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Majority of Americans Feel Like ‘Stranger in Own Country’


A Super PAC tied to Ohio Governor John Kasich is annnouncing a new multi-million dollar effort to torpedo Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination.

Trump’s continued dominance of national and state-level polling has vexed the GOP establishment and pushed it to near-panic as voting nears.

A recent survey of public attitudes by Reuters/Ispos, though, suggests caution for the GOP establishment.

Whatever failings there may be in his specific policies, Donald Trump’s campaign has tapped into a strong, visceral feeling of millions of Americans. Seeking to destroy Trump, the candidate, may further alienate the Republican party from a rapidly growing block of voters.

According to the Reuters survey, 58 percent Americans say they “don’t identify with what America has become.” While Republicans and Independents are the most likely to agree with this statement, even 45 percent of Democrats share this feeling.

More than half of Americans, 53 percent, say they “feel like a stranger” in their own country. A minority of Americans feel “comfortable as myself” in the country.

There are no doubt lots of reasons underlying this feelings. Demographically, Americans holding these views tend to be white, older, live in the South and have less than a college education. Politically, they are cordoned off as the white working class. While they rarely attract much attention from the political class, they still represent an enormous block of voters.

Their numbers may be declining relative to the entire population, but they are still the largest single block of voters. In many critical swing states like Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina, they represent a significant base of voters that can determine the outcome of elections.

The reasons for their alienation are both cultural and economic. The economic anxiety sparked by the financial crisis in 2007-8 has likely pushed them further away from the mainstream political parties. This isn’t solely a phenomenon on the right, as the resurgent popularity of explicitly socialist policies on the left attest.

Even allowing that the economy has officially been in recovery for the past six years, its benefits haven’t been felt widely. The jobs gained during the economic recovery have generally been at lower wages and benefits than before the Great Recession. The number of Americans not in the labor force, on food stamps or permanent disability have all reached historic highs. Concerns over income inequality have increased as the Federal Reserve has pumped trillions of dollars of stimulus into Wall Street and the financial markets.

There are cultural factors as well.

Several years ago, leading Democrat strategists created the “Bobby Kennedy Project,” an effort to increase the party’s appeal to white working class voters. The effort was soon abandoned, though, when it became clear that the party would have to moderate some of its more progressive social positions. The Democrat party, for now at least, has staked its future on appealing to young and minority voters.

Whether or not this is the politically smart play for the future remains to be seen. In the present, however, it means that a huge block of voters feel alienated and are up for grabs politically. Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” is perfectly attuned to those voters who feel increasingly like “strangers” in their own country.

Panic breeds actions born out of emotions rather than somber reflection. The Republican establishment is understandably panicked at the thought of Donald Trump capturing the party’s nomination for President. It is convinced, perhaps incorrectly, that a Trump candidacy will doom the party’s chances next year.

Its zeal to derail his campaign carries huge risks for the party, however. The Trump phenomenon is not simply the product of a media-savvy, hyper-personality candidate. It is drawing strength from very real sentiments of a huge block of voters. The Republican party may take out Trump, but it alienates these voters at its peril.

Ex-Muslim targeted for speaking out about his conversion to Christianity

A former Muslim was attacked with a pickaxe in Britain because he converted to Christianity.

Nissar Hussain, 49, suffered a broken kneecap, a fractured forearm and a concussion after hooded Muslims punched and kicked him and struck him with the pickaxe’s handle outside his home in Bradford on Tuesday.

“It all happened so fast that I was unable to react,” he told the Daily Mail. “I remember just walking out of the gate and putting my foot off the kerb.”

“Next thing I saw was a pickaxe coming towards me.”

“On instinct I tried to cover my head with my arms but the force of the blow knocked me back and my heel clipped the kerb to send me to the ground,” Hussain added.

He said he was targeted likely because he appeared in a 2008 documentary about the mistreatment of ex-Muslim Christians.

Since the documentary was released, Hussain and his family have suffered thousands of dollars worth of damage to their vehicles and property.

“We are classed as blasphemers by some members the Muslim community,” he stated. “They call scum and treat us as second-class citizens.”

“I still do not regret speaking out in the documentary as this is an issue for converts up and down the country… I should not have to be concerned for my own safety as well as my family.”

This incident is what happens when a country not only prevents citizens from using guns for self-defense, but also rolls out the red carpet for radical extremists to flood the country.


Pew Poll: 40% of Millennials Support Gov’t Limiting Speech Offensive to Minorities

Survey concludes Democrats more likely than Republicans to support government-dictated rules on speech

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center reveals that more than 40 percent of American Millennials would support government-imposed limits on free speech if it offended minorities.


According to the research, “American Millennials are far more likely than older generations to say the government should be able to prevent people from saying offensive statements about minority groups.”


“Four-in-ten Millennials say the government should be able to prevent people publicly making statements that are offensive to minority groups…” the analysis concludes.

As noted by Pew, the topic of free speech has become a hot button issue in recent weeks in light of several incidents surrounding far-left college students.

When broken down by political ideology, the analysis also found that Democrats were much more likely than Republicans to support censoring speech.

“Nearly twice as many Democrats say the government should be able to stop speech against minorities (35%) compared with Republicans (18%),” Pew concluded.

Women and minorities were more likely than men and non-Hispanic whites to back a government censorship campaign as well.

“Our findings also show a racial divide on this question, with non-whites more likely (38%) to support government prevention of such speech than non-Hispanic whites (23%),” the report adds. “One-third of all women say the government should be able to curtail speech that is offensive to minorities vs. 23% of men who say the same.”

Although support for limiting speech has grown to historic highs in the United States, other countries across the globe continue to hold even more favorable views.

“Compared with people we surveyed in dozens of nations, Americans as a whole are less likely to favor the government being able to prevent speech of any kind…” Pew adds.

While making mention of the migrant crisis, Pew also notes that many European countries are overwhelmingly supportive of the government “preventing” certain speech.

The survey’s findings reflect many headlines emerging from the continent in recent weeks.

Earlier this week, a Facebook page which included discussions regarding the arrival of asylum seekers was seized by Dutch police for non-violent comments opposing the country’s stance.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was even caught on a hot mic with German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitting the company’s plans to censor anti-migrant posts.

UPDATE: Obama DHS Says They Won’t Track Missing Syrian Refugee Because of His “Constitutional Rights”

Earlier this week a Syrian refugee went missing in Louisiana

Liberals continue to tell us the “vetting process” for refugees is under control. They insist the federal government is monitoring every Syrian once they make it to America.

But, of course, that’s a total fallacy.

Earlier this week a Syrian refugee went missing in Louisiana. The refugee was in the process of resettling in the Baton Rouge area when he went missing.

As The Hayride reported, there are seven Syrian refugees in Kenner, Louisiana and six more were sent to the New Orleans area. Louisiana state officials heard about the missing Syrian refugee from the media, and not the Obama administration.

Now this…
The Syrian refugee is still missing despite earlier claims. He is suspected to be in the Washington DC area but did not “check in” with authorities there. But federal authorities told The Hayride they do not know where the man went.

Authorities also said they could not keep up with the refugee because of his “constitutional rights.”

Via The Hayride:

A Syrian refugee that had shortly resettled in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is apparently not being monitored by the Department of Homeland Security, as state officials had originally assumed.

Earlier in the week, the Hayride reported on a “missing” Syrian refugee that had apparently left the Baton Rouge area. Then, the Louisiana State Police confirmed that the refugee was headed to Washington DC to resettle with family in the country’s capitol.

Once in Washington DC, the refugee was apparently supposed to “check in” with authorities there, according to state officials.

However, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), who has been on top of the issue ever since, said he spoke with the Department of Homeland Security today and they confirmed to him that they do not, in fact, know where the refugee is.

Homeland Security say they have no information on where the Syrian refugee is. Also, they said the refugee could not be “kept up with” because of his constitutional rights, according to a spokesman for Vitter.


Video: One Week Later: What We Know About Paris Attacks

And What you don’t!


Trump doubles down, goes Savage on Ben Carson



Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore — Wikimedia)

Days after criticizing Donald Trump for his 95-minute rant against Ben Carson, talk-radio host Michael Savage had the real-estate mogul on his show to explain why he was attacking a fellow Republican instead of the likely Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Savage, who affirmed he still strongly supports Trump’s bid for the White House, asked if Republican candidates should agree to attack Clinton and President Obama instead of each other.

“She was a terrible secretary of state, maybe the worst ever. But, I have to beat 15 people,” Trump said, referring to his Republican rivals.

“I have to win before I can get to her,” he said. “Believe me, I think she’s going to be easy. She had such a bad record.”

At a rally in Fort Dodge, Iowa, last Thursday night, Trump seized on Carson’s claim in his biography that he had a “pathological temper” that caused him to attack his mother with a hammer and try to stab a friend. Trump said Carson has a “pathological disease” that can’t be cured, much as there’s no cure for a child molester.

Responding to Trump’s defense of his harsh criticism of Carson, Savage said: “But it was so brutal. I mean, you must have been a heckuva street fighter in Queens, because you know how to get a guy on the ground and really let him have it, Donald.”

On his show Friday, Savage called Trump’s criticism of Carson a repeat of Newt Gingrich’s relentless attacks on eventual nominee Mitt Romney in the 2012 campaign, “which resulted in Obama rising to the presidency.”

Savage told Trump Wednesday he believes that Republican candidates shouldn’t fall into “the media’s trap” and, instead, should “always turn the question back to Hillary’s failures as secretary of state.”

“Mike, I know what you said, and you and I have a great relationship, but I have to lay out facts,” Trump explained. “I’m doing very well in the polls. I’m number one; he’s sort of number two. He’s losing a lot of steam, if you want to know the truth.”

Trump said Carson had “a very bad week,” because he’s “having a hard time learning about foreign policy.”

Moreover, he said, “all I did was quote things in his book, because he said he has a pathological disease and a lot of other things.”

Trump said that after his rant against Carson, there were “a couple of other people” who also counseled “you don’t have to say that.”

“But I felt I had to get out the word, because people didn’t know,” he said.

Savage complimented Trump for being willing to return to his show, saying it demonstrates he is able to take criticism.

‘Demean ISIS’

Asked what he would do with ISIS, Trump said: “I would hit them so hard, that you wouldn’t even believe it. We would hit them every which way.”


Michael Savage

He said the U.S. and its allies should “demean” and humiliate ISIS, taking issue with media calling the suspected organizer of the attack “the mastermind.”

It doesn’t take a “mastermind,” Trump said, to walk into a place where nobody has guns and shoot everybody.

“We have to demean these people,” Trump said. “We can’t call them masterminds. They are savages. They are just savages.”

Savage noted that in Word War II, the allies launched a propaganda campaign against the Nazis and the Japanese empire that focused on humiliating the enemy.

Put refugee in Syrian ‘safe zone’

Asked about the Middle East refugee problem, Trump affirmed his previous vow to deport the Syrian Muslim refugees Obama is allowing into the United States.

“I’m just putting people on notice that if they come, they are going to be deported,” Trump said. “Now, it’s a very sad thing. And I have a bigger heart than any of them, but we have no choice.”

He pointed to an $18 billion debt and many other domestic problems.

He affirmed he advocates building a “safe zone” in Syria for the refugees and noted the Muslim-majority Gulf States are not participating.

“You look at the money they make, with the oil,” Trump noted. “They said, Why should we when the dumb United States and other countries will do it?”

Trump pointed out that in his previous interview with Savage, he said the coalition against ISIS should bomb the source of ISIS wealth, its oil assets.

“Now, about two days ago, they started hitting the oil,” Trump said. “Does anybody say, ‘Thank you Donald’? I’m the only one. I was taking abuse. They said, ‘That’s such a horrible thing to say.’ But now they’re hitting the oil.”

Obama not evil just incompetent

Savage asked Trump what he thought Obama’s real reason is for “flooding” America with Syrian refugees when more than half of the governors have rejected the plan.

“Some people say it’s evil intentions; I think personally it’s incompetence,” Trump replied.

Before the current crisis, he said, it was virtually impossible for Christians from Syria to enter the United States, but “if you were a Muslim in Syria, it was one of the easiest ways to come into the United States.”

“The Christians are having their heads cut off, and those people found it almost impossible to get in, before this mess we have now,” he said.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/11/trump-grilled-savagely-on-pathological-carson/#CtFRarf4PBL4rThJ.99

Outrage After Trump Says THIS About Muslims and Mosques


Donald Trump sat with Morning Joe recently to discuss the recent ISIS attacks on Paris. THIS is what his plan of action would be if HE was President.

“You’re going to have to watch and study the mosques because a lot of talk is going on at the mosques,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says on MSNBC when asked what should be done to protect U.S. citizens.

“From what I heard, in the old days, meaning a while ago, we had great surveillance going on in and around mosques in New York City and I understand our mayor totally cut that out.”

Asked about possibility of France shutting mosques with radical ties and whether he’d do same as U.S. president, Trump says, “I would hate to do it, but it’s something that you’re going to have to strongly consider because some of the ideas and some of the hatred, the absolute hatred, is coming from these areas”

This Saturday Night Live sketch presents Ben Carson


Saturday Night Live presents the real Dr. Ben Carson during his days back in da hood.

Now you’ll see why voters are SOOOOO excited about the Carson candidacy.

Even after Paris, Carson won’t fire Williams the loony who wants Nation of Islam patrolling Chicago

By Kevin “Coach” Collins FOR COACHISRIGHT.COM

The Paris attack shows us what Islamic wild animals intend to do to us. So when will Ben Carson fire Armstrong Williams his de facto campaign manager and big Nation of Islam fan?

Carson makes his biggest blunders speaking off the cuff. Without his chief handler and puppet master it is very difficult for him to explain some of his most puzzling positions. He is not a politician and it shows almost every time he speaks. “But this is a year that FARRAKHAN 2we don’t want politicians,” you say.

This primary season has shown us that a strong resume can get you on the stage even if you are not a politician. But Carson is reminding us that once they hand you the mic something constructive has to come out of you. This includes something constructive coming out of the mouth of your chief adviser as well. Carson says enough foolish things – pyramids were built as grain silos- on his own to scuttle his campaign if he were White, but the nutty things he says are, well, nutty and should be laughed at as he is being shown the door.

What isn’t funny is that his chief adviser Armstrong Williams, the indispensable man in Carson’s camp, is a big supporter of the Nation of Islam! Think about that.

Williams has written that he thinks it would be a great idea to use taxpayer money to pay Nation of Islam criminal Muslim psychopaths, who have been recruited in prisons, to patrol the NATION OF ISLAMstreets of Chicago. Presumably these self-avowed anti-Americans would be armed (they likely have their own guns) and work side by side with Chicago’s Finest.

When the attacks on Paris gave us a look at what Islam plans for us, Carson should have fired Williams immediately; but don’t hold your breath on that.

Carson has turned his campaign over to Williams because Williams supposedly knows what he is doing. Williams thinks there is nothing wrong with the Nation of Islam. That proves there is something wrong with Ben Carson’s judgment. FARRAKHAN 3

Saying Carson is even near Donald Trump in any credible poll is ridiculous.

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Genetic evidence links Jews to their ancient tribe

By Judy Siegel for FreeRepublic.com

JERUSALEM (November 20) – Genetic evidence continues to provide additional proof to the claims that the Jewish people are descended from a common ancient Israelite father: Despite being separated for over 1,000 years, Sephardi Jews of North African origin are genetically indistinguishable from their brethren from Iraq, according to The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

They also proved that Sephardi Jews are very close genetically to the Jews of Kurdistan, and only slight differences exist between these two groups and Ashkenazi Jews from Europe.

These conclusions are reached in an article published recently in the American Journal of Human Genetics and written by Prof. Ariella Oppenheim of the Hebrew University (HU) and Hadassah-University Hospital in Ein Kerem.

Others involved are German doctoral student Almut Nebel, Dr. Marina Faerman of HU, Dr. Dvora Filon of Hadassah-University Hospital, and other colleagues from Germany and India.

The researchers conducted blood tests of Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Kurdish Jews and examined their Y chromosomes, which are carried only by males. They then compared them with those of various Arab groups – Palestinians, Beduins, Jordanians, Syrians and Lebanese – as well as to non-Arab populations from Transcaucasia – Turks, Armenians and Moslem Kurds.

The study is based on 526 Y chromosomes typed by the Israeli team and additional data on 1,321 individuals from 12 populations. The typing of the Jewish groups was performed at the National Genome Center at HU’s Silberman Institute of Life Sciences.

The Fertile Crescent of the Middle East was one of the few centers in which the transition from hunting-gathering to permanent settlement and agriculture took place. Genetic studies suggest that migrating Neolithic farmers dispersed their technological innovations and domesticated animals from the Middle East towards Europe, North Africa and Southwest Asia.

Studies of Y chromosomes have become powerful tools for the investigation of the genetic history of males, since these chromosomes are transmitted from fathers to sons.

Surprisingly, the study shows a closer genetic affinity by Jews to the non-Jewish, non-Arab populations in the northern part of the Middle East than to Arabs. These findings are consistent with known cultural links that existed among populations in the Fertile Crescent in early history, and indicate that the Jews are direct descendants of the early Middle Eastern core populations, which later divided into distinct ethnic groups speaking different languages.

Previous investigations by the HU researchers suggested a common origin for Jewish and non-Jewish populations living in the Middle East. The current study refines and delineates that connection.

It is believed that the majority of today’s Jews – not including converts and non-Jews with whom Jews intermarried – descended from the ancient Israelis that lived in the historic Land of Israel until the destruction of the Second Temple and their dispersal into the Diaspora.

The researchers say that a genetic analysis of the chromosomes of Jews from various countries show that there was practically no genetic intermixing between them and the host populations among which they were scattered during their dispersion – whether in Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal or North Africa.

A particularly intriguing case illustrating this is that of the Kurdish Jews, said to be the descendants of the Ten Tribes of Israel who were exiled in 723 BCE. to the area known today as Kurdistan, located in Northern Iraq, Iran and Eastern Turkey. They continued to live there as a separate entity until their immigration to Israel in the 1950s. The Kurdish Jews of today show a much greater affinity to their fellow Jews elsewhere than to the Kurdish Moslems.

Morning Plum: President Trump will be much tougher on Syrian refugees than squishy GOP leaders will


It has passed virtually unnoticed, but on Sean Hannity’s show last night, Donald Trump made an important point that might resonate in the weeks to come: He called on Republican leaders to use the power of the purse — i.e., a government funding fight — to block Syrian refugees from entering the United States.

This suggests that we may see a rerun of a familiar script: Republican leaders vow to block an Obama initiative, but ultimately end up falling short, either on the merits or because they don’t have any means of blocking it, disappointing GOP voters who have been riled up into expecting success.

Here’s the exchange:

HANNITY: The Republicans in Congress hold the House and the Senate….They have the power of the purse. Would you urge them to use that power and defund the president’s efforts to take in these Syrian refugees?

TRUMP: I certainly would….Now we have the House and the Senate. Nothing’s happened. It’s the same exact story in a certain way with all of his executive orders. Obama’s always doing better….I am more disappointed in the Republicans than in the Democrats. At least the Democrats, we know where they’re coming from. The Republicans have done nothing.

Trump make two points here: First, that any failure by Republicans to block the Syrian refugees from entering will constitute another failure to block Obama. And second, that Republicans must use upcoming government funding battles to block him in this particular case.

It’s unclear what Republican leaders can do to stop the refugee program, as Dem Rep. Adam Schiff has explained. All indications are that House Speaker Paul Ryan does not want this to get caught up in a government funding fight. It’s also unclear whether GOP leaders actually want to stop it. Paul Ryan has called for a “pause,” and Republican leaders are going to vote on some sort of legislation this week, but until we see it, we won’t know exactly what their intentions are. They may vote for something that merely stiffens oversight, which could actually be done in a way that represents constructive cooperation with Obama and Democrats, but does not halt the program in any meaningful sense.

But will GOP base voters really go for such a squishy solution? Politico reports today that GOP leaders are already feeling pressure from the Republican rank and file to be seen acting decisively:

GOP leaders in both chambers are under pressure from their rank and file to act on the refugee situation, and that pressure will likely not let up — especially as Congress inches closer to a Dec. 11 deadline to pass a spending bill that’s already been a ripe target for policy riders. “There’s a lot of interest in it,” said South Dakota Sen. John Thune, the third-ranking Senate Republican. “A lot of our members want to see it addressed.”

GOP leaders have left open a must-pass spending bill as an option to attach policy changes that would enact tougher oversight of the resettlement program. A growing number of GOP lawmakers are pushing leadership to be more aggressive; 55 House Republicans have signed a letter led by Rep. Brian Babin of Texas demanding a rider in the Dec. 11 spending bill that would strip funding for the Obama administration’s plans to accept 10,000 more refugees from Syria.

Trump’s broadside suggests that the pressure could indeed intensify on GOP leaders to go a lot farther in blocking the program than they may want to — including using government funding as leverage, which could lead to a shutdown. Ted Cruz has also been apparently laying the groundwork to accuse GOP leaders of being soft on Syrian refugees, by proposing a ban on Muslim refugees in particular, which GOP leaders won’t go for.

(By the way, as an aside, keep an eye on how Congressional Democrats handle this. Some of them may prove skittish enough to side with those calling for a meaningful pause in the program. But that’s for a future post.)

Pack ‘em Up and Move ‘em Out!


Attackers, gunmen, hostage takers.

But don’t call them “Muslims”.

We wake up to another act of terror from the Koran reading followers of the religion of love and peace.

It’s stunning to me that the obvious solution to what’s happening in the Middle East and by extension what’s happening to us because of our involvement there, is never discussed in the media or even by any of the candidates who want us to believe that they want to ‘serve’ our country as president and are not just on a money trail.

There are three things that must be done, and absolutely, positively not doing these things means the end of our republic: (1) The inherent threat that is Islam must be elucidated for what it is and called out and shamed at every opportunity. While the argument can be made that “not all Muslims are terrorists”, it is also true that all Muslims are potential terrorists and jihadists. The proof lies in the Koran; (2) We need to disengage from the Middle East immediately. That means our military, our business interests, and any and all other government involvement in the Middle East – especially ending all foreign aid to every single country in the Middle East; and (3) Mass deportations must begin immediately – this means every single illegal alien removed from our country – whether Muslims or Mexicans – if they’re in the USA illegally, throw their asses out.

The bleeding hearts, and unfortunately the spineless “Jeb” (John Edward Bush) is among them, will say this in anti-American and claim it’s “…not who we are.” Since when is adhering to the law anti-American?

These political punks who will not win a war, will not enforce the law, and maintain positions that are at odds with the rule of law and therefore are both unconstitutional and anti-American, while labeling we who promote the rule of law and the preservation of our Constitution rather than the shredding of it, as anti-American. They’re gutless liars who always have their hands out wanting them filled with cash.

The take down of our country has been successfully engineered. It’s happening before our eyes.

The only credible question left to ask about what’s happening to us is, “Are we going to let it happen?”


Not all Religions are Alike



By: Devvy
November 16, 2015

The world was shocked, again. Savage Muslims executed a well coordinated terrorist attack in six separate locations in Paris. Dead bodies piled up in a concert hall swimming in blood (Warning: photos graphic). Soft targets: 4 diners/cafes, stadium and concert hall. Heartbreaking pictures. A woman hanging out of a window screaming, “Help, help, I’m pregnant”. Eye witness accounts of killers just standing there opening fire without regard to anything but carrying out their madness.

Barbarians armed with Kalashnikovs and grenades. Satan’s Soldiers doing their dastardly, inhumane acts of violence. Gunmen shout ‘Allah Akbar’ and ‘It’s for Syria’. They were sent by ISIS. One of them we know came through Greece as a Syrian ‘refugee’ and into France. A country with open borders. Like America’s virtually open southern border. After the slaughter, President Francois Hollande declared a national state of emergency and immediately implemented border control checks at all crossings and entry points – after 135 of her citizens are murdered.

135 confirmed dead and 350 injured; hospitals overwhelmed by the number of injured. Chaos. Crying. People wandering around in shock. How horrible it must have been during those three hours. How much more horrible it must have been when the sun came up the next morning and one would see the carnage in the light of day. When families and loved ones have to identify human remains and deal with their loss forever.

Everyone was so surprised. According to reports intelligence from both the U.S. and Great Britain indicated there was no chatter, no warning despite their most sophisticated spying tools. Unlike the U.S. and 911:

On July 10, 2001, Bush, JR, was informed by the CIA during an emergency meeting a ‘spectacular’ attack was imminent here on U.S. soil. The much over rated former NSA Director, Condi Rice, passed along to former president Bush that Al Qaeda was planning major attacks in the coming weeks or months.

The Attacks Will Be Spectacular’ – An exclusive look at how the Bush administration ignored this warning from the CIA months before 9/11, along with others that were far more detailed than previously revealed, November 12, 2015

“By May of 2001, says Cofer Black, then chief of the CIA’s counterterrorism center, “it was very evident that we were going to be struck, we were gonna be struck hard and lots of Americans were going to die.” “There were real plots being manifested,” Cofer’s former boss, George Tenet, told me in his first interview in eight years. “The world felt like it was on the edge of eruption. In this time period of June and July, the threat continues to rise. Terrorists were disappearing [as if in hiding, in preparation for an attack]. Camps were closing. Threat reportings on the rise.” The crisis came to a head on July 10. The critical meeting that took place that day was first reported by Bob Woodward in 2006. Tenet also wrote about it in general terms in his 2007 memoir At the Center of the Storm.

“But neither he nor Black has spoken about it publicly in such detail until now­or been so emphatic about how specific and pressing their warnings really were. Over the past eight months, in more than a hundred hours of interviews, my partners Jules and Gedeon Naudet and I talked with Tenet and the 11 other living former CIA directors for The Spymasters, a documentary set to air this month on Showtime.

“Tenet vividly recalls the White House meeting with Rice and her team. (George W. Bush was on a trip to Boston.) “Rich [Blee] started by saying, ‘There will be significant terrorist attacks against the United States in the coming weeks or months. The attacks will be spectacular. They may be multiple. Al Qaeda’s intention is the destruction of the United States.’” [Condi said:] ‘What do you think we need to do?’ Black responded by slamming his fist on the table, and saying, ‘We need to go on a wartime footing now!’”

“What happened?” I ask Cofer Black. “Yeah. What did happen?” he replies. “To me it remains incomprehensible still. I mean, how is it that you could warn senior people so many times and nothing actually happened? It’s kind of like The Twilight Zone.” (I recommend reading the rest of that article)

On Saturday following the attacks, Hollande promised a “merciless” response. He said the attack was an ‘Act of War’. Suddenly, some eyes are finally opened to the reality of what has been unleashed on Europe by their own foolish policies:

France promises ‘merciless’ response to attacks

“This comes as a blow to Angela Merkel and other European leaders who allowed a flood of hundreds of thousands of migrants despite the potential threat from ISIS to infiltrate the west. Merkel responded to the massacre by calling for people to express “tolerance” towards the migrants and respect for “the right of everyone to seek his fortune and live.”

“We believe in the right of everyone to seek his fortune and live, to the respect for the other and tolerance,” said Merkel. “We know that our free life is stronger than any terrorist. Let’s give the terrorists the answer by living our values confidently. And as we affirm these values throughout Europe. Now more than ever.” Numerous experts have warned “that rolling out the red carpet to migrants from the Middle East would substantially heighten the risk of terrorists being able to cross into Europe, although such concerns were dismissed by many at the time as fear mongering,” noted InfoWars.”

Merkel is a damn fool, always has been. She of a dowdy appearance on par with a ‘char’ worshipping at the altar of political correctness and blind stupidity about Islam.

Returning to the article above:

“Far-right National Front party leader Marine Le Pen issued a call for “urgent action” on Saturday, saying, “Islamist fundamentalism must be annihilated, France must ban Islamist organizations, close radical mosques and expel foreigners who preach hatred in our country as well as illegal migrants who have nothing to do here.”

“It is absolutely necessary that France regains control of its borders,” she said – a message likely to resonate with French voters worried over the recent massive influx of Muslim migrants. In a little-noticed story from a German newspaper, Bavaria’s state premier Horst Seehofer told a party conference there was “reason to believe” that a 51-year-old man arrested last week with several weapons in southern Germany was linked to the Paris attack.”

Naturally talk of stopping ISIS, Satan’s Soldiers, has cranked up again. I would ask where was Germany, Britain and France in 2014 when ISIS went on the rampage against innocents, the Yazidi people?

ISIS’s ideology of rape

“There is a scene early in Rukmini Callimachi’s deeply reported New York Times story on ISIS’s “theology of rape” in which an ISIS fighter binds, gags, and violently rapes a sobbing 12-year-old child. Even after a year of reading about one ISIS atrocity after another, this was a special kind of horror that left my palms clammy and my stomach lurching. I suspect I was not alone.

“What Callimachi describes is a vast infrastructure of sexual violence and slavery. Victim after victim told her of being kidnapped, enslaved, and sold by ISIS, always for the express purpose of religiously sanctioned rape:

“Every time that he came to rape me, he would pray,” said F, a 15-year-old girl who was captured on the shoulder of Mount Sinjar one year ago and was sold to an Iraqi fighter in his 20s. Like some others interviewed by The New York Times, she wanted to be identified only by her first initial because of the shame associated with rape. “He kept telling me this is ibadah,” she said, using a term from Islamic scripture meaning worship.

“ISIS’s systematic enslavement and rape of Yazidi women, Callimachi reports, now has not just a theological justification but “a persistent infrastructure,” as well. That includes “a network of warehouses where the victims are held, viewing rooms where they are inspected and marketed, and a dedicated fleet of buses used to transport them.”

I would remind everyone ISIS is in the back yard of Germany, Britain and France; go look at this map. Those three countries all have major military capability, not to mention nearby Russia. As soon as ISIS stuck its grotesque head up and showed the world what they were doing, those countries should have gone and sent them to Hell where they belong. An all out massive bombing day in and day out based on intelligence on the ground and from satellites until they were wiped out like the foul vermin they are. No, instead, it’s ‘tolerance’ of ‘moderate’ Muslims while making little whimpering noises at such violence taking place in Iraq.

Iraq, the land George Bush, Jr., was going to liberate.

Giving Thanks Today For War, Killing, Destruction, Murder

“Iraq was destined to be picked off a long time ago. The way to do it was to convince the American people Iraq was a threat to America and when that didn’t work, resort to justifying invasion as a “war of liberation.”

“March 20, 2004: President justifies U.S. war of ‘liberation.’ “There are still violent thugs and murderers in Iraq, and we’re dealing with them,” Bush said. “But no one can argue that the Iraqi people would be better off with the thugs and murderers back in the palaces. Who would prefer that Saddam’s torture chambers still be open? Who would wish that more mass graves were still being filled? Who would begrudge the Iraqi people their long- awaited liberation?”

“Really? 5.1 MILLION Iraq’s are now displaced in their own country or are refugees abroad. Estimates are more than one million dead since the yippy-kay-yay cowboy, George Bush, Jr., decided to invade that country. Recall the vomit spewed by former SOS, Mad Madeleine Albright during a 60 Minute interview with Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: “We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?”

“Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.” Somehow I doubt the parents of those children think it was worth it. The people of Iraq and Afghanistan don’t hate us because of our freedom, they hate us for invading their countries and the wholesale slaughter of men, women and children who have nothing to do with foreign policy or terrorism.

“Long awaited liberation,” Mr. Bush? After killing a million or more human beings and destroying their countries, the US has liberated their population? Let me provide a bit of history here: Seven times the U.S. government has engaged in unconstitutional nation building – Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, East Timor and Liberia. EVERY time it’s been a monumental failure just as Iraq and Afghanistan will be down the road. The U.S. Constitution does not authorize Congress to steal from the people’s treasury to reconstruct or rebuild any foreign country.

From author Jeri Lynn Ball, a superb writer and thorough researcher who wrote long ago:

“In Stalin’s Russia, notes Mikhail Heller, enemies were blamed for everything; they were used to justify the invasion of Czechoslovakia (1968), the invasion of Afghanistan in 1980, and so on. The Soviet Communists were thus able to manipulate Soviet citizens into supporting government hunts for “terrorists,” “traitors,” and spies, for “liberation wars” for humanity.

“Using Marxist-Leninist strategies, the Russian, Chinese, and U.S. ruling elites have sought to frighten Americans and other populations with the specter of ruthless mass terror. They have created enemies and blamed them for everything including terrorist acts. They have used them …to manipulate Americans into supporting government hunts for “traitors,” “terrorists,” and these never ending “wars of national liberation.” Their aim is to manipulate whole populations into supporting “wars of national liberation” and achieving not only the Sovietization of “liberated” underdeveloped countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, but also the full altruization and Sovietization of the United States and other Western nations.”

“Our government created and groomed “terrorists” like Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. When the time came, “our” government turned the tables and went after them with the might of our military while feeding the masses reprehensible lie after lie after lie.”

A most outstanding piece, which is normal for the very gifted writer and thinker, Mark Steyn, laid it all out: The Barbarians Are Inside, And There Are No Gates

“Visiting the Bataclan, M Hollande declared that “nous allons mener le combat, il sera impitoyable”: We are going to wage a war that will be pitiless.

“Does he mean it? Or is he just killing time until Obama and Cameron and Merkel and Justin Trudeau and Malcolm Turnbull fly in and they can all get back to talking about sea levels in the Maldives in the 22nd century? By which time France and Germany and Belgium and Austria and the Netherlands will have been long washed away. Among his other coy evasions, President Obama described tonight’s events as “an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share”.

“But that’s not true, is it? He’s right that it’s an attack not just on Paris or France. What it is an attack on the west, on the civilization that built the modern world – an attack on one portion of “humanity” by those who claim to speak for another portion of “humanity”. And these are not “universal values” but values that spring from a relatively narrow segment of humanity. They were kinda sorta “universal” when the great powers were willing to enforce them around the world and the colonial subjects of ramshackle backwaters such as Aden, Sudan and the North-West Frontier Province were at least obliged to pay lip service to them. But the European empires retreated from the world, and those “universal values” are utterly alien to large parts of the map today.

“And then Europe decided to invite millions of Muslims to settle in their countries. Most of those people don’t want to participate actively in bringing about the death of diners and concertgoers and soccer fans, but at a certain level most of them either wish or are indifferent to the death of the societies in which they live – modern, pluralist, western societies and those “universal values” of which Barack Obama bleats. So, if you are either an active ISIS recruit or just a guy who’s been fired up by social media, you have a very large comfort zone in which to swim, and which the authorities find almost impossible to penetrate.

“And all Chancellor Merkel and the EU want to do is make that large comfort zone even larger by letting millions more “Syrian” “refugees” walk into the Continent and settle wherever they want. As I wrote after the Copenhagen attacks in February:” (Do read the rest)

Now we come around to home here in the U.S. What did I say in my column, States MUST refuse to take any more refugees, September 21, 2015, citing an article by Seumas Milne, “What’s clear is that Isis and its monstrosities won’t be defeated by the same powers that brought it to Iraq and Syria in the first place, or whose open and covert war-making has fostered it in the years since. Endless western military interventions in the Middle East have brought only destruction and division. It’s the people of the region who can cure this disease – not those who incubated the virus.”

One can only pray France, Germany, Great Britain join with Russia and go after Satan’s Soldiers with every bit of firepower they possess. Our military fired a rocket from a drone last week after months of planning and watching which took out ‘Jihadi John’, a ruthless murderer who has now gone to Hell where he belongs for eternity. Those countries have the capability and they should begin to eradicate the cancer now.

I also said in my column: “Unless we the people stand up and demand our states refuse those refugees don’t start crying about your next tax bill or when a football stadium, mall or big hospital is blown to smithereens.” There is good news on that front which you should let your mayor, city council, your state rep and senator and governor know:

U.S. state draws line in sand against Islamization, November 12, 2015, WND

“A third South Carolina county has barred the door to any Third World refugees being resettled in their community, and at least two others are considering the same move. The Berkeley County Council unanimously passed a resolution Monday that bars any refugee funds from flowing into that county. The resolution calls for “all South Carolina public officials to immediately cease and desist” from helping to resettle Middle Eastern refugees anywhere in the state until the legislature can act on the issue and pass legislation reflecting the will of the people.”

“Anderson and Pickens counties already passed similar resolutions. Two more counties – Greenville and York – are expected to vote soon on similar resolutions. South Carolina is the only state that gives local governments the option of rejecting, not necessarily the refugees, but the state and federal tax dollars that flow to their aid when they are resettled in a city.”

Gov. Nikki Haley in the article above says she trusts the vetting of refugees pouring into her state. Another damn fool in a skirt just like Merkel. The criminal impostor in the White House has managed to get 500,000 Muslims into this country since he usurped the office of president. Thousands of Syrian and Afghani refugees are flooding cities across this country because of our foreign policies. Not only are stupid politicians like Haley taking a chance terrorists are among those refugees – like one of them in Paris and who knows about the others – those hordes are going on federal welfare (unconstitutional) which you and I will be raped in taxes to pay for. It’s not just young, healthy males between the ages of 18 – 30. One of those terrorists in Paris was a female.

Predictably, the anti-gun extremists were ready with their thread worn shout-outs. However, Presidential hopeful Donald Trump had the right response: Unarmed people are sitting ducks. An armed population defend themselves.

There is bad trouble brewing in this country. Yes, we are heavily armed, but not organized. How anyone can deny at this point there are terrorist cells in this country? The ones who are so brain washed they can’t see the barrel of a gun pointed right at them. But, make no mistake: Paris is coming to American cities and when it happens, the same thing we saw in Paris we will see here unless state legislatures man up and reconstitute the constitutional militia.

For those ignorant charlatans in the ‘mainstream’ media and cable news networks who routinely either dismiss the word militia as something akin to malaria, you people are a major part of the problem. Not only do you have zero understanding of the Second Amendment, you also have zero understanding of warfare. But, what can one expect from a bunch of sissies who sit around with their latte’s and laptops?

We constantly hear gutless weenie politicians and media slugs say Americans don’t need semi-automatic weapons. Really? What did those murderers in Paris use to mow down 87 people inside that concert hall? AK-47 Kalashnikov-series assault rifles. What do you think a couple of them could do inside the National Cathedral Christmas eve or inside an airport the day before Thanksgiving? TSA is useless. Airport security should be turned over to the private sector and we’ll see how cowardly terrorists fare up against retired military or law enforcement on duty.

I firmly believe one of the reasons we haven’t seen more hits on ‘soft’ targets here in the U.S. is because we’re armed. But, a few of those killers in Paris blew themselves up believing they were going to Allah’s heaven to be with 72 virgins or some other such crap. There’s not enough police, sheriffs or other law enforcement in any one place to either stop Muslim killers or at least minimize the killing by killing them. You don’t do that with a .22 pea shooter.

Now, either we get serious about defending our own or, tragically, like all those who died in Paris, we’re sitting ducks. Just like the shooting in October 2015 at Umpqua Community College in Oregon where nine Americans lost their lives.

There is a difference between militias operating in this country and the constitutional militia as mandated IN the Second Amendment. I have covered this in many columns as has Dr. Edwin Vieira since 2005. So far only one state, Arizona, passed a state militia bill that was signed into law. While it is sorely lacking, I highly advise Arizona to put the infrastructure into place and provide the funding to activate trained militia under state guidelines.

I have said so many times and I’ll say it again: Militia groups operating in this country are doing a great job training to be prepared for natural disasters like Katrina and tornadoes that wipe out whole towns. But, they have no legal authority behind them and therein lies the problem. All those existing militia will be of great value once a state reconstitutes the constitutional militia – before Americans by the hundreds are mowed down like what happened in France.

Where do you begin?

I put a few of Dr. Edwin Vieira’s very precise historical and legal columns regarding the Second Amendment and the constitutional militia on a CD. You can download it to some electronic gadget or listen to it as you sit in commute traffic, around town or long haul truckers as they bring food and goods to our stores or at home. Do as I did several years ago and give a copy to your county sheriff.

When I first put out that CD, I shipped (for a grand total of $2 bux each) 18,000 of them across this country. There was no money made; I did it to help Americans understand the issue as I did not until I began reading Edwin’s thoroughly researched columns and books.

I don’t know how many times that CD has been downloaded, but now it’s time for you to help get the truth out to our fellow Americans. Top of the list is your state rep, senator and governor. Okay, we know the reality of states like California, New York and others who are too damn stupid to understand how to save themselves much less their citizens. But, it still doesn’t hurt to get a copy to state reps and senators in your legislature that profess to be supporters of the Second Amendment. Like all our other battles, it takes boots on the ground and educating anyone who is interested in saving our country and either stopping or minimizing the next terrorist attack because there will be one, mark my words. We’re dealing with zealots who have no regard whatsoever for human life.

Read this very important 3-part series so you know: True vs. False Militia and Why The Difference Matters

And, third, take the time to also read (hey – do it at lunch time or on the weekend when the weather is howling out there) two books. One is slightly over 100 pages: Thirteen Words. “Dr. Vieira has managed to break the Second Amendment down to its bare minimum. As Dr. Vieira has stated, if one cannot bother to read, and understand thirteen words, there is little hope for saving our republic. Fortunately, the good doctor makes it easy to understand the historic background of this Amendment. Moreover, he manages to illuminate the importance of the entire Constitution, Bill of Rights, and even the basis for these documents as provided by the great Declaration. This is a great work in a small package.”

Another reviewer wrote: “Through the years we have been fooled by miseducation into not understanding the Second Amendment. This book makes it clear just how important the militia is. Without the militia we cannot be free.” How very true.

The second book is a bit longer, but vitally important: Constitutional Homeland Security : The Nation in Arms. “Homeland security” is the most serious issue challenging Americans today. How they deal with this problem will determine whether the United States will preserve individual liberty and economic prosperity, or degenerate into a centralized bureaucratic police state. This book explains why “the Militia of the several States” are the only establishments the Constitution explicitly empowers to provide the crucial elements of homeland security. And it describes the practical steps Americans should take to revitalize the constitutional Militia in each of the States.”

Do we wait until after Paris comes to American cities or do we act now?

Do we send a clear message to terrorists already here in the U.S. they will die first?

Do we send a clear message to scum coming out of the Middle East or do we sit back and hope “it doesn’t happen here”?

Open Range is an excellent film with a message: A man has the right to protect what’s his which is why the media hated it. At one hour eight minutes into the film, Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall are talking with a man in the saloon. He tells Costner and Duvall how one big bad ass land owner owns the sheriff and has terrorized the entire town. The man talking with Costner says it’s a shame what their town has come to. Costner says they can do something about it. The man responds with what can they do, after all, he’s just a freighter? Costner replies: You’re men, ain’t you? The man replies he didn’t raise his sons just to get killed. Costner then replies: You may not know this, but there are things that gnaw on a man worse than dying.

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[Just a short note about 9/11. The cost of America’s undeclared “war” (invasion) in Afghanistan has now reached $1 trillion borrowed dollars – massive debt heaped on us all based on what happened on 9/11. Regular readers of my column know I continue to press for the truth about the events of 9/11. Military grade nanothermite is not a conspiracy theory. It was found and tested from the rubble at the twin towers. A new, powerful film has been released: The Anatomy of a Great Deception. For full disclosure I receive no compensation, but I want you to get a copy (or a few) and share it with others or give a copy as a present. I’ve purchased half a dozen copies and given them to individuals I believe seek the truth. It’s very powerful simply because it’s one ‘ordinary’ man’s story who ask a simple question that led him to a not so simple journey. There is factual information in this film that many have never heard about but everyone should. Just a suggestion, order more than one and give one to a friend. Also, must see video on the dangers of Smart  on your home, titled: Take Back Your Power.]

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