Who Said Trump Used To Be A Liberal?

Just found this on Drudge. This was an interview on Larry King during the GOP convention. Walks and talks like a Repub to me. Amazing people just make stuff up.

Donald Trump Interview 1988 Republican convention

~Steve~                       H/T Drudge

3 responses to “Who Said Trump Used To Be A Liberal?

  1. Have any of your own views changed over the years?
    If not, one has not been paying adequate attention to what has been happening in America and around the world!

    Remember, Moses was a murderer; David was and adulterer; The Apostle Peter denied Jesus Christ 3 times, yet all of these men were used of GOD.

    How perfect are you? GOD uses broken vessels and has always dealt harshly with self-righteous Pharisees!

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  2. Exactly, but in watching this video he seemed to be a Repub even way back then. Sure we all change our mind. That’s what makes us smarter then “Them”

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