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Who Said~Our Country Is Safe Because We Accept ZERO Illegals

MUST SEE=> Polish MP Slaps Down Liberal Reporter “Our Country Is Safe Because We Accept ZERO Illegals

Gateway Pundit





Taking Jack Reacher to School

By Jim O’Neill

Once upon a time Jack Reacher was a mensch among men, an uber-mensch.  O how the mighty have fallen.

I recently read a tale of Reacher’s escapades (“Night School”) in which one of the main enemies he confronts consists of a group of “far-right” neo-Nazis.

Jack, Jack, Jack…and to think that I always considered you to be the smartest guy in the room.  To call neo-Nazis far-right is so wrong on so many levels that I hardly know where to begin.  Let’s start with some basics and take it from there.

The traditional Western political spectrum runs from massive centralized government on the extreme left, to increasingly smaller government as you move further right, to no government (anarchy) on the extreme right.

Bigger Government on the Left, Smaller Government on the right.  Bigger Government on the Left, Smaller Government on the Right.  Are we clear so far Reacher — I’m not going too fast?  Good.

We should note in passing that as government increases individual freedom decreases, and vice versa.

Let’s move on to fascism shall we?  Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) is widely credited with founding fascism.  Following are a couple of quotes from him:

For the Fascist, everything is in the State, and nothing human or spiritual exists, much less has value, outside the State.

All within the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State!

Let me Americanize those quotes in order to help elucidate things:

For the Fascist, everything is in the Federal Government, and nothing human or spiritual exists, much less has value, outside the Federal Government.

All within the Federal Government, nothing outside the Federal Government, nothing against the Federal Government!

Pop quiz Reacher: Do the above quotes sound like they come from someone on the left side of the political spectrum (Big Government), or someone on the right side of the political spectrum (Small Government)?  Take your time, I know it’s a real head-scratcher.

Bingo!  You are correct sir, it sounds like something someone from the left side of the political spectrum would say.  Maybe there is hope for you after all.

Fascism is a left-wing ideology all the way.  The “Spanish Civil War” (1936-1939) for example, was a left vs. left turf war – left-wing communism against left-wing fascism.  (Think Shia and Sunni Islam – same basic ideology, differing details, at each other’s throats).

Which brings us to the Nazis – a subset of fascism.  The Nazi political party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei).  Left-wing or right-wing?

Let me give you a hint Reacher – Socialist Workers Party.  Left-wing or right-wing?  Put it all together, come on I know you can do it.  The Nazis were and are a subset of fascism, which as we have seen is a left-wing (Big Government) ideology, and the operative words in the Nazi party label are “Socialist Workers Party” which means that the Nazis are….

Oh you’re close, it’s on the tip of your tongue I can tell.  That’s right!  The Nazis are left wing.  Atta boy, I knew you could do it.

One more teensy hurdle to jump and you’re home free Reacher.  If fascists and Nazis were, are, and always will be left-wing, then neo-Nazis are…?  Left-wing.  Correctamundo my man!  (You are on a roll Reacher.  If it’s not too much trouble I suggest you clue your pal Lee Child in on all this.  It’s what a friend would do).

Don’t feel too bad that you were duped by the Left for so many years – you have LOTS of company.  I did expect you to see through the lies, obfuscation, misdirection and smoke ‘n’ mirrors though.  Ah well, as I say, you have lots of company.

The late Oriana Fallaci – an undeniably bright and astute person – was also fooled by “this Left that gave birth to Mussolini then Hitler.”  Fallaci was an anti-fascist partisan during WW II, and an iconoclastic lifelong leftist.  Late in her life she compared the communists and fascists to two soccer teams that appeared to be in passionate opposition, but behind the scenes were working together hand in glove.

“And there are moments when I curse myself for not having understood it earlier; for having let myself be fooled by the two soccer-teams for so long.  Dammit.”

Oriana Fallaci “The Force of Reason” p.206

Are you with me so far Reacher, is everything copacetic?  Excellent.

Once one understands that fascism in general, and Nazism in particular were, are, and always will be, left-wing ideologies, then the scales drop from your eyes, heavenly choirs rejoice, and “I Saw the Light” will play in stereo surround-sound inside your head.  Well okay, maybe not that dramatic, but many previously muddled and perplexing incongruities will clear up and disappear.

That’s it for today’s lesson Jack.  Perhaps we will get together again and talk about the collusion between globalists and jihadists…you know, the collusion that is intentionally destroying western Europe’s nation statesThat one.  (The “useful idiots” are clueless about all this because, well, they’re idiots.  You are not an idiot are you Reacher?  No?  Good to hear).

You’re a smart guy Reacher; I am sure you will be able to figure things out for yourself, now that you know your left from your right.


Conservatives are Cool, Liberals are Losers

By Jim O’Neill

The street artist Sabo recently introduced artwork depicting President Donald J. Trump sitting in the lotus position.  His hands are not in serene mudras associated with the lotus, but are instead flipping the bird.  Take that media!  Take that Deep State!

Associated with the artwork is the logo “Republican Is The New Punk.”  In other words, conservatism is cool — liberalism is lame.  Liberalism is the establishment; conservatism is the counter-culture.

How lame is liberalism?  Glad you asked.  Liberalism is so lame that conservative speakers are banned from most college and university campuses because liberal stances and viewpoints are so vacuous and hollow that a few stiff conservative breezes would blow away the whole frail house of cards.

Riot, burn cars, trash buildings, beat people – anything and everything to dim and obscure the truth that the so-called anti-fascists are the fascists.  Liberals scurry like cockroaches when the light of truth shines on them.

Some comparisons:

Conservatives have righteous indignationLiberal “crybullies” have free-floating infantile rage.

Conservatives think for themselves, they enjoy independence and believe in free thought and free speech.  Liberals enjoy being told what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and they feel that everyone should feel that way – or else be forced to comply.  Herd mentality rules in liberal circles.

Conservatives use common sense, reason, and logic.  Liberals use parroted talking points, sent “down from above” (i.e. the puppet-masters) via the various liberal propaganda venues.

Conservatives want lower taxes, more freedom, less government, and more jobs.  Liberals want higher taxes, less freedom, more government, and more welfare.

Conservatives judge people by their individual merits and “content of character.”  Liberals judge people by their skin color and gender.  Liberals are indisputably racist, sexist demagogues.

Conservatives believe in free speech.  Liberals believe in censored speech, purged of all “heresy” by running it through the ideological filter of political correctness.

Conservatives take pride in who they are – regardless of what sex or color they might be.  Liberals think that their value is dependent on how much “victimhood” they can accrue (Poor Poor Pitiful Me).

Conservatives respect the environment and clean up after themselves.  Liberals invariably “mess their nest” and leave wherever they have been the worse for their having been there.

Conservatives take personal responsibility for their reality.  Liberals play the “blame game,” where it is always his, her, its fault, and never their own (think Hillary Clinton).

Conservatives know that life involves growing, which is sometimes painful, and often challenging.  Liberals demand “safe spaces” and warm cocoa.

Conservatives are patriotic Americans.  Liberals are anti-American globalists.

I could go on (and on, and on, and…), but you get the idea.  Liberals are essentially snobbish immature spoiled brats (regardless of age) who will throw a temper tantrum at the drop of a hat – they are most decidedly NOT cool.

Conservatives, on the other hand, are optimistic “movers ‘n’ shakers,” doers and makers – not liberal losers and takers.  Conservatism is indeed cool, and getting cooler all the time.












Hip Conservative Counter-Culture Vs. Repressive Liberal Establishment

By Jim O’Neill

For at least a year now, I’ve been telling everyone who will listen that being right-wing is the new counterculture, the new punk, an act of rebellion in an era of political correctness, safe spaces, multiculturalism and globalism.

Milo Yiannopoulos

Conservatism is the new counter-culture

Paul J.  Watson

James Delingpole recently observed that Ted Mallach believes that “the Brexit and Trump shocks of 2016…are the counter-reaction to the global takeover by the liberal-left in 1968.”  This long overdue counter-reaction is, in fact, (as Milo and PJ Watson note) the vanguard of a new counter-culture – conservatism.

Let me be quick to point out that I am not referring to “conservatism” as it has been understood in the past — and the new conservatism should by no means be confused with the so called “neo-conservatives” (neocons), who are, of course, left wing big government globalists posing as right-wing conservative Republicans.  (Many of the Republican #NeverTrumpers come from their ranks).

Although the new counter-cultural brand of conservatism that I am talking about carries with it many key elements of traditional conservatism – such as a passion for freedom, patriotism, capitalism, religious freedom, and tolerance – it tends to be more pragmatic and less ideologically obsessed, more open-minded and less dogmatic than traditional conservatism.  Sort of libertarianism on a leash, with a dash of brash impertinence.

The core word in the new conservative counter-culture is freedom.  As in free-spirited, free-thinking, free enterprise, free market, free speech – free, freer, freest.

By and large our college campuses are currently anti-freedom, and promote and preach fear, intolerance, divisiveness, and scorn — muzzling free speech and indoctrinating students to be passionately and self-righteously fearful and contemptuous of anyone perceived as being outside the officially sanctioned leftist thought box.  Academia has become, in a word, repressiveMuch more repressive than they ever thought of being back in 1968.

American academia has morphed into a purveyor of Draconian thought policing that is diametrically opposed to what the counter-culture of the late ‘60s purportedly fought for.  Perhaps the strangest of the leftist campus reversals is from a “If it feels good do it” hedonism to a type of hysterical pearl-clutching puritanism.  In any event, it is way past time for a radical shift in direction.  I believe that with a cutting edge conservative counter-culture leading the way, we won’t get fooled again.

The “long march through the institutions” created not [a] collectivist utopia, but privileged elites in media, academe, and government whose stock portfolios, bank accounts, affluent zip-codes, and tony life-styles [are] indistinguishable from those of the robber-baron capitalists they demonized.

Bruce Thornton “Leftism:From Bloody Tragedy to Therapeutic Parody

The days when the Left held a lock on “cool” counter-culture are long gone.  Anymore the words that spring to mind when I think of the Left are: arrogant, dogmatic, intolerant, bullying, and nasty.

I was tired of the bullying.  I was tired of being pushed down so that I couldn’t say my beliefs.  And being fearful of losing sales.  Losing fans.  Losing bookings.  Losing contracts and sponsorship.  You know, that’s my day to day.  And a lot of my friends have the same thing.  And we live in Hollywood, which is supposed to be the most open viewpoint city.  But the truth is there was a lot of hate and a lot of negativity and I wanted to change the storyline to love and support and unity as an American.

Joy Villa on why she wore a Trump MAGA dress to the Grammys

The Democrats (and MSM mouthpieces) have doubled down on their racist, intolerant, divisive, duplicitous globalist agenda – while the Republicans (at least President Trump and his supporters) promote an agenda of unity, inclusiveness, honesty, integrity, and patriotic pride of place.

I must say, it is refreshingly pleasant to be right and hip at the same time.