The Conservative TreeHouse, The Last Refuge


As most of you have probably noticed, I am very fond of the Conservative TreeHouse website and often reblog many of their articles.

Recently, I tried to comment on their website and the comment was not printed.  I thought it was my computer, so turned it off and on and tried again, to no avail.  The comment would not post.

So I wrote to them at The Last Refuge and asked them why the comment would not post.  Here is the answer I received:

We asked you over a month ago to stop using our blog solely to advertise your own blog.  You refused to honor our request, so we withdrew your posting privileges. 

Ad rem/ Admin…

I was shocked because I had never received anything from them asking me to stop advertising my own blog, and I have never ever advertised my blog on their blog.  The only thing I’ve consistently done is reBLOG their wonderful posts.

I wrote and told them I’d never posted anything about my blog, I only reblogged their posts.

So, what are they talking about?  I can’t figure it out.  The only thing that comes to mind is that I’ve linked to articles that would corroborate or add to any articles they’ve posted, and some may have been mine.  I’ve never had any blog or website tell me that links were not accepted.  We don’t like more than two links in a comment, but I’ve never refused links, because there well could be additional information of great importance.

So, I’m not receiving any answer from them, which tells me they’re not the kind of people I thought they were, and since I liked them so very much, that is very disturbing to me.

The question is…should I continue to reblog their posts to you readers?  Some of them are so very good, and just forget about it, or….do I drop them?

I cannot understand anyone treating another blogger who has given them more readers like they’ve treated me.  It seems very childish, but perhaps they have a list of requirements, and I’ve failed to read them, albeit I never saw any.

It’s up to you, my readers.  Let me know what you think.


Christian Zionist

24 responses to “The Conservative TreeHouse, The Last Refuge

  1. Freedom Rider

    Curious..I have noticed a certain elitist snobbery from some people in their comments section. A sort of ‘who the hell are you’ attitude when new readers posted on the site. At the same time some very good links, articles and videos are posted there on a regular basis.

    I have never directly accessed their site however. Only through your links here on EMM. Personally I can take them or leave them. I troll the net for information several hours daily. I threw out TV access over 16 years ago and have never regretted it. Net Flicks and You Tube suffice for me and even then I am very careful of my selections. Also I have never subscribed to any of the “Social Media” sites… But I digress.

    The attitude you described from the response you received would be reason enough for me to kiss them off, but you know what a reactionary I have always been. Ultimately it is your call. You reblog them and I’ll read them. You decide not to and it’s adios and no regrets for me… I hope this was of some help… FR

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  2. williamjamesward

    Freedom Rider is spot on……………William

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  3. I love both sites and recommend both to friends. Their attitude is disappointing, because we’re all fighting for the same thing. I subscribe to both, so it doesn’t affect me if you decide to discontinue reblogging them, but I really hope they’ll reconsider. We all agree that Trump’s got to win, and we should all be working together to accomplish that.

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    • I agree fully Nancy, but blocking me from posting and not explaining why…that’s above and beyond…just write me back and tell me what you were upset about and I won’t do it again, but instead, they prefer to totally dis a person who has helped them get more readers. Sooooo….I’m not fond of doing anything more for them…and I may write about it.


  4. Thanks boys, I really was pretty astounded at their holier than though attitude, and no response…what a bunch of turkeys. We can do without them I guess…I like Diane Marshall from the Marshall report. When they have something from Trump I like, I’ll still reblog it, otherwise, like you said, adios.


  5. Mist'ears Mom

    OMGosh I find this quite disturbing. I have been a faithful member of TCH for years before they got so popular. Their site has grown from when I first met them with hundreds of new readers and posters which is awesome!
    I say get the message out any way we can!
    I don’t post as much as I used to there but I read them everyday and I read you everyday. I have noticed your re-blogs but everybody does that. I consider them to be pretty stand up folks and don’t understand the response from them anymore than you do. I am surprised at Ad Rem who is a moderator and most pleasant. I would think they would be honored to have you as a link on their page. They have lots. Something doesn’t seem right here…maybe more investigation is needed? Both sites are tremendous with plenty of blog to go around. I will send an email see if I can find anything out.
    Will keep you posted.

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    • I wrote two emails to THELASTREFUGE and got no response. Here was my first email to them:
      Oh, I never got that email! I didn’t know that reblogging your wonderful posts was a problem…I love your site! I didn’t know at all that reblogging was a problem…Did you want me to stop doing that..I am not putting my blog name on yours at all…all I was doing was putting your stuff on my blog because it is so good. My friend Chey turned me on to you a good while ago and I’ve been putting your stuff on my blog all the time. Had I known you didn’t like the advertisement, I wouldn’t have done it.

      If there was something else I did that was amiss, I don’t know what it was.

      Again, I never got any notice from you, truly I didn’t. If you would explain more thoroughly I would stop whatever bothered you. I thought all blogs liked being reblogged on other blogs because it gets them even more readers…

      Please explain if you will. I don’t ever remember advertising my blog on yours…I just don’t do that… I just truly don’t understand.

      And then the second one was this:
      I have looked through all the emails I’ve received in this new computer which is 4 mos. Old, and I have all the emails, there is nothing from “the last refuge” and I cannot for the life of me understand where I’ve advertised my blog at all other than by reblogging your posts. I’m still able to do that and I do it all the time, something is very wrong here, because I’ve never advertised my blog on your blog that I know of. This is just bizarre…I don’t want to lose other blogs that I love, so please tell me how I’m doing this because it is beyond me …tell me and I’ll fix whatever it is…

      And then I sent them my blog to show them and still, no response.


    • Mist'ears Mom

      That is so strange! Must be some crossed wires over there cause doesn’t sound like them at all. Lets keep our fingers crossed and positive thoughts that it was a ‘mistake’ 😉 and all will work out!

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  6. They absolutely should have been respectful enough to warn you of their decision in advance. That being said, when I read their “Guidelines ” for publishing comments from their home page, it seems that they have a legitimate case based on those guidelines. The comments that I’ve noticed from you have always been “Reblogged on EMM”, whereas they are asking for content that contributes to the discussion at hand. But correct me if I’m wrong. Then again, who knows their true motivation?
    Personally, as excited as I get about every thing that’s going on in the world, I consistently have to retreat from all secular stuff into communion with The Lord as I find that it sometimes becomes overwhelming, redundant and bordering on meaninglessness. Maybe just me.
    All the best with whichever way you choose to go,CZ. I will say that in the many strained relationships that I find myself in, the quickening in my spirit to the reality of the depravity of man (including me) because of sin usually brings healing quicker. Thanks, Bill.

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    • No, those only come to us, and if they didn’t want you to comment, then they could disable that ability…but they don’t….and nothing that I reblog is in the comment section and never has been. It’s totally weird to me…and their response of nothing … geez. I would at least explain to someone what it was that I didn’t care for. But not them…so I am at a loss. I’m beginning to think they’re just too big for their britches…so to speak.


  7. When I’ve left a comment on their website, it has always been about the discussion at hand. I still have no clue what they’re talking about. They do not see the reblog statements, only we do on Mugwumps…so it’s still baffling unless when I left a link to one of my articles that got them, but if the article was pertinent, why would it? And the second thing is that every blog I know allows for other links. I think they have a problem, and I think they’re extremely rude. I probably won’t be back


    • Are you certain that they do not see the reblog statements? I’m quite sure that in the comments section of their site, that I’ve seen “reblogged on…” Perhaps I’m thinking of Freedom Riders site.

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  8. CZ, I will stand by you on whatever decision you make. Your blog is just about the only site left that I can make comments on. Most blogs no longer allow me access (I get a message that says my browser is outdated and I am sure it is) to make comments. Doesn’t matter to me. Although I subscribe to both I have thought about unsubscribing to CTH/Last Refuge for some of the same reasons already stated. Maybe it is time I did. God Bless.

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    • But what is it that is wrong with them? Is it what Freedom Rider said? I think he always has his finger on the pulse and sees things before others do…so maybe he’s right, maybe there’s just too much arrogance there. They’re good, and I don’t post all my articles on my own blog, but geez, they’re awful snotty about things. Really the only people we don’t let in are pro-Islam and anti-Semites…other than that, everyone gets in to say what they want to say.


  9. Well I’m 74 and certainly am not a computer whiz but the fact that in this case conservatives are at odds with each and less information is shared serves the deep state. If they can cut down on people sharing information then that is good for them. surely they can interfere in emails to cause just this kind of havoc. And i put nothing past them. Just sayin’.


  10. in my studies over the LAST 4 YEARS of the Abuse of Power ar DOJ and FBI under the control of the evil Obama and staff era, the greatest learning i was able to get was in reading the commenters who are at that Treehouse site….who read the reports and are able to add insight or details because many of their readership is inside the govt or use to be and who still have friends inside the govt…all Conservatives must stay united because we have no one else to help us…So thank a Liberal teacher for brainwashing the last 2 generations of youth to not be citizens of the USA….thank a pro democrat party Liberal Teachers Union for this reality…


    • Nice that you like TLR, but I’ve also found they lack journalist integrity. When our President, who I love, does something that is against his promises, or hires some leftist, I report it, but not the Treehouse. They have yet to find one single mistake Trump has made, and he is not perfect. So, nope I never read the Treehouse anymore.


  11. I’m new to this site tell me the “rules” twitter shut me down due to conservative views I’m guessing


    • Sheila, that is exactly what they did to several of us, whoever runs the site is a bunch of pompous self-aggrandizing and arrogant snobs. We never visit it anymore even when the reporting is excellent, I cannot stand those people.


  12. I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your website. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Excellent work!


  13. Hi. This is my first time on your site. thank you. I tried several times to join the treehouse. I kept getting redirected to WordPress and then had to create a web page, which I have no intention of doing. All of that just to “like” many of the comments. I emailed treehouse a couple of times to find out how to join but my emails were ignored. Oh well. It doesn’t even qualify as a problem. There are many, many good sites out there. Thanks for letting me get my two cents out.

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    • Same here and when I used to comment and include links they got angry at me for doing that and disallowed me to ever post again, so I dumped them and never have gone back…don’t intend to. Whoever runs that website is smart and has great reporting, but they have very little care for fellow conservatives and treat us like dirt. I don’t need that, I get enough of that from the freaking Democrat commies.

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  14. I couldn’t find a comment area when I wanted to comment on a Sundance article. I see yours is right here at the bottom of the page like every blog I’ve seen. I can only conclude perhaps they want to limit comments to only specific people? I dunno.
    Try to bear in mind, not every Christian or correct conservative is necessarily polite. I don’t think rudeness speaks to a lack of integrity. It may however declare one’s social ineptitude.
    I think you should keep sharing the good articles. Even if they have been rude to you. Don’t forget your mission is to get knowledge out there to the ignorant, which is far more important than minor personal offense. Even if it does feel like a false accusation, you know it’s not. 🙂

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    • Unfortunately you cannot keep sharing articles with them, because they disallow your posts…understand? They are pompous, arrogant, rude, and they don’t want anyone sharing more than they know. I personally never go to their site. Disgusting bunch of elitists.

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