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Update on Elephant Who Cried After Rescue

by Rev. Austin Miles


NEW DELHI, INDIA 2/18/17–The story of Raju the Elephant who cried real tears of gratitude during his rescue after 50 years of cruel abuse has a happy ending. He has almost completely recovered after several months at the Wild Life SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center in India.

We asked if the abuser has been charged or arrested. As you can see by this update just received from the Compound, the government there has not yet taken action against the perpetrators of the totally inhuman treatment of this magnificent creature. Meanwhile, we are pushing to get a petition started to demand that arrests be made with proper punishment following.

Here is the original story of Raju with Photos. This is the toughest story this columnist has ever written. How could anyone do something like this? One thing for sure such cruelty can only come from savages not humans.

Below is the message just received which certainly brightened our day as it will yours:

—–Original Message—–
From: Arinita Sandilya 
To: chaplainmiles
Cc: Suvidha Bhatnagar
Subject: Re: Press Inquiry

Dear Rev. Austin,

Greetings from the Wildlife SOS family!

We would like to take this moment to thank you for the wonderful article on our beloved pachyderm Raju.
Here’s a little update on Raju for you 🙂


The above picture is Raju celebrating a year of freedom with cake!

The veterinarians at the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre report that Raju’s treatment has progressed leaps and bounds since he first arrived at the centre and was entrusted into their care. Although initial progress seemed painfully slow.

Raju is now a far cry from the elephant he used to be, walking around comfortably and engaging in trunk tussles with another bull elephant, Mac, even though there is a nearly 30 year age difference between the two. Raju’s gait is no longer abnormal, as his hip and shoulder abscesses have all but healed, thanks to the regular draining and disinfecting process that the veterinarians prescribed.

A huge part of Raju’s recovery has also been thanks to the target training sessions we have introduced into our elephants’ routines. Since the process is based on positive reinforcement, Raju gets lots of love, appreciation and peanuts – all of which have resulted in a calmer and much more cheerful elephant! Raju is an absolute delight to be around, and his calm and patient aura reinforces the idea that he is an exceptionally special bull elephant.

As for Raju’s former owners, the matter is on-going and we are waiting for the government to take action against the accused.

Should you have any queries regarding the same, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you so much for your concern once again. People like you make this world a better place for the animals!


Arinita Sandilya

Communications Associate

D-210, Defence Colony, New Delhi

Mobile: +91 8860077981


Lower blood pressure WON’T stop this condition

* Do our love ones & friends KNOW ?

* Note: Taken from the Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 2/17/17

It’s a moment with more suspense than the climax of the latest Hollywood thriller.

You’re on the edge of your seat… but you’re not in the movie theater.

You’re at your doctor’s office!

It’s those tense, quiet moments when he takes your blood pressure – but even though you’re holding your breath, there’s no mystery ending here. You know how it’ll unfold.

You’re going to get a lecture about all the reasons you need to keep your BP as low as a limbo dancer.

Well, friend, it’s time for a new script, especially if your doc is the kind to yammer on about what they call “aggressive targets.”

That’s the wacked-out notion that drugging seniors until their systolic (“top number”) BP levels drop below 120 will practically give them superhuman strength.

Docs claim those low levels won’t just protect your heart, they’ll also keep you stronger than a moose and steadier than The Duke. They say that if you want to keep your physical function in tip-top shape, you’ll need BP levels that sink to rock bottom.

But new research proves it’s a pound of baloney.

Over three years, seniors suffering from declining physical function who hit those targets saw zero improvements on some of the most basic tests of what you need to get through everyday life.

That included tests that measured gait and walking speed along with the ability to handle a flight of stairs.

But the folks who needed help the most… the ones spiraling into the decline of aging… got NO BENEFIT at all even when they hit those “aggressive” targets.

Folks who were already doing well by those measures saw a tiny boost, but it was so small the researchers admitted it was “statistically insignificant.”

Now, even if you print out this article and bring it to your doc… even if you bring the darned study itself… he’ll claim those low targets will still cut your heart risk.

Maybe it will – but that’s not the only thing that could happen.

The biggest study to test the 120-target found that while it DID cut heart risk, it also took an average of THREE medications for seniors to hit that level.

That DOUBLED the risk of deadly side effects including kidney failure, dangerously low blood pressure, and screwy imbalances of potassium and sodium in the blood.

Bottom line here is that even some of the biggest mainstream groups have resisted lowering those BP targets – and some have actually RAISED them, finally admitting that seniors with slight elevations in blood pressure SHOULDN’T be drugged.

The only one who benefits from those low targets? Big Pharma, of course… because when you need to take three drugs to hit those goals, that’s triple the profits for them.

Pocket the savings for yourself for a change!

Easing the pressure,
Jack Harrison

Hip Conservative Counter-Culture Vs. Repressive Liberal Establishment

By Jim O’Neill

For at least a year now, I’ve been telling everyone who will listen that being right-wing is the new counterculture, the new punk, an act of rebellion in an era of political correctness, safe spaces, multiculturalism and globalism.

Milo Yiannopoulos

Conservatism is the new counter-culture

Paul J.  Watson

James Delingpole recently observed that Ted Mallach believes that “the Brexit and Trump shocks of 2016…are the counter-reaction to the global takeover by the liberal-left in 1968.”  This long overdue counter-reaction is, in fact, (as Milo and PJ Watson note) the vanguard of a new counter-culture – conservatism.

Let me be quick to point out that I am not referring to “conservatism” as it has been understood in the past — and the new conservatism should by no means be confused with the so called “neo-conservatives” (neocons), who are, of course, left wing big government globalists posing as right-wing conservative Republicans.  (Many of the Republican #NeverTrumpers come from their ranks).

Although the new counter-cultural brand of conservatism that I am talking about carries with it many key elements of traditional conservatism – such as a passion for freedom, patriotism, capitalism, religious freedom, and tolerance – it tends to be more pragmatic and less ideologically obsessed, more open-minded and less dogmatic than traditional conservatism.  Sort of libertarianism on a leash, with a dash of brash impertinence.

The core word in the new conservative counter-culture is freedom.  As in free-spirited, free-thinking, free enterprise, free market, free speech – free, freer, freest.

By and large our college campuses are currently anti-freedom, and promote and preach fear, intolerance, divisiveness, and scorn — muzzling free speech and indoctrinating students to be passionately and self-righteously fearful and contemptuous of anyone perceived as being outside the officially sanctioned leftist thought box.  Academia has become, in a word, repressiveMuch more repressive than they ever thought of being back in 1968.

American academia has morphed into a purveyor of Draconian thought policing that is diametrically opposed to what the counter-culture of the late ‘60s purportedly fought for.  Perhaps the strangest of the leftist campus reversals is from a “If it feels good do it” hedonism to a type of hysterical pearl-clutching puritanism.  In any event, it is way past time for a radical shift in direction.  I believe that with a cutting edge conservative counter-culture leading the way, we won’t get fooled again.

The “long march through the institutions” created not [a] collectivist utopia, but privileged elites in media, academe, and government whose stock portfolios, bank accounts, affluent zip-codes, and tony life-styles [are] indistinguishable from those of the robber-baron capitalists they demonized.

Bruce Thornton “Leftism:From Bloody Tragedy to Therapeutic Parody

The days when the Left held a lock on “cool” counter-culture are long gone.  Anymore the words that spring to mind when I think of the Left are: arrogant, dogmatic, intolerant, bullying, and nasty.

I was tired of the bullying.  I was tired of being pushed down so that I couldn’t say my beliefs.  And being fearful of losing sales.  Losing fans.  Losing bookings.  Losing contracts and sponsorship.  You know, that’s my day to day.  And a lot of my friends have the same thing.  And we live in Hollywood, which is supposed to be the most open viewpoint city.  But the truth is there was a lot of hate and a lot of negativity and I wanted to change the storyline to love and support and unity as an American.

Joy Villa on why she wore a Trump MAGA dress to the Grammys

The Democrats (and MSM mouthpieces) have doubled down on their racist, intolerant, divisive, duplicitous globalist agenda – while the Republicans (at least President Trump and his supporters) promote an agenda of unity, inclusiveness, honesty, integrity, and patriotic pride of place.

I must say, it is refreshingly pleasant to be right and hip at the same time.




Michael Flynn Resigns…

This is from the Conservative Tree House which I really don’t have a lot of use for regarding their tactics, but this is a factual expose of how Flynn was destroyed.  I have never liked or trusted Mike Pence, and I believe he is culpable in this.

If you go to today, you can read my article on why we needed to keep Flynn.  So now he’s gone, the sharks smell blood in the water, and we have to wonder who is next.

…. Well, here’s my take.


All I ever needed to know about this entire Michael Flynn Rubber Tire is abundantly evident in the following CNN paragraph(s):

CNN – The Justice Department warned the Trump administration last month that Michael Flynn misled administration officials regarding his communications with the Russian ambassador to the United States and was potentially vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians, a person familiar with the matter told CNN

[…]  The message was delivered by then-Acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Other top intelligence officials, including James Clapper and John Brennan, were in agreement the White House should be alerted about the concerns.

Which also explains why The Washington Post was the originating source of the ‘controversy’/’fiasco’.  As previously stated numerous times, The Washington Post is the official leak-outlet for the political arm of the CIA.  And the most politicized of all agents ever inside the CIA was John Brennan – a black hat extraordinaire.

So, swamp reviewers can begin to see how this Rubber Tire was constructed.



The political agents within the “intelligence community”, ie. the Big Black Hats, took the position that General Michael Flynn must have lied to Vice President Pence because their interpretation of the phone call they intercepted was that Flynn did give some form (context and actual communication unknown) of forward assurance to the Russian emissary that a Trump administration would not approach the Russian Sanction issue (which, we should remember, is based on a non-existent vast Russian election hacking conspiracy) the same way as the Obama administration.

To wit, the pre-inaugural Trump intelligence community, politically motivated as they were, alerted President-elect Trump (through Sally Yates) that their opinion (baseline that Flynn lied) was such that Flynn had now opened himself up for blackmail from the Russians.

A convenient, albeit typical and transparently political, divide and conquer strategy that holds all the fingerprints of chief schemer and manipulator John Brennan.

Whereas John Brennan constructs a false dichotomy, a useful parsel-tongue narrative, to put a wedge between President-elect Trump, Vice-President-elect Pence, and NSA Director Flynn, when/if it becomes most politically useful to deploy.

As in, when they become President Trump and Vice-President Pence.

The space between the FBI (who reviewed transcript and said no structural communication content seemed to be a ‘Logan issue’), and what the CIA can construct (their opinion is, Logan issue or not, Flynn’s a fibber), is the useful space where leaked differences of opinion to the media can create the controversy.

The black hats within intel (Hired by the Bigger Hats) then take lead from the Big exiting Black Hats and tell President Trump as long as their exiting intel position is that Flynn has misconstrued the conversation, well, they can no longer brief the President about sensitive matters of national security because there’s a compromise (Flynn) within the room.

Rightly or wrongly, the remaining intel can hide behind the former parsel-tongue policy interpretations and refuse to support the Trump admin.

Sorry, that’s our policy *Quack*!

Regardless of whether VP Pence or POTUS Trump accept that Flynn misled, so long as intel quackers have plausible deniability to sell their belief he did there will always be an ongoing issue.

Within the context of Potus and VPotus accepting these same quacking voices will continue leaking to their official outlet, The Washington Post, about the ongoing internal dynamics of the schism within the intel briefing disagreement standard, there is no upside to continue fighting on Flynn’s behalf.

An unknown variable when Rubber Tires like this are constructed, is the expressed opinion/relationship of the words from Pence.    Pence’s opinion of whether or not he was lied to, or even the truth behind what conversation he and Flynn may have had, becomes moot.

It’s ridiculous, however it’s also simply how political forces in the swamp keep the boil of controversy going regardless of the substance of the content behind it.    Like Brennan implied, you don’t want those CIA folks to have a chip on their black-hatted shoulders because they can leak, and you cannot rebuke the leak without breaking the law and discussing classified information / briefings.

It becomes a “he said, and You can’t say“; a one-way conversation with the insufferable media more than gleeful to sell an undermining narrative.

DC Tire Boils are always fubar.


The piranha’s are biting a fake news rubber tire that has been dipped into the boil; and the swamp defenders who are holding the rope are intent on convincing the viewing audience it’s really a side of beef.

Wait for the boil to subside, and if you stick around long after the audience moves on, you’ll see a rubber tire removed.

Deep State is always beneath the surface.

Look below the surfacebrennan-duping-delight

Tortured Elephant Cried Real Tears When Rescued

by Rev. Austin Miles


Every day something new comes to my in-box that shows why God became so angry at the sins and cruelties of man that He flooded the entire earth to get rid of them all except for one righteous man, Noah, and his family.

As civilization re-grew and advanced, so did the seemingly inventive cruelties that man has devised against his fellow man and other creatures. They are not content to cause people and animals to suffer, but they have carried that sin over to little babies about to be born. Tiny babies who are inconvenient for the parents who want no responsibility in life to tie them down when they could be out partying.


What is even more horrific, these immoral misfits, who keep Planned Parenthood in business, join lines to abort their babies whose little hearts start beating before six-weeks in the womb. In other words they are not only live babies, but they have a nervous system and feel pain the same as we do. Ultrasound has PROVED this.

Yet, these little lives are such a burden to unintentional parents that they don’t care how they get rid of the baby…just do it!  And how do they get rid of them? A “doctor” goes inside the womb with a sharp scissor-like instrument that literally snips and tears the limbs off the baby….a live baby being dismembered who feels horrific agony and reacts by twisting while silently screaming. This doesn’t matter to the accidental parent who simply wants to be free from responsibilities.

Frankly this columnist believes that the only reason God has not destroyed the earth again by flooding, or even more apropos, by fire (since the sins of today are even greater than in the days of Noah), is because the coming of Jesus is now eminent and all evil will soon be cast into the lake of fire.

My keyboard is stained with the tears I’ve shed while reading and writing some of my columns. This latest story about the elephant that cried opened the floodgates. Animals were all created by God. They all have their individual personalities and have the same kind of feelings we do….feelings of fear, pain, love, joy, grief and anxiety.

This columnist has been friends with dogs, cats, lions, tigers, rhinos, elephants, virtually all kinds of God’s special creatures. How I pity someone who has never had the privilege of knowing an elephant. These magnificent beasts are intelligent, loyal, caring and very social animals. Yet they have been especially targeted by evil people for profit, killing elephants or disabling them so their tusks can be sawed off to sell–or simply killing them in order to display their heads in a family room.

This latest story tells of an elephant in India named, Raju, orphaned as a baby after his parents were killed by poachers. The baby was kept, immediately put into captivity and shackled in spiked chains that dug into his body and his legs. And that is how he lived for almost 50 years of his life. Every move he made was painful, indeed, agonizing. This very same thing recently happened to a big bear that was used in a roadside wild animal attraction.

If that was not bad enough, Raju was bought and sold several times, forced to become a ‘riding’ elephant for tourists from daylight to sundown, with every step he took being torturous because of the spiked chains that bound and punctured his legs. Plus his cruel owners would beat him.

Raju was in those chains 24 hours a day. Not even a moment of comfort was afforded him. Every time he was sold, the new handler would beat Raju for no reason but to show him who was ‘boss.” This is what this gentle giant endured for 50 years, a creature that had done no wrong to anyone.

When discovered, Raju was in pathetic condition. He hadn’t been fed properly for months. He had started eating scraps of plastic and paper in a desperate bid to survive. The word properly got out and a daring nighttime raid by a team of rescuers from Wildlife SOS along with 20 Forestry Commission officers and two policemen, swooped in to release Raju from his confinement and found him so tightly bound by those spiked chains that he could hardly move.

A team of 10 veterinarians also were with the group. The rescue was completed on July 4th, which marks America’s Independence Day, which had special significance for this particular rescue.

The owner of Raju, who lived in the Uttar Pradesh region of India, tried to stop the raid by attempting a standoff.  The team secured the property and began to free Raju from the painful spike chains. Any activity in the area of the chain wounds was painful to the slightest touch. Raju made little beeping sounds, not from any pain, but in gratitude. This elephant knew he was being rescued and would be set free for the first time.

The team came with fruit and spoke softly to the pachyderm to put him at ease and to let him know they were there to free him. As the last chains were cut off him, Raju, began to cry…yes…cry with big tears rolling from his eyes. It was a very emotional moment for all involved. They gave him a sedative so they could load him into a truck to take him to a sanctuary.

And yes, animals do cry with big tears. I remember an elephant that had a little dog as his best friend for years. When that dog died, the elephant trumpeted in grief and yes, this columnist saw the tears come from his eyes. I have seen dogs cry with tears running down their faces when their owner died. I would often be called when someone dies and then prepare to do the funeral. That is when I saw this as fact, that yes, animals grieve like we do.

Raju was taken 350 miles to an elephant compound; The Wildlife SOS’s Elephant Conservation and Care Center Refuge in Mathura. Five female pachyderms excitedly flapped their ears, trumpeted greetings and touched Raju with their trunks, all signs of joy. Raju is experiencing happiness and comfort for the first time in his life. Elephants live to 70 or 80 years.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Animal Cruelty?

This columnist plans to work with a U.S. Senator to craft a bill to add a unit to Law Enforcement specifically to protect animals. The new officers’ unit would be: Law Enforcement for Animals–LEFA. These units would be actual police officers who have gone through the Academy, are armed and can make arrests.

LEFA can forcibly enter an area where animals are being tortured and arrest those responsible as well as seize their property to pay veterinarian bills and other costs. Many animal rescue organizations do undercover videos to record the horrors being perpetrated against animals, and that includes slaughter houses. They do not just kill the animals; they fully torture the innocent victims before the actual kill.

There is nothing humane about that process. I have seen some photos which have kept me up at nights. Those working undercover should be able to stop such a process and arrest the person involved. I could never understand how someone could simply film something so horrific without jumping into action to stop the torture of an animal.

The savages who do this must be arrested on the spot, and they can be, under this new unit. Those who are secretly video-taping can have a concealed weapon and take immediate action.

There can be special courts established to handle any case involving animals. This can all be set up, and it will be. I worked with one very famous U.S. Senator to craft and sponsor a bill making the import and export of ivory a criminal offense since elephants are viciously killed for their tusks. That bill was crafted, presented on the floor, and passed.

This one will be as well. But I need your help to back me…..not financial, but those of you–and that includes those who are retired–can help by sending letters, emails, signing petitions and making phone calls to officials as this bill is crafted. You will know exactly what is going on through my columns.

Indeed, please get a note off to me through the news site this column appears on to let me know I can count on you. One goal of this is to close all factory farms, shut down any and all roadside wildlife exhibitions, and to do frequent inspections wherever there are animals, including zoos.

Oh yes, there are those who will state that The Bible says; “Man shall have dominion over the animals.” The proper translation of that word, ‘dominion’ is: RESPECT–COOPERATE WITH the animals. So don’t try to use that Scripture verse to justify mistreating or torturing an animal. That is NOT what the Holy Scriptures implies. We must respect animals and cooperate and work with them since we all share this one planet.

Closing Thought: The death of babies keep Planned Parenthood alive….and prosperous…the love and protection of animals keeps man’s soul alive.





Quiet Woman’s Work Astonishes Observers.

by Rev. Austin Miles


BYRON, CA 2/6/17– She is an ordinary looking woman who would not stand out in a crowd. She is unassuming, quiet and goes about her business without flair. Yet strangers who never met her will approach her on the street to reveal their innermost thoughts. Indeed they feel they MUST talk to her…a woman they had never met, nor did they even know her name.

It is not her beauty even though she is attractive, nor the way she dresses which is simple but tasteful. She does have something within her that cannot escape the attention of everyone who gets even just a glimpse of her….or even sees her in the distance.

Priscilla Martinez is a devoted Christian who carries the earned title, Chaplain. Her love of God is so resilient that it radiates from her, and like a magnet pulls people to her. Here is an extraordinary case of someone being so genuinely filled with The Holy Spirit that people MUST come to her.

There is a reason for this as explained in John 12:32:  Jesus said, “If you lift me up, I will draw all men to myself,” or as some translations say, “I will draw all people toward me.” If any individual lifts up Jesus in their lives, he will draw all people toward Him, meaning that when He resides in those who lift him up people will be drawn to that person.

That Scripture has also been interpreted to say, “If you lift me up, I will draw all men unto thee.”  In any translation this shows that people will be drawn toward those who lift up Jesus in their hearts and in their lives. And so it is with Chaplain Priscilla Martinez.

One example happened not long ago on a street in Brentwood, California. While walking down the sidewalk a woman crossed to her side of the walk and told her about a friend of hers who was at that moment dying in a hospital (Kaiser-Antioch). Her friend was in the emergency room and asked Chaplain Priscilla (the other woman did not know she was a chaplain) if she would go to see her.

Again, this woman knew nothing about her but felt compelled to go to her on that street. Chaplain Priscilla said, “I will go immediately.” And that she did. She went straight to the emergency room, went inside and could hear the woman screaming as she flailed uncontrollably in her bed. Her distressed family was in the room with her.

When Chaplain Priscilla went in they asked who she was. She told them. Then they asked her why she was there.  “To pray with your mother,” she answered.  A son in the family arrogantly got in Priscilla’s face and said, “And what is that going to do? First of all, we are atheists.” “I was asked to come,” the chaplain stated firmly. The family walked out of the room to the waiting room, leaving Chaplain Priscilla alone with their mother, who was still screaming and flailing.

As this anointed woman of God began to pray for this very ill and agitated patient, she gradually stopped screaming, came to her senses and suddenly was at peace. Chaplain Priscilla stayed only a few more minutes, then took her leave.

Going to the elevator she saw the family in the glassed in waiting room and nodded her head that she was leaving. They immediately got up to go to their mother’s room and to their astonishment, found her comfortable and peaceful.

While Chaplain Priscilla was still waiting for the elevator (God’s timing) the son rushed back out of the room and said to Priscilla, “What shot did they give her?” 

“Oh they didn’t give her any shot.”  

“Then what happened to her?”  

“She got prayed for,” Chaplain Priscilla answered calmly just as the elevator door opened, she got in, the door closed and she was on her way. This certainly gave that atheist family something to think about.

Seeing her success, some would think her life was working out for her because she was raised with privileges without any of the life struggles that most of them encounter. Indeed many non-achievers who have experienced rejection and other difficulties believe this about anyone who is successful.  How wrong they are. Chaplain Priscilla has dealt with struggles like everyone else including the worst kind of heart ache and health problems, probably more than most.

She once had been a very successful real estate agent with high-end properties and had accumulated a sizable nest egg. Her health began to decline, and then, the most heart wrenching of all, her husband committed suicide. Another member of her family had earlier been put on suicide watch. Her savings dwindled to practically nothing. She was devastated.

She began attending a church where I was on the pastoral staff and she gave herself totally to God, became very active in the church and began teaching Bible classes. Something radiated throughout her indicating that she had been set apart for God’s service.

She felt strengthened by the church and enrolled in my chaplain’s training program. After several weeks of course work and joining me on the spur of a moment to take part in crisis situations, the final exercise before being certified was to take place at a military Stand Down. Homeless veterans are bused in to a makeshift army camp set up on a fairgrounds for four days where counseling is provided by the chaplains in training.

She was loved by the veterans and especially related to the women vets. She was limping. When asked about it she fluffed it off saying she would be seeing a doctor when the Stand Down was over. That foot appeared to be very painful during that last day, yet she would go nowhere until that requirement had been fulfilled completely. Then, I would learn later, the next day after the stand down ended, she had surgery on her foot. She is a fiercely dedicated woman.

She became a chaplain for Shepherd’s Gate, a shelter for battered women. She even went to court with them when they were to confront the husband who had mistreated them. Most were terrified of having to face the brutal man they had married. Chaplain Priscilla was right there with each woman and brought such calm to the entire court room that one official stated to her, “We need more people like you in this courtroom.”

When I left California, I put her in charge of the chaplain’s training program. She became a member of His Presence Church in Brentwood (Pastor Felix Golden) where she trained her first chaplains. Her first graduating class brought us 21 new chaplains. I was there to speak and present the certificates. All of her chaplains have full-time chaplaincies. One colorful African young woman became the chaplain of…now get this…the wives and families of the Golden State Warriors. They all have been placed.

It took a long time for her to get over the unexpected death of her husband but would much later meet and marry Hector Martinez, a very good man who is so proud of her, watches her fulfill her ministry including weddings, dedications and funerals along with speaking engagements. He supports her totally and watches her in awe as she carries out her duties.

There is so much more to the story of this remarkable woman whom you will never forget from the moment you first meet her. She has expanded the chaplaincy program and added to the curriculum. She is constantly on the go to minister to those who need her. What a blessing she is to everyone she encounters. She is truly a gift from God.



Left Wing Fascist Anti-fascist Fascism

By Jim O’Neill

That the morally bankrupt, intellectually stunted thugs of ANTIFA (ANTI FAscist) wallow in ignorance is to be expected; as recently demonstrated during the riots in Berkeley – but that purportedly “conservative” writers and pundits continue to regurgitate the same old leftist lies about fascism is simply unacceptable.

As the title of this article implies, the left-wing is up to their standard leitmotif of clueless idiocy yet again.  In this case, they are reincarnating as Hitler’s fascist brown-shirt thugs in order to protest Hitlerian fascist brown-shirt thugs (although in a nod to modernism they have traded in their brown shirts for black ones, a la Hitler’s SS or Mussolini’s “black shirts”).  How thoroughly liberal of them.

I realize that I may have gone a bit overboard with the repetitions of “fascism” and variants in my title, but I am trying to make a point here – and apparently it is a point that bears repeating, and repeating, and repeating.  My point being: FASCISM IS A LEFT-WING IDEOLOGY.

Permit me to highlight, underline, and BOLD why fascism is, always has been, and always will be a LEFT-WING IDEOLOGY.  On the off chance that a liberal might read this article I will go s-l-o-w-l-y in the hope (faint though it be) that they may see the light.

First, some ground rules.  I will be referring to the traditional political spectrum throughout this article – the one that runs from Big Government on the left, to No Government (anarchy) on the extreme right.

The further to the left you move on the political spectrum the bigger and more intrusive the government (individual freedom diminishes).  The further to the right you move the more limited and restrained the government becomes (individual freedom increases).

The United States has traditionally been considered a “center right” country.  Meaning that the majority of “we the people” favor a government slightly to the right of the midway point between the far left and the far right.

I would say that for the majority of “we the people” that is still the case, but our politicians and media (among others) have moved far to the left – resulting in a huge disconnect between “we the people” and our political “leaders” (especially Democrats) and the media, who have become unapologetic propaganda venues for globalism.  (“Globalism” is, of course, the new and improved label behind which the old and unimproved concept of “global communism” hides these days).

So, big government to the left, limited and restrained government to the right.  Fascism, which is big government on steroids, indisputably belongs on the LEFT side of the political spectrum.  Consider the following couple of quotes by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini (1883-1945), who is widely credited with popularizing fascism (and coining the term itself).

All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state!

For the Fascist, everything is in the State, and nothing human or spiritual exists, much less has value, outside the State.

Benito Mussolini

Perhaps putting the above quotes in the American vernacular will help to clarify things:

Everything within the federal government, nothing outside the federal government, nothing against the federal government!

For the Fascist, everything is in the Federal Government, and nothing human or spiritual exists, much less has value, outside the Federal Government.

Fascism is, always has been, and always will be a big government LEFT-WING ideology.  The battles between communism and fascism during WW II and the Spanish Civil War were essentially turf wars between competing left-wing movements — comparable to Shiite and Sunni Muslims fighting one another.

A few words on the Nazis: Adolph Hitler was a left-wing fascist; whose political party was the “National Socialist German Workers Party” – the operative words being “Socialist Workers Party” – hardly the name for a conservative right-wing outfit.  The leftist nature of the Nazis is rather tellingly spelled out in the 10th item of their party platform:

It must be the first duty of every Citizen to carry out intellectual or physical work.  Individual activity must not be harmful to the public interest and must be pursued within the framework of the community and for the general good[italics added]

Party Platform of the NAZI Party

To associate the Nazis in particular, and fascism in general, with government restraining conservatism is deceitful beyond words.  It is willful ignorance magnified, multiplied, and dished out by the various globalist propaganda outlets.

The “Bill of Rights” from the US Constitution is the antithesis of fascism.  It does not so much list the rights of “we the people,” as it puts chains on government and restricts what government can do.  The US Constitution stands in exact opposition to the leftist big government tenets of fascism/Nazism.

To call the pro-Constitutional moves of President Trump “fascist” is so ludicrously wrongheaded that the absurdity of it all is stunning.   It would be funny, but for the fact that so many people actually buy into this nonsense.

The left-wing can, and will, continue to peddle their nonsense and ignorance, but “we the people” need to WAKE THE F—K UP.  Fascism and Nazism are NOT to be conflated with right-wing patriotism and conservative thinking.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A RIGHT-WING FASCIST/NAZI.  Such an animal simply cannot exist.  Left-wing fascist/Nazis, on the other hand, are all over the d—n place.









BREAKING: Hollywood Reporter VERIFIES that PETA Video A FAKE!

by Rev. Austin Miles


HOLLYWOOD 2/6/17–PETA, a furry version of the Mafia Protection Racket has been exposed in Today’s Hollywood Reporter as absolutely FAKING a video purportedly showing a German Shepard being mistreated while filming the movie, A Dog’s Purpose. 

There are two different stories in today’s edition with the truth which can be found at this link:

Today’s story says it all with this statement from the American Humane Society and a third-party:  “American Humane said Friday that an independent animal-cruelty expert concluded that preventative safety measures were in place. The group also said that the leaked video was deliberately edited to mislead the public.”

Catch that? “Deliberately edited to mislead the public.” So it is now in the open that this was all a lie in order to profit PETA. Their tactics did damage ticket sales which in turn deprived audiences from seeing a beautiful family movie. All for selfish ill-gained profit.

The original attack by PETA came as a featured national news story with photo, headlined that a ‘terrified German Shepherd was thrown into rapids for a film,’ which infuriated the public. That hoax story made it appear that the dog was thrown off a bridge. That scene for the movie, A Dog’s Purpose, took place in artificial rapids in a water tank constructed on the movie lot.

See the original story I wrote about this PETA deception which is fully detailed and leaves no questions.  Link

TO THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Since you first reported on this in a featured story, this follow-up should be also a featured story, rather than buried in the other news scattered on the site.

TO THE PUBLIC: PETA wrecked the planned Premier of the film which had to be cancelled, taking away from the thrust of the opening day, delaying it for two weeks, then simply opening without fanfare.

Let us make a new Premier this weekend of Feb. 10-12 and make this a family event.

This writer is incensed at that snowflake pansy organization not only because of their dishonesty and lies for profit, but they take in a lot of money that should go to actual animal protection agencies.

To The News Media, including Hollywood Reporter. Stop this nonsense of referring to ‘controversial’ film due to LEAKED video, which makes it appear like they secretly filmed something of importance. Now hear this: That video was NOT LEAKED. That video combined with other videos was PRODUCED, EDITED and widely distributed TO MAKE IT APPEAR THE DOG WAS TERRIFIED AND IN DANGER. 

Again, this was all lies, deception, misinformation, and a shakedown by a totally corrupt organization that falsely claims to protect animals in order to enrich themselves.

To The Movie Going Public: Have a movie date with your entire family and make this coming weekend a banner weekend for the most meaningful film you will ever see.


URGENT: Spot the warning signs of this deadly new risk

* Do our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

* Note: Taken from the Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 2/6/17

Diabetes is like a wrecking ball aimed at your entire body… but there’s no part of your insides that gets slammed quite like your poor pancreas.

It’s ground zero for the disease, as it struggles to pump out insulin.

Eventually, you can practically see the smoke coming out of the pancreas as the beta cells just plain burn out.

Now, the latest research shows how that’s only the beginning of your troubles… because if you have diabetes, you could end up with something far worse than a worn-out pancreas.

You could be in the express lane for pancreatic cancer!

You don’t want the “C” word in any part of your body, if you can help it.

But you REALLY don’t want it THERE – because pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of the disease.

The moment you get diabetes, your risk of pancreatic cancer jumps.

In fact, 50 PERCENT of all pancreatic cancer patients were diagnosed with diabetes roughly six months earlier.

It’s as if the diabetes is the first warning sign!

Over the first three months with diabetes, your risk of pancreatic cancer more than triples. Between three and six months, it more than doubles.

The risk starts to tail off after about a year, but even then, it’s still 70 percent higher.

Now, not all that risk is coming from the diabetes itself.

One of the true causes is those new meds the doc will switch you to when your diabetes gets worse. Some of them have been linked REPEATEDLY to pancreatic cancer.

In fact, your pancreatic cancer risk jumps by SEVEN TIMES if your doc puts you on more powerful meds.

Some docs will even start you out on those drugs – and it turns out all that risk’s for nothing, since many of these new meds are actually NO BETTER than plain old metformin in many cases.

That stuff’s certainly no picnic, but it’s a whole lot safer… and might even CUT the risk of pancreatic cancer!

But why stay on metformin if you don’t have to? Switch to a back-to-basics low-carb diet, and you could work with your doc on a plan to cut and even ELIMINATE all your meds.

Of course, it’s not just the meds alone at work here.

The disease itself could be tearing your poor pancreas apart – and even if you don’t end up with cancer, you could end up with other pancreas problems.

The lesson? If you develop diabetes suddenly or the disease starts getting worse, get yourself checked out – because pancreatic cancer’s no joke.

It’s a killer disease, but if you can get it caught and treated ASAP you have a shot at beating it.

Protecting your pancreas,
Jack Harrison

Failure of American Journalism: Pizzagate and the muzzling of Ben Swann

Fellowship of the Minds

“Pizzagate” is the term given to speculations and assertions that there is a pedophile network connecting Democratic Party élites and two Washington, D.C. pizzerias, Besta Pizza and Comet Ping Pong. The latter is a Disneyish pizzeria owned by a homosexual named James Alefantis, who is a former boyfriend of David Brock, a Democratic Party operative and Clinton loyalist.

The word “pizza” in Pizzagate isn’t just a reference to Comet Ping Pong pizzeria but stems from the many cryptic references to “pizza” and other food items (“hotdogs”; “pasta”; “tempting” “cheeses”; “yummy” “sauces”) in a collection of curious emails sent by and to John Podesta, a longtime Democratic Party operative who was White House chief of staff in Bill Clinton’s administration, White House counselor in the Obama administration and, most recently, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Some say the references to “pizza” and “hotdogs” are code words used by…

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Transgender Boy Scouts of America–SERIOUSLY? Yes as of Now!

by Rev. Austin Miles

The revised Boy Scout motto today has transitioned to:

On my honor I will do my best, to pervert myself and all the rest.’

Like every youth organization, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have acted as a magnet to draw in homosexuals where they are given unlimited access to little boys, providing a setting where they can secretly fulfill their uncontrolled lusts. These pedophiles, which prefer children, are forever on the prowl.

This Christian organization-BSA- was formed to teach strong leadership skills to boys, but as usual, this concept has become vulnerable to an influx of deviants who demand that their perversions be freely expressed wherever they please. Sexual misfits slipping into this character-building youth group is really not a new thing since homosexual scoutmasters have been around since the organization was founded over 100 years ago. Back then it was hidden.

The predators in those days were not of the limp-wrist variety or swishy. They were manly and athletic in appearance, like Cub Scout Leader John Brockdorf of Cub Scout Pack 62 in 1947 Salinas, California. He is now dead, killed in prison by prisoners.

Originally, the BSA, described itself as “provider of the nation’s foremost character development and values-based leadership training, whose mission was to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.”

Here was the Scout Oath taken by all members who were expected to uphold all parts of this oath in their lives. (All emphasis’ mine:)

On my honor I will do my best,

to do my duty to God and my country

and to obey the Scout Law;

to help people at all times;

to keep myself physically strong

mentally awake, and morally straight.

Get that? This Christian organization was formed for the purpose of raising young boys to become responsible moral men, husbands and fathers. However this is the last thing that Satan (yes Satan) wants. His goal is sexual perversion, deviancy, and lawlessness and to completely abolish anything that honors God.

The enemy’s specific goal is to get God out of everything, especially human thought. WAKE UP people, this is exactly what is taking place but we have all been brainwashed into being more ‘open minded’ and accepting, while being persuaded by the word, “inclusion,” a word employed by liberals–yes Democrats–to manipulate the public acceptance of anything that comes down the pike, or up from the sewer.

The homosexual scout issue gradually began to rise as more and more atheists got into scouting. Then sin became more open and the Constitution was used to declare their “rights.” They began to pressure the BSA into accepting confused ‘gay’ kids into their ranks which is a logical next step on the path to hell.

The Christian group began to cave in to political pressure. In 2013–recruiting a ‘gay’ kid to be a plaintiff–they filed a “civil rights case” and won which now allows youth who identify as “gay” to openly be members of the scouts. Bit by bit the door was being pushed open wider and wider.

The attacks against this Christian organization began early and grew from there. Here is where it started: The atheists, who, cannot simply live and let live, slithered forth demanding that they be allowed to join the scouts without believing in God; with a trend-setting case that made headlines during the 1980’s.

The case was brought by the Randall twins, Michael and William, both 10 years of age, who felt that they should be able to be a member of the scouts without having to affirm a belief in God. Indeed they refused to say the name, God, in their oath at the meetings.

Their father James Grafton Randall, an atheist lawyer, filed the complaint and won. Being an atheist would automatically violate the Scout Oath which didn’t seem to matter. The twins became members.

The case was based upon ‘religious discrimination’ that is forbidden in the Constitution. All organizations are constrained from requiring religious beliefs, or, discrimination for not having them. It was a skillful application to hammer home points that were not intended when the Constitution was written.

They won their case opening the gates for various goons to make specific cases about their lifestyles and beliefs or lack thereof. They would do anything to sabotage American ethics and morality.

The Randall case was celebrated by atheist groups–and there are many–with the Randal Twins feted as heroes at the various atheist meetings and conventions. This writer personally witnessed this at an atheist meeting in Los Angeles.

They got a lot of press and became twisted celebrities. This was the first major victory against the Boy Scouts of America, which opened the floodgates to bring in more nutty cases. Again, don’t forget that all of this came straight from the pits of hell.

After successfully winning the next case of allowing homosexual boys to become members, contrary to all stipulations of the Scout Code to live a moral life, the next case forced the BSA to lift its requirements barring scout leaders and employees who identified as homosexual. They were there all along, but now they wanted the world to know that they were sodomites, like it was a badge of honor, plus, a victory for ‘the cause.’

And how those “gay” scout masters loved those unsupervised camping trips where they had all these little boys to themselves. The molestation’s and rapes secretly began. Most of the rapes went unreported since many of the victims did not tell their parents. They were afraid they would be blamed for the assaults.

This writer was violently sexualized as an 11-year-old by the Cub Scout Master, John Brockdorf. I was another who would be automatically in the wrong for whatever happened to me so I did not tell my parents. The assault was so violent that it tore the inside of my rectum, leaving the nerves exposed; causing horrific pain that lasted for years. The pain was so severe that I would cry going to the bathroom. It had the effect of severe torture.

This left me with lifetime problems and relationship problems. From that point forward, I mistrusted anyone in uniform and all authority figures even though I did wear a uniform when serving in the U.S. Army. My entire life was affected by this LGBTQ poster guy as is the life of anyone else who is victimized by these monsters, all of whom should receive life sentences, since their victims do.

Brockdorf was eventually found out by others and run out-of-town. He re-settled in New York City where he found employment as a travel guide for…..yes…kids.

He of course sexualized a young boy who was able to tell his parents who immediately had Brockdorf arrested. He went to trial where his young victim testified against him. Brockdorf was sentenced to prison where other inmates killed him. A proper ending.

And by the way, I DID, many years later, forgive Brockdorf which is a requirement for Christians. Especially for ministers.  I did not know at the time that he had been killed, so the forgiveness was legit.

Now the latest attack on the Boy Scouts of America is a case allowing….now sit down… sexually confused transgender kids to become members of the boy scouts. This has just happened. Kids can state whatever gender they wish on their application and the BSA must recognize them as the gender they say they are no matter what their birth certificates declare. Talk about the inmates running the asylum.

This case came about through a confused little 8-year-old girl who wants to be a boy.  The parents, instead of getting her to a mental health doctor, pampered her little fantasies, brought that case to court and won.  Again, this is AN EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL. We wonder how that will work when they are all in the showers and on camping trips. Next little boys will say they are girls and join the Girl Scouts.

The organization said this in a press release regarding the admittance of transgenders to the scouting program: “The BSA is committed to identifying program options that will help us truly serve the whole family, and this is an area that we will continue to thoughtfully evaluate to bring the benefits of Scouting to the greatest number of youth possible — all while remaining true to our core values, outlined in the Scout Oath and Law.”  How’s that again? (Emphasis mine.)

Remaining true to their core values as outlined in the Scout Oath and Law??? Who are they trying to kid? One rule for sure, deception must be accompanied by lies to make it work, which is the meaning of deception in the first place. But that last statement adds an EXTRA lie on the part of the scout leaders. Some example.

Get your children out of those hotbeds of sexual assault. Pastors, kick those bums out of your churches. Many homosexual Episcopal Churches are staffed by deviants wearing collars and of course, host boy scout meetings in their churches.

Homosexual Episcopal Churches is fact. I almost slugged one of those priests in New York City while a chaplain. How in the world can these perverts be accepted in seminaries, much less as priests and pastors? Have we all gone mad? Look what happened to the Catholic Church.

There are alternatives to the Boy Scouts of America, now the garden of fresh fruits. Check your trusted church and discuss this with your pastor. One such organization is The Royal Rangers. Another is The Trail Blazers.  Withdraw any further support for the Boy Scouts of America and notify any organizations or advertisers who sponsor this pedophile grooming group that you no longer support them.

Churches, it is up to you. Pastors, man your pulpits! Preach the Gospel truthfully and without compromise. When we were ordained, we also were charged with being “Defenders of The Faith.”

We must take that charge seriously. Whenever someone comes against our churches and Christianity let us use our pulpits to push back, putting a spotlight on the actions against the church and take charge of the problem. We can find plenty of Scriptures to back up our defenses.

People, please attend and support your churches and help strengthen them. Stand as a mighty force for God. And let us all be solid Christians who walk the walk with firmness against these satanic attacks on our children and upon us. Again Pastors--MAN YOUR PULPITS! This must be stopped.


Christians Should Support The Travel Ban

I’m with you

Th3 Platform

Hypocrisy and false narratives are expanding in this brand new year under President Trump’s control. Thank God this man is keeping his promises to the American people who are tired of empty rhetoric. President Trump just issued an executive order a few days ago that banned immigration and refugee travel for 7 countries labeled as sources of terror by the Obama administration. Somehow taking Obama’s own notation of these countries containing terror cells is racist: the hypocrisy is laughable. You also never saw the Left crying and screaming when Obama banned Iraqi refugees for six months or when Jimmy Carter banned Iranian refugees for a period of time. I can handle hypocrisy, but I cannot handle the personal attacks against Christians that are not lined up outside of the White House or airports acting like fools with the rest of the Left.

The Left and their faction of liberal Christians…

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President Trump: About Terry Lakin

By Jim O’Neill

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Preamble to the United States Constitution

As military officers, we owe our ultimate loyalty not to superior officers or even to the president, but rather, to the Constitution.”

Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney  (USAF Ret.)

“I think many in the military – and many out of the military – question the natural-birth status of Barack Obama.”  

Major General Paul E. Vallely (US Army Ret.)

First off – will Congress and/or SCOTUS please get off their collective butts and clearly, emphatically, and unequivocally define exactly what is meant by “Natural Born” from Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution? 

Good God, it is unbelievable that such a vitally important term has not been legally and clearly defined so that there is no question what it means.  I realize that the wheels of government move slowly, and I don’t mean to sound impatient, but hey, it’s been over 200 years.  Just saying.

Depending on how “Natural Born” is defined (and you can take your pick from several differing interpretations) then Obama was, or was not, legally POTUS – and Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal (to mention a few) can, or cannot, legally become President of the United States.  So, this is a very important point, a very big deal.

Personally, I believe that the term “Natural Born” refers to a person born in the United States (or a territory under US jurisdiction) to parents who are both US citizens at the time of the “Natural Born” citizen’s birth.  But legal precedents aside (e.g. “Minor v. Happersett” and “United States v. Wong Kim Ark”) the definition of “Natural Born” remains murky – at least in the minds of many.  So, Congress, SCOTUS — earn your pay, do your job (finally).

This article is about Terry Lakin, and defining the term “Natural Born” may seem an unwarranted distraction in that context…but Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS is a big part of Terry’s story, so the importance of officially defining “Natural Born” is an apropos issue to discuss.  In any event, time to get into the meat of this article.

Although Terry’s story was front page news several years ago, many of our attention spans are less than optimal (mine included), so perhaps a brief refresher on his case is in order.  What follows is a short synopsis of what made him so newsworthy.

In 2010 Terry Lakin was a Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) in the US Army when he was sent orders for redeployment to Afghanistan.  To make a long story short, LTC Lakin refused to go to Afghanistan because he had serious doubts regarding Obama’s qualifications to be Commander in Chief (sometimes abbreviated as CINC — pronounced “sink”) of the US military.

“My motivation stems from my oath of office to defend and uphold the Constitution, it’s the constitution that needs to be upheld.”

LTC Terry Lakin

[Sidebar: LTC Lakin’s medals and decorations include the Army Flight Surgeon Badge, Combat Medical Badge, the Bronze Star Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the Army Achievement Medal with one Oak Leaf Cluster, the National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Service Star, the Armed Forces Expedition Medal, the Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, the Overseas Service Ribbon sixth award and the NATO service medal.  End of Sidebar]

You may recall that on his first full day as CINC Obama enacted Executive Order 13489, which in essence sealed his past history from public scrutiny.  The President of the United States does not want “we the people” to know who he is?  WTF?  At least that was my reaction – and I was hardly alone.  Shortly afterwards the so called “birther movement” grew legs and took off running.

Among the many records the Obama camp has refused to release are the marriage license of his father (Barack Sr.) and mother (Stanley Ann Dunham), name-change records (Barry Soetero to Barack Hussein Obama), adoption records, records of his and his mother’s repatriation as U.S. citizens from Indonesia, baptism records, Noelani Elementary School (Hawaii) records, Punahou School financial aid or school records, Occidental College financial aid records, Harvard Law School records, Columbia senior thesis, Columbia College records, record with Illinois State Bar Association, files from his terms as an Illinois state senator, his law client list, medical records and passport records.

Bob Urah “Sheriff’s probe finds Obama birth certificate ‘fake’

The reaction of the MSM globalist propaganda machine to the birther movement was immediate, vociferous, and massive.  Ridicule (rule #5 of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals) and smoke ‘n’ mirrors obfuscation were employed in a firehose stream of denial and derision.  I wrote about it at the time:

Let’s pretend for a moment that we’re not all being treated like mentally challenged six-year-olds, and that it’s out on the table that the current POTUS has been blatantly hiding his past from the American electorate. Let’s also pretend that neither the media, nor our judicial system, find it laughably funny when “we the people” insist on knowing the REAL history of the person running America’s economy, military, and domestic/foreign policies.  If we pretend all those things, then it makes perfect sense to question Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS….

Adding to LTC Lakin’s concerns was the fact that according to the official narrative, Obama’s father was a Kenyan who was never a US citizen, let alone at the time of the CINC’s birth – which according to the definition of “Natural Born” mentioned above, made Obama constitutionally ineligible to be POTUS.  It is also of note that Obama’s long form birth certificate was not released (digital copy only) until after LTC Lakin was court-martialed, found guilty, and sent to prison.

[Sidebar: In order to silence critics of the digital representation of his short form birth certificate, on April 27, 2011 Obama released a digital version of his long form birth certificate.  The years long Arpaio/Zullo investigation strongly suggests that Obama’s online long form birth certificate is a forgery.  End of Sidebar]

Before going any further, let me state that this article is not about taking sides on the question of Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS, or the particulars of his birth.  It is concerned with the grave injustice done to LTC Lakin.  I have simply been laying out the historical background surrounding Terry Lakin’s trial and imprisonment in order to provide context.

I am basically pounding two drums (and only two) in this article: (1) that the term “Natural Born” be clearly defined by Congress or the SCOTUS, and (2) that Terry Lakin is an American hero who deserves the “Medal of Freedom” or “Congressional Gold Medal” for his valorous defense of the US Constitution.

LTC Lakin took the stand that he did because of the sort of man that he was, and is – a stalwart American patriot whose love of country, honesty, honor, and belief in the US Constitution should make him an exemplar to every man and woman in uniform.  Heck, to every American patriot.

In late 2010 he was found guilty of failing to obey orders and stripped of his rank and benefits.  He was sent to the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  He served his time and has been a free man since May of 2011.

Recently a petition was started to “Reinstate Lt. Col. Terry Lakin into the U.S. Army with full rank, pay, benefits and pension immediately.”  I received an email from Terry a couple of days ago – the excerpt below should give you a glimpse of the man’s character.

Gary [Wilmott] started the petition.  It got out there.  I’m not holding my breath that much will come of it.  My friend Marco, Charles Kerchner, Erik Rush, Peter Boyles and others have all jumped in to help.  

 Personally, I’m patient.  I think Trump has a lot to do.  …I have been blessed by the Lord and am providing for my family and others.  I cannot forget that there are so many others still in Leavenworth [whose cases are more urgent].

Given his hitherto unblemished record, undeniable professionalism, unquestioned patriotism, and respect for the US Constitution, LTC Lakin could have, and should have, received much better treatment at the hands of the US Army.  The Army’s railroading of LTC Lakin was disgraceful and a stain on their honor.  The whole thing stinks of the political intrigues surrounding “The Dreyfus Affair.”

As Terry notes, President Trump no doubt has bigger fish to fry at the moment (and for some time to come one suspects), but, when he finds the time, I believe that an official Presidential pardon for LTC Terry Lakin is in order.  I have full faith that President Trump will do the right thing when time allows.








Dog’s Purpose Movie Thrives Despite PETA’s Attacks–Review

by Rev. Austin Miles


BOISE, 1/28/17–Do not–repeat, DO NOT MISS THE BEAUTIFUL MOVIE, A Dog’s Purpose, no matter what the bogus animal protection group, PETA, claims in order to keep you from attending. Those hippie types have organized boycott petitions for this movie with 68,000 signatures while using their own fake news press releases to dissuade patrons from buying tickets to the most meaningful film that one could ever see.

Don’t fall for this. Go and see this movie without delay. It is a totally satisfying and fulfilling movie. And if you love animals, such as this columnist, you will be greatly moved. Indeed, when you go home, you will want to give extra hugs to your own pets with the feeling that you know them better after seeing this expertly crafted film that truly captures the personality and inner feelings of a dog.

It is to be noted that all of PETA’s efforts to sabotage this movie, part of their shakedown for profit, is based upon lies.They LIED about an incident they claimed took place during the filming of this wonderful movie. They falsely claimed that a “terrified” German Shepherd was thrown into the rapids, and once in the water, went under, with personnel rushing in to “rescue” it.

That dog was in no danger. The “rapids” were created in a huge water tank constructed on set. The dog had rehearsed the dramatic scene several times where he rescues a kidnapped little girl who had been thrown into the rapids by her abductor. Being at the time a K-9 police dog, he jumped in to rescue her, going under water to pull her to the top, then to the shore.

The dog had rehearsed the scene, at another location at the tank, and balked at having to do this in a location he was not familiar with. PETA profited by selling a video of this supposed event to TV networks and sent releases to print newspapers, milking it for all it was worth to raise money for their organization and to shake down producers. They are an extortion racket under the guise of being an animal protection agency, which they are not.

That video they claimed was so urgent, was taped over NINE MONTHS AGO. So if PETA reps were on set, and videotaped this, why didn’t they jump in and put a stop to the production and get the dog to safety if this had really happened? They had no interest in the animal.They actually kill more animals than they “save.”  While I support several animal rescue organizations I would not give PETA one penny.

It was all a ploy to gain them publicity at the opening of a movie based on an all time best-selling book. They virtually hijacked the advance publicity and anticipation in order to bring all that attention to themselves. Publicity is their motivation. How many remember when these nutty PETA woman stripped totally nude in a very public area of San Francisco to protest the wearing of fur. This alone shows what they are all about.

Plus, the carefully examined video was shown to be heavily edited to make it appear to be an event that was not. Again, PETA LIED to make a case to bring them publicity and stimulate donations at the expense of the movie company and movie goers who would be deprived of seeing an excellent film.

And it is to be added, that PETA executes animals in their shelters, not even keeping them in there for the required time mandated by law so that their owners have time to come and claim them. They even kidnap dogs and euthanize them in the van taking the innocent animal away. They should never present themselves as an animal protective organization.

But wait, don’t they do some good? They do. But remember, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

The nation wide-release of the film had good attendance for the first two days of their opening weekend. even though the PETA protests did result in lower ticket sales. Fortunately, the pickets could not be at the theater I attended with my family, since it was in a shopping center on private property. It was good that they could not perform their feigned concern there. If they had tried to block me they would have quickly learned that the laws of gravity are still intact.

Then there are those ‘reviewers’ who snickered at the film with words like, “fluff, syrupy, tear-jerker, overly sentimental, schmaltzy ” and they even criticized the words the dog audibly thought, for instance, when he expressed love for Ethan’s girl friend by thinking, “I like her. She smells like cheese.” This is probably how a dog would think. Yet this misguided critic took issue with the animal’s thought.

These “reviewers” have a problem with expressing love, emotion or deep feelings. They believe in showing no emotion no matter what happens. They are hard-hearted and unfeeling. They are the kind of parents who will not say the words, “I love you,” to their wives and children. As a chaplain I constantly deal with the wives and offspring of those sorry individuals. They are incapable of having deep feelings. So their “reviews” are not worth even reading. There is no honesty in them.

THE MOVIE: This film traces a dog’s life, through several lives. When he dies, he becomes another dog, but with the same knowledge and deep feelings for certain people. From the beginning the dog named Bailey is wondering what his purpose is in life. We hear his thoughts and feelings with a wonderful voice job by Josh Gad

His purpose becomes clearer and clearer with each life he lives. The film ends with the most touching and wonderful conclusion one could ever hope for as everything in his life comes together in a most remarkable way.

The cast is great, believable and handle their roles so realistically that the audience feels they are witnessing a real event. Ethan is a main character who comes in the story as a very young boy played by Bryce Gheisar.  K.J. Apa plays him as a teenager.  We see him age, played by Dennis Quaid, with a powerful final scene when he realizes the spirit of the dog he had loved and grown up with was in another dog’s body that Bailey now inhabited.

The touching ending could not be better. What great writing by the author of the book, W. Bruce Cameron. The movie was true to the book with only a couple of minor exceptions but this did not distract or alter the content of the book.

Do support this film with your attendance. The animals were NOT mistreated in the slightest. They are all absolutely charming and you can’t help but fall in love with all of them. This film gets four stars from this reviewer. PETA gets four enemas.

D.C.Rioters Face Stiff Penalties–It’s About Time!

by Rev. Austin Miles


WASHINGTON, D.C. 1/25/17–The days of a gentle slap on the wrist accompanied by whispering, “Naughty Naughty,” are over. There’s a new sheriff in town who takes a different approach to thuggery. Two hundred and thirty of the masked rioters who tried to invade the Inauguration of the new President were arrested, charged with Felony Rioting by the U.S. Attorney and face 10 years in prison along with a $25,000 fine.  At last, justice will be served for political criminal activity.

All welfare benefits should be cancelled for those involved in the riots with the intention of interfering with the constitutional process of electing a president and causing destruction. Every penny of the fine should be paid in full before release, and that sentence should be 10 years of hard labor which is not unreasonable. Justice Department, please take note.

The protesters seem to have plenty of stamina and physical strength to throw things around, swing sledge hammers into store windows to smash them, set cars on fire along with trash bins that they threw into the streets and set ablaze. They also publicly burned the American Flag.  So they are not lacking physical strength to work. These hoodlums should not be collecting welfare or other benefits. They owe US. We owe them nothing. They are perfectly able to work and earn their keep.

It is a new day in America. There is no more coddling criminals, no more ‘political correctness’ but instead, stern punishment for lawlessness and creating havoc.

A Presidential inauguration Ceremony is supposed to be a distinguished event. That is how it was designed. Communist Leader George Soros paid protesters to disrupt this transfer of power in D.C. in an attempt to spoil the most important event in the country. He did not succeed.

These paid imbeciles attacked people trying to get to the inauguration, harassed attendees (actually striking some), set cars on fire, tried to block entrances to the ceremony, and broke store windows. They set a stretch limo on fire and spray painted, “We the People” on the side of the burning limousine. They smashed TV trucks which is strange since the main payoff for these nitwits is television attention. That shows how bright they are.

TV personality Larry King was in his studio doing a program. When he came out he found that all the windows of his SUV had been smashed.

The anarchists were dressed head to toe in black with faces covered so as not to be identifiable, which is illegal. One of the rioters draped himself or herself in a rainbow flag.

Soros not only set up various organizations to carry out these ‘protests,’ but also worked with 50 organizations, mostly sponsoring Muslim organizations, to put together the national women’s march throughout the U.S. the day after the inauguration to make it appear that nobody liked Trump. Not so. Millions upon millions of people love President Trump and are happily relieved that he is now our Commander-in-Chief.

And by the way, the trash these women left strewn in the streets was the worst to ever be seen. They did not have the decency to clean up their mess since they have no decency.

What has NOT been adequately reported is the LOOTING that has become a mainstay of such anti-American events. They kept that quiet so as not to make the looters look bad and cause stereotyping. Store windows were broken as Black Lives Matter participants, as usual, grabbed what they could. They should have their welfare benefits cancelled as well.

This rampage by anti-Americans took place only two blocks from the White House. Six police officers were injured by being hit with rocks thrown at them. It is of interest to know that “Bikers for Trump,” a sturdy looking group was on hand to deal with some of the protesters. The anarchists held back in the presence of the bikers knowing full well that the bikers were ready and more than willing to do serious battle.

A note to President Donald Trump. BRAVO! Yes withdraw all welfare and other government benefits from everyone who took place in those third world style riots. And this should include everyone who is a part of Black Lives Matter,  another creation of Soros.  Begin proceedings to charge George Soros with Treason and Sedition. There is more than enough evidence to show that he is a traitor and it is time to deal with him as such.

His home country Hungary is preparing to take actions against him. Russia would love to get their hands on him and Israel wants him in their hands. He needs to be dealt with and removed from the scene. His enormous wealth can be confiscated to repair the damage he and those he hired have caused not only to America, but countries throughout the world whose economies have been wrecked by Soros as well as currencies around the world being devalued due to his manipulation.

When you think of the recent events, one must ask, where’s the beef? The new President wants America to again be prosperous, our military strengthened in order to protect us from enemies, and better relations with the world and for Christians to not have to hide their faith or Who they worship .He wants better job opportunities for America and for families to live in peace.

He wants to turn Obama’s misrepresented health care plan around and replace that with affordable health care for everyone. He wants to do more for our veterans and military (he just gave military personnel their first raise), actual education for our children, and to carefully vet anyone who wants to come here from other countries. And he will block all efforts to prevent citizens from saying, Merry Christmas during the Holiday season.

So what can be objectionable to this agenda? Absolutely nothing. It is something to be desired for all with the exception of these ignorant misinformed bums who think they will be better under Communism, better known as The New World Order. I have seen what life under Communism is like. Believe me, you do NOT want that. And President Trump believes in the celebration of life for all.

Yes, we have a new sheriff in town and millions of people are backing him and praying for him. We have been ushered, by God, into a new era…a new day.  With God’s help, we have taken back our country. Let us never forget What God has done for us. Christians, be visible.