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Curtains For Rod? Rosenstein to Meet with Trump Thursday

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Rosenstein “had an extended conversation” with the President regarding reports he proposed “secretly recording” Trump during Oval Office meetings.

According to an official statement from White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Rosenstein “had an extended conversation” with the President regarding recent media reports he proposed “secretly recording” Trump during Oval Office meetings.

“At the request of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, he and President Trump had an extended conversation to discuss the recent news stories,” said Sanders.

“Because the President is at the United Nations General Assembly and has a full schedule with leaders from around the world, they will meet on Thursday when the President returns to Washington, D.C.,” she added.

Read the developing story here.

Seems legit…

This is what they’re asking the public to believe? And the dems and Hollywood think that is logical. OMG!



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Brett Kavanaugh Nomination Delayed, Republican Weakness Exposed | True News

Hannity: Democrats have already convicted Kavanagh

Texas offers a blueprint for a red wave election in November

Please read this one carefully, it is not very long… and please Get Out And Vote in the November Elections. It is much harder for Soros and the Cabal to rig the elections now and our vote is starting to mean something again.

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Newt Gingrich: Texas offers a blueprint for a red wave election in November

A Quick Definition Of QANON For The Uninitiated

Where We Go One  We Go all


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Why James Comey knows he’s going to be indicted — 9/14/18

SARA CARTER: DOJ/FBI Colluding to Defy Trump Declassification Order – Will Deliver Docs Next Week WITH REDACTIONS (VIDEO)

Investigative reporter Sara Carter told Lou Dobbs Wednesday evening that sources told her the DOJ and FBI will defy President Trump’s declassification order and deliver the Carter Page FISA docs and other records related to the Russia probe to the White House next week WITH REDACTIONS.


On Monday, President Trump went scorched earth and ordered an immediate declassification of Carter Page FISA docs. Trump also ordered the DOJ to publicly release all text messages WITHOUT REDACTION relating to the Russia investigation from James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.

The Democrats lost their collective minds over President Trump’s declassification order and immediately got to work to undermine his authority.

In a shocking letter intended to undermine the President, and his authority over the Executive Branch, multiple high ranking Democrats sent a letter ordering intelligence agencies to ignore Trump’s order to declassify numerous documents involving the Russia investigation until consulting with Congress.

Now this…

Sara Carter says the FBI and DOJ are colluding to defy the President of the United States.

“I’ve been told by sources that the documents will be turned over to the President next week. I hear that the FBI and the DOJ are redacting,” Sara Carter said. “What they’re gonna do is turn those documents over to the President and what they’re going to say is ‘now it’s up to you to declass’–I think they are going to figure ways to stall or maybe put pressure on the President,” Sara Carter continued.

Sara Carter explained that she spoke with multiple sources with top secret clearance who have reviewed the Carter Page FISA docs and there is nothing that will violate national security or give away sources and methods.

Attorney Gregg Jarrett said in a FOX News op-ed that if DAG Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray defy the President’s order and continue to obstruct lawful subpoenas, they should both be fired for rank insubordination.


SARA CARTER: FBI Had 2 Separate Sets of Books – One With Real Spygate Docs and Another For Appearances (AUDIO)

SARA CARTER: FBI Had 2 Separate Sets of Books – One With Real Spygate Docs and Another For Appearances (AUDIO)

Cristina Laila


Investigative reporter Sara Carter dropped a bombshell on Sean Hannity’s radio show Wednesday.

Sara Carter told Hannity that sources are telling her that the FBI has two sets of records on the Carter Page FISA docs and other records relating to the Russia probe.

“Sara, I’m hearing it gets worse than this–that there is potentially out there–if you will, two sets of record among the upper echelon of the FBI–one that was real one that was made for appearances. Is there any truth to this?” Hannity asked Sara Carter.

“Absolutely, Sean. With the number of sources that I have been speaking with as well as some others that there is evidence indicating that the FBI had separate sets of books,” Sara Carter said.

Sara Carter went on to explain top FBI brass was aware of this.

“I will not name names until all of the evidence is out there, but there were certain people above Peter Strzok and above Lisa Page that were aware of this,” Sara said. “I also believe that there are people within the FBI that have actually turned on their former employers are even possibly testifying and reporting what happened inside the FBI to both the Inspector General and possibly even a Grand Jury.”

Everyone involved in this attempted coup of a duly elected President should be put in front of a Grand Jury and prosecuted.


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Leftist Socialism On Display

Project Veritas Unmasks: DoJ Official Using Databases To Push Socialism, Dox Business Owners

Project Veritas Unmasks: DoJ Official Using Databases To Push Socialism, Dox Business Owners

‘What’s kind of lucky is at the DOJ, we can’t really get fired’

A Department of Justice paralegal reportedly utilizes government software to push her socialist agenda, as revealed in the latest installment of Project Veritas’ “Deep State Unmasked” undercover exposé series.

The undercover video shows anti-Trump DoJ employee Allison Hrabar, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (Metro DC DSA) who was involved in driving DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielson from a DC restaurant in July, discussing the use of DoJ resources to obstruct Trump administration policies.

“So Allison is a paralegal, so she, her living is researching people, so she’s very good at researching people. So, they just find the companies, and then the people that run those companies, and then they find their home address. She uses Lexis Nexis and a couple other software things,” said DSA member Cliff Green to a PV journalist.

Green goes on to say Hraber likely breaks the law using her position to push a socialist agenda.

“That’s the kind of thing that you would get fired for…people do not have the silver bullet, the smoking gun or whatever. Um, if they were able to get proof of that, you know? So, we’re all walking that line.”

Also featured is Jessica Schubel, the former Chief of Staff for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services during the Obama administration.

“It’s kind of like the Nixon, ‘deep throat’ type of thing,” she says in the video.

The DoJ has issued a statement in reaction to PV’s latest video:

“These allegations are deeply concerning. Department policy prohibits misuse of government resources to advance personal interests. We are looking into this immediately and have referred this matter to the Inspector General as well.”

PV’s first Deep State installment featured State Department employee Stuart Karaffa discussing how he carries out socialist political activities on the taxpayer’s dime.

“Resist everything. Every level. Fck sht up,” he said.

The State Department said Monday they have opened an investigation into Karaffa.

Dem Leader Tells Crowd: “Vote early and often – whatever you can get away with”

Dem Leader Tells Crowd: “Vote early and often – whatever you can get away with”

“I shouldn’t say that, but I really don’t care”

A St. Clair Democrat leader told a crowd to “vote early, vote often, whatever you can get away with” during a rally in Caseyville this past weekend.

“J. B. Pritzker, he’s going to win. He’s going to win big,” says the announcer. “But he won’t win if we don’t get out and vote. We need the early vote. Like I say, we can play East St. Louis, vote early, vote often. Whatever you can get away with. I shouldn’t say that, but I really don’t care.”

The remark prompted outbursts of laughter from some in the crowd.

The video was posted by the Illinois Republican Party.


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Pedophile’s Decapitated Corpse Found On Judge’s Doorstep After Bail Hearing In Aurora, Illinois

Pedophile’s Decapitated Corpse Found On Judge’s Doorstep After Bail Hearing In Aurora, Illinois

The decapitated corpse that was found on a judge’s doorstep in Aurora, Illinois has been identified as belonging to a notorious pedophile who was recently allowed to walk free on bail by the judge, according to reports.

William Smith, 28, from Aurora, Illinois was discovered in the early hours of Tuesday morning, decapitated and slumped against the front door of the judge who had granted him bail in August.

Smith was arrested last month following allegations by his then girlfriend that he had raped her 8-year-old daughter.

After a police investigation in which Smith was found in possession of child pornography, he was arrested on two counts related to child pornography and one count of child molestation.

After being charged, Smith walked free from the court after the judge controversially ruled that he did not pose a threat to the local community, and he raised the $30,000 bail required to trigger his freedom.

The alleged victim’s family said they were “shocked” that Smith had been allowed to walk free from court.
Smith was awaiting trial for his crimes and was awaiting a court date which was due to be scheduled for later this year, however it seems that somebody from the local Aurora community decided to take matters into their own hands.The judge, whose name has been withheld, was woken at around 3am by his “frenzied” barking dog. When he went outside to find out what his dog was barking about, he found the decapitated body of the man he had allowed to walk free slumped against his front door with the severed head left on the steps.

Investigating officers described his death scene as resembling a “gangland-style execution“.

A local resident said of the horrific discovery that finding a headless body was an “unusual” occurrence: “This is a nice area.This is the kind of thing that usually happens in mob films, but not around here.”

Aurora police say they are currently “following leads” but have yet to make any arrests for the murder.

Tucker Carlson: Kavanaugh Accusations Have Nothing to Do With Justice, ‘It’s About Abortion’