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Imran Awan’s Sweet Plea Deal


What You Need To Know About SYSTEMATIC CONTROL And SCHOOLING In America

Please Watch ~ “U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World must be Extermination” Pt. 1,2 and 3

Watch: Accused Groper Al Franken Announces Resignation

Liberal politician falls victim to sexual predator purge

Minnesota Senator Al Franken announced Thursday he would step down in the coming weeks.

“Minnesotans deserve a senator who can focus with all her energy on addressing the issues they face every day,” the embattled actor-turned-politician said.

“I know in my heart that nothing I have done as a senator, nothing, has brought dishonor on this institution,” Franken added.

“I know there’s been a very different picture of me painted through the last few weeks, but I know who I really am,” he stated.

“Some of the allegations aren’t true. Others I remember differently.”

Franken also used the moment as an opportunity to take a swipe at President Trump and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore: “I of all people am aware that there is some irony in the fact I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape of his history of sexual assault is in the Oval Office, and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls has the full support of his party.”

In the past week, Franken was under immense pressure by over twenty members of his own party to resign after several accusers alleged Franken acted inappropriately.

Former Playboy model Leeann Tweeden was the first to accuse Franken of sexual misconduct, in addition to releasing a damning photo of the lawmaker groping her as she slept during a 2006 USO tour.

Last week, Franken held a press conference where he announced he would not step down despite new accusers coming forward.

Just yesterday, Franken also denied reports he was planning to announce his resignation today.

MPR News


Sen. Al Franken is preparing to resign amid a cascade of calls from fellow Democrats and other political allies to leave office in response to multiple allegations of sexual harassment 

Not accurate, @mpr@Stowydad. No final decision has been made and the Senator is still talking with his family. Please update your story.

Climate Change, The New Form Of Totalitarianism

The new green left (environmentalist) propaganda reminds me of the old red left (communist) propaganda. The dirty word is now carbon rather than capitalism. The game is simply to intrude and control everything. Vincent U. Muirhead, professor emeritus of aerospace engineering, researched gas dynamics, University of Kansas

Environmentalist Propaganda, Same as Old Red Communist Propaganda






First global warming, then climate change, both are truly a stinking lie, a hoax, and worse than that, it’s criminal.  Is the climate changing? Of course. The climate always has changed and always will.

Is the earth getting warmer? We should hope so for at least two reasons: First, the world emerged from the Little Ice Age in the 19th century, so it would be worrisome if it weren’t getting warmer.  Second, all the history indicates that humans thrive more during warmer cyclical periods than colder ones.

In the early 1970s, the NYTs said every major climate organization endorsed the ice age scare, including NCAR, CRU, NAS, NASA – as did the CIA, and it was because of atmospheric carbon dioxide and aerosols.  Popular Science magazine was warning that an ice age was coming!  Right, and now we have cycled to a warmer climate, and they’re telling us it’s all man made.

It is likely that earth has warmed less than many official temperature records indicate.  The most accurate measures of temperature come from satellites. Since the start of these measurements in 1979, they show minor fluctuations and an insignificant net change in global temperature.

Even if the always-wrong climate change computer models turned out to be right in this case, we are talking about spending trillions of dollars, and sacrificing millions of jobs, to reduce the average global temperature in the year 2100 by 0.17 degrees. Sacrifices that would force many Americans into Third World standards of living would contribute 0.015 degrees to that total reduction.

And thanks to common core, our educational system from kindergarten on is brainwashing our children into believing humans are the cause of climate change and that they must save the planet by using less of everything, especially energy.

Obvious Elitist Lies

Yet the world’s elites use everything at their disposal.  Bill Gates is “deeply troubled” by Trump’s withdrawal decision as he flies his huge $52 million Global Express super plane. Think about his carbon footprint all over the skies.

Leonardo de Caprio said, “Trump threatened the livability of our planet” as he flew on a private jet 4000 miles from Cannes, France to New York to accept a Global Climate Award – and then flew back to Cannes again on this private plane, saying Trump’s decision was an “historic mistake.”   And think about the Obamas!

It’s do as I say, not as I do.  This is the ugly truth about what potentially could be the crime of the century.

The Fallacy of Climate Change

Back in the 1970s, I was quite familiar with weatherman John Coleman as he was our favorite weatherman in the Chicago area.  He has long stood against the fraudulent science of Climate Change.  John Coleman said, “A majority of American citizens are now becoming skeptical of the claim that our carbon footprints, resulting from our use of fossil fuels, are going to lead to climatic calamities.”

There are no signs of global warming, or of any climate change other than God’s natural cyclical changes that we’ve gone through since the beginning of time.

It turns out that the government has been manipulating climate computer models. This means that the American taxpayers are being charged $4.7 billion a year in taxes that are being used to fund organizations that carry out meaningless studies based on bad science. Basically, the American people are paying fake scientists to lie to them.  Coleman exposes the lie, and he tweets and emails those promoting it.

My grandparents owned a dairy farm, and when I was a child in the 1950s I remember asking grandpa why Pine Lake was so high with water. He explained to me that if I lived long enough, I’d see the cycles of weather go from hot to cold, wet to dry and back again, because that’s the way God made the earth.

Trump’s Paris Accord Exit

The United States has joined Nicaragua and Syria as one of only three countries in the world to stand apart from the destructive global pact, signed last year, while 195 other nations have signed onto this insanity.

Senior White House adviser Steve Bannon and Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt argued against staying in the Paris agreement, the successor to the Kyoto Protocol. White House advisers Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and Economic Advisor Gary Cohn, argue that the United States should remain in the Paris agreement.

Over forty conservative groups urged the President to withdraw.  “The treaty is based on the idea that from now on developed nations like the U.S. must live with less and pay more. That is not the American way,” said Thomas Pyle, president of the American Energy Alliance and former head of Trump’s DOE transition team. “President Trump’s ‘America First’ energy plan is about making energy more affordable and giving Americans more say over their energy choices. The Paris treaty stands in the way of achieving that goal.” ​

Trump said the agreement as a “bad deal” and an effort to “redistribute wealth” from America to the rest of the world, and the Paris deal allows countries such as China and India to carry on polluting at the expense of the US economy and jobs.  He’s spot on!

Death and Taxes

The Climate change aficionados believe in population engineering, the intentional manipulation of human population size and structure to limit carbon footprints.  God says “Choose Life,” but these godless manipulators are telling us that by merely being alive, we are harming the earth, all of which also plays into the UN Agenda 21.  Those who believe we need the Paris Accord could help us out by volunteering to end their lives, and saving Mother Earth!

The redistribution of wealth occurs with higher prices on all goods and services, but especially on energy.  The increased taxes end up in several pockets, first the pockets of our politicians, then the pockets of the United Nations, and then the pockets of third world country dictators.  This is the scam, bleed the American people dry, bring us down to third world country levels and make the corrupt politicians and hucksters even more wealthy.  Our economy would be totally and irrevocably destroyed.

Think of the power that governments would have if they controlled energy consumption, just like healthcare.  By controlling energy, you control people. No wonder governments have spent tens of billions of dollars promoting this scenario and supporting political panels like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to disseminate the desired false “findings.”

Who would lose if governments gain the power to order a significant reduction in CO2 emissions? Around the world, millions of people at the margins of survival would die, it would be a worldwide holocaust. Millions of others would suffer unnecessary impoverishment and deprivation. Even in wealthier countries, people who are affluent enough to afford the monetary costs could find their lives heavily regimented by government bureaucrats monitoring and limiting how many miles they may travel and what activities they may undertake.  This is the goal with a totalitarian regime.








Politicians Committed to Paris Accord

Michael Bloomberg, Democratic socialist former mayor of New York, is coordinating a group of politicians, academics and businesses that is committed to the Paris Accord despite President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement. He is not the only one. So far, the group includes 30 mayors, three governors, more than 80 university presidents, and more than 100 businesses.  [Link]

Pittsburgh, PA, counting on Trump’s revival of coal mining, has a mayor who is the antithesis of freedom. Devvy Kidd’s article explains this fool well. Bill Peduto says his city of Pittsburgh will still follow the Paris Accord. Pittsburgh needs jobs, including coal mining, but Peduto will eliminate even more.

Well, that’s nice, and so special of these leftists, but how will they carry out their donations to the United Nations? And just how will the citizens living in these cities feel about being bled to death for the UN and corrupt political leaders?








Cyclical Climate Changes Confirmed

Receding Swiss glaciers inconveniently revealed 4000-year-old forests – and made it clear that glacier retreat and reforming is nothing new. Dr. Christian Schlüchter’s discovery of 4,000-year-old chunks of wood at the leading edge of a Swiss glacier didn’t make the global warming doom and gloomers very happy. Schlüchter has a distinguished reputation as a giant in the field of geology and paleoclimatology who has authored/coauthored more than 250 papers and is a professor emeritus at the University of Bern in Switzerland.

He made himself even more unpopular thanks to an interview titled “Our Society is Fundamentally Dishonest” which appeared in the Swiss publication Der Bund where he criticized the U.N.-dominated institutional climate science hierarchy for extreme tunnel vision and political contamination.

More Evidence

Other evidence exists that there is really nothing new about dramatic glacier advances and retreats. In fact, the Alps were nearly glacier-free again about 2,000 years ago. Schlüchter points out that, “the forest line was much higher than it is today; there were hardly any glaciers. Nowhere in the detailed travel accounts from Roman times are glaciers mentioned.”

Schlüchter criticizes his critics for focusing on a time period which is “indeed too short.” His studies and analyses of a Rhone glacier area reveal that “the rock surface had [previously] been ice-free 5,800 of the last 10,000 years.”

National Geographic tells of retreating ice in the Alps that shed new light on a high-altitude battle in World War I.  Countless other archaeological discoveries have been made as glaciers melt after hundreds of years, and areas will eventually freeze again.

In 2014, there was a return of the Arctic ice cap as it grew by 29% in a year with “global cooling.”  The BBC reported in 2007 that global warming would leave the Arctic ice-free in summer by 2013.  But there were 533,000 more square miles of ocean covered with ice than in 2012.  Link  Wrong again!  Physical evidence proves the fundamental dishonesty of climate change propaganda.

James Spann, American Meteorological Society-certified meteorologist, “Billions of dollars of grant money (over $50 billion) are flowing into the pockets of those on the man-made global warming bandwagon. No man-made global warming, the money dries up. This is big money, make no mistake about it. Always follow the money trail and it tells a story.”


Initially this article was to be on whether or not we are really out of the Paris Accord with the President’s withdrawal, but some background on the massive lie of Climate Change needed to be exposed.  The Paris Accord is not a treaty by Constitutional standards, but then we haven’t yet discussed the monstrous Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties signed by President Nixon in 1970.  Stay tuned.

Monsanto’s address should be : “Murder, INC.”

* Note Taken from Health Sciences Institute e-Alert – Jenny Thompson 11/23/16

Dear Reader,

Quietly — almost secretly — right after Election Day, the EPA gave its blessings to a dangerous weed-killer made by Monsanto.

Environmental groups have been up in arms since word first leaked out about this newly approved poison. And farmers, scientists and experts all over the country had been hoping the EPA wouldn’t cave in to Monsanto and approve it.

But while we were all looking elsewhere, it did just that.

Too big to ban

The approval of Monsanto’s XtendiMax marked a new low at the EPA.

Its active ingredient, dicamba, was approved way back in 1967. And during practically half a century since then, what we’ve learned about dicamba tells us that it should be taken off the market – not given the green light to be used in a new formula.

Dicamba kills weeds by causing uncontrolled cell division and growth in them — so it should come as no surprise that it’s been found to cause cancer. In a study done over 15 years ago, cases of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma were found to be “significantly increased” in men exposed to dicamba. And even scarier, scientists have linked it to serious birth defects.

XtendiMax isn’t mixed into soil to get rid of weeds. It’s called an “over-the-top” herbicide that’s sprayed right on plants like soy and cotton while they’re growing. It doesn’t kill them, because they’re also new genetically-modified ones from Monsanto!

And wait until you hear this little tidbit: Monsanto went ahead and started selling its GMO seeds that go along with XtendiMax way before the EPA approved the herbicide. So Monsanto must have known the approval was in the bag.

The chemical has already caused so much hostility and problems among growers that one farmer in Arkansas was shot and killed during a dispute when dicamba drifted over to a non-GMO field of crops.

A peach farmer in Missouri said that we “need to go after Monsanto,” as it’s hanging farmers “out to dry.” That, however, is easier said than done.

Monsanto has been fighting off lawsuits of all kinds for decades now. It’s got plenty of money and stables full of lawyers who use every trick in the book if anyone tries to hold it responsible for its actions.

And dicamba use is only going to get worse. It’s predicted to jump from under one million pounds to well over 25 million a year. And that’s just on soy and cotton!

The head of the Center for Food Safety called it a return to “the dark days of heavy, indiscriminate use of hazardous pesticides.”

And that puts our kids in the biggest jeopardy — especially if they go to school or play in areas with nearby farms that use this herbicide. While we have “tobacco-free zones” around schools, there’s no official “spray-free zones.”

XtendiMax may be a done deal as far as our so-called federal watchdogs are concerned, but there are still three important things you can do to keep yourself and your family as safe as possible:

#1: If you live in a rural area, do some investigating to see where the nearest farms are to your child’s school, athletic fields and playgrounds. Remember, this chemical doesn’t just stay put, but can drift into neighboring areas. Contact your local school board and legislators to demand buffer zones around local schools.

#2: Stop buying food products that contain soy unless it’s organic or has the “Non-GMO Project Verified” label.

#3: While we don’t eat cotton, we do have to watch out for cottonseed oil, which is used in all kinds of foods, especially nuts. For example, instead of buying peanuts cooked in cottonseed oil, get ones roasted in the shell.

XtendiMax won’t be going away anytime soon. So once again, keeping ourselves and our family safe is in our own hands.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson

“EPA approval of Monsanto’s dicamba will ‘massively increase use of toxic pesticides’ on GMO crops” Lorraine Chow, November 11, 2016, Nation of Change,

America’s Future Under Hillary: Muslim Migrants Destroy Paris in Shock Videos

Paris turns into bloodbath as migrants fight on sidewalks and playgrounds

A turf war between Muslim migrants has erupted in Paris, France, turning once bustling tourist attractions into violent ghettos.

Violent groups of migrants are swinging at each other with makeshift bats and other melee weapons in a battle for the most lucrative public areas to set up makeshift camps.

The situation in Paris is so bad that even the New York Times, which is favorable to unchecked migration, is now reporting on the Muslim tent cities taking over affluent neighborhood streets.

Many of these migrants aren’t even from war zones in Syria; they are largely Africans and Afghans taking advantage of the nearly unlimited welfare Western countries give to illegal immigrants.

And what you saw in the videos could happen soon in America, especially if Hillary Clinton enters the White House.

The Obama administration has already accepted over 13,000 Muslim migrants in 2016, an increase of 675% from the previous year.

Clinton has already endorsed Obama’s immigration policies – and even suggested increasing immigration from Middle Eastern war zones, despite ISIS already admitting it was taking advantage of the situation to sneak into the West to launch attacks.

On the other hand, Russian president Vladimir Putin warned that the West has “no future” if they continue catering to these migrants.

“It doesn’t fit into my head what on earth they’re thinking over there,” he said. “This is the result of the dilution of national values.”

“I can’t even explain the rationale – is it a sense of guilt before the migrants? What’s going on? It’s not clear.”

“But a society that cannot defend its children today has no tomorrow, it has no future,” Putin added, referring to the recent rape of a 10-year-old Austrian boy by an Iraqi migrant.

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Alex Jones Is Wrong, Obamacare Is Awesome! – Healthcare prices continue to skyrocket in ObamaCare swindle!

Alex Jones Is Wrong, Obamacare Is Awesome!

Healthcare prices continue to skyrocket in ObamaCare swindle

Years after the so-called Affordable Care Act was passed into law, Americans more than ever are waking up to the disastrous ObamaCare con job.

Despite the countless promises of “keeping your doctor” and only paying prices similar to a “cell phone bill,” each new headline regarding the healthcare act reveals just how much taxpayers are being screwed over.

Just last month it was revealed that “Minnesota will let the health insurers in its Obamacare market raise rates by at least 50 percent next year, after the individual market there came to the brink of collapse…”

Similar situations can be found all across the country as states buckle under the pressure.


Green Gestapo Says You’re Mentally Ill If You Question Climate Change

Any opposition to the party line constitutes “culpable insanity”

Dr. Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama at Huntsville annoyed the climate-extremist establishment a couple of years ago by describing them as “climate Nazis.”

Recently several of these creatures wrote a supposedly “learned” paper in an obscure journal, saying that anyone who, like Roy and me, raises legitimate questions about the magnitude of Man’s influence on climate or the disproportionate cost of making largely non-existent global warming go away, must be suffering from a psychiatric disorder.

These climate Nazis said that those who dare to question the Party Line on the weather should be regarded as suffering from “identity-protective cognition” and “conspiracist ideation.” I was among those they named.

In Communist Russia, before its defeat at the hands of the triumvirate of liberty – Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II – opponents of the regime whom the dictators had not executed were instead flung into psychiatric institutions, on the ludicrous ground that any opposition to the Party Line constituted culpable insanity.

The intellectual pygmies who are the inheritors of the dictators, conveniently forgetting the 250 million people whom communist and fascist socialism sent to their deaths in the 20th century, are now whining that we who have exposed their climate scam should be locked away in state psychiatric prisons, there to be “re-educated” to cure us of the wicked notion that science, not politics, is the way to determine the magnitude (if any) and cost (if any) of the climate problem (if any).

Well, I’ve had enough. I’ve written to the editor of the obscure journal, to the president of the editor’s university and to the presidents of the universities that provide nests for two of the paper’s authors, to warn them that in Europe, to ensure that the arrogant and un-self-critical totalitarianism that killed so many in the last century will kill none in this, we now have hate-speech laws that make the publication of the offending paper falsely accusing us of lunacy an imprisonable criminal offense.

One of the co-authors, one Cook, recently appointed to a third-rank university in the United States, falsely stated in an earlier paper that 97% of climate scientists had said recent global warming was mostly man-made, when his own records – now in the hands of the fraud police – show he knew the true figure was not 97% but 0.5%.

Lest you should think that my comparing these wretches with the totalitarians of old is unjust, I have obtained a picture of Cook dressed up in his favorite uniform, a parody of a Nazi SS uniform. The photograph bears the self-describing caption Reichsführer-SS J. Cook:


I have sent copies of this photograph to the president of Cook’s new “university,” together with a request that I should be permitted to set straight the crooked record of poisonous and criminal hate-speech that Cook and his ghastly co-authors have published to my detriment.

Watch this space!

Footnote: My recent speech to the London climate conference exposing a huge error at the heart of the climate models – an error without which no one will ever worry about our effect on the climate – is causing major concern among the ranks of the ungodly. It’s unusual for a mathematical presentation to gather 10,000 hits in a week, but it’s happened. If you haven’t seen it yet:

Don’t miss the speech that makes the climate Nazis squirm.

If you like Classical music, you’ll enjoy a recording of the piece I played onstage in the conference hall during the closing-night party. It’s Schubert’s Sechs Ecossaisen der Ehemaligen, six little Scottish dances played as an oran talaidh or lullaby in the dreamy Highland style. If baby won’t sleep, play this resonant recording and all will be well. Enjoy!

Just click to listen: Lord Monckton Plays Schubert

Lord Christopher Monckton is a well-known journalist, public speaker, UKIP activist and “global warming” skeptic who also invented the mathematical puzzle Eternity. You can find him at the Lord Monckton Foundation.



The Facts Don’t Matter To Black Lives Matter

Rioters jumping to conclusions and tearing up Charlotte over another shooting

Racist hate group Black Lives Matter is once more ignoring the facts and using a death as a pretext to riot.

Hillary Clinton: Your Kids Belong to the State

It’s the government’s job to raise your children, Clinton implies

The president has the power to “shape our children,” Hillary Clinton said in a controversial tweet that sparked outrage among parents.

Hillary Clinton



We don’t need a president who thinks only married people deserve paid leave and only mothers ever stay home with the kids.

As @FLOTUS said, the choice in this election is about who will have the power to shape our children for the next four years of their lives.

More recently, Black Lives Matter vowed to destroy the nuclear family and replace it with communitarian-style collective parenting.

“We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, and especially ‘our’ children to the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable,” states on its “guiding principles” page.

And the notion that children should worship the president gained momentum during the Obama administration.

For example, school teachers in Las Vegas, Nev., forced students to pledge allegiance to a huge, projected image of the president instead of the U.S. flag.

“Anyone in their right mind will realize that Americans are not supposed to ‘pledge allegiance’ or ‘service’ to a president,” Steve Watson pointed out. “The U.S. Constitution, that piece of paper that Obama clumsily swore to defend and protect, states quite clearly that elected representatives are supposed to act in ‘service’ of the people’s best interests, not the other way around.”

Similarly, when Obama began his presidency, entertainment celebrities pledged their servitude to the president.

“The Presidential Pledge is a platform for people across the nation and throughout the world to make a first person commitment of service to our new President, articulating a specific intent or action to become an agent of positive change,” actor Ashton Kutcher said.

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Ex-French President Questions “Global Warming”

Trump makes it safe for politicians to question “man-made climate change”

Man alone is not responsible for climate change and the world has far bigger problems than “global warming,” said former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

“Climate has been changing for four billion years,” Sarkozy told business leaders at the Institut de l’enterprise on Wednesday. “Sahara has become a desert, it isn’t because of industry.”

“You need to be as arrogant as men are to believe we changed the climate.”

The former president seems to have changed his mind; in 2007 he warned that “we cannot ignore the climate challenge,” but French media reported that he rarely discussed “global warming” while president.

This is the first time he was openly skeptical about “man-made climate change.”

Interestingly, Sarkozy is running again for president amid the extreme backlash against President François Hollande for calling on France to embrace Islam.

Sarkozy’s statement shows the influence Donald Trump already has over world politics; Trump, a skeptic himself, is making it safe for other political candidates to openly question “global warming” pushed by politicians and government-funded scientists.

“Sarkozy… can see the ocean of votes in speaking out against political correctness,” reported JoNova. “He has watched the rise of Marine Le Pen and of Donald Trump.”

“The game has changed.”

It should be no surprise that the largest proponents of “man-made climate change” are in fact globalist politicians who want to eradicate the concept of sovereign nation-states.

Their goal is to scare the world’s population into believing “global warming” is too big of a threat for their country to handle alone and thus it can only be “defeated” through the expansion of the UN and other unelected, global bureaucracies at the expense of their nation’s sovereignty.

In other words, it’s a manufactured problem exaggerated by the government to instigate a public reaction – fear – the government then exploits to offer a predetermined solution: the expansion of government at the public’s expense.

This is simply a strategy known as the Hegelian Dialectic that’s been used by governments for millennia to expand government power at the expense of individual liberties.

But unfortunately for them, it’s no longer as effective.

“Pandering to the global bullies no longer works,” Marco Morano with Climate Depot pointed out. “Once the fear of being called a ‘climate denier’ is gone, there is nothing to stop half of the political divide from a phase change.”

“The Brexit shock spreads.”

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Prominent Author: France Preparing For “Civil War” Against Muslims

Secret plan to “clean up” the country

French authorities are preparing for “civil war” against Muslims in order to “clean up” the country, according to prominent author Éric Zemmour, who claims a high placed government source told him of the plan.

Franco-Algerian Zemmour gave an interview with French radio station RTL during which he revealed details of a program called “Operation Ronces,” developed in coordination with the Israeli Army based on their experiences in Gaza.

The French government has been secretly preparing for a “civil war” against Muslims as a way to “clean up” the country in response to numerous riots and terror attacks in recent years, claims Zemmour, who characterizes the plan as a “new reconquista on their own soil”.

According to Speisa, Zemmour says “his source is high in the French command”.

Zemmour, who was a reporter for Le Figaro and appears as a guest on French current affairs shows, is a controversial figure and a strong opponent of immigration.

Zemmour’s warning is echoed by Patrick Calvar, who is the head of the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI). Calvar told members of a French parliamentary commission earlier this summer that France was “on the brink of civil war”.

As we reported back in July, following the Nice truck attack, Jonathan Miller, who is an elected council member in the French village of Caux, said that the attack had “shaken France to the brink of a terrifying escalation” and that citizens were responding by joining gun clubs.

As we also highlighted last year, French security forces are also preparing for mass civil unrest and radicalized immigrants taking over entire neighborhoods, according to intelligence sources.

Last week, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that new terror attacks in France were inevitable and that 15,000 Islamists who are already living in the country were in the process of being radicalized.

“The American establishment is merciless”

Putin Appointed TV Host: “They May Kill” Donald Trump

“The American establishment is merciless”

Prominent Russian TV host and journalist Dmitry Kisiliov warned that the elite “may kill” Donald Trump because of his desire to build better relations with Moscow.

Kisiliov began his monologue by discussing the latest polls which show Trump edging ahead of Clinton, as well as Trump’s promise that he would “form very, very good relations with Russia” if he becomes president.

“This combination, Trump’s leading in the race, his ability to state things as they are, and his intention to end the recent extreme Russian-American tensions – all this puts him in a very risky situation,” states Kisiliov.

“Now they may just kill him,” the host alarmingly adds.

“The U.S. special (security) services do not need such a president. Those services promote hatred toward Russia in order to justify their existence,” asserts Kisiliov.

“The American oligarchs also do not need such a president. For these oligarchs, the existing world order ensures solid and stable business. For them, a Trump who is ready to settle issues with Russia means that the finances will flow in a different direction.”

“The American establishment is merciless,” concludes Kisiliov.

Kisiliov (alternative spelling Kiselyov) is a controversial but prominent journalist in Russia. He was personally appointed by Russian President Vladimir Putin to head the new official Russian government-owned international news agency Rossiya Segodnya in December 2013.

The idea of Trump being assassinated before he is allowed to take office has become a common theme given the deluge of death threats the New York billionaire receives, threats that prompted him to begin wearing a bullet proof vest at all public events.

The characterization of Trump as a would-be dictator by the some quarters of the leftist media has also emboldened mentally unstable individuals to make threats against Trump’s life.

Back in June, 20-year-old Michael Sandford grabbed a police officer’s gun during a Trump rally in Las Vegas as part of a plot to kill the Republican nominee.

Globalist Vicente Fox Begs Americans to Stop Pro-US Trump

Fox once proposed merging U.S. into Mexico and Canada

Despite Mexico currently building its own border wall, former Mexican President Vicente Fox urged Americans to “wake up” and reject the “false prophet” Donald Trump and US nationalism in general.

“Wake up, America!” Fox said repeatedly during an interview with the Washington Post. “I want to warn people here in the United States to watch out for this false prophet that promised gold, that promised paradise, that promised everything.”

“Sitting in that chair, the presidential chair of the United States, where Abraham Lincoln sat, where Washington sat, President Kennedy, President Reagan, with elegance, with authority, with consideration to everybody in the world — how can this guy sit there.”

The reason why Fox hates Trump is simple: the former president once proposed merging the U.S. into Mexico and Canada.

Fox wanted the U.S. to join Mexico and Canada into a EU-style “North American Union” which would combine all three countries into one regional government using one currency, like the Euro, at the expense of both U.S. national sovereignty and individual rights.

“I proposed a ‘NAFTA Plus’ plan to President Bush and Canada’s Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to move us toward a single continental economic union, modeled on the European example,” he wrote in his autobiography Revolution of Hope. “…At summits I took every opportunity to advocate clearly for free-market policies; showing what sound economics could do to fund social justice; arguing for globalism, NAFTA and the Free Trade Area of the Americas.”

An EU-style North American Union would be easier to implement if the U.S. lacks effective borders, which explains why Fox keeps lashing out against Trump’s brand of nationalism in particular.

Fox also claimed to seek the “convergence of our two economies, convergence on the basic and fundamental variables of the economy, convergence on rates of interest, convergence on income of people, convergence on salaries.”

“Why can’t we be not only partners in the long term, but a North American Union,” he asked during a 2007 interview.

And while Fox stopped short of labeling Trump a racist, despite comparing him to Adolf Hitler in the past, Fox ironically referred to Trump as “the ugly gringo of the 20th century” and a “piñata” with “no brain inside.”

Fox also leveled criticism at current Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto for extending an invitation to Trump to visit Mexico City, but his criticism is hypocritical given that Fox himself had extended the same invitation when he apologized for using vulgar language to assert Mexico would not pay for Trump’s border wall.

“I invite him to come to Mexico and to see what Mexico is all about,” he said.