Elite deviance is a condition sociologists say exists in a society when the elite of that society no longer believe that the rules apply … to them. “It is not due primarily to psychopathological variables, but to the institutionalization of elite wrongdoing.” —Professor David Simon

You know, there’s a difference between politicians and leaders. Politicians read poll numbers and compromise. Leaders do what’s morally right. —Josh Fox

Shaping Public Opinion

The 2016 election is the most vitriolic and debased that I’ve ever seen. Granted the corruption and mudslinging by the Democratic candidate is beyond fiendish, but there have been others which were just as vile. The difference lies in subtlety. There is absolutely none this year. It is all out slander and libel about the Republican candidate. The media, the White House, the Department of Justice, the Democrats, and the neo-con Trotskyite Republicans are doing their best to make Trump more unlikeable than Hillary. It cannot be done.

The compliments by Miss Teen regarding Donald Trump will never see CNN, that is not their plan. Wikileaks even revealed the Clinton camp was posting FAKE “Sexist Trump Job Ads” on Craigslist. Hillary supporter, Jessica Leeds, claimed Trump groped her on a first-class flight in the early 80s. Her story has been proven to be another lie, and a witness from the plane came forward and exposed her. [Link]

Trump’s former Mar-a-Lago butler, Anthony Senecal has stated that all these claims are absolutely false, and he should know because he was there for years, even when Trump was single. Senecal blames Trump’s democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. All of the allegations have been immediately debunked

The narrative today is through the roof against Donald J. Trump…all because he’s an outsider and is not a member of the globalist cabal. The media is using every polling mechanism available in the hope of swaying the public. They’re trying to tell us that Mr. Trump’s supporters are abandoning him because he’s guilty of whatever crimes the media has blamed him for…he hates women, he’s the sexual assaulter, he’s the misogynist. This is what the Clinton owned socialist media is telling us. It’s blah, blah, blah, he’s rotten and evil … and we hear that all day long. They promote Hillary as the little princess who will come in and save the day. What absolute bull dung!


Unlikeable Hillary

Hillary Clinton is so unlikeable that she often disappears, whether because of health, or because it’s better to keep her out of the limelight. As I mentioned in a previous article, Bill and Hillary hired Steven Spielberg to help her become more likeable. She ditched the effort, saying she’d be herself. In high school, we called her Sister Frigidaire because her personality was so cold, and it hasn’t changed one iota; it’s actually gotten much worse.

Hillary’s rallies are always small; she doesn’t inspire anyone…only those in our electorate who lean heavily to Marxism. Her entire campaign is not on how she will lead the nation, but on how horrible and “deplorable” Trump and his supporters are.

Bill Clinton’s former press secretary, Dee Dee Myers said, “In her personal life, she always seemed like she had something to hide.” One of her biographers, Carl Bernstein, noted that she indulged in “subterfuge and eliding.” This explains why all the likeability lessons in the world weren’t going to change her or put a stop to her lies.

According to Ed Klein, in his amazing expose, Unlikeable, he quotes one of Hillary’s acquaintances who said, “She freely admits she’s always had anger issues when she’s annoyed by people, which is often, it shows.” They went on to say, “She looks at her critics as a handful of nuts. Her outburst during the Senate committee hearing on Benghazi– ‘What difference does it make?’—was in total keeping with her pattern of behavior.

Something snaps when she’s under pressure and emotional stress. As much as anything else, Bill pushed the Spielberg likeability lessons on Hillary in order to avoid another meltdown like Benghazi when she hit the campaign trail.”

Hillary Mellows?

Hillary’s friends claimed she had mellowed with age, that her famous temper was under control, that she didn’t vent or get physically aggressive like she used to, that she didn’t poke people in the chest with her forefinger, or throw hard objects at their heads…all was in the past. There was a new Hillary with composure and the maturity to be the president of the United States.

Trouble is, the falsely painted picture of this violent, aggressive, and vitriolic woman didn’t last long.

Bill, Hillary, and Democrat Mega Donor, Jeffrey Epstein

Virginia Roberts, who alleged in court documents that Bill Clinton visited convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, where he witnessed sexual orgies, stated, “There were times when I was physically abused to the point that I remember fearfully thinking that I didn’t know whether I was going to survive.”

Hillary accused Bill of not wanting her to be president since his libido had gotten into the news again, and she was about to announce her run for president. Obviously, this brought up Bill’s past encounters with Sally Miller, Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Dolly Kyle Browning, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, and Monika Lewinsky.

Bill had consorted many times with convicted pedophile and registered sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. Between 2002 and 2003, Bill was on Epstein’s plane and was accompanied to Africa by Epstein’s close companion, Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of the late, and disgraced, British newspaper tycoon,Robert Maxwell. Ghislaine was later accused of recruiting underage girls for Epstein.

Epstein had a Boeing 727, a black Gulfstream, a Cessna 421, and a helicopter for jaunts all over the world. Bill used Epstein to fly (without secret service) to South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique…all of which was pitched to Epstein by Doug Band, Bill’s advance man, founder and head of Teneo, which I wrote about some time ago.

Epstein even flew Bill to Hong Kong on his plane, the “Lolita Express.” Bill used the plane for countless trips to Russia, and China. When Epstein was arrested, Bill allegedly cut ties with the billionaire.

Flight logs show that Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s private plane at least 11 times, including once when a soft-core porn star was on board. —Photo:
Gregory P. Mango

The New York Post wrote, “Bill’s Libido Threatens to Derail Hillary—Again
The Clinton Foundation had accepted a $25,000 donation from Epstein in 2006, and Epstein’s “Madam,” Ghislaine Maxwell was a guest at Chelsea’s wedding in 2010.

Hillary’s Enraged Meltdown

All of this became public knowledge when several of Epstein’s alleged victims surfaced in 2011. Epstein had paid off more than 30 cases out of court, and spent 13 months in the Palm Beach County Stockade for soliciting a minor for prostitution.

One of the alleged victims, Virginia Roberts, charged that Bill Clinton had visited Epstein’s one-hundred-acre private island in St. Thomas, called Little Saint James, where he witnessed sexual orgies, although she stated he did not participate. Roberts states that she met Bill twice, but was told by Epstein that they were good friends.

Roberts believed Bill certainly knew about Jeffrey’s girls because there were three desks in the living area of the villa on the island and they were covered with pictures of Jeffrey shaking hands with famous people as well as photos of naked girls, including Virginia in a hammock. (Page 199, Unlikeable)

Even after Epstein was released from prison in Florida, he was able to allure prominent figures in the world of entertainment and television news to his dinner table, including Woody Allen, George Stephanopoulos and Katie Couric. (Page 199, Unlikeable)

Epstein hadn’t paid off all the women to keep them quiet, and they were suing him under the Crime Victims’ Act. Hillary wanted pressure put on him to settle so the problem would go away. Some of these girls’ lawyers wanted Bill to be a material witness and testify. They had to be contacted and told they couldn’t call the former president and put him in a compromising position, but it was Hillary who was worried…and she wasn’t easily placated.

An infuriated Hillary told one of Clinton’s trusted legal advisors, “Can you really make this f**king thing go away? My head is going to explode if I hear one more thing about this damn degenerate.”

Stand By Your Man, and Woman

In 1998, at the height of the Lewinsky scandal and looming impeachment, Bill managed to save his own presidency, in large part because Hillary stood by her man. In return, Bill was meant to do what it took when it was her turn to run.

If, on some level, he wanted her to lose the nomination, he did a great job, both in 2008, and now in 2016. What became clear to Hillary’s camp during the 2008 campaign, according to the book, “Game Change,” was that Bill Clinton would do whatever he wanted to do. His blow-up right before the South Carolina primary, in which he called Obama’s anti-war stance “a fairy tale,” led to Hillary’s crushing defeat.

The “Blood Feud” between the Clinton’s and Obama’s still exists, but Obama wants his policies continued, and Hillary wants the White House, so a temporary truce has been called.


Think about what Hillary would do to this nation, aside from being a continuation of the Obama administration. The last vestiges of freedom and liberty would be destroyed. Hillary wants open borders, open trade, 550% more Muslims than Obama and once and for all destroying the vibrant economy Americans enjoyed for so long before NAFTA.

And yes, a dozen years ago, Donald exchanged titillating off-color words with Billy Bush. It has already been proven that this tape was edited, and I know that Trump doesn’t remember what was actually said in the exchange that long ago.

Bimbo eruptions are Bill Clinton’s modus operandi, not Donald Trump’s. It has already been proven that the Clinton-endorsing women who are claiming Donald Trump tried to touch them, are liars.

Hillary is so afraid of Donald Trump and so afraid of the issues he brings to the table that she must destroy him on a personal level.

The only candidate who will save America is Donald Trump. The supreme court, trade agreements, immigration, and the Islamic invasion are all in the balance.


In 1994, Sally Miller stated that she had had an affair with then-governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas in 1983. She also stated that she had been asked not to reveal the affair by a former Democratic party staffer in 1992 who told her that “[t]hey knew that I went jogging by myself, and he couldn’t guarantee what would happen to my pretty little legs.”

The Beauty Queen

Sally Miller is the former 1958 Miss Arkansas and Little Rock radio talk show host. She was a top-10 finalist in the 1958 Miss America pageant. Fulfilling a childhood dream, she even traveled the length of The Great Wall of China on foot in 1990.

She has written her life story in her book, The Beauty Queen. From the back cover of Sally’s book, she stated, “The Beauty Queen is a complicated adventure through the shame of incest, sexual abuse, dominance and control; of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and a living death. But, never fear. There are many funny stories, a few naughty revelations, and more than enough “shock” to keep your attention.”

Sally hadn’t intended to put her affair with Bill Clinton into her book, until last fall when she found she was being followed, spied on, and harassed again by Hillary. The intimate details of what Bill told Sally during their three months together gives us a picture of who really runs the show in the Clinton marriage.

The book is dedicated to her father, the one parent who truly loved her.

My Conversation with Sally

The American Mirror did an interview with Sally, and unlike many others who claimed dalliances with Clinton, Sally comes across as one hundred percent clear, with not a hint of deception in her body language or in her tone throughout the interview.

Here is the full interview

Talking to this lovely woman was like talking to an old friend. Sally had a miserable childhood with a dominant and sexually abusive mother, and a weak but loving father who unfortunately kowtowed to her mother’s wishes. Her mother had always criticized Sally and told her she was flat chested and ugly, yet this beautiful woman went on to be a top 10 finalist in the Miss America pageant. During the pageant, the associated press voted her the best legs, and from the above picture, most folks would agree with them!

About two months after the Miss America pageant, Sally’s mother received a telegram requesting her daughter fly to New York City and audition for the first female host for the Today Show. Sally so wanted to study voice in New York City, and this would have been a perfect opportunity for her. The telegram was sent by Dave Garroway, an American television personality. He was the founding host and anchor of NBC’s Today Show from 1952 to 1961. Sally’s father thought it was a great opportunity for his daughter, but her mother put the kibosh on her trip. And guess who was chosen by Garroway a year later…none other than Barbara Walter.

Sally Meets Bill

A CNN anchor reported that at least 14 women have come forward and dropped the bomb that they had affairs, or were assaulted by Bill Clinton. The anchor said, “After what we’ve seen with Bill Cosby and with old accusations, there are about 14 women who are said to have made claims at one time or another. [Link]

Sally Miller’s name appears with a list of other women who Bill Clinton allegedly had sexual trysts with while married to Hillary Clinton. She claims to have had an affair with Bill that lasted three months. However, unlike what many of the other women have said, Sally tells a different story completely, and it rings totally true.

When Sally was going through a divorce, her lawyer, State Senator, Mutt Gibson, said the first thing was to get her away from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The legislature was in session, so he helped Sally get hired as a senate aid. The second day she was there, she met Bill Clinton, and Bill asked her, “Do I know you?”

Bill was raised between Hope and Hot Springs, Arkansas, and the Miss America pageant was in Hot Springs. Sally commented that everyone knows everyone as well as their business. As Miss Arkansas, her face was readily recognizable.

There were any number of nightly parties held by lobbyists, and many of the legislators went to these parties. She and Bill attended some of these parties, danced together and had several friendly conversations.

Sally said that many men felt “entitled,” and at one party she attended, the former Governor of Arkansas, Dale Bumpers, was holding court. He was there for favors from the ladies, and when Sally was finally ushered into his room to meet him, she realized what was going on and quickly exited.

Bill and Sally Meet Again

Ten years later Sally was going thru the second divorce, and she met Bill again under different circumstances…

Sally’s father was a railroad steam engineer, and there was an 819-steam engine that needed major overhauling to be made operational, so Sally made it her job to get it up and going, and she did.

It was 1983, and Bill was Governor of Arkansas. Sally went to his office in the capitol to present her plans for the steam engine. Bill’s secretary told her he was on the golf course, but said Bill would call her, and they’d talk about the rail historical society and her proposal. Sally still has the exact proposal…and Bill did call her.

Bill told her he was at the country club, but offered to stop at her house, which he did. He looked at the proposal…and said he would take it home. That was the beginning of their three-month relationship. The two of them got reacquainted, had a great time as friends and lovers, and then broke up because she was running for mayor on the Republican ticket.

Sally told me that Bill could curse like a sailor, and the last thing he said to her when he walked out the door was “F**k you.” He told her that she didn’t know sh*t about politics, that the democrats already “know the winner and it ain’t you, and the democrat will win because she’s stupid and will take orders.”

She lost the race.

The Three Months Together

Sally said they liked each other, they had fun together, they laughed and talked, and he did coke, and they sang and played the piano. She said that Bill made her feel good about herself.

Bill loved to fool around and would pick up Sally’s silky see-through Peignoir off the bed, put it on, and toot his saxophone around the bedroom, admiring himself in the mirror. She had no idea he would be president. He was just having fun and was laughing, and they never had money, so he wasn’t worried about handmade suits or fancy cufflinks; he was just happy to have a suit that fit.

Miller also doesn’t believe the rape charges against Bill. She says he doesn’t need to rape anyone because he’s such a charmer, and he was way too passive in bed. She feels that Juanita Broaddick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey have changed their stories, and she believes they’re opportunists. “It wasn’t Bill that was dangerous, it was his wife, Hillary.”

Sally doesn’t believe that Dolly Kyle was with Bill for 40 years and Gennifer Flowers was with him for 12 years, and no one calls him Billy as these women have done. A reporter did, however, overhear the gruesome threat leveled against Gennifer by Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton had stated, “The great story here, were anybody willing to find it and write about it, and explain it, is this vast rightwing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president. Yes, it’s a conspiracy theory that Bill is a cheating dog.” Here’s the video from 1998.

Right Hillary, you allegedly like women more than men (See this YouTube Video), and you expected your husband to go along with that and not seek female companionship…

The Real Hillary According to Bill

On Sally’s Facebook page, she states, “The most sobering remarks ever shared by Bill Clinton came after I told him about visiting Easter Seal the day before and singing songs with a group of children with disabilities. More serious than I had ever seen him, Bill repeated a frightening promise Hillary made during her pregnancy.”

“He described Hillary being viciously angry, doubling both her fists, beating on her stomach, and yelling, ‘If this f**king thing inside me is a brainless Mongoloid or a Thalidomide Freak, or has any other deformity, you can be damn sure I’ll have the f**kin retard killed. I will not let some piece of pathetic, dribbling shit ruin my life, is that clear?!’”

And she recounts in her book what Bill told her about Hillary.

After we married, I saw the real Hillary. She’s just a damn selfish bitch who likes women; she doesn’t even want to compromise and be bi-sexual. All I hear is how much she despises penises; she thinks they are f**kin ugly, like snakes.

The only time Hillary gets aroused or agrees to play sexy is after she snorts coke. But, even then, she’s frigid. Hillary goes absolutely ape-s**t crazy—I mean screams, hits, and cusses if I touch her breasts! Right after we started fooling around, she warned me to stay away from her tits, telling me, “If you want to nurse, go home to your momma!”

I almost wet my pants, laughing, when Bill said, “To Hillary, great sex is sitting on the toilet, looking at photos of naked women, and masturbating. I kid you not; I’ve caught her multiple times looking at a Playboy magazine with her hand down her pants.”

Sally commented that, “No one gives a damn about Bill anymore. Hillary is the one, and she should have kept him in line, but she went after Bill’s women because Bill was her ticket to success, and she needed him.”

Chelsea, The Only Clinton Child

Bill told Sally that Hillary was a lesbian when Sally inquired why Hillary was so cold. He told her that Hillary had had several abortions, but according to political analysts, if they wanted to move up in politics, they had to have a child, and thus, Chelsea was born.

Bill had said he was going to leave Hillary if she didn’t have a baby. He thought he could change her, and she would be a normal wife, but he finally saw her for what she really was.

It is Sally’s belief that Hillary married Bill to get her where she wanted to be. She figured she could control him, but he wanted female companionship and a traditional family. He threatened to leave her, and that’s when she finally became pregnant.

Bill was the only normal thing in Chelsea’s life, raised basically by Bill and state troopers. Sally comments that Hillary had retained her maiden name of Rodham because she felt she was more important than Bill, but out of necessity changed her name to Hillary Rodham Clinton, and finally to Hillary Clinton when Bill ran for president. Hillary had nothing to do with raising Chelsea, and the staff seldom saw them as Bill, Hillary and Chelsea. Hillary was busy promoting herself the entire time. Her goal was the limelight and power.

Sally said that Bill had redeeming features, but Hillary had an ugly disposition and ugly legs, and probably hates women who have nice legs. Perhaps that’s why the huge assortment of pantsuits!

Back when he and Sally were having an affair, Sally didn’t think it would ever be possible for Bill to become president. She knew that Hillary wanted Bill’s mother as far away from the White House as possible, because Bill’s mother was considered “easy,” she went out and danced and kicked up her heels and so forth. Bill’s brother, Rodger, had the nerve to end up in prison because he did drugs.

Threats and Intimidation

Sally Miller noted that Hillary doesn’t care that she described her affair with Bill, as it’s “old news.” But she’s certain Hillary doesn’t want it known how she paid professionals to frighten, stalk, and threaten her… with the goal of “finishing her off!”

This beauty queen described how she’s been under attack from the Clintons – who are infamous for their intimidation tactics – since the 1990s. She was physically threatened by a Clinton campaign operative, and is worried that they will stop at nothing to silence her during the 2016 campaign.

As Jack Dennis reported, “It’s been well established, but underreported by American media, that Hillary Clinton unleashed her operatives, including Ron Tucker, to threaten Miller beginning in 1992.


The recording of Trump speaking in a bawdy, insensitive way about his sexual exploits with women was surreptitiously and illegally recorded a dozen years ago. It is now being seized upon by the same leftist media that whitewashes the entire history of Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults against women as well as Hillary’s long history of extreme profanity and cursing at everyone around her, not to mention the threats to Bill’s paramours.

Over the last week, many members of the Republican establishment have seized upon the eleven year old tape to denounce Trump yet again, ridiculously proclaiming they hold the moral high ground in America only because they’ve never yet been caught hiring prostitutes or sodomizing little boys. Does anyone really believe these power-hungry thugs haven’t been in the sewer?

There’s never been any question whatsoever about whether Trump is an insider or outsider. The all-out attack on Trump by the leftist media, democrats and the republican establishment now confirm that the political elite are terrified of Donald Trump and will do anything to stop him.

Hillary is hellbent to become the first female president of the United States, and she will do anything to attain that power, including using her operatives and connections to destroy Mr. Trump’s reputation.

The media is totally owned by Hillary Clinton, and they do her bidding, covering for her at every turn. They will never tell the truth about how corrupt and dangerous Hillary Clinton truly is, not only to Bill’s former paramours, but to our nation and the world as a whole. Sally refers to Hillary as “satan in drag,” and it is a fitting description.

Sally’s book, “The Beauty Queen, is the story of her life, her loves, her losses, her joys, her affair with Bill Clinton, and her utter fear of Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Reputation is what men and women think of us, character is what God and the angels know of us. —Thomas Paine

“In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers… we are ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.” —Alexander Solzehnitsyn

Those of us who follow politics seriously rather than view it as a game show do not look at Hillary Clinton and simply think, “first woman president.” We think for example, “first ex-co president,” or “first wife of a disbarred lawyer and impeached former incumbent,” or “first person to use her daughter as photo-op protection during her husband’s perjury rap.” —Christopher Hitchens

GOP Commits Suicide to Destroy Trump

In my recent article, regarding a statement Trump made almost a dozen years ago, I exposed the hypocrisy of the globalists. Six weeks ago, I heard that this was going to happen, and that there would be more attacks prior to both debates and the November 8th election. It is up to the American people to understand that the socialists want Trump destroyed because with him in our White House, their New World Order agenda will be curtailed. He has laid it all on the line to try to save this country, and that includes his business as well. Only our founders had the courage to do the same.

Concerning the tape, there was an expectation of privacy, and if you watched the video, Trump quite obviously did not know he was being taped. The Bush connection mentioned in my previous article is extremely suspect, but so is the NEVERTRUMP GOP.

It turns out that the audio had been edited to give the impression that Trump was being adulterous in his attempt to seduce the woman. Edited out of the audio is Trump saying that the incident with the married woman took place when he was a single man.

Said Jerry Falwell, Jr. in a recent address: “I think this whole tape… video tape thing was planned, I think it was timed, I think it might have even been aconspiracy among establishment Republicans who have known about it for weeks and who tried to time it to do the maximum damage to Donald Trump, and I just… I just think it just backfired on them.”

Investigative journalist Mike Cernovich identified the source of the leak as Daniel “Dan” Samuel Senor, a close advisor to House Speaker Paul Ryan. According to Mike Cernovich, Donald Trump’s get out the vote efforts have been sabotaged at every level by the GOP, sources reported. Some of the sabotage is obvious and clear, and others is subtler. Their motivations for sabotage vary from personal and professional jealousy to financial.

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit confirmed that GOP elites indeed had leaked the damaging audio.

Breitbart confirms Ryan and GOP globalists leaked the damaging audio.

Sabotaging Trump’s Voter Registration Drives

Cernovics describes two ways in which Trump’s political party is sabotaging his voter registration drives:

1. Bait-and-switch: Cernovich says that Trump volunteers have told him that when they went to their local GOP office to get out the vote, they were told to campaign for other GOP candidates. When the volunteers say they wanted to campaign for Trump, they were told to leave.

2. The big ignore: Other Trump volunteers said they’d show up to GOP offices only to find the doors had been locked. Their calls would go unreturned. All of which made it impossible to volunteer to get out the vote for Donald Trump.

According to Cernovich, the GOP was sabotaging Trump’s efforts even well before the infamous “tape” was leaked:

The GOP’s plan was to lose Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio. Then the “hit mic” video gave them an excuse to make their sabotage public. The “hot mic” video had no effect on voter sentiment, but it did give the saboteurs an excuse to publicly renounce Trump. Local offices were shut down, and Senators and Congressmen and other Republicans were told that endorsing Trump would lead to funding being cut off.

The GOP is committing suicide.

We are not electing a saint; we are not electing Messiah; and we are not electing a preacher; we’re electing someone with the ability to stop the global agenda whose goal is to destroy America and make her into a third world country. In my opinion we are electing a man with a heart of gold who can save this country. Give up the judgment of this man and wake up.

There is nothing the socialists will not do to stop Trump; they are desperate to destroy him, and I’m talking about both the Democrats and Republicans. So, expect more to surface that will have a very negative impact on Mr. Trump.


The Intimidation Game, How the Left is Silencing Free Speech, by Kimberly Strassel tells a big story we all need to understand. Whether America’s citizens choose to believe it or not, we are being censored at every turn.

Gateway Pundit reported that Twitter recently censored 32 of Donald Trump’s twitters, all of which were GOTO Battleground tweets about early voting.

Breitbart reported that the Senate is investigating Facebook suppression of conservative voices while amplifying leftist movements such as Black Lives Matters.

Facebook Censorship and the War on Free Speech, by Breitbart reports,

British journalist, Douglas Murray, looked at Facebook as a battleground in the war on free speech recalling a recent case in which the social media giant was “forced to back down when caught permitting anti-Israel postings, but censoring equivalent anti-Palestinian postings.”

To this, Murray adds the disturbing September incident in which German chancellor Angela Merkel was caught on an open mike, asking Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg if he would help suppress “anti-immigration” postings… and he replied that he was already working on it.

It’s clear enough that Merkel and the rest of her government believe the best way to handle the insane migrant disaster they’ve unleashed upon Europe is to forbid their citizens from complaining about it.

And Jihad Watch reported that Hillary Clinton’s favorite world leader is Angela Merkel.

Tell me truly how many of our letters to the editor actually get printed? Very bloody few! I know, because I write a great many of them, and when one is printed, it’s heavily edited.

Censorship is what occurs in communist countries like Red China.

Hillary and Russia

Quite obviously the second debate was profoundly owned by Trump. He controlled the entire evening and refused to allow the moderators or Hillary to upstage him or deny him the equality he was denied in the first debate.
This time he won, hands down!

What infuriates me with the Clinton owned media, and the unending lies every time Hillary opens her mouth, is the statement that Trump and Putin are good friends. There is no substantial connection whatsoever between Trump and Russia. Yet, both Hillary and the media continue to claim one. This is psychological projection, which incorporates blame shifting. I’ve mentioned this twice before, but I bring it up again because there is a much deeper connection on record with Hillary Clinton and Russia than with Donald Trump.

Assange has reported that there is an extremely well-documented pattern of when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, the people, companies, governments, who wanted a decision by the secretary of state in their favor, made large donations to the Clinton Foundation or in some other cases made business deals with people around Hillary Clinton.

One particular instance is the approval by Secretary Clinton of selling 20 percent of the US-Iranian reprocessing rights to a Russian company to be exported to Russia. At that time, a large donation was made by those Russian interests to the Clinton foundation.

Russians gradually assumed control of one-fifth of the world’s uranium production with the help of Bill Clinton and his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, resulting in a flow of millions into the Clinton Foundation. [Link]

It would be nice if someone would explain to Americans why the Clintons aren’t in prison for arranging the sale of a US uranium mine to Russia, but then, this is just one of their infractions.

Hillary’s Emails

Thirteen cell phones and five IPADS and confidential government secrets sent over private email servers…and Hillary says it was “a mistake.” One of those emails actually got an Iranian scientist, who was a spy for the U.S., murdered.

She actually destroyed these phones and IPADS after they were subpoenaed! Well, Hillary, you’ve put American citizens working undercover overseas in jeopardy, and you’ve put American secrets in email servers that were hacked, and we know you didn’t even care. We also know you had your staffstrip the “confidential headers” off emails and then send them through your personal accounts.

The State Department claims none of the emails now marked classified were labeled as such at the time they were sent. However, one email thread from June 2011, appears to include Clinton telling her top adviser, Jake Sullivan, to send secure information through insecure means.

Nixon should have never been impeached, and he should have retained his presidency. Hillary, on the other hand, has lied, cheated and deceived the public her entire life, and Trump is right, she should be in prison.

Globalist Republicans Pull Trump Endorsements

Well, really, these Republicans didn’t want Trump as the candidate anyway. They’d rather have Hillary Clinton as president to continue their New World Order agenda. These phonies tell the public the congress would stop Hillary from pushing through her goals for America, but the sure as heck didn’t stop Obama, did they!

Here is the list of those who have denounced or pulled their endorsements of Trump.

I have to laugh at Ted Cruz because he never sued the Inquirer over its story about his many affairs.

Marco Rubio is on the list as well, and there are pictures all over the web of his gay foam parties.

Then there’s that upstanding righteous man John McCain, who divorced his first wife after her car accident that left her a cripple. TheHuffington Post reportedhe’s called opponents and colleagues “sh**heads,” “a**holes” and in at least one case “a f***ing jerk,” but that’s not the least of it. Check the article, he called his wife a vile name in public.

We know where Willard Romney and Jeb Bush stand, and Toomey is an anti-gunner…the list is filled with others who should be ousted from politics. The Bush family has already announced they’re voting for Hillary. Not one of them is pure as the driven snow, yet they act holier-than-thou as though they’ve never said or done anything that wouldn’t pass public scrutiny and the light of day.


Newt Gingrich said, “My only advice to Republican leaders is simple. In the end, you either help defeat Hillary Clinton, or you help elect Hillary Clinton. I think, to sit on your hands, to find some pretense because Donald Trump isn’t pure enough, so you’re willing to have Hillary Clinton get elected, is an enormous disservice to the country and to the future of our children and grandchildren.” He added that any Republican not favoring Donald Trump should resign from the Republican party and become a Democrat.

Gingrich is right. These Republicans obviously wouldn’t mind more supreme court justices like Ginsberg, Sotomayer, or Kagen.

In the second debate, the moderators ignored the other major leak of last week, of Clinton’s speech to Brazilian bankers where she confessed she “dreams” of a “hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.” Trump is right again, she’s all for the “gold standard” TPP, and destroying more American jobs.

Our culture has been radically changed with nearly eight years of Barry Soetoro, aka, Barack Hussein Obama. Hillary would literally and totally destroy the few vestiges of freedom which are left.

She has made it plain she hates “everyday Americans.” She’s called us deplorables, and she means it.

There is massive collusion. It exists between Hillary and the main stream media, the Department of Justice, and the White House…all of whom are doing Hillary’s bidding.

I don’t know many people who could stand up to the onslaught of hatred that Mr. Trump has put up with since he announced he was running for president. He is fighting the biggest battle of his life, not only to save the country from total destruction, but he’s also fighting for his family and his business. It certainly does take courage and a spine of steel. Pray for Mr. Trump and his entire family, and pray for our nation, because if Hillary Clinton wins, Mr. Trump won’t be the only one who loses.

Low Salt, Is That Good for You?

* Do our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

* Note: Taken from Health Sciences Institute e-Alert – Jenny Thompson – 10/20/16

Dear Reader,

If I had to give top prize to the most dangerous dietary fable out there it would go to the low-salt myth.

And it’s like this advice has Velcro attached to it. Because no matter how many times brave researchers tell the real story, the old “salt kills” tune starts playing once again.

This time it’s coming from researchers from several prestigious institutions, and while the media are playing it up to the hilt, one well-known expert is saying “not so fast.”

Because where salt is concerned, if you go too low you can be putting your health in serious jeopardy.

‘It doesn’t make any sense’

Dr. Nancy Cook, with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, is giving interviews about her new salt study all over the place. And they basically say the same thing:

Trash your salt shaker and you’ll live longer.

But Dr. Cook’s data, taken from two studies on blood pressure, didn’t look quite right to one expert who has conducted some of the biggest sodium studies to date.

Dr. Andrew Mente, whose research I’ve been telling you about, published a commentary in the same journal as Dr. Cook’s study, saying that her conclusion “doesn’t make any sense.”

Dr. Mente, a researcher from McMaster University in Canada, puts it bluntly: “Sodium is an essential nutrient,” he said. “Without sodium, you die.”

Also, the way Dr. Cook came up with her remarkable findings that she claims prove a low-sodium diet will “prolong life,” is based on “misleading” statistics, according to Dr. Mente.

To understand why Dr. Mente is such a maverick, remember that the mainstream has been dishing out this low-sodium mantra for so long that they will never, ever admit they might be wrong.

Why, the American Heart Association is still saying that we should keep our salt intake below 1,500 mg a day!

But here’s why that advice can be deadly.

Dr. Mente’s study on sodium and high blood pressure found that those with hypertension who consumed under 3,000 mg of salt a day had a giant 34 percent increased risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

And for those without high blood pressure, cutting sodium to basement levels, as the AHA recommends, can up your risk of a heart attack or stroke by over 25 percent. Dr. Mente’s study wasn’t one that just looked at just some limited figures, either. He crunched the data on over 133,000 people in 49 different countries.

Other studies that have been coming out for years have all come to similar conclusions.

For example research published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that going under 3,000 mg a day can significantly up your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Belgium researchers found that a low-salt diet can raise your likelihood of suffering an early death by 500 percent!

And 12 years ago a study out of Germany discovered that seniors are especially harmed by this low-salt nonsense.

But believe me, nothing, and I mean nothing, will stop the attack on salt.

Aside from heart attacks and strokes, a salt deficiency can cause plenty of other health problems such as headaches, muscle weakness, fatigue — and even seizures.

And if you’re wondering what Dr. Mente believes the optimal amount of salt we should be consuming is, well, it’s probably right where you’re at now — between 3,500 and 4,000 mg a day.

Doctors Cook and Mente do agree on one thing, however. That we should all be active, not smoke and eat our fruits and veggies.

But just think how much better those vegetables will taste with some salt on them!

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson
“Sodium wars: Where some see linear link with all-cause death, others see no need to change western ways” Michael O’Riordan, October 5, 2016, tctmd,



“American journalism (like the journalism of any other country) is predominantly paltry and worthless. Its pretensions are enormous, but its achievements are insignificant.” —H.L. Mencken

“Evil isn’t the real threat to the world. Stupid is just as destructive as Evil, maybe more so, and it’s a hell of a lot more common. What we really need is a crusade against Stupid. That might actually make a difference.” —Jim Butcher

Most of us didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, we’ve heard it all before, and as my friend Jim O’Neill said, “I do not know what convent these shocked sisters came from, but I have heard similar male braggadocio my entire adult life.”

Devvy Kidd expressed her thoughts succinctly in her article, “Trump Locker Room Comments: Is He Alone with the Potty Talk.” We’re not voting for a preacher or for someone who is perfect; we’re voting for someone to stand against the globalists and get us out of this horrid mess before the destruction is complete.

The phony rightwing wants Trump to resign, but Trump never quits anything, thank God. If he wants to quell the idiots, here’s what he should say at the beginning of the debate:

I realize that I have indeed offended others, and for that I ask their forgiveness, whomever they may be. I am asking that in every pulpit throughout the nation, that the congregations are asked to not only pray for me, but to pray for this nation to become spiritually stronger as well, and that this may serve also as an example to others to also help strengthen this nation and each and every one of her citizens.

Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post

Amazon’s CEO, Democrat Jeff Bezos, owns the Washington Post, and he has made it his goal to destroy Donald Trump and elect Democratic socialist globalist, Hillary Clinton. To do this, he is using every tactic possible to destroy Trump’s reputation. A recording of a conversation Trump had with another man nearly 12 years ago is now being played on every media outlet.

Trump was on a bus with Billy Bush and they were going to tape an “Access Hollywood” segment promoting his upcoming cameo on the soap Opera, “Days of Our Lives.” Trump recounted his failed attempt to seduce a woman in the past. I think most women know that men can be absolutely raunchy at times, especially when they’re with other men, but compared to what I’ve seen, Trump still looked and sounded like Shakespeare. In parts of the tape it is unclear who is talking, and how many men were on the bus with them.

The Washington Post has the video/audio and is playing it hoping to give Hillary ammunition for the debate. The reality is absurdly humorous. Hillary is married to a womanizer, a man accused of rape who had to pay off his accuser, and someone who had fellatio performed on him in the Oval Office by a young intern, and they claim they’re shocked hearing jock talk between Trump and another man? Get real! Anything to destroy the only chance we have to save America!

Who is Billy Bush?

What is of the utmost interest is that Billy Bush is the first cousin of George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Marvin and Dorothy, and the nephew of George H.W. Bush. So, let’s think about this. Knowing that Trump has mentioned many times in the past two dozen years that he might run for president someday, is it farfetched that the Bush clan would tell Billy to tape record any conversation that could be used later? And who started the conversation? My guess is this has been waiting in the wings, a la the Bush family for just this particular opportunity. We already know the Bush family plans to vote for Hillary.

Obama Gets a Pass

The Republicans have had every opportunity to expose Obama for what he is, and they could have dug into his past, but they cowered. These lying neo-cons, who live in the sexual sewer of DC, are now acting like prudes, but they had absolutely no problem with Obama’s words. He actually said, “Gotta have them ribs, and p*ssy too.” Granted he was reading from his own book, Dreams From My Father, but no one found anything he said offensive. Why? Because Obama is a globalist just like they are, and Donald J. Trump is not!

Megyn Kelly Attacks Trump

Megyn Kelly was quick to get in on the attack of Trump for his bawdyconversation exposed by Bezos’ Washington Post. She exclaimed that she had never heard such vulgar language, and such talk about women. Please Megyn, who do you think you are kidding. We all know you’re no lady, and I’ve seen enough in my life to know that women are worse than men today.

A year ago, I exposed what Megyn Kelly was really all about. Back when Kelly was climbing the ladder, she did not mind going on the Howard Stern Show to gain fame, while allowing Stern to discuss with her every sort of salacious smut, including her personal sex life with her husband. She giggles and seems fine with Stern discussing penises, breasts, etc., in the most vulgar and nonchalant way. Stern even asked her about Roger Ailes’ penis. Listener be advised, this is graphic sexual talk. She may not have been comfortable, yet she never got up and walked out of the studio. She sat there and laughed…is that a real class act lady? So Megyn, don’t tell me you’re offended!

Video: Stern and Kelly

In 2010, Kelly was interviewed by Greg Veis for GQ Magazine. Here is the entire article which discussed Kelly leaving the practice of law, and joining Fox News as a journalist. She even talks about Brit Hume joking about the rumor of him having an affair with her. The interview was fairly innocent, but theprovocative photos of Megyn Kelly were over the top.

Hillary Will Act Shocked and Offended

Hillary will use this latest evidence of Trump’s love of beautiful females to go after and disparage him, and claim he abuses women. Sure, Hillary, that’s why so many women chased after him…he’s not only good looking, but very wealthy. Hillary had best not attack Trump for using ribald language either, inasmuch as her mouth loves the “f” word.

Hillary’s vulgar and nasty language is well documented. Check out Selwyn Duke’s page onHillary Clinton’s Vulgar Mouth. Here are just a few that are documented:

‘F**k off! It’s enough that I have to see you ****-kickers every day, I’m not going to talk to you too!! Just do your G*damn job and keep your mouth shut.’ (From the book American Evita by Christopher Anderson, p. 90 – Hillary to her State Trooper bodyguards after one of them greeted her with “Good Morning.”)

“Where is the G-damn f***ing flag? I want the G-damn f***ing flag up every f***ing morning at f***ing sunrise.” (From the book Inside the White House by Ronald Kessler, p. 244 – Hillary to the staff at the Arkansas Governor’s mansion on Labor Day, 1991.)

“You sold out, you mother f***er! You sold out!” (From the book Inside by Joseph Califano, p. 213 – Hillary yelling at Democrat lawyer.)

“If you want to remain on this detail, get your f***ing ass over here and grab those bags!” (From the book The First Partner p. 259 – Hillary to a Secret Service Agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of an incident.)

“Get f***ed! Get the f**k out of my way!!! Get out of my face!!!” (From the book Hillary’s Scheme p. 89 – Hillary’s various comments to her Secret Service detail agents.)

“Stay the f**k back, stay the f**k away from me! Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else! Just f**king do as I say, Okay!!!?”(From the book Unlimited Access by Clinton FBI Agent in Charge, Gary Aldridge, p. 139 – Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail.)

Why Americans Want Trump

This was sent to me in email by Candace. She sent it to all the conservative outlets, and I fully agree with her:

I want to address Donald Trump’s comments about women. Ladies, stop pretending you are shocked and disgusted by his words. You’ve grown up listening to this nonsense from males your whole life. You know how men’s duo-brains work. Admit that some of you have trash-talked men before, especially when you were dumped.

To the self-righteous men who are pretending to be shocked, give me a break. Be grateful there aren’t secret recordings of your conversations with your buddies in high school, college, and at work. (And that goes for all the neo-con Republicans too.)

Ladies, Hillary Clinton is a Pied Piper who is leading you over a cliff into an abyss you won’t be able to climb out of. Men, Hillary Clinton is a wanna-be alpha male and knows she is more of a man than you are. If you think the feminist movement made your lives miserable, watch out! She will have you figuratively castrated before you know what hit you.

To the minorities who are voting for Hillary Clinton, you are nothing more than a vote to her. If she makes it to the White House, she will be so busy paying back her Wall Street donors she won’t give you a second thought.

I’m not excusing Donald Trump’s comments (from a dozen years ago), but they pale in comparison to Hillary and Bill Clinton’s scandals that go all the way back to Arkansas. Do you all really want Bill Clinton wandering the White House halls with so many interns around? Washington D.C. is cesspool of sex scandals.


Trump has apologized and made it clear, listen to the video.

Understand that the media will use anything they can to destroy Trump and to put another Democratic socialist globalist in our White House. Twelve years ago, Trump was talking trash with a bunch of other men. So what!

I worked as the Administrative Assistant to the President of an entertainment facility that featured sports events and famous entertainers and rock groups. The language and conversations of some of them would make a harlot blush. I watched women throw themselves at stars and sports figures and walk up to them and ask if they wanted to bed them (in less polite terms).

In my youth, I worked at the Chicago Playboy Club, and heard the same types of things from various back-of-the-house personnel, and sometimes conversations amongst male cardholders, and that was the late 60s.

Sure, I wish they hadn’t recorded this 12-year-old conversation where Trump is talking about a woman he’d met previously, but most men I know always look at beautiful women, and you know exactly what they’re thinking. Yes, there are the exceptions, like Bruce Jenner, and Trump is not a Bill Clinton, we thank God for that. What’s at stake ladies and gentlemen is GLOBALISM, OPEN BORDERS and LIBERAL ANTI-GUN SUPREME COURT JUDGES to disarm America. They will dig up anything they can find on Trump to stop him. Armed American’s and their guns is the ITCH the globalist can’t scratch. Trump is not perfect, but with him as president we will live free, with Hillary and the Bushes, you will lose America as a free nation FOREVER.

Amy Schumer’s Vulgar Trump Digs at Gig Outrages Audience.

By Rev. Austin Miles


TAMPA 10/18/16–Amy Schumer, whose display of “talent” in films and in stand-up comedy, is modest to say the least. It is doubtful that she would even pass a legitimate audition to appear on The Gong Show.  But with her cousin being a well known Democrat Senator, anything is possible.

Her talk is filthy, she is a sloppy disheveled dresser, and constantly uses the “F” word. Even so, her ‘talents’ apparently has provided her the luxury of being well fed.

She is one of the most vulgar public figures to be seen, bathing herself in toilet talk, which is offensive to most people with standards.

Her screen acting offerings do not display any true acting abilities and she simply is NOT funny. Breitbart reported that hundreds of disgruntled fans walked out of Amy Schumer’s stand-up show in Tampa, Florida after the comedy star wannabe ripped Donald Trump, calling him an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster.”

According to the Tampa Bay Times, about 200 people were heard booing Schumer as her stand-up comedy turned to political commentary. At one point she invited a Trump supporter on to the stage and asked him why he supports the Republican presidential nominee.

“Do you get worried at all with how impulsive he is, ” Schumer burped, “that he gets so fired up from Saturday Night Live doing a skit on him? Do you worry he’ll be impulsive and get us in a lot of f—ing trouble we can’t get out of?” This was an insult to the one she called up on stage and terribly rude. She has no class.

 After dismissing the audience member from the stage, Schumer asked survivors of sexual assault in the crowd to stand.

Then she made this extremely vulgar comment: “I can’t imagine looking at my little niece, who’s two and a half, and saying, ‘This is our president, he wants to finger his daughter,”’ Schumer joked.  Joked? She is about as funny as a broken crutch.

Loud boos began to ring out after Schumer began to explain to the audience why she “likes Hillary.” Schumer, seemingly shaken and upset over heckling crowd members, said, “just so you know, from now on, if you yell out, you’re going to get thrown out.”

The boos grew louder as about a thousand people walked out.  Schumer responded by instructing audience members to “point to the people booing.” Yes, using the old Democrat method of causing anarchy to take over to intimidate or shut up those she disagrees with because they disagree with her.

This is the method visibly taking place at Donald Trump rallies, to give the false notion that he is disliked by the public. He is not. His huge support base disproves this false clatter. These displays by misfits paid by the Communist Party, only have the ability to cause nothing but chaos, which in this case, is in an attempt to deceive voters into thinking the Trump is unpopular and  not fit to be president.

She learned well this tactic from her cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer. Now it all makes sense. The big question is, why on earth, would any decent human-being, want to be in her presence, and especially paying for that ‘privilege’ to hear her perverted trash talk and to knock everything that America stands for. This is frankly insane.

Last month Schumer joined the growing list of “celebrities” to vow to leave the U.S. should Trump win the election in November.

That in itself should stimulate the most lax voters to head for the polls without delay.

To see the complete story as published by Breitbart, go to:



“It is not easy to determine who are the more criminal. They who would make their way to places of power and trust by indirect means, or they who have so little concern for the welfare of their country as to harken to them. No civil rulers are to be obeyed when they enjoin things that are inconsistent with the commands of God: All such disobedience is lawful and glorious.” — Jonathan Mayew (1720-1766) Preacher in The First Great Spiritual Awakening

Prior to Elaine Quijano’s introduction of the Vice Presidential candidates, two announcers on CBS, John Dickerson and Major Garrett, made the statement, “The Trump campaign is hoping Mike Pence can make up for Trump’s loss in the first debate.” I knew right then that I wouldn’t be liking this debate any better than the Lester Holt debate.

Trump did not lose the first debate according to all the polls. He won it. The only thing he needs to do is to not respond to Hillary’s lies. Instead, he should laugh, which will be degrading to her, and say, “Hillary, you just can’t tell the truth, can you!?”

Just Who is Tim Kaine looking out his bus window?

Senator Kaine graduated from Harvard Law School in 1983. He was previously the Governor of Virginia and is now the junior Senator from that same state. Makes one wonder what is wrong with the voters of Virginia, doesn’t it!

Let’s be blunt. He’s another socialist just like his running mate, Hillary Rodham Clinton. The NYTs referenced him as a “moderate” in order to pick up swing states, but Kaine is no moderate…he’s another Democratic socialist on his way to becoming a hardcore communist.

Many of my friends emailed me to say they were turning the debate off; they couldn’t stand listening to Kaine’s constant interruptions. He’s rude, arrogant, petulant and a liar. The twitter crowd was saying Kaine was unhinged and seemed, “out of control.”

Sean Hannity actually put together a montage of the many interruptions by Kaine.

The man is just outright rude to the bone. Limbaugh commented on it, and said it was beneath the American public to even view this charade. Kaine obviously can’t control himself and never learned common decency or manners. His uncivil discourse became vulgar and tasteless.

Kaine’s entire script was an attack against Trump, hoping that Pence could not defend him. It failed miserably, and Pence did a beautiful job of making Kaine look like a belligerent fool. Pence won, hands down!

Policies and Beliefs

Kaine strongly favors government enforced affirmative action for women and non-whites.
The Senator favors a very progressive income tax. Can you say communism?
Tim Kaine is staunchly pro-amnesty for illegal aliens and favors a “pathway to citizenship.
He believes in the nationalization of corporations and banks. Can you say fascism?
Like Hillary, He believes that Voter ID laws make it unnecessarily difficult for people to vote in political elections. (That’s illegals he’s talking about.)
He believes in the separation-of-church-and-state and that it makes school prayer, government funding for religious organizations, and the posting of the Ten Commandments in public places impermissible.

Kaine Flip Flops

Since Senator Kaine has become Hillary’s choice for VP, he has flip flopped on a number of issues. He said during the debate to “fact-check,” and many reliable sources did exactly that!

When he ran for Governor of Virginia he told the people he opposed gay marriage. So did Hillary at one time. Now they both endorse it.
When Kaine ran for Lt. Governor of Virginia, he campaigned on being a supporter of the second amendment, and that he would not propose new gun laws. However, as Senator, he has signed every anti-gun law that has come across his desk.
Kaine previously was against tax payer funded abortion. Now that he’s running as VP, he is for removing all state restrictions on abortion.
TPP was at the top of Kaine’s list to support, that is until he was chosen as Hillary’s running mate. Like Hillary, he shifted for the campaign.
In previous years, Kaine was for off-shore drilling, but now has jumped to the other side to match Hillary.

Embracing Radical Islam

Senator Kaine has a long history of embracing radical Islam. He appointed a Hamas supporter to a state immigration commission, spoke at a dinner honoring a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist suspect, and has received many donations from well-known Islamist groups. In exchange for these campaign contributions, he appointed a radical jihadi to the Virginia Immigration Commission.

In 2007, Kaine, as Governor of Virginia, chose Muslim American Society (MAS) President, Esam Omeish, to the state’s Immigration Commission. Even a Muslim organization against Islamism criticized the appointment and reckless lack of vetting.

Esam Omeish runs a group described by Federal prosecutors in a 2008 court filing as “the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.” Omeish is the V.P. of a radical mosque that had the al-Qaeda operative Anwar Al-Awlaki as its imam and two of the 9/11 hijackers, and Nidal Hasan, the perpetrator of the Fort Hood shooting, in the congregation. Omeish is still a board member, even as he serves on the Virginia Immigration Commission. A Chicago Tribune investigation confirmed this in 2004.

It is well known that MAS is not at all moderate. Convicted terrorist, Abdurrahman Alamoudi, has stated that everyone knows MAS is the Muslim Brotherhood. Obviously, Kaine chose to ignore this. The Clarion Society has afully documented profile on MAS.

According to Omeish’s website, he was also President of the National Muslim Students Association and served for two years on the national board of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which the Justice Department also labeled as a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-financing trial.

Back in late 2011, Kaine spoke at a “Candidates Night” dinner organized by the New Dominion PAC that presented a Lifetime Achievement Award for Jamal Barzinji, a described “founding father of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood,” according to the Global Muslim Brotherhood Watch. FBI’s radar in 1987-1988 when an informant inside the Brotherhood identified Barzinji and his associated groups as being part of a network of Brotherhood fronts to “institute the Islamic Revolution in the United States.”

Clinton VP Pick Tim Kaine’s Islamic Ties, by Breitbart, stated, In 2003, U.S. Customs Service Senior Special Agent David Kane said in a sworn affidavit that Barzinji and the network of entities he led were investigated because he “is not only closed associated with PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad)…but also with Hamas.” Counter-terrorism reporter Patrick Poole broke the story that Barzinji was nearly prosecuted but the Obama Justice Department dropped plans for indictment.

Like Hillary, Tim Kaine’s affection for jihadists is a quid pro quo: he gives them cover and appointments to positions of power, and they give him money. The Barzinji-tied New Dominion PAC donated $43,050 to Kaine’s gubernatorial campaign. The PAC has very strong ties to the Democratic Party in Virginia, with almost $257,000 in donations. This likely explains why Barzinji’s grandson served in Governor McAuliffe’s administration and then became the Obama Administration’s liaison to the Muslim-American community.

The Senator also agrees with Hillary Clinton on bringing in 550% more refugees. He exemplifies the Democratic Socialist Party’s willingness to risk the security of the American people by admitting large numbers of Islamist “refugees” from Syria. He also opposed a bill passed by the House of Representatives that would have required more careful vetting of Syrians and Iraqis before they can be admitted to the United States as “refugees.” [Link]

Hillary’s choice of Tim Kaine shows her intention to continue the policies of Obama’s administration promoting Muslim Brotherhood and Iran and betraying Israel. [Link] Hillary obviously has little regard for the security of American citizens. She has chosen a man who is willing to cozy up to well-known terror-promoters here in America in exchange for cash.

Chaplains Fired for Praying in Jesus’ Name

In December of 2008, Governor Kaine had to defend why his administrationforced the sudden resignation of five Virginia State Police Chaplains because they prayed publicly “in Jesus’ name.” Police Superintendent Col. W. Steven Flaherty single-handedly created, and then enforced, a strict “non-sectarian” prayer policy at all public gatherings, censoring and excluding Christian prayers, then accepted the resignation of five chaplains who refused to deny Jesus or violate their conscience by watering down their prayers.

House Republican Leader Morgan Griffith and Delegate Charles W. Carrico, (R-Grayson) both issued public statements defending the chaplains, and questioning Governor Kaine’s role in terminating the chaplains. They vowed to introduce legislation protecting police chaplains’ right to pray according to their own conscience.

Defending Flaherty’s persecution of Christian Chaplains, Governor Kaine pretended he himself was being persecuted, saying through his spokesman: “It is disappointing that Del Griffith would make such a political attack on Gov. Kaine about his faith.” (He is a Catholic.)

So, Virginia’s Governor Kaine denied first amendment rights to police chaplains because they prayed publicly in Jesus’ name. Had these officers been Muslims, I doubt they would have been forced to resign.

The Iran Deal

The Senator was all for giving away billions of taxpayer dollars to Iran and supporting the disastrous nuclear deal.

He fawningly followed the direction of President Obama and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid in supporting a filibuster to block the Senate majority opposed to the deal from conducting an up-or-down vote on Obama’s appeasement pact.

Bipartisan majorities in both houses of Congress opposed the deal. Senator Kaine himself admitted to having reservations in light of Iran’s past record of cheating and state sponsorship of terrorism. Yet he gave the rabid Iranian regime the benefit of the doubt.

Kaine declared himself a “strong supporter” of the final agreement, which would allow the Islamist regime in Tehran to enrich uranium, build advanced centrifuges, purchase ballistic missiles, fund terrorism, and be guaranteed of having a near-zero breakout time to the development of a nuclear bomb approximately a decade down the road.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had accepted an invitation to address a joint session of Congress regarding his concerns about the negotiations leading to the final Iran deal. Lilly-livered Muslim loving Kaine joined seven other Senate Democrats in boycotting the Prime Minister’s speech. Tim Kaine is among the top anti-Israel senators. He is the top recipient of PAC funds from George Soros’s anti-Israel group, J Street.

The Senator always claimed he was a strongly pro-Israel Democrat, but if he was, he would not have been one of only a dozen senators who refused to sign a letter to Obama warning of legislated legal constraints on funding the Palestinian Arab authority after it struck an alliance with Hamas. [Link]


Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton are a match made in Communist/Fascist hell. We need to remember the atrocity that occurred in Benghazi, and Hillary’s words, “At this point, what difference does it make?” It makes a lot of difference Hillary; you cannot be trusted to come to the aid of our military or our ambassadors.

We simply cannot afford another eight years of the Alinsky plan for destructionwritten about in Hillary’s senior thesis at Wellesley. Community organizer, Obama, has brought us to the very edge of total annihilation. Hillary, and her closely matched partner, Tim Kaine, will absolutely eliminate whatever vestiges of freedom were left to Americans.

Benghazi is the worst of it, but there’s a mountain of scandals from both Clintons, not to mention the “coincidence” of so many people around them mysteriously dying.

Should these two progressive socialists take our White House, the nation will be flooded with illegal aliens from Mexico and refugees from the middle east, fleeing the destabilization and conflict created by Secretary Clinton. They will not only add to the huge debt given to us by the last several presidents, and Obama in particular, but a constitutional conservative could never be elected to our White House again.

This election is extremely important…because it is the tilting point of no return. Trump isn’t perfect, but none of God’s chosen heroes of the Bible were either. Pray for our nation, pray for Mr. Trump and his family, and pray that Mr. Trump wins the White House. Our futures, and our descendants’ futures depend upon it.


It was under Wilson, of course, that the first huge parts of the Marxist program, such as the progressive income tax, were incorporated into the American system. —Robert W. Welch, Jr.

America is a land of taxation that was founded to avoid taxation. —Laurence J. Peter

Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars and a substantial tax cut save you thirty cents? —Peg Bracken

Trump Tax Records Illegally Published

On Saturday evening, 1 October 2016, the New York Times, which recently endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, illegally published three pages ofTrump’s 1995 income tax documents. To run for President of the United States, revealing your tax returns is unnecessary. The Times’ story is that Trump “declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 income tax returns, a tax deduction so substantial it could have allowed him to legally avoid paying any federal income taxes for up to 18 years.” It is illegal for the IRS to share that information with anyone. It is also illegal for the Times to publish it, yet no one is talking about that.

Taxes are deferred with losses like this, giving the business an opportunity to rebuild, which is exactly what the Trump Organization did under Donald Trump’s leadership.

The New York Times and Hillary Clinton have both used the same provision. Losses in one year carry over and count against whatever gains or income you show in succeeding years. Hillary claimed a $700,000 loss on her taxes in 2015. She is also saying that Trump would get $4 billion by eliminating the estate tax and American citizens get nothing. What Hillary is not telling her supporters is that she’s using the exact same tax provisions on her own taxes. Twisted lies, that’s the mantra with Hillary Clinton.

If Hillary continues to mock Trump about his loss of nearly $1 billion, he needs to ask her to explain exactly how it was that she lost $6 billion taxpayer dollarsand has never been held accountable for this loss. The fact is, Mr. Trump’s loss was his own money and Hillary’s loss was our taxpayer dollars. Under her care, a U.S. Ambassador and three other brave Americans lost their lives. She lied repeatedly to their families and the American public about what happened. Her gross mishandling of foreign interferences in other governments has also cost American taxpayers millions! She also spent millions in taxpayer dollars outsourcing American jobs!

The scandal here has nothing to do with Trump’s tax records.

White House Trashed by Bill and Hillary, Artifacts Stolen

There’s another scandal Hillary doesn’t want Trump to talk about. In my last article, I told about a BLM Hillary supporter who defaced the brand new D.C. Trump International Hotel. Why? Because Hillary previously set the example. When the Clintons left the White House in 2001, they not only stole $200,000 worth of furniture, they also stole fine china and artwork, then they defaced White House walls with graffiti, destroyed antique doorknobs, glued desk drawers closed, removed the “w’s” from keyboards, cut electronic cabling, ripped phones out of the walls, and cost the American taxpayers thousands of dollars in repairs.

The Clinton name is synonymous with scandals, and always has been. What Hillary is using is calledpsychological projection, (accuse others of what you do). For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It incorporates blame shifting. Therein lies the key to Hillary’s attacks on Mr. Trump. She is what she blames Mr. Trump for being, and we have proved it again and again.

Trump Followed the Law

Donald Trump has followed the law. Nobody is even alleging he broke the law. He certainly hasn’t been accused of it by the IRS or anyone else. The media broke the law, and all for Hillary. The reality of this entire scenario is that the lawlessness of the Clintons is everywhere in every event, every day in our country. The real criminal activity is the Clintons’ illegal pay and play for their foundation. This includes their illegal acceptance of payoffs and front monies in advance of Hillary being elected president, while she was secretary of state. And that activity is being fully ignored by the MSM, which is not at all surprising.

Economic Downturn

That Trump was losing money during the early to mid-1990s — a period marked by bankruptcies and poor business decisions in the entire economy, was already well established. He has told this many times, but his wise business practices pulled him out of the decline and put him back on top. What he claimed on his taxes for his company is what any good businessman would do. You use the laws available to you, just like Cuban, Buffet, Soros, and the Clintons. Of course the Clinton’s Foundation monies come from Islamic sources, and the media avoids this subject as well.

The Rule of Law

The Rule of Law is what once governed our great nation, but abject lawlessness is determining the future and it is time it stopped. This is why so many Americans are supporting Donald J. Trump.

“Bottom line is Trump has paid hundreds of millions in property taxes, sales and excise taxes, real estate taxes, city taxes, state taxes, employee taxes and federal taxes, along with very substantial charitable contributions,” the campaign said. “Mr. Trump knows the tax code far better than anyone who has ever run for president and he is the only one that knows how to fix it.”

The MSM has abandoned all journalistic honesty and decency. Their outright goal is to seat Hillary Rodham Clinton in the White House to allow her to totally destroy the country with her Marxist globalist policies.

Tax Ramifications

Donald Trump says, “I am a smart business man.” Some may think this is arrogance, but if it is true, then why can’t he state that fact? An accountant friend wrote the following:

Tax ramifications are only one of many points that are taken into account when making smart business decisions. Everyone has to follow the same IRS rules that Republicans and Democrats have established. To say you are smart because you don’t pay any taxes is ridiculous.

Why does the IRS (aka Republicans and Democrats) allow accelerated write-offs of certain purchased assets? Both parties want to stimulate the economy, so they incentivize companies to make capital investments by allowing them to write them off quicker, thereby reducing their taxes their first year, protecting their capital reserves to reinvestment in more capital equipment which drives the economy and demand for increasing the labor force. It doesn’t mean the company never has to pay taxes; the taxes are just delayed to future years.

It should be easy to rebuff the Democratic notion that Trump doesn’t pay taxes. Typically, taxes can only be deferred on qualified capital investments to a later year unless you have businesses that have gone bad. His advisors should have this answer prepped for him every time this issue comes up.

Gingrich on Fox News with Neil Cavuto

Newt Gingrich had a few words to say regarding the expose of Trump’s taxes. “One difference between Trump and Clinton when it comes to taxes,” Newt Gingrich said, “is Clinton looks at tax revenues like a source of income for herself and her so-called charity, the Clinton Foundation.”

“Trump looks at taxes like most Americans do,” Gingrich said: “a price that must be paid for living in America, but one that should be as low as legally possible.”

“Most Americans agree with the principle that as long as you follow the law, if you can find ways to minimize your taxes, that’s totally legitimate, in fact, part of the American way of life,” Gingrich pointed out.

“Nobody expects you to go out and pay more than your fair share, your fair share is defined by the law.”

NYTs Calls Trump “The Comeback King”

In 1995, the NYTs specifically wrote about the collapse of the real-estate financial markets, and called Donald Trump, “The Comeback King.”

The article focused on the revival of Trump’s business fortunes after a series of missteps in the early 1990s, the same missteps it profiled in its article last weekend.

“Though there are still four years to go in the 90’s, business and government leaders in New York honored Donald J. Trump yesterday for pulling off what they called ‘the comeback of the decade,’” the paper said at the time. “Mr. Trump, the developer who came to epitomize opulent wealth during the 80’s before tumbling into deep financial trouble, has managed to erase much of his debt and is moving ahead with major projects at a time other developers are idling.”

Today though, the NYTs is backing Hillary, and anything they can say to derail Trump or put doubt in his supporters’ minds is the goal of the entire paper.

The Daily Caller writes, The Times is instead vilifying Trump for using his massive business losses as a tax write-off, allowing him to pay the IRS what the law required him to and no more. In the words of the Times, Trump’s adherence to U.S. tax law “relieved him of the burden of paying taxes like everyone else.”


There is nothing here but wise business practices by the Trump Organization. Unfortunately, we’ll never see an expose of the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s email servers, Hillary’s destruction of 13 cell phones and 5 IPADS, or any of the other numerous documented corrupt policies and actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton in the NYTs or any other main stream media.

Yet, when Mr. Trump follows the laws of the land for the Trump Organization, the media vilifies him. The enemies of freedom are using the old mantra of class envy to try to destroy Donald Trump.

He has made his fortune fairly, and has remained inside the laws of the land. The Clintons, on the other hand, have used lies, obfuscation, and deceit to create their fortunes.

There is only one choice for President of the United States of America, and it certainly isn’t the scandal laden Hillary Clinton.


Everything about the left is perception, manipulation, and lies. Everything. Everything is ‘Wag the Dog.’ Everything is a structured deception. Rush Limbaugh (He can add most of the right to this too)

The worst thing about being lied to is knowing that you’re not worth the truth.

The father of an ISIS mass murderer, the mother of a thug shot by the police, and now a former Miss Universe pageant winner who got fat, got pregnant by a drug lord, and was linked to an attempted murder, and alleged murder threats against a judge in 1998, are helping Hillary promote anti-Trump lawlessness.

For Hillary, the drive for power, success and money always overrides standards of honor and decency. From Whitewater to Benghazi, from her email debacle to funding the Clinton Foundation and her 2016 race for the White House…corruption, lies, and deceit are her trademarks.

Hillary’s Friends and Supporters

Remember the Pulse Nightclub gunman who shot and killed 49 people in Orlando, Florida back in August of this year?

The father of ISIS-inspired Orlando nightclub gunman, Omar Mateen, showed up just steps away from the Democratic nominee at her Kissimmee, Florida rally and was cheering her on.

Seddique Mateen’s presence was first noticed by WPTV in Florida. The affiliate later interviewed Mateen, who held up a large, yellow, pro-Clinton banner calling her “good for national security” and “gun control laws.”

Interesting because Hillary has never been good on national security, and she wants to eliminate the second amendment of the unalienable God given Bill of Rights.

Remember Mike Brown?

In August of 2014, Ferguson, Missouri was a quiet working class suburb. Then all hell broke loose between the growing black community and the white police force, when an officer shot and killed an 18-year-old unarmed black man by the name of Michael Brown. A store video showsBrown had just robbed the convenience store and assaulted the clerk when he tried to stop him. A white police officer, named Darren Wilson, shot and killed Michael Brown, when he attacked and beat the officer. The street confrontation on that sultry day launched the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

What resulted was the destruction of Ferguson because a white police officer had defended his life against a young black thug who was high on marijuana and had a bag of it on his person.

So what does Hillary do? She certainly doesn’t reinforce “law and order,” but instead joins with the mother of Michael Brown, despite the fact that it will contribute to the continued unwarranted violence against police.

Former 1996 Miss Universe, Alicia Machado

Alicia Machado is Hillary’s latest attack against Mr. Trump. Hillary can’t argue policy because she knows she’ll lose, so instead she falls back on the lessons she learned from atheist Marxist Saul Alinsky, and attacks her opponent’s reputation with the dregs of humanity.

This former beauty queen claims that she gained weight (60 lbs.) after being crowned Miss Universe, and Donald Trump called her Miss Piggy. How absolutely awful, isn’t it! What humiliation she must have suffered! Problem is that Alicia Machado has been rolling in the mud for a long time, and even with would-be murderers.

Back in 1998 Machado was allegedly involved in the shooting of Francisco Sbert Mousko, who suffered brain damage when two bullets punctured his skull outside the church where his dead wife was being eulogized. His family claimed the alleged gunman, Juan Rodriguez Reggeti, Machado’s then boyfriend, had accused Sbert of driving his sister to commit suicide.

The family asserted that Machado was the getaway driver for her boyfriend.

“Our accusations against Alicia Machado are based on coinciding testimony from witnesses, who place her in the vehicle in which Juan Rodriguez fled the scene,” said Omar Arenas Candelo, one of three attorneys who presented the allegations to a criminal court after the shooting.

Then, later that same year, a Venezuela judge said that Machado threatened to murder him after he indicted her boyfriend for the attempted murder.

Machado threatened “to ruin my career as a judge and … kill me,” Judge Maximiliano Fuenmayor said in an interview on the subject on Venezuelan television in 1998.

The former Miss Universe modeled nude for Mexican Playboy in 2006 and 2012. In 2005, a sex-tape of Machado and a co-star on the Venezuelan reality show, La Granja, surfaced where she was having sex with a fellow contestant on-camera. Allegedly, there are porn videos of her available.

What is not told is that when Machado gained weight in 1996, Trump appeared with her on camera in a gym and was very kind to her.

He has been very kind to others as well, watch this special meeting between Trump and a former contestant. And here are several former contestantsdefending Trump’s honor!

Since then, Machado has become a U.S. citizen, and has gone to work for Hillary.

Foul Mouthed Hispanic Children and Clinton

Back in 2015, in one of the lowest stunts of the primary season, a political action committee run by a Hillary Clinton supporter forced Hispanic child actors to read vulgarity-laden scripts labeling GOP frontrunner Donald Trump a “racist.” The script read by the children had them telling Trump that anchor babies are protected by the Constitution and that he should leave the country if he doesn’t respect the document.

Some legal authorities say that the 14th Amendment confers automatic citizenship on anyone born on American soil,” states economist and political theorist Thomas Sowell. “But the very authors of that Amendment said otherwise. And some distinguished legal scholars today, including Professor Lino Graglia of the University of Texas Law School, say otherwise.”

Senator Jacob Howard, who introduced the 14th Amendment’s citizenship clause, said its grant of citizenship would not include persons born in the United States who are foreigners or aliens.

The PAC is registered with the Federal Election Commission by pro-LGBT activist and social media strategist Luke Montgomery, who was approached by the Clinton campaign in 2014 and is behind another campaign to elect Hillary Clinton, [Link]

BLM Attacks the Law and Order Candidate

A BLM (Black Lives Matter) Hillary supporter has defaced the brand new D.C. Trump International Hotel. Why? Because Hillary has set the example. When the Clintons left the White House in 2000, they not only stole $200,000 worth of furniture, but they defaced White House walls with graffiti, destroyed antique doorknobs, glued desk drawers closed, removed the “w’s” from keyboards, cut electronic cabling, ripped phones out of the walls, and cost the American taxpayers thousands of dollars in repairs.

The Hillary supporter was caught on a cell phone video vandalizing Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Had this been done by a Trump supporter to Hillary’s property, it would be splashed on the front page of every newspaper, website, and televised news program. Since it happened to Trump by the BLM criminal element, the media says nothing.

Hillary Pursues BLM Endorsement

In January of this year, Hillary met privately with BLM leaders, Deray Mckesson and Johnetta Elzie.

DeRay McKesson and Elzie (ShordeeDooWhop) were thelead agitators at the Ferguson and Baltimore riots. These BLM activists are responsible for millions of dollars of public destruction and dozens of attacks on police and innocent pedestrians.

Hillary encourages these so-called activists, who are, in fact, nothing more than racists thugs who promote violence and the destruction of private property. The whole BLM contingent plays into her hands to attack her opponent. Hillary Clinton actually pursued the endorsement of Black Lives Matter activists, but blew off the largest police union in the United States.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter has been around now for two years, triggered by the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. BLM believes that racist police officers are the greatest threat facing young black men today. This belief has resulted in violence, destruction, murder and attempted murder of police officers.

Because of this, police are now backing off proactive policing, and violent crime is on the rise. The reality, claims Heather MacDonald in her superb article, The Danger of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement, is that there is no government agency more dedicated to the idea, that black lives matter, than the police.

“We have been talking obsessively about alleged police racism over the last 20 years in order to avoid talking about a far larger problem, black on black crime.” This is the uncomfortable truth, and statistics uphold the statement when each year approximately 6,000 blacks are murdered. Blacks are killed at six times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined.

In 2015, the nation’s police killed 987 civilians according to a database compiled by the Washington Post. Whites were 50%, or 493 of those victims, and blacks were 26% or 258.

Ms. MacDonald goes on to state that “In America’s 75 largest counties in 2009, blacks constituted 62% of all robbery defendants, 57% of all assault defendants, but only 15% of the population. Moreover, 40% of all cop killers have been black over the last decade.”

The Crime Rate Drop

We’ve all heard about drive by shootings resulting in deaths of youngsters and often their mothers. All the stories are heartbreaking, but 20 years ago the crime rates were much higher. In New York City in 1990 there were 2,245 homicides. In 2014, there were 333, a decrease of 85%. According to statistics nationwide, crime has fallen at an historic rate.

The Imprimus article goes on to tell of a policing revolution that began in New York and spread nationwide, but is now being threatened. In 1994, the NYPD top brass embraced the idea that police can actually prevent crime, not just respond to it. The program they started was called Compstat, weekly accountability sessions. They looked for patterns, and analyzed crime data on a daily basis, and strategized on tactics to quell crime outbreaks as they were emerging.

However, these victories are now in jeopardy thanks to the BLM movement. Police are worried they’ll become the next racist cop of the week, and lose their jobs, and perhaps even their lives. Many police today will no longer fight back because of this very fear. So now, officers in these urban/inner city areas are cutting back on the type of policing that actually led to the decline of crime of the 90s and 2000s.

Crime Increases

BLM demands that police back off, but they are not the entire community. There are countless requests by law abiding residents for more police, and when officers back off high crime neighborhoods, crime escalates once again. Homicides in Milwaukee had a 72% increase, Cleveland increased 90%, Nashville increased 83%, D.C. increased 54%, Minneapolis increased 61%, and in Chicago where actual pedestrian stops by officers were down by 90%, shootings were up 80% through March of 2016.
Policing is Political

Hillary Clinton is embracing anti-police ideology with those she promotes and uses to target her opponent, Donald J. Trump. Barack Hussein Obama, his entire administration, university and college presidents, foundation heads, and the main stream media all want to blame the police, not crime, and not lawlessness.

Obama has succeeded in dividing our nation and creating racist environments that pit fellow Americans against each other. And of course, we all know George Soros is putting his money in the pockets of both Hillary and these radicals. Hillary Clinton will continue this divide, and lawlessness will reign. Just recently Hillary stated that Angela Merkel was one of her favorite world leaders. One need only look at Merkel’s policies to see the devastation which has rocked Germany and will rock America if Clinton is elected.

We are looking at catastrophic increases in crime rates if we allow this woman back in our White House. Those who keep our communities safe are under attack. Not only has the border patrol endorsed Donald J. Trump, but thenation’s largest police union has also endorsed him.

We need a president who cares for all Americans, and who will not only Make America Great Again, but will heal the divide between her people, and make America safe again for all citizens.


The debate was structurally biased and Holt biased it. He repeatedly argued with Trump about the facts. Despite the ban on fact-checking, Holt attempted to debate Trump on the Iraq War and on the birth certificate. It was a disgraceful and a biased performance. It is a reminder that the structure of the debates must be changed to prevent mainstream media from dominating it. Every question was shaped to frame a left-wing agenda. Holt hurled numerous attacks at Trump. He only passingly offered Hillary a chance to address her emails when Trump had already brought it up. —Daniel Greenfield

The Biased Debate

I don’t like to watch debates, I never have, and having watched Hillary debate in high school and use tactics that were less than honorable, watching her lie through her teeth during this first debate, was enough to make me wretch. The above quote from Daniel Greenfield is so absolutely true. Lester Holt wanted to debate Trump himself! His bias was obvious as were his softball questions to Hillary. I thought as I watched it, that every time Hillary can’t really answer a question in one sentence or two, she rambles on, and you can tell she’s lying, she’s lying, she’s lying. Fifteen personal questions to Trump and only two to Hillary.

Spiritually Alive                                Spiritually Dead

Democratic Socialist Moderators

I’ve mentioned in several articles that I’ve wondered why we cannot have someone like Lou Dobbs, Steve Malzberg, Laura Ingraham, Neil Cavuto or Sean Hannity as moderators instead of these Democratic socialists all the time. Unfortunately, Roger Stone told me that once a candidate signs on with the Debate Commission, they have no say as to moderators. We need to get this changed…it’s time our side actually gave some zingers to the candidates from Marxist hell. Sure wish Mr. Trump had been able to use “The Art of the Deal,” to get this changed prior to the debates.

Hillary Promotes Her Socialist Beliefs

Hillary did remain standing, and she didn’t cough or lose concentration. However, if you listened carefully, you heard her strong socialist beliefs come through. She wants to grab the guns, federalize law enforcement, steal from the “rich,” with higher taxes, (sending them and their companies and monies to other nations), play nice with illegals and Muslim refugees, and give away a lot of free stuff with our tax dollars. Anything ring a bell with the audience? Probably not, because the goals of Marxism are no longer taught in American/government schools.

Obvious Lester Holt Bias

Clinton came across as smug, pompous, robotic and rehearsed to the point of memorization. Did anyone besides Devvy Kidd and me notice her drugged out look? The MSM of course saw Hillary as winning the debate, but she is losing ground with voters in swing states according to the Charlotte Observer.

Lester Holt shilled for Hillary Clinton. Obviously, he didn’t want the backlash he saw Matt Lauer receive when he moderated the Commander-in-Chief forumand actually allowed questions from the audience which put Hillary in a very uncomfortable state.

Rudy Giuliani asserted that Holt was “extremely unfair” and that his “fact checking” every time Hillary said the word “fact,” or the one time she mentioned, “fact check,” showed Holt’s obvious bias, especially over the “stop and frisk” issue which was completely inaccurate. Rudy should know, as he was the Mayor of New York when it was used.

The Daily Caller analysis said that Mr. Trump was interrupted 41 times by Lester Holt whereas he only interrupted Hillary seven times.

Holt really wanted to debate Trump, and challenged him six times on his answers, but Hillary was asked no follow up questions throughout the entire debate.

The Washington Times, agreed with me that Trump was forced to debate Lester Holt as well as Hillary.

The bottom line is that Holt was much harsher on Trump than Hillary, and anyone who watched could see the obvious bias. Holt only mentioned Hillary’s email scandal when he asked Hillary to respond to Trump rather than crafting a tough question himself.

The Donald needed to bring up Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, and the entire Hillary email debacle, but wasn’t really given an opportunity.

Neil Cavuto exposed the bias of Lester Holt in this video where he shows that Donald Trump never supported the war in Iraq, an issue Trump had to defend against Holt.

Hillary Lies

Hillary Clinton’s litany of lies throughout the first presidential debate had me screaming at the television. Another reason my husband refuses to even watch them, they’re so scripted! Let’s just look at a few.

The TPP Trade Deal – When confronted by Trump about her former strong support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Clinton claimed that she “hoped it would be good deal.” The truth of course is that she called it the “gold standard” of trade deals, just as Trump stated. As Secretary of State, Hillary championed
TPP 24 times

Hillary Clinton defended NAFTA, which her husband signed into law, and the accompanying unemployment as a good trade deal, in the face of attacks by Donald Trump. He said, “NAFTA is the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere but certainly ever signed in this country, and now you want to approve Trans-Pacific Partnership.” Trump also cited the 30-50 percent reduction in manufacturing in key states as being more than just an opinion.

Equal Pay for Women – In her opening statement, Hillary asserted that the nation needs to “finally guarantee equal pay for equal work” for women. The notion that women on average do not receive the same pay as men — the 77 cents to a dollar myth — has been proven false repeatedly. Women seldom work as long as men, and the statistic is a false one since it is already illegal to pay women less than men for the same position.

Tax the Wealthy – Really interesting Hillary, especially since while Secretary of State, you have colluded with foreign dignitaries to help them out if they make large donations to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary advocates raising taxes on the wealthy because she doesn’t believe they pay enough. “I think it’s time to suggest that the wealthy pay their fair share,” she said.

The truth is that America has the most progressive tax system in the world — the top 10 percent contribute over half of all income tax revenue…and the top 10% are the ones who use their money to create businesses and jobs, but jobs aren’t really important to Hillary.

Slashing Taxes – Hillary Clinton claimed that “slashing taxes on the wealthy hasn’t worked.” Her comment implied that slashing taxes on the wealthy is why the economy is in such poor shape currently. What a strange statement considering Obama has been in office for the better part of eight years and has increased taxes, and never thought of slashing them.

Anyone remember what Democrat President John F. Kennedy said about lowering taxes?

Kennedy proposed in 1963 to cut income taxes from a range of 20-91% to 14-65% He also proposed a cut in the corporate tax rate from 52% to 47%. Those figures for the early 60s are astronomical. Economic growth expanded in 1963, and Republicans and conservative Democrats in Congress insisted that reducing taxes without corresponding spending cuts was unacceptable. Kennedy disagreed, arguing that “a rising tide lifts all boats” and that strong economic growth would not continue without lower taxes. He was right.

Lowering Corporate Tax Rates – Hillary said: “We’ve looked at your tax proposals. I don’t see changes in the corporate tax rates … you’re referring to that would cause the repatriation.” Well, Hill, you didn’t look closely enough now did you… Trump’s plan to lower corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 is written quite clearly on the economic plan posted on his website.

The Rotten Iran Deal – Ms. Hillary also claimed that in being party to the Iran deal she helped “put the lid on Iran’s nuclear program.” But sources claim the deal guarantees no such thing. Indeed, it rests entirely on Iran’s acting in good faith and upholding their end of the bargain. Are the American people ready to trust the Iranian Ayatollah who has stated time and again, “Death to America?” I’m certainly not, and giving away billions of dollars to this country who funds terrorist Islamic regimes, is beyond insane. Read General Michael Flynn’s book, The Field of Fight.

Hillary’s Emails – Hillary said, “I made a mistake using a private email.” But she didn’t use a private email, she used multiple private email servers. She implied that she didn’t know she’d done anything wrong, but she was trained for two hours by the FBI before taking over the job of Secretary of State!

The word “mistake” implies Clinton didn’t know she was doing anything wrong, a claim belied entirely by the fact that so many of her aides and associates pleaded the Fifth or were granted immunity by the FBI — not to mention the fact that many of them engaged in the destruction of evidence and that she herself made false exculpatory statements. (Remember the 13 cell phones and five IPADS destroyed by hammers).

Vladimir Putin

Clinton also claimed that “Donald publicly invited Putin to hack into
Americans.” The truth, as is obvious from the context of his words, is that Trump was calling on the Russians to release Clinton’s missing emails in the event that they already had them. He has never said he personally likes Putin, a lie put out by the MSM and Hillary. He has said that he believes he could work with Putin, and that there would be mutual respect because they are both strong leaders with spines of steel, unlike what we have in our White House now. Trump strongly believes that the two of them could have mutual respect, but that’s a lot different than honoring the former KGB man as Hillary insinuates.


Trump covered all the important messages asked in the debate, and he should have brushed aside the nitpicking and ignored it because the entire hour was spent attacking Trump.

Hillary may have looked as though she held her own against Donald J. Trump, but the reality of this debate is that she proved her complete disregard for truth and she lied through her teeth to the American people. Did she have the questions in advance? Who knows…a few websites believe she did.

Look people, the day of the first debate, the powers that be shut down Michael Savage’s affiliates when he started to speak about Hillary’s illnesses. We are living in a censoring tyrannical government like that of Communist Mikhail Gorbachev, the Baathist Saddam Hussein government, Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania, or the Peoples’ Republic of China. We should be shouting at the top of our lungs…The First Amendment of the Constitution is a God given unalienable right…the right to speak the truth as you see it.

CNN, (Clinton News Network) said that Hillary won the debate, but bottom line, all the polls say Trump won, (see today’s JB William’s article for all the Poll Results) despite the purposeful setup for destruction by the socialists in cahoots with Hillary. Trump has actually gained votes in the swing states.

America Needs Donald J. Trump

This video was done by supporters of Mr. Trump for President

Melanie Trump Interview with Anderson Cooper

$1.5 Billion of Our Taxes to Make Obama Sound Legit

by Rev. Austin Miles


St. LOUIS-10/10/16--It is said that “words are cheap.” Not those uttered by Obama to tickle the ears of the uniformed who are being persuaded and groomed to become useful idiots to ‘the party.’ The words put in his mouth are anything BUT cheap.

The carefully crafted words he effortlessly spews forth, costs the taxpayers millions of dollars–$500 million every year to be exact, to make him appear presidential and intelligent. These persuasive speeches are created  by .high powered PR firms that are skilled at creating masterful speeches that deceives his listeners as to what is really taking place while planting the Communist manifesto in the hearts of ‘the marks”– a carnival term meaning, suckers. These convincing words are orchestrated to hide the real meaning of the discussion at hand.

According to the Washington Times, Obama has added hundreds of new public relations specialists to the federal payroll (paid by the taxpayers) during his time in office. Five hundred million dollars every year to deceptively make him look good. He also spent $800 million on contracts for advertising in 2015 to make his image pure, or at least appear to be.

So Obama has spent $1.5 BILLION of our tax dollars to his image makers. He has now bought and has on staff, 5,238 spin meisters. Meanwhile, veterans are dying from lack of V.A. Hospital care, homeless people cannot be helped and children, in America, are going hungry. Plus our infrastructures are falling apart.

Speech writers assist politicians in speaking with authority as they supposedly address an issue and then orbit around it. We got a real glimpse of that last night at the Presidential  Debate,where Hillary literally waterboarded us with words that really had no substance, but delivered as though they were gospel. As Shakespeare might say,  creating a “sound of fury meaning nothing.”

One prime example is how Hillary veered from the topic of her emails to charge Trump with being an abuser of women, based on a conversation, just a conversation (not actually abusing them like Bill Clinton), that took place, now get this, 11 years ago. But Hillary spoke those charges in an effort to distract from the issue of her classified emails by making Trump a current abuser of women, not someone who merely talked about women 11 years ago . That is a successful PR gimmick.

She also used as a distraction the fact that Trump ‘questioned if Obama was born in this country.’ And she used a prosecutorial tone and actually grilled him like they were in the Supreme Court.

As for that question, EVERYONE questioned Obama’s birth since he had all records of his birth and college records sealed by his highly paid lawyers. He finally produced his ‘birth certificate,’ stating he was born in Hawaii. I saw that so-called certificate and could tell it was a fake by the type of font used, and in the box for race, it stated that Obama was “African American,” a term not used in the 60’s. The term then was, “Negro.”

Plus I saw his actual Kenyan birth certificate that I found on the Kenya newspaper website where they were glowing that a fellow Kenyon had become a senator in the U.S. and displayed his birth certificate to back up their boasts.  Shortly after,  that birth certificate information was scrubbed from the newspaper website. We also saw his university admission showing he was brought in as a “foreign student.” So any questioning of his origins was and is absolutely proper. Especially since a REQUIREMENT to run for President of The United States is to be born in the U.S. The massive cover-up of the true facts is astounding.

So knock it off, Hillary. Trump was right in questioning the birthing of Obama. But that did serve as a distraction to what she was  trying to hide. And in her case, there is plenty to hide. These are examples of the deception of left wingers which is the core of the democrats’ machinery.

Have you wondered why conservatives are called “the right” and liberals are called “the left?” Miles Tones was consulted regarding this question. With the help of a retired minister friend, here is what was found:

This verse in the Bible, Ecclesiastes 10:2  sums it up:  “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.”   Thus sayeth the Lord. Amen.

And here is a philosophical word lesson: The last four letters in AMERICAN is: ” I Can.” The last four letters in Republican is”I can.”  The last four letters in Democrats is—Rats.  A word to the wise is sufficient.

See you at the polls.


Speculation Has Become Fact

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The Leftist media has worked tirelessly to suppress the damaging revelations about Hillary Clinton’s corruption by distracting the public with a lewd audiotape of Trump from over a decade ago. Despite their efforts, this is too big of a story to be suppressed entirely. What many of us have been attempting to convince people of about Hillary has been to no avail thus far, but now we have hard overwhelming evidence. Before I go into the details of the emails released by Julian Assange of Wikileaks, I must address the media’s attempt to discredit this accurate information. They have blamed and accused Russia of being the source of Wikileaks hacking material and that they are releasing completely false information. There are many issues with this artificial explanation. First, it is a proven fact that from the beginning, Wikileaks has never produced false information. Not even once. Secondly, if they had…

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Donald Trump Did Nothing Wrong Compared To The Clintons

Learn why Trump’s “vulgar” comments are a non-issue in contrast with rape, and murder by the Clintons

Hillary Clinton is just the latest villain from a long line of mind controlling ne’er do wells that have ruled over the United States since it was inevitably infiltrated by the global elite’s central bank scam in 1913.

What Trump said was nothing.

In fact, most of you watching this right now have probably said worse…. men and women…especially the fake liberals with your pseudo intellectualism born of Salinskyite mind control.