New York City Skyline 1956 Easter

Of course if they tried this today, there’d be a huge uproar…how Sad

NY skyline 1956

7 responses to “New York City Skyline 1956 Easter

  1. WOW. That scene breaks my heart. How fast and great the fall. Indeed, “How sad”.

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  2. Me too, Im 65. But I don’t think I understood or appreciated what we had back then.

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  3. I think we thought it would always be like it was…and now we have such a totally different society…how absolutely sad.

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  4. The delicate balance between nationalism, religion and economic systems has been chipped away by the communists/progressives.
    It seems impossible that communists and Muslims and LGBTs (etc) could form an alliance to overthrow our Republic, but each of these factions is using one another now to gain traction because they think they are smarter than the others and will ultimately prevail.
    The public is too drugged to catch on.

    It has to be:

    To the Republic for which it stands: one nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all.

    It is a dynamic balance being overseen by voters and patriotic representatives in government. Uniquely American, and feared and hated by our enemies.
    Fascists, Communists, Socialists? Whatever you want to call them.
    It looks like ‘We The People” are going to get screwed once again this election cycle, with no recourse available.

    Maybe it’s propaganda, but I’ve been sold on the idea that a third party would mean a guaranteed establishment victory.

    These NWO order guys are throwing money and lies into this election, and have been working this plan for a long time,
    they each have a piece of the pie set aside for themselves.

    Few recognize it nor have the ability to mount an opposition.

    But one might

    Go Trump

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  5. You know, MeThe People, I frequently encounter people who deny NWO conspiracy based on the logical premise of the tremendous difficulty of coordinating disconnected “alliances” (communists, muslims, etc.). And they are correct in their logic from a secular humanist point of view. “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom” and without it, it is impossible to detect the satanic evil deception that is played out in human form— and that includes Church leadership as well as politicians.

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  6. Bill, just show them that pic. You know a thousand words and all…

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