Will Smith donates $150k to Nation of Islam rally

My Comments:  That does it for Will Smith and the rest of those mentioned…will never watch another of his movies.  Obviously he believes Farrakhan’s instruction to 10,000 blacks to go out and kill whitey is justified.  Bye-Bye Will, and remember too Will that a lot of Hollywood is white.



On September 8th, Louis Farrakhan spoke at Tindley Temple United Methodist Church in Philadelphia, PA. He announced that Will Smith had donated $150,000 to the upcoming Nation of Islam rally in Washington DC. The rally is titled “Justice or Else.”

Farrakhan asked for more donations, saying he wanted to raise two million. The money will be used to fund free bus rides, hotel rooms, and food for people travelling to the rally.

Some of the other big named celebrities who support the Nation of Islam include Ice Cube, Snoop Dog, Kanye West, and Dave Chapelle.

6 responses to “Will Smith donates $150k to Nation of Islam rally

  1. I think one of those guys in the video (the last one) pumped my septic tank last week and I forgot to tip him.

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  2. Personally, I think that all of them BELONG in a septic tank…..

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  3. CZ, I worked a gig for him twice. “Men in Black 1, and 2” On MIB 1 he was a great guy, but on number 2 he married Jada, and kinda “fame ” went to his head. He turned into a giant butt head in a couple year period.
    He went from sitting up front with me and his security guy/friend in the back and we had a great time laughing and cracking jokes.

    On “MIB 11” he actually would not speak to me. He got in the back when I picked him up from the private jet. He was 3 feet from me. Now I don’t know or care if he remembered me, but he looked at me then his security guy and said “Tell the driver” Whoa!!!!! You don’t ever tell a NY Teamster tell the driver. LOL Anyway I got him to his apartment and told him there will be another driver in the AM. I had myself replaced. I don’t work with shitheads like that.
    Just amazing how a little fame, and from what I found out it had a lot to do with his bitch of a wife how he changed. Now this? I’m sure she’s pushing it.

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  4. Thanks for the insight, I think his wife is a royal you know what, and he acts like he’s special, he’s not, he still has to pull his pants down and go potty like the rest of us


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