The Solution: Let Russia Arrest George Soros!!

by Rev. Austin Miles

President Donald Trump Take Note! The man who has caused the most evil in history, George Soros, who is determined to destroy you, Mr. President, (along with our country) by using every deceptive device at his disposal, can be and MUST be taken down immediately. Here is the key for doing it and stopping his scheduled final action. And yes, that ‘final action’ IS scheduled! Unless…..

An active international arrest warrant has been filed by Russia to take Soros into custody. It is a simple matter for the U.S. to allow Russia to come in and take him back with them, prosecute him and either hang him or put him in prison for the rest of his life.

It is Soros who has instigated tension between the U.S. and Russia and for good reason. He does not want the U.S. to cooperate with Russia regarding him and the Russian warrant. Soros is the one behind the false news that Russia “meddled in the election,” which of course, say they, put Donald Trump in office. The Main Stream Media is full of…custom made narratives.

By the way, this writer did not see one Russian when voting nor did the millions upon millions of Christians who came out of the shadows to vote to clean up D.C. This accusation of Russia swaying the election is absurd. And stupid.

The U.S. and Russia would be on friendlier terms had it not been for Soros. Blacks and whites would not be at war with each other without the deliberate agitation between the races by this billionaire Hungarian Communist Jew in his quest to weaken our country.

For sure, if President Trump would cooperate by letting Russia come in and arrest Soros the relationship between the two countries would greatly improve. It might be that Trump may offer a ‘prisoner swap.’ Does Russia have someone in custody that we want to get our hands on? In any event, this would kill two stones with one bird.

The “Main Stream Media” (MSM) is owned by Soros and employs rank amateurs posing as ‘journalists.’ CLARIFICATION: To be a journalist is to have formal training for news reporting. Today the once professional journalists have been turned into manipulative hacks offering tailored news.

To prove this, every news story states that ‘Russia meddled in our last election,” or Russia manipulated this past election. A professional journalist would properly write this line as: “Russia ALLEGEDLY meddled in our last election,” or ALLEGEDLY manipulated it or ALLEGEDLY influenced it. That word is not used in today’s yarns passed as news. Legally that would be required. Otherwise they are declaring one guilty without a trial which jeopardizes the defendant. So the media breaks the law every time they eliminate that word when making an accusation.

These are NOT legitimate news reporters. They are propaganda hacks hired to sway the ideas of an evil man whose goal is to maneuver The United States of America into the New World Order under Communist dictatorship. America is the only country standing in the way of this ruthless ambition.

Democrat Communists–one and the same–are ‘outraged’ that President Trump fired James Comey who headed the FBI. Comey refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton for circulating CLASSIFIED emails with national secrets stating that “what she did was not a crime, it was simply…careless.” Yea…right!  And that was the end of it even though Hillary Clinton obstructed justice and National Security by sending these classified government emails randomly.

So if one commits a crime, simply plea that it was only careless, and get off Scott free. At least that is the reasoning of the properly fired FBI Director.

  1. Comey was a sworn official in the Justice dept. —-and so was REQUIRED to report any person who he perceived as obstructing an investigation for the Justice dept. —period.He did not report this incident —Indeed, he simply let it go without any sanctions or punishment for Hillary, dismissing it as a ‘careless’ action.

He refused to institute charges even though his position demanded that he take action against her. So Comey DESERVED to be fired. President Trump was absolutely right to fire him. He was incompetent, corrupt and used his office to help a criminal politician from being charged with a treasonous crime so as not to hamper her determination to be president. Talk about conflict of interest!

Russia is not the only country wanting to get their hands on George Soros. Israel wants him, France and Hungary along with many others want to take him into custody. So let them have him.

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION FOR ALL READERS. Contact President Donald Trump at this website:, plus all websites that report inside news of him. The more voices demanding that our president allow Russia to arrest George Soros, the more effective it will be.

Then contact your representatives demanding that they take part in this action to get George Soros taken away for good plus send this same info to Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee. Even so, Soros has BOUGHT trusted people in our government. If we gave you the names, readers would be SHOCKED!

Soros has placed others in D.C. offices with many Communists and Muslims in Homeland Security. Wow, that should make us feel safe.

And this is precisely why God put into the Oval Office a boisterous bullheaded stubborn man who thrives on controversy and verbal battles who can take the heat being blasted at him from every angle. It would be difficult to imagine any other man being able to stand up under such orchestrated pressure. Anyone else would have folded before now. This is why God Himself chose Donald Trump to give America one last chance to get back on track.

The door to our enemies led by Satan has been widely opened by sin. Preachers-man your pulpits and preach against sin. The reason our enemies have been able to advance against us was directly due to our sins which has weakened us…love of money, pride, ego, position, covetousness, immorality and leaving God and His Word out of our lives. And we are paying a severe price in so doing.

All readers MUST do your part in this extremely important matter. Otherwise we lose our country, our futures and our very lives. This is how serious it is. Soros recognizes the importance of numbers which is why he bombards areas with disruptive protests. Most people are sufficiently bullied to simply lie down.

That same effect can help America by us sending large numbers of demands to Washington, D.C.

I remember when I was in the army, a sergeant who prided himself on his toughness ready to take anyone on, came riding in on a horse. Then he stopped the horse and began beating it in the face with a whip. The horse cried and whinnied.  Being an animal lover and protector I yelled out, ‘AT EASE!!!’

The tough sergeant stopped and boomed, “WHO SAID AT EASE? Everyone stood quiet. The sergeant scanned the soldiers in formation, stopping on me. He knew it was me. I stood quietly, took two steps forward and held him eye to eye. There was no question that I would have been badly hurt if a fight had ensued but I stood my ground. Then, about a dozen or two of the recruits quietly came forward to stand close beside me. The startled tough guy then turned his horse around and rode off into the distance.

You don’t have to be physically tough to accomplish the best for our country. All you need is determination, like I had when I put a stop to the mistreatment of that horse. Those who came to stand solidly with me against the cruel sergeant supplied the visible muscle to back him off. It is the same with our petitions and emails.

If all patriots truly come together and help each other, we can put a stop to this nonsense. Send emails, snail mail, make phone calls and leave messages to representatives to demand that Soros be taken down. But you cannot just sit there and think about it. You are needed to take an immediate stand.

It is to be noted that Soros has 5 children, as evil as he is, especially his two sons, Alex and Jonathan who will also need to be dealt with. Here are the names of his children: Robert, Jonathan, Gregory, Andrea, Alexander. Keep those names in view since they have their father’s money and resources to carry on his work. However, they will be charged as well. That will be immediately in the works. They will not continue their father’s evil work. All the money will be confiscated and applied to repair damages caused by the Soros riots.

So who amongst you will leave the ranks, like the dozen or so recruits at Ft. Riley Kansas, who came forward to stand with me against that tough guy sergeant? Each and every one of you is needed to help stop Soros from making it to his ‘scheduled final action.’

Yes this is dangerous and risky. But we will all be killed anyway if the Soros scheduled Final Day takes place. I would rather die pushing back against this murderer than to die by lying down and waiting for Soros and his army to come to take my property and kill me as I silently watch.

Meanwhile, Soros is constantly stirring up evil against our president and we the people. He has scheduled a mass violent protest against President Donald Trump on July 2nd. If we tackle this correctly with immediate action as detailed above, that will not happen or the Soros Scheduled Final Action which he confidently has plotted to pull off. It is up to US. Arise people and take action.


BREAKING: Mass Nationwide Anti-Trump Riots Planned For July 2nd

Summer of rage set to boil over as militant leftists plan to OVERTHROW Trump

Militant anti-Trump Antifa leftists are planning huge RIOTS on July 2nd.

The establishment media is fanning the flames by portraying Trump as illegitimate.

This could be the flashpoint that brings about a violent coup in America.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

Special Report: Anthony Weiner Pizzagate Domino Falls, Admits Preying On Child

What the media isn’t telling you about Anthony Weiner

Deep State Coup To Take Down Trump Exposed

Tweet to President Trump: We the People Have Your Back

By Jim O’Neill

Members of the media have derisively compared President Trump to President Nixon.

Chris Pandolfo  “Media hit the gas on the ‘Trump is Nixon’ theory

The globalist media’s (AKA mainstream media) comparison of President Trump to Nixon is marginally less absurd and offensive than their previous leitmotif of comparing Trump to Hitler, but the media still has a long way to go before they touch back down on terra firma.  I for one am not holding my breath awaiting the media’s return to sanity, as they seem hell bent on staying stuck on stupid in perpetuity.

I’ll let you in on a not so secret secret — the media, academia, Hollywood, the “Deep State,” and more NGOs than you can shake a rolled up 501c3 tax code at are arrogant snobs.  You heard me correctly, arrogant snobs.

In fact, arrogant snobbery is a thread that runs throughout all of the radical left’s history.  It is oh so obvious if you keep an eye out for it.  There is no law against being an arrogant twit (or twitette), unfortunately, but as Sun Tzu noted long ago it is wise to know your enemy.

In any event, when the snobbish globalist media hysterically attack Trump they are in effect hysterically attacking we the people, for he is our messenger and we put him where he is.  Make no mistake, when the media show disdain for President Trump’s “commonness” they are being arrogantly dismissive of we the people by proxy.

The Democrats apparently could not care less what we the people think, and are enthusiastically digging themselves a deeper and deeper political pit.  I say “Bravo Democrats!”  Here, let me help.

When we the people protect Trump’s back we are merely exercising enlightened self-interest.  By protecting Trump’s back, we are protecting our own backs.

My friend Joan Swirsky recently penned an article in which she outlined the many ways in which we the people have already benefited from Trump’s presidency, which she compares to a juggernaut.

This Mt. Everest of accomplishments belongs to a man who is straight out of central casting.  Every day, he looks like a million dollars and is stunningly successful in his dealings with everyone from heads of state to manual laborers to ardent fans to entrenched skeptics.  Every day, he brings both ebullience and laser-like focus to a job he clearly relishes, displays admirable courage in making hard choices, and is zooming along at warp speed to Make America Great Again!

Joan Swirsky “The Juggernaut and the Jerks

President Trump has set a phenomenally fast pace for getting America back on track.  His is a vision of hope and freedom, sustenance and safety.  He, and his agenda are, in the words of William James, “a powerful and magnetic force.”

Positive images of the future are a powerful and magnetic force….   They draw us on and energize us, give us courage and will to take on important initiatives.  Negative images of the future also have a magnetism.  They pull the spirit downward in the path of despair….

William James (1842-1910)

I believe that ultimately history will put President Trump in the same league as Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.  But for now, we the people have to suffer through the lashing out and flailing of globalism’s death throes – an ugly and dangerous time indeed.

But we the people are getting hip to the left’s tricks.  For example, one of their favorite tactics is to preempt an attack from an opponent by first claiming that their opponent is guilty of what they themselves are guilty of.  This tactic is used so often that anymore when the Democrats accuse conservatives of anything my Pavlovian response is to immediately look for whatever the Democrats are hiding of the same nature.

The Russian brouhaha comes to mind.  As far as President Trump is concerned there is no “there” there – as has been proven ad nauseam.  But if we the people look to the left what do we see?  We see collusion aplenty between the Russians and the Clintons and other Democratic “movers and shakers.”.  My, my, imagine that.

As more and more concrete, tangible, positive results of the Trump Administration’s policies come to fruition, more and more people will board the “Trump train,” and the current strident cries of hysterical derision and slander will gradually fade into a richly deserved ignominy.

President Trump, know this: We the people are well aware that you are deep in a nest of vipers – traitorous snakes intent on destroying you, and us, and our dreams for ourselves and future generations of Americans.  We pray for you, your family, and your aides.  We know that many media pundits are hate-filled liars, and we dismiss them out of hand.  We greatly appreciate that you are tirelessly working on America’s behalf, on freedom’s behalf, on our behalf.  President Trump, know that we the people feel blessed to have you at the helm, and we have your back boss, believe it.

Obviously, this isn’t an actual “tweet” per se…but it’ll do.

George Soros Surprise Coming

by Rev. Austin Miles

George Soros, the most evil man on earth, is the combustion propelling the anti-Trump attacks front paged each and every day, as well as on TV networks. And all the innuendo-packed dishonest “news” being put out to all media is, frankly…..crap! Soros has taken events and made them into something they are not with the goal of sabotaging President Trump’s accomplishments and character.

His goal is to work the people up to anarchy, for them to rise and drive him out of office. Soros would then put Hillary in. Soros owns most of the news media and most of the journalists work for him. It is up to the people to stand with President Trump and against those who are vilifying him. It has come to that.

These constant “reports” are dishonest, manipulated, contrived and programmed precisely to turn the public against the man legitimately voted into the Oval Office by the American people.

This past election, that surprised the world, prevented America from being turned into a total Communist nation. And this writer thoroughly believes that with this election, God Himself gave America one final chance to repent from the sin that has enveloped our country and turn back to Him. Preachers, man your pulpits!

There is nothing legit about any of the attacks on President Trump. Soros is the master of the innuendo, which is an indirect suggestion of improper conduct to attack the character or abilities of an individual to inflame the public to rise against him. Soros has successfully pulled this on several countries and at least three countries have warrants out for his capture and arrest.

Move to Have Soros Charged with Treason and Sedition Gaining Support

This columnist has urged all readers to contact the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, their representatives and President Donald Trump, insisting that Treason and Sedition Charges be filed against George Soros and for that case to be prosecuted. And many have done just that making authorities sit up and take notice. We need more of you to take part.

Stay tuned for a final action that can be taken to assure that this be done.

Here is another letter sent to President Trump regarding the prosecution of George Soros. This letter from Richard Firth can be a model to work from. Readers, it is now up to you to follow suit:

Office of The President
The White House
Washington, D. C.

Dear President Trump:

I want you to support all efforts in getting this world criminal, George Soros, to justice, particularly for his crimes against this country, the chief of which is treason. There is now in the works a Congressional investigation led by Representative Christopher Smith. I want you and my Congressional delegation to push hard for this investigation and fully support its recommendations. If the investigation reveals criminal activity, he must be arrested and immediately tried on those charges particularly if they include treason.

This man has gotten away with much too much causing world governments to topple and he wants to topple this one too. He has funded 200 organizations to do his dirty work against this nation and you can find the names of those organizations by clicking on this link:

The author of the article, Rev Miles Austin, is dedicated to the cause of bringing this infamous criminal to justice. We cannot let anyone, including our highest officials, get away with the crimes they are committing against this nation, which to me are Obama, Hillary and James Comey.

I am sending a copy of this letter to my Congressional delegation asking for their full support of any Congressional investigation into Soros’ alleged criminal activities which could amount to treason and then support our attorney general’s effort to bring Soros to trial on those charges as Soros is an American citizen.


Richard W. Firth

CC: Cong. Rob Wittman
Senator Tim Kaine
Senator Mark Warner

Stay Tuned.

NYT Confirms Infowars Report: Trump Planning Major Purge

Shakeup expected at White House

Alex Jones


LIVE on : Trump Planning Purge NY Times Confirms Infowars 

We broke the news:

Also, here’s a break down the global ransomware attack:

MilesTones: To Pee or Not to Pee-THAT is the Question

by Rev. Austin Miles

The Shakespearean style headline fits this classic story of Dem-wit dumbness. A faithful reader, Wellnessdoc William Doell, who sends many overlooked articles to this column, dispatched one early this morning covering the newest political issue titled–we kid you not–Pee Privilege.  Get your picket signs ready. Here is the headline:


MilesTones would have written this headline instead: Arizona University Goes to Pot.  Nah, that headline can go two ways, then again, it is appropriate since almost everything at that leftist university goes both ways.

One thing for certain. We could not sit out this latest bathroom issue. Then again, with political correctness being what it is today, we really can no longer stand it out either. As the witch in the Wizard of Oz cried out as she was dissolving, “What a world….what a world!”

In all seriousness, The Northern Arizona University located in Flagstaff now has posters outside of on-campus restrooms that ask students to consider whether they have “pee privilege.” As one of the unenlightened, this writer never gave that much thought. Peeing is something simply done at various times during the day–every 5 minutes for those on diuretics. But intellectual analysis of this function was never considered….until now, thanks to university wisdom.

Other posters are up with a DO’S AND DONT’S GUIDE, offering this counsel: “Feel like someone is in the “wrong” bathroom?” Notice the word ‘wrong’ in scare quotes. It dribbles on to command all users of the facility, “Don’t Stare!” This person is aware that they don’t fit into either restroom so they don’t need anymore eyes reminding them.” So there!

Bathroom users are subtly ordered to protect the safety of any transgender there since, “gender variant people are at a high risk of verbal sexual and physical assault.” Other users must make certain that they are safe from others. Yep, recruited to be watchmen on the stall.

NOW THE REAL CLINCHER:  One sign asks: “Do you have pee privilege?” Interesting, not everyone has given that a thought. The sign goes on to accuse those who DO have pee privilege that ‘they never have to think about gender identity, ability, or access when peeing. That is undeniable proof that one has “pee privilege.”

Other tips (at least for males) explains that having the ability to use a restroom without fear or concern for your own safety constitutes such a privilege–except possibly in San Francisco.

To possess the latest social malady, men must be conscious that (to) stand and pee in a urinal is anti-woman since women do not have equality to do so. Inequality means that men can aim, women cannot. So this must be changed. Here’s where the rubbers hit the road.

MilesTones offers that a possible solution would be for men to squat in the urinals so the women or would-be women would not be offended. Indeed, the ‘feminists’ now are pushing that urinals be removed altogether. THEN true equality would be in place. The only reasonable solution.

Years ago I watched my pup discover a frog in the backyard, edged up close to sniff the frog which then jumped away as only frogs can do. The pup rared back and cocked his head in amazement, seemingly wondering why he could not jump that way. But the pup didn’t start a movement demanding equality with the frog. Each life has its own distinctiveness. Even the pup seemed to realize this.

The Leftist Democrat Communist Party refers to themselves as, “Progressives,” or, “The Progressive Party.”  Well they’ve certainly taken us down the road to progressiveness which shows us what progressive really means. And as the old vaudevillian said to the audience, “You ain’t seen nothin yet.”

The highlight of this story sent by Dr. Doell was the huge number of responses that followed the piece. Every wit in the world piled on….at least half of them did, and this writer laughed so loud reading them that my wife could hear me at the opposite end of the house even though I was in a closed office.

One used a term that I hate that has the equivalent to being ‘ticked’ off. It was such a perfect response that it provoked a hearty laugh despite the words used.

My favorite one was by a writer named, Bob Duckworth who stated; “Damn the Sign, Full Stream Ahead!

To see complete story as originally published with posters and reader responses that are hilarious, go to this link:

College Destroys Books After Digitization, Sparking Fears of 1984-Style Censorship

Digitized books altered, original sources destroyed: Just like 1984

California universities were caught removing and even destroying library books after digitizing them, a process critics warn leads to 1984-style censorship in which only “corrected” copies of books remain.

UC Berkeley in particular recently removed 135,000 books from its school library, claiming that by digitizing the books, library space can be reused for meeting rooms and “nap pods.”

But libraries have existed since the Middle Ages as vaults of knowledge safe from tampering; in comparison, the way universities are disappearing books after digitizing them allows anyone with a “politically correct” agenda a way to alter books during digitization – including important texts on history, science and humanities – without anyone ever knowing.

“The removal of 60% of the physical collection at the science library of the University of California, Santa Cruz, for instance, caused an uproar after it was reported that many of the books removed had been destroyed,” reported the Christian Science Monitor. “A campus spokesman said that nothing had been lost from the scholarly record, since duplicates were retained in other libraries or available online.”

“Given the short timeframe and seeming lack of consultation of the faculty, however, many critics expressed doubts that this was actually the case.”

This, of course, draws parallels to the novel 1984, in which the protagonist, Winston, works at the Ministry of Truth altering books and important texts while sequentially destroying the original sources to hide the evidence of tampering.

In reality, it’s certainly plausible that SJW student-workers digitizing books at a university could “correct for history” by altering or downright removing passages from books that don’t conform to their world view.

Remember, these are the same activists who demand restrictions on free speech if it “offends others” and demand the removal of historical war memorials if they trigger “micro-aggressions” – and college campuses are now breeding grounds for this ideology.

“Suppose they do scan or digitize entire libraries.  What then?  Will it not be far, far easier for systems of authority to control or manipulate access to historical information?” Asked attorney Quintus Curtius. “How can we be sure that the University of California will not one day decide to prevent access to all works written before 1950 as being ‘offensive’ or not in tune with political correctness?”

“When it comes to our precious cultural heritage, we cannot place our faith in the same institutions that have been betraying that same heritage for the past 40 years.”

On a similar note, Google’s Vint Cerf warned we are heading into a “digital dark age” because digitalized documents will eventually be lost or lack compatibility with new formats.

The latter is already more-or-less the case with eBooks which suffer problems converting between different formatting standards.

“Old formats of documents that we’ve created or presentations may not be readable by the latest version of the software because backwards compatibility is not always guaranteed,” said Cerf. “And so what can happen over time is that even if we accumulate vast archives of digital content, we may not actually know what it is.”

MORE Videos: Resistance News


I was having vision issues at last year’s exam.  My prescription was not getting the job done.  Bifocals were fine, but reading across the room was practically impossible.  It was also difficult for street signs and other things.  Doc gave me a stronger prescription, but also reminded me as he had been doing for several years that I had cataracts.  The lady who orders the glasses told me the prescription change was so insignificant that it would not noticeably improve my vision.  The problem she said is the cataracts.  Doc already told me that cataract surgery was totally my decision.  Not particularly excited about someone poking around in my eye with a sharp object, I decided to reassess after my next exam.

Over the next year, reading at a distance was near impossible.  Fuzzy vision was becoming my norm.  Night driving was dangerous.  Lights from oncoming traffic that used to be an annoying glare was now a vision obliterating glare.  Think of turning on the high beams while driving in thick fog and you will come close to what I experienced.  It simply was not safe.

When the next exam rolled around the Doc and I discussed cataracts.  He told me again there is never a time when one must have cataract surgery.  It comes down to a quality of life decision.  He did tell me that the cataracts were doing what cataracts do – getting worse.  The one in my left eye even had a cloudy spot.  I decided to have the surgery.

There are two types of lenses, monofocal and multifocal, and just as many opinions on for whom which is best.  One major aspect to consider is that most insurance will pay for the monofocal, but not the multifocal which is considered a premium lense.  With the multifocal, also comes the surgeon’s fee.  The monofocal will correct the distance vision, but leave you needing reading glasses.  The multifocal corrects all ranges of vision including, in many cases, eliminating the need for reading glasses.

After reading everything I could find, beyond what the Doc gave me, I decided to get the multifocal lenses.  Probably the biggest reason for me was I did not want to tote around reading glasses or have bifocals so I could read the dashboard while driving.

Doc said the medical standard is to do one eye at a time and he suggested the left first as it appeared to be in the worst shape.  The prep for cataract surgery is much longer than the actual surgery.  After about an hour or so, I was wheeled into the operating room and about 10 minutes after the Doc walked in I was wheeled out.  The prep consists of the standard paperwork and an IV in case they need it and a place for the anesthesiologist to squirt the la-la juice although I was wide awake for the entire process.  They also filed my eyes with what feels like gallons of eye drops and this continued in the operating room where they scrubbed my eye for surgery and put in a lot of numbing drops.

The eye had so much dilating drops put in that remained dilated for the most part of two days.  I left the hospital with three different drops to use three or four times a day until they were gone – around three weeks worth.

So was it worth it?  On the day of surgery, while still dilated I started to question the decision.  However, the spectacular halos disappeared as my pupils returned to normal.  Having one eye done at a time let me make an assessment almost immediately.  The first thing I noticed was how much brighter and colorful everything is.  By covering one eye at a time, I discovered that I had been seeing the world through a dull yellow hue.  The walls in my house looked white rather than off white.  Colors changed causing me to push some shirts to the back of the closet because they were just too doggoned bright.  High definition television actually looked like it.  I could trim my whiskers without bifocals or the magnifying mirror.  Since I had been wearing glasses for near twenty years I discovered that I actually have eyebrows, and crow’s feet, and…. .

There are some issues with sunlight, so I need to don the Ray Bans when venturing out.  There are also some issues with halos around lights at night, but unlike the glare from cataracts I can still see.  For me, the light issues are a fair tradeoff to discarding glasses.

Both eyes are done now.  I can read without glasses in most cases.  If the lighting is poor, or the print is light such as white letters on a colored background I may need the reading glasses.  I have no issues with any range of vision.   The new lenses do seem to pick up the fluttering light of fluorescent bulbs and computer screens, but it is not a big deal.

For me, I will take the multifocal intraocular lenses (IOL) to glasses any day.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

Soros Partners with CAIR to Sabotage Sheriff Clarke

by Rev. Austin Miles

MILWAUKEE 5/7/17-How did this columnist wind up on CAIR’s mailing list? It was certainly not by request. Suddenly the Muslim’s news service propaganda began arriving in my inbox daily.

CAIR which is, the Council for American Islamic Relations, is a “civil rights” organization to protect Muslims from any backlash based on their lawlessness. That group, not surprisingly, have put Milwaukee County Sheriff David A.Clarke in their cross-hairs. They do not want any patriotic American in any visible position who might follow the law regarding border-jumpers who want to get into this country to cause mayhem.

CAIR is urging the Trump Administration NOT to appoint Sheriff Clarke to a post with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Here is what their May 1st daily newsletter said: Last year, Clarke supported then GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s call for law enforcement to “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods.” CAIR expressed concern that “Such a policy would lead to religious and ethnic profiling by officers” and called the policy “unworkable, unconstitutional and counterproductive.”

As can be seen, any Muslim arrested while committing crime, rape and murder would be arrested due to religious and ethnic profiling, not for the commission of a crime. If a group is known for chaos, destruction, rape, robbery and murder, any analytical look at them would constitute, well, stereotyping. We can’t have that doncha know. As Adolf Hitler who coined the term said, “We must be politically correct.”

The CAIR newsletter goes on to say: “Clarke also caused controversy with his claim that the Black Lives Matter movement would “join forces” with the terror group ISIS. He is facing protests because he wants his officers to operate as federal immigration agents.

“Given Sheriff Clarke’s history of extremist views, and his support for counterproductive and un-American policy proposals, it would be inappropriate to appoint him to any government position — let alone one involving public outreach,” said CAIR Government Affairs Director Robert McCaw.

McCaw noted that “Clarke would join many other infamous Islamophobes in, or recently removed from the Trump administration, including Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, and Stephen Miller. Many of the administration’s picks are themselves on record as making anti-Muslim statements or of working closely with anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists.” 

Remember that all of this agitation is being put together with the money of George Soros, who works closely with the Islamic extremists in their goal to take down America. There is a now a growing movement to have Soros arrested and prosecuted for Treason and Sedition.

With the backing of George Soros, a vicious demonstration against Sheriff Clarke took place outside his office in Milwaukee on May 1st, May Day. Over 10.000 protesters came with signs and noise to show their hatred of him. Again, these people did not just suddenly show up. They were paid for and brought there by George Soros. The Soros sponsored people called Sheriff Clarke “a Nazi Coon.” Other news stories have noted that Soros is a racist who USES black people to accomplish his personal goals.

CAIR is expanding their presence by opening offices in every major area of the United States. This is as dumb as having Nazi civil rights offices all over the U.S. during WW11.

It is interesting to note that Muslims, who have declared that they will destroy America, will lecture us that our actions to protect ourselves is “unAmerican.”  Really?

Now the big question. How in the name of the devil’s domain do we allow Muslims, our sworn enemies, to dictate American law and social norms? To dictate to our government who can and who cannot be appointed. Children, wake up. Nap time is over.

And by all means, do all possible to back Sheriff David A. Clarke.


Globalist tax-evader Emmanuel Macron voted French president in landslide

How very sad for France, another lost nation to the globalist cabal…fools all.

Fellowship of the Minds

Two weeks ago, a French reader of FOTM threw a big stink at my post “Insane: 16% of French with favorable view of ISIS” and readers’ comments, bitching that we are being unfair to all those brave French people who are buckling the trend.

I said that if and when the French people vote nationalist Marine Le Pen as president, I’d be the first to congratulate them.

Alas, that is not to be.

Despite the fact that “pro-European centrist” globalist Emmanuel Macron is a tax evader, thanks to Alt-Rightists on 4chan who obtained and published his damning tax evasion emails two nights ago, Macron won France’s presidential election today in a landslide. (See “French government doesn’t want its people to see presidential candidate Macron’s tax-evasion emails“)

First estimates of today’s voting show that former Rothschild & Cie Banque investment banker Macron, 39, “resoundingly” won France’s landmark…

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Big Pharma Advocate Scott Gottlieb Chosen To Head FDA

The world has 6.8 billion people…that’s headed up to about 9 billion.  Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 to 15 percent. – Bill Gates, Member of Bilderberg Group

When speaking to drug manufacturers in late January, Donald Trump said, “We have a fantastic person that I’ll be naming fairly soon who’s going to streamline the FDA. You’re going to get your products approved or not approved, but it’s going to be a quick process. It’s not going to take 15 years…. Surprised you can’t get them to move faster.”

He told the gathered pharmaceutical industry leaders that his administration would reduce taxes, regulations, and the time it takes for product approval, but that they must lower drug prices and bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

The FDA appointment has been closely watched by the pharmaceutical industry and consumer activists alike: reducing regulation is one of Trump’s top priorities. In a February speech to Congress, Trump promised to “slash the restraints” on drug approval, complaining about the “slow and burdensome approval process” at the FDA.

I’m all for reducing the exorbitant taxes, regulations on business, bringing manufacturing back to America, and lowering drug prices, but like many others, I’m very disturbed at rushing drug product approvals.

Gottlieb would help reach the goal of faster drug approval or denial, and therein lies a huge danger to the public.







FDA Commissioner Nominee

When the President announced FDA Commissioner nominee, Scott Gottlieb, Big Pharma let out a huge sigh of relief.

Scott Gottlieb is a Washington fixture with a medical degree, experience at the FDA and in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. He is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and an allegedly respected health policy analyst.  AEI is funded and endorsed by well-known globalists and socialists, although it masquerades as right-leaning.

He has been a venture partner at New Enterprise Associates since 2007, and is an independent director at Tolero Pharmaceuticals, and Daiichi Sankyo Inc, and a member of GlaxoSmithKline‘s product investment board.

Gottlieb’s deep ties to the industry he would regulate go back more than decade, and he currently serves on the board of three pharmaceutical companies. His venture capital firm, New Enterprise Associates, funds 150 others. Gottlieb received more than $400,000 from Big Pharma between 2013 and 2015, according to a database maintained by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

In 2013, Senator Mitch McConnell appointed Gottlieb to serve as a member of the Federal Health IT Policy Committee which advises the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and is responsible for making recommendations on the meaningful use standards as part of the HITECH Act (electronic health information technology).  McConnell heavily favors Gottlieb.

Big Pharma is delighted with this choice!

Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals

Glaxo is ranked the top vaccine producer, and Gottlieb is on their board, although he would have to resign in order to head the FDA.  No one likes that a prospective head of the FDA took $410,000 from GlaxoSmithKline. But maybe this isn’t the same as putting a charter school advocate in charge of the education department.  Ahem.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Merck & Co., Pfizer, and Sanofi account for 80 percent of global vaccine revenues. Although these “big four” vary significantly by portfolio and pipeline size, GSK of the United Kingdom ranked first in terms of research and development, pricing strategy and registration, and manufacturing and supply, according to a report released by the Access to Medicine Foundation.

By the way, Merck’s two-dose vaccine against chicken pox, a common childhood disease, has now accounted for a painful epidemic of shingles. Link

There are so many negatives regarding vaccines, especially those given newborns, and resulting autism, that Trump has actually spoken with Robert Kennedy, Jr. regarding research on same, as well as heading a vaccine safety commission.  I’ve heard nothing since March, but would hope that RFK, Jr. is still in the lineup.  He was interviewed by Tucker Carlson and made his case.

Gottlieb on Vaccines

In a confirmation hearing before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Energy, Labor, and Pensions on April 5, 2017, Scott Gottlieb, MD, stated categorically that there “is no causal link between vaccination and autism.”  Think there isn’t some collusion here since he sits on the board of one of the largest vaccine producers?

Back in November of 2016, another new study claimed there was no link between vaccines and autism.  What the media didn’t tell you was that the study was done by The Lewin Group, a consulting firm that lists major vaccine makers among its clients.

Sharyl Attkisson reports what the news doesn’t tell us. “As an aside, according to, The Lewin Group’s parent company, United Health Group, is a key government partner in Obamacare. Its subsidiary QSSI was given the contract to build the federal government’s website. One of its top executives and his family are top Obama donors.

Gottlieb’s Rush to Market

“The truth is, the FDA’s required trials reveal limited information,” Gottlieb wrote in an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune in 2005. “In many cases, it is only after drugs are on the market for many years and given to thousands of patients that their true benefits (sic.) are revealed.”

Well, if he believes that, why then is he doing exactly the opposite?

When three people in a multiple sclerosis drug trial lost blood platelets and one died, he stated that stopping the study was “an overreaction” because the disease, not the drug, might be to blame.

Gottlieb wrote accusatory emails to underlings when FDA scientists rejected Pfizer’s osteoporosis drug candidate Oporia, forecasted to earn $1 billion a year.  Boniva, advertised by Sally Field, and Fosamax have been linked to femur breakage and jaw bone disintegration.

Surely everyone has seen the advertisements for Chantix, Pfizer’s stop smoking drug.  Gottlieb rushed it to market, but a string of suicides and the violent death of Dallas musician Carter Albrecht leave many with doubts about the drug.

Gottlieb even trashed the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study that found hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was bad not good for women’s health, saying the results “were rushed to print with a cleverly orchestrated PR blitz.”  Most women now think of HRT as cancer in a bottle.  And Eli Lilly’s Evista is another horror story.

FDA’s Approved Dangerous Drugs

I certainly can understand that a promising drug not yet cleared by the FDA could possibly save lives, and this is the reason our President feels the drugs must be available.

However, when we look at the history of the FDA and drugs which have gone to market and then have been pulled because of extreme adverse effects, it would seem that 20 year studies should be the norm.







Thalidomide was a widely-used drug in the late 1950s and early 1960s for the treatment of nausea in pregnant women. It became apparent in the 1960s that Thalidomide  resulted in severe birth defects in thousands of children, especially in the United Kingdom.

Over 10,000 children were born with Thalidomide related birth defects throughout the world. The United States was largely spared this tragedy thanks to the work of one woman, Dr. Frances Oldham Kelsey, a new employee of the FDA. Her insistence on sufficient documentation kept Thalidomide off the U.S. market for over a year, adequate time for doctors to uncover the link between Thalidomide and birth defects. Thanks to Kelsey, fewer than 100 were born in America.

Dr. Kelsey went on to write the rules that govern most clinical drug trials today. She retired from the FDA in 2005 at age 90.

Remember Vioxx, Merck’s illegally marketed drug for arthritis? Vioxx was introduced into the market in 1999 but was not approved by the FDA for rheumatoid arthritis until 2002. While it is not illegal for a physician to prescribe a drug for an unapproved use, federal law prohibits a manufacturer from promoting a drug for uses not approved by the FDA.  The FDA estimated in 2004 that Vioxx was responsible for more than 57,000 deaths.  Merck & Co. has agreed to a massive $950 million settlement with the U.S. government and 43 states over the way it marketed the painkiller Vioxx.

FDA officials say they asked Pfizer — the maker of Bextra — to remove it from U.S. pharmacies because risks of heartstomach, and skin problems clearly outweighed its benefits as an anti-inflammatory.

Celebrex, a closely related drug also made by Pfizer, from the class of pain relievers known as Cox-2 inhibitors, will be allowed to remain on the market. But it will be forced to carry strict new warnings alerting doctors and patients that it elevates the risk of heart attacks and strokes, the FDA says.

The blood thinner Xarelto was approved by the FDA.  It is now facing 18,000 lawsuits for extreme bleeding.

The FDA and big Pharma have admitted that antidepressants increase the risk of suicide by over 800%, according to court documents in a trial against GlaxoSmithKline.  Ann Blake Tracy of Coalition for Drug Awareness has exposed the side effects of these drugs, violence and suicide.

Remember Zelnorm for irritable bowel syndrome?  Surely most have seen the commercials.  It has been recalled because of a higher chance of heart attack, stroke, and unstable angina (heart/chest pain).

Drug Recalls

The list of drug recalls by the FDA is huge.  A recall is issued when a drug becomes dangerous to the consumer.  Drug safety is supposedly strictly monitored by the FDA in the U.S. before going on the market.  Once it is on the market the FDA and the drug manufacturer continue to monitor the effectiveness and safety of the drug.  If any problems arise regarding safety of the drug then a recall is issued.  Here is a short list of 35 FDA approved drugs pulled from the market.

In an interview with Vioxx whistleblower Dr. David Graham, (senior drug safety researcher at the FDA), he said the following, “On the safety side, I think that the American public can’t be very confident. They can have some confidence because it turns out that most drugs are remarkably safe. But, when there are unsafe drugs, the FDA is very likely to err on the side of industry.Rarely will they keep a drug from being marketed or pull a drug off the market.  Unfortunately, that’s the way the FDA is currently structured.”

Here is Graham’s Senate testimony regarding the dangers of Vioxx.


Although I fully understand the desire to get lifesaving drugs to our citizens in record time, the big concern is the danger these drugs pose to the public when they haven’t had long term studies.  Last year, over half a million Americans were hurt by FDA approved prescription drugs, and 100,000 of them died.

How did that happen? If some prescription drugs are that dangerous, how are they getting approved?

The answer is not simple. There are good people involved in the process. But the incentive in the system has become totally distorted.

Scott Gottlieb’s association with these large pharmaceutical companies gives me great pause as to his commitment to the American public rather than Big Pharma.

I would urge our President to think twice about streamlining the FDA to get drugs approved more quickly.  In the end, it may be extremely detrimental, not only to the public, but also to our President.

Globalist Republicans Aid Democrats To Thwart Trump

 I know that I am leaving the winning side for the losing side, but it is better to die on the losing side than to live under Communism. Whittaker Chambers

No one should suffer from the great delusion that any form of communism or socialism which promotes the dictatorship of the few instead of the initiative of the millions can produce a happier or more prosperous society. Charles E. Wilson


There is way too much wrong with this bill!  Money goes to Planned Parenthood to murder more of our unborn, money continues to go to sanctuary cities to hide illegal alien criminals, there is no money for the border wall so our sovereignty is still nonexistent.  We fought like hell to send all these republicans to Congress and they act like Democrats because our President isn’t one of “them.”

Pence called the deal a “bipartisan win for the American people.”  Who the hell is this globalist ass kidding?  Oh yeah, we know he’s one of them and chummy with the Republicans who hate Trump, and we haven’t fallen for his phony Bible thumping.

Chuckie Schumer thinks they’ve had a massive victory, and perhaps the above Chambers quote would seem to be true, especially with the aid the republicans are giving to the democrats to thwart everything Trump promised in his campaign.  Even without the Conservative Caucus vote, this rotten piece of legislation may pass.

I don’t want our side to be the losing side; I want us to win, but to do that, we have to let the criminals in Congress know we mean business.

I want the wall built, I want the influx of non-vetted refugees from known terrorist nations stopped, I want sanctuary cities defunded, I want Obamacare repealed, and I want taxes lowered across the board!

No one person helped Donald J. Trump get elected, certainly not Jared Kushner as some have proclaimed.  The only reason Trump is in our White House is because the American people heard him echo what they themselves wanted, and they responded with massive votes.

So, let’s take a look at where we stand on these issues, even though there are far, far more, and see who is blocking our President and ultimately THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

Build the Wall

Most of the billions of dollars in cash sent to Mexico by Mexicans living in the U.S. is transferred by “undocumented” workers, read illegal aliens, and the total topped $26 billion in 2016, according to research by the Washington institute Inter-American Dialogue.

While services have expanded, the cost of sending money to Latin America and the Caribbean has dropped to below 5 percent of the transfer amount.  Time to raise it.  Do the addition, if it’s raised to 7 percent, that extra 2 percent would bring in $520 million in one year.  Surely in a number of years the wall would be paid for, so what’s the hold up? Haven’t we given enough taxpayer aid to illegal aliens?  How about getting some of it back to build the wall?

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the cost could range from $12 billion-$15 billion.  Surely businessman Trump could beat that price.  The likes of McCain, Murkowsky, Corker, Cornyn, Lankford, Amash, and others of the same ilk are fighting our president tooth and nail.  They have a million excuses for allowing our southern border to remain a sieve.

And according to Rush Limbaugh they’ve actually laughed at Trump’s belief that he’ll get the wall.  Maybe they’d best call China and ask them to tear down their wall, after all, it isn’t fair to illegal aliens.

Mexico is saying the wall is hostile and unfriendly and an aggravating action!  Really Mexico?  Well, your criminals pouring over our borders and murdering Americans and bleeding the taxpayers dry is rather hostile and unfriendly as well.

Tyrannical Judges Gutting the Constitution

Mr. President, the Constitution and the law is on your side for your travel ban.  You have the authority to stop these judges from delaying your executive orders regarding who enters our country.  The majority of these judges have been put in place by Democratic presidents.  Carter, Bush, and Obama appointed the three 9th circuit court judges who upheld District Judge Robart’s stay on Trump’s first EO.

Obama appointee Judge Theodore D. Chuang ruled that the purpose of the President’s first travel ban, and also his revised travel ban, was to discriminate against Muslims for political reasons and the ruling cited Mr. Trump’s own campaign words against him.  What hogwash!

What these judges do not understand is that this is not an executive order against a religion, but against a worldwide political movement that carries with it hatred for infidels, or non-Muslims.  Hundreds of thousands of non-vetted refugees have entered this country, and they have no desire to assimilate.  One needs only to look at Europe today to understand why Trump’s EO’s should stand.

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the power to regulate immigration. In 1952, Congress passed a law empowering the president to deny entry into the U.S. to “any class of aliens” considered to be “detrimental to the interests of the United States.”  In other words, a threat to America and in the interests of national security.  And that is exactly what our President is trying to do!  He wants to stop the threat!

The Supremes like making law, don’t wait on them, use the law you now have that previous presidents have used, and move ahead.

Defunding of Sanctuary Cities

Judge William Orrick was appointed by Obama, in 2012, to the position of US District Judge for the Northern District of California.  This leftist ruled that the US government can’t withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities.  Orrick raised a couple hundred thou for Obama, and he also blocked the release of the underground recordings of Planned Parenthood, in which the sale of harvested organs from aborted babies was openly discussed.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the U.S. Department of Justice had sent warning letters to nine jurisdictions which were identified in a May 2016 report by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General as having laws that potentially violate 8 U.S.C. § 1373 a/k/a “sanctuary city policies.”  Link

The administration says sanctuary cities allow dangerous criminals back on the street and that the order is needed to keep the country safe…think of Kathryn Steinle and others murdered in “sanctuary” cities.  These sanctuary cities, like Portland and Berkeley are ripe for leftist violence, and are “safe spaces” for total censorship of free speech.

Again, the law is usurped by these judges, and again it will probably end up in the supreme court…which means more American citizens will die in these cities before a ruling on the law which already exists to protect us, comes down from the high court.

Obamacare Repeal

Conservatives were thankful that RyanCare failed.  What Trump supporters wanted to know was why Paul Ryan was allowed to put forth something that still had the stench of Obamacare, and expect the shrinking middleclass to like it.

RyanCare 2.0 was not worth passing, and would have been political suicide for the Republicans.  We want Obamacare repealed completely, without any fixes.  Just get rid of the damned thing!  Put those few who needed Obamacare on Medicaid for the interim while the free market adjusts.

Representative Jim Jordan, Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, along with 30 of the most conservative members of Congress, said RyanCare didn’t go far enough, and they were right.  It didn’t, and that’s why they were against it!  The members are very pro-life and against Planned Parenthood, but RyanCare simply did not defeat enough of Obamacare.

Jordan was interviewed by Chris Wallace who attacked him for not passing the RyanCare bill and repeated what Speaker Ryan had said, “We’re now stuck with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.” Jordan stated that only 17% of Americans were actually for the “American Health Care Act.”

Wallace accused Jordan and the Caucus of going against Trump and Ryan on this important bill and being obstructionists.  But Jordan came back with the truth of it.  He said, “This is about the American people and what we told them we were going to do. There is no way this legislation was consistent with what the American people sent us here to accomplish, no way it was consistent with what we told them we were going to do, and that’s why you saw members oppose it and that’s why the Freedom Caucus opposed it in large part, because of that simple fact.”

Jordan said they promised to do it the way they told the American people, and this bill absolutely did not live up to that promise.  “So, let’s do tax reform, like we told the American people we were going to. Let’s make sure we actually secure the border, build the wall, like we told the American people we were going to. We make this job way too complicated.  Do what we told the American people we were going to do.”

Even the evil United Nations is warning the Trump administration in a bizarre letter that repealing the unconstitutional ObamaCare takeover of health insurance may violate what the UN likes to call “international law.”

Repeal, without any replacement is the only answer!

Tax Reform

Speaker Paul Ryan is claiming that the failure of RyanCare will now make tax reform much more difficult.  White House budget director Mick Mulvaney and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin both had essentially the same message.  However, plans for tax reform, job creation, trade deals, and infrastructure spending remain intact regardless of what happened to the health care bill.

That admission shows how tough it’s been for Trump to get any major legislative victories, and the Republicans have offered none to speak of. In spite of Republican control of Congress, Trump and GOP leaders haven’t been able to move forward on significant legislation. It is simply because the majority of Republicans are more in bed with their democrat so-called adversaries than with their Republican President.  The push for healthcare reform hit the wall when both moderates and conservatives balked at the bill as presented, and hill Republicans concede that comprehensive tax reform may be harder to accomplish!

What a bunch of poppycock.  I never saw one thing Obama wanted to be difficult for him to pass even when the Republicans won back the House in 2010 (and assumed control in January 2011), and won back Senate control in 2014 (assuming control in January 2015).  They still gave Obama everything he wanted or they would have been called “racists” by the Socialist media.  So, they ran scared and caved.

We have a president who made promises to the American people, who resonated with the middleclass and grassroots, who told them what he wanted to do, and the NeverTrumpers in his own party are making new legislation just as difficult for him as the communists in the Democratic party.


We’ve hit the first 100 days, and Lou Dobbs made it clear when he said, “Speaker Ryan, working against the President and his agenda at every turn, frustrating the entire GOP conference and indeed the American people. President Trump has been gracious, he’s been generous, even, with the inept Ryan, but the President today, acknowledging that he is disappointed.”

Folks, it has always been up to us.  Electing a president you like doesn’t mean that one man alone can fix it all.  The entire congress needs to be cleaned out and replaced at nearly every election if they don’t follow the Constitution.  Unfortunately, we now have several generations who have not been taught the Constitution and are illiterate when it comes to understanding our government and even our voting system.

Still, it is up to all of us.  We must make our voices heard, just as we did when we elected Trump.  That means calling the White House and the damnable traitorous filth in Congress, it means emailing your senators and representatives.  It means we have to harass them into doing what we voted for, Donald Trump’s campaign promises!

The White House phone number – (202) 456-1111

Capitol Switchboard for your Senators and representatives 202-224-3121

If you don’t know your representatives, go to and enter your zip code or state.

Bottom line folks, it’s up to we the people.  So, get off your backsides and get busy!

The low-salt diet is a big, fat lie!

* Do all of our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

* Note: Taken from The Daily Dose with Jack Harrison 5/7/17

I’d rather drop dead early than live to the age of 100 gnawing on low-salt soy nuggets.

That wouldn’t be a long life.

It would be a PUNISHMENT!

Fortunately, you don’t have to sentence yourself to joyless, life-sapping, low-salt meals to live longer and healthier.

You can live better than ever, as new research CONFIRMS that the most common meal-ruining advice of all is full of… well… let’s just say it’s full of tofu.

You’ve heard it a million times: Cut your sodium intake.

Remove the salt, and your blood pressure levels are supposed to drop. Maybe you’ve tried it. Maybe you’ve tried it and found it didn’t do squat — and if that’s the case, the new study finds you’re hardly alone.

This wasn’t some piddling short-term study that looked at day-to-day levels of salt and BP. It followed THOUSANDS of men and women from their 30s into the 60s for DECADES.

They found that over 20 or even 30 years, folks with salt intake below 2,500 mg per day DIDN’T have lower blood pressure.

It was HIGHER!

More importantly, these poor saps following mainstream medical advice — eating bland low-sodium dinners because they were positively terrified of what would happen if they sprinkled a little salt on their food — didn’t have a lower risk of heart disease, either.

The research team behind the new study says the current average sodium intake for most Americans of between 3,000 mg and 3,500 mg per day — more than DOUBLE what the American Heart Association is pushing on most folks — is perfectly fine, especially if you’re getting those other nutrients.

That’s in line with other studies. One even found that cutting your levels below 3,000 mg per day is actually every bit as bad for you as super high sodium levels of 7,000 mg per day.

If you need to bring your BP levels down, forget salt. The answer, according to the new study, is potassium. As your levels rise, your BP will drop — especially if you increase your magnesium and calcium along with it.

So, if your doc has been pushing the low-sodium advice, he owes you an apology.

I doubt you’ll get one.

But you CAN apologize to your taste buds. Rescue the salt shaker from whatever dark corner it’s been banished to, and bring it back to the center of your dinner table.

Yes, it IS possible to get too much salt — if you’re eating processed foods (especially sauces, dressings, and flavorings).

But if you cook your food fresh and add salt to taste, you’ll enjoy both good meals and even better health.

To good taste,
Jack Harrison