a disservice to President Trump.

Video – Seal Risks Everything Taking On Empire Of Pedophilia

Europe Declines to Stand In Solidarity With St. Petersburg Bomb Victims

Raging Russophobia manifests as callousness towards innocent bombing casualties

Susan Rice Was Clearly Lying!

Body Language Expert: Susan Rice Was Clearly Lying When She Denied Obama Surveillance of Trump

Former national security adviser was deceptive throughout PBS appearance

According to a body language expert, Rice was clearly being deceptive when she claimed to have no knowledge of the surveillance.

An analysis of Rice’s PBS appearance reveals her to engage in ‘double-blinking’ after making the denial while remaining very still in her neck movements, both flagrant signs of lying.

Rice’s movements reveal her to be under “extreme stress” and “being extremely deceptive the entire time in this interview,” according to the expert.

Numerous other examples of double-blinking are seen throughout the interview. According to studies, liars don’t blink during the lie, but are seen to engage in a “flurry” of blinks after telling it.

According to the expert, the way Rice holds in her deep breath at the end of speaking is also another betrayal of the way she is putting herself under stress by lying.

The expert concludes by saying that Rice would make a “really good study for things deceptive people do to hide themselves.”

The mainstream media is currently engaged in damage control over the revelations surrounding Rice, with CNN desperate to play down the story in claiming that it is a distraction from their own hysterical obsession with Russia.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

Susan Rice Requested Intel to Unmask Names of Trump Transition Officials Lionel Nation

Stand Up For Your Rights

The ever-growing war against your rights

And your right to a fair trial is diminishing:


Let’s not forget the globalists are also waging war against your free speech and privacy:

Senate panel to vote on Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch

Will set the stage for a showdown


Flynn Blocked Obama Backing Al-Qaeda/ISIS Invasion

Top Insider: Dems Targeting Flynn Because He Blocked Obama Backing Al-Qaeda/ISIS Invasion

Circulated email reveals what the media won’t tell you

Special Report

Special Report: US Police/Military Involved in Pedophile Roundups Exclusively Speak Out

Mainstream media silent on ongoing raids against child sex rings

To learn more, visit

Also, Alex Jones explains why pedophiles are in positions of power within governments in the first place:

 Former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer is revealing to the world the intel he has received from high-level sources inside the Navy SEALs, Delta Force, Army Rangers, CIA, MI6, ASIS, German intelligence and more on the war against the pedophile networks:


Homeowner Guns Down Three Masked, Armed Burglars with AR-15

Intruders carried knife, brass knuckles amid brazen midday robbery