1-min Video Reveals the full TERROR of Planned Parenthood – share!


Obama will veto any decision that won’t allow planned parenthood to receive $550 million.

It seems that what we have seen in the undercover videos didn’t even remotely touch our president.

Well, here’s one more that describe fully the horror of planned parenthood:

Warning: strong images.

Please share to make sure everyone understands what is being funded by Obama…

12 responses to “1-min Video Reveals the full TERROR of Planned Parenthood – share!

  1. And once again, the American people are UNMOVED! And once again, democrats “defeat” to defund pp, and block the move to stop abortions after 20 weeks, and once AGAIN none of the Rs and “conservative “leaders move to STOP SLAUGHTERING our children. So, how is that pagan Christian Right working out for you?
    90% of abortions are done in the first trimester,so under the republicans, they are fair game. Defund pp, abortions continue, they will just rename it like the demon Margaret Sanger did, and move along.. We are ruled by demonic forces, Jesus Christ will stop this evil! Last week at the mill, a woman laughed at us when we told her there was forgiveness in Jesus as she left the abortion mill, and said “too late, I just killed my baby!”. So we go again today……pray for us and our safety.

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  2. God bless you for doing what you’re doing MA…if you can save some, that is a great blessing. Do you know about the stork people who take their vans and give free ultrasounds…they save 3 out of 5, which is another blessing. I just hate this.



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  4. He’s at the WhiteHouse isn’t he?

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  5. At the whitehouse? The church? The pope? I seriously hope you’re kidding!!! Cuz he ain’t the church! He’s an anitchrist peice of s***!!!

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  6. I agree with you Ri, any so-called Christian who says atheists go to heaven too is a false prophet, a demon, and a new age fool…and that’s what this guy is…Do you think he’s Malachi’s “last pope?”


  7. God only knows that. Popery is so evil, but this guy is bringing orgasms to the left, that says enough. It is for sure a thing to behold. Are you telling me you are the Holy father, and Jesus Christ prayed to you in John!?!? How sick!
    Let him turn his ac off at the Vatican and unearth the millions of dollars in gold and YOU feed the poor, he is a sack a trash!! He and his new BFF, Obama!

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  8. The comments above are wonderfully written! So sickening it is, that the vatican and this administration are doing the will of Satan, and .the majority of the world is doing the same.
    O God, how much longer can all this evil continue until you put stop to
    all of it?! Come soon Lord Jesus!

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