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Overwhelming Response to Animal Court Idea

by Rev. Austin Miles

The heavy response to my current story about the cat killer was instant. The story regarded a maniac who cruelly killed 18 cats for the sick “thrill” of killing them.  These were more than cats. These gentle animals were beloved PETS, totally loved by their owners. The mental case who killed them was identified, arrested, put on trial, and was sentenced to 16 years in prison for his dastardly deeds.

In that story, which you can see at this link:, it was suggested that it is time to have a specialized court  (which are in existence for particular types of cases)– this one to deal with animal abuse cases.  From the first publication as it went on the wire, the responses were immediate.  Responses came to my in-box, and to the papers that carried the story. All were in favor of establishing animal courts which will also make the public more aware of all creatures.

In the initial story I did not include who to contact to make this happen because at that moment I did not know. Then I received an email from a faithful reader, Richard Firth from the State of Virginia, who helped me with another story by giving me the inside address of a D.C. Official I needed to contact. I heard from him immediately with the information to make this legislation happen. Here is his note: For his protection we did not include Mr. Firth’s exact city of residence or his home address or email contact.

From: Richard Firth
To: Austin Miles <>
Sent: Mon, Jul 31, 2017 7:31 am
Subject: Your Article about Special Courts set up to Deal with animal abuse cases

Dear Rev Austin:

I am sorry to be late in getting around to respond to your caring article about animals and the reason is you didn’t tell who to contact in regards to the setting up of such courts.  I did check it out with my State Attorney’s General office and the reply which I thought it would be is to contact your state legislators so they can introduce such legislation in your state.

I also talked with the Assistant Attorney General, a beautiful lady, Michelle Welch. who loves animals and loves to prosecute those who abuse animals and she said she would like a copy of your article which I just sent her which would help her in the matter should legal problems arise and could advise us how her office would be handling those matters.  So I will start contacting my state legislators to introduce such legislation and send you a copy.

I have already posted your article on line and plan to submit a few more and send you copies as well,  My first posting failed to include who to contact which I will also address.

Pray for 118 beagles our local VA administration wants to kill for medical research.  That’s another area where millions of animals are killed and some in the most ruthless way possible, plus many of these experiments are not necessary and a WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY. WhiteCoatWasteProject is leading the issue here at our VA hospital and Congressmen in DC voted unanimously voted in favor of a bill cutting off money for most of the experiments.  It now goes to the U. S. Senate for passage.

Maybe you could do a series of the horrible fate that awaits many animals, just as gruesome as any other method of killing animals.

God bless your work for ALL his creatures, including mankind.

Richard W. Firth

Of course I am upset that they plan to use 118 beagles for medical research. We must all write our senators to NOT grant the funding for this ‘project.’ And here is another letter Mr. Firth wrote urging his representatives to back the legislation to establish these animal courts. The letter is similar to other officials he wrote about this issue. You can do the same.

Senator Ryan McDougle

State Capitol

Richmond, VA

Dear Senator McDougle

Could you please introduce the legislation this writer talks about in his article concerning cruelty to animals, excerpts from which now follow:

“A mental case living in San Jose, Robert Farmer, was just sentenced to 16 years in jail for incredible cruelty to cats, having tortured and dismembered 21 cats he had abducted on the streets including the yards of the homes they lived in. Eighteen of the 21 abducted cats died from their horrific injuries at the hands of Farmer who took perverted pleasure in hearing the animals screaming in agony” and this preacher who despises the mistreatment of animals See his article and he wants something done about such cases by clicking this link:

What he wants done to correct the situation is to set up special courts to deal with such abuses. Here are his words about wanting to establish such courts.

 We can set up specialized courts to handle any animal abuse cases. They would handle other cases as well but for any animal abuse case, this would be the court to handle it. We must recognize animals as beings created by God who have the same feelings we have….feelings of pain, anxiety, fear, love, grief and joy, just as we do. Next time you hit your thumb with a hammer, remember that an animal would feel the same level of pain.

“These courts would be set up in various sections of the country. Readers, will you support this by simply writing backup letters agreeing that such courts would benefit society? Most serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer were cruel to animals as they were growing up. Dahmer even killed and ATE his human victims.”

Please do everything necessary to secure passage of such legislation as too many animal abuse cases lead to abuse on humans and when not prosecuted the perpetrator feels he or she is above the law and can hurt any animal or human he or she chooses to harm.


Richard W. Firth

Readers, now it is time to do your part. It was Mahatma Gandhi who said, “You can always judge a nation by the way it treats it[s animals.” Animals are God’s creation and it is our profound duty to treat them kindly, humanely and to protect them. Otherwise you will face God’s judgement. You never want to go there. NEVER cause or tolerate mistreatment to ANY of God’s living creatures.


Cruel Cat Killer Gets 16 Year Sentence + Cecil’s Son Killed 

by Rev.Austin Miles

At last,  justice for animals.  A mental case living in San Jose, Robert Farmer, was just sentenced to 16 years in  jail for incredible cruelty to cats, having tortured and dismembered 21 cats he had abducted on the streets including the yards of the homes they lived in. Eighteen of the 21 abducted cats died from their horrific injuries at the hands of Farmer who took perverted pleasure in hearing the animals screaming in agony.

This gives the perpetrator a fiendish sense of power seeing the cats expressing fear of him and cowering in a corner. A home security system caught Farmer stalking then grabbing a cat from the courtyard of a home and running off. This writer saw that video on NBC as this was all transpiring in 2015.

All 18 cats killed by San-Jose resident Robert Farmer had their names read aloud in court by a judge, who also noted the missing body of a tabby cat named Go-Go.

The outlet also reported that one of Farmer’s victims died of blunt-force trauma and may also have been sexually abused, a necropsy revealed. Hopefully you caught this.This scum bag who should have been in an insane asylum all his life, actually raped cats. This is as low as one can get. It also proves that we must take mental issues seriously and keep these nuts confined and definitely off the streets.

According to AOL News,  Robert Farmer, 26, pleaded guilty to 21 felony counts of animal cruelty and got the maximum punishment allowable though the judge did not require him to register as a sex offender the way the prosecution had asked for. Pet owners in the area were terrorized for months. As more and more cats disappeared, pet owners were forced to keep their outdoor pets inside.

Gayle Goodson who describes herself as a cat lover said that the courtroom was packed. People cried as they spoke of “their beloved cats and what they meant to them.” She went on to say there was a “big sigh of relief” when Farmer was sentenced. “We are disappointed that the judge did not” make Farmer register as a sex offender, Goodson went on, “but we understand her reasoning, though we may not necessarily agree with it.”

Deputy District Attorney Alexandra Ellis urged the judge to consider mental health reports that stated Farmer had a personality disorder and had a “profound lack of empathy and remorse” for his crimes and “significant anger” toward his family.And this maniac was running about freely on the streets?


First we need more mental health facilities available. It was President Ronald Reagan who closed them all down which was a huge mistake. Confinement and treatment must be made constantly available. Otherwise we are all at risk.


We can set up specialized courts to handle any animal abuse cases. They would handle other cases as well but for any animal abuse case, this would be the court to handle it. We must recognize animals as beings created by God who have the same feelings we have….feelings of pain, anxiety, fear, love, grief and joy, just as we do. Next time you hit your thumb with a hammer, remember that an animal would feel the same level of pain.

These courts would be set up in various sections of the country. Readers, will you support this by simply writing backup letters agreeing that such courts would benefit society? Most serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer were cruel to animals as they were growing up..Dahmer even killed and ATE his human victims.  This must be stopped. We must be vigilant.

Readers, please let me know that you will support this program, again, no money involved, simply sharing on social media, letters to the editor of your local papers and the papers in a community designated to propose an animal court.

SAD AND INFURIATING NOTE! Xanda,The son of Cecil Was Just Killed by a Trophy Hunter

This is extremely difficult to write. Xanda, the son (cub) of Cecil who was killed by trophy hunter, Walter Palmer, a dentist, has just been killed as well by a trophy hunting coward named Richard Cooke of RC Safaris in Zimbabwe near Hwange National park where Cecil was murdered.

Readers, I can write no more. Tears are splashing on my keyboard. Please let me know that you will stand with me to establish animal courts and help put a stop to this mistreatment of God’s beautiful creatures.



Muslim Bastards ENJOY Torturing Animals !!

by Rev. Austin Miles

Today’s disturbing news details how Muslims take pleasure in causing animals to suffer. This is extremely difficult to write as it produces rage and grief throughout my being over the cruelties that these savages inflict upon innocent animals, which these sickos love to do and are raised to do.

Details will be minimized as much as possible knowing the anguish this stimulates within every human being who hears of these atrocities. It makes this writer physically ill.  In brief, Muslims, yes MUSLIMS, use cats and kittens as soccer balls, rip limbs from their little bodies, poke out their eyes and cut open their insides SIMPLY FOR THEIR SICK PLEASURE IN DOING SO making these little animals scream in agony while the savages laugh.

As if this is not enough, they Mock God by actually crucifying cats and dogs, yes nailing them to wooden crosses. Considering the deep feelings of animal lovers such as this writer, no more specifics will be detailed. Plus this is blasphemy for which they will be sent to hell.

Arab Muslims are taught these atrocities from the time they are children. They are not of the human race but the agents of hell.

Muslim children are taught to do horribly cruel things to animals from the time they are toddlers in order to “toughen them up.” They are taught to have no feelings toward any living thing. Did you get this?

Muslim Children are brought up with these warped views of life. Muslims are not human beings. Little Muslim children are also used as suicide bombers in order to kill others. They are direct descendants of Satan himself.

The attached image is an actual photo of a very young Muslim warrior. At that age he has already began torturing animals to feel power. Muslim children at that age, and younger, actually take part in beheading a victim. They are in effect, little monsters who belong to Satan. 

But what about forgiveness? Can’t God forgive the devil? The answer is a resounding NO! Why? Because Satan has already been condemned. So he is beyond being forgiven.  Muslims are the direct descendants of Satan so unless they see the light they are already condemned.  That is the status Muslims currently occupy.

Meanwhile we must deal with the demented puss bags of do-gooders who insist that we must welcome Muslims in our midst who intend to bring their way of life to America. Look what has already happened in London and France. Forget the epitaphs hurled at those who want to close our borders. Remember that the term, ‘Political Correctness’ was coined by Adolf Hitler. Forget the churchy ‘welcome everyone’ insanity, which they think makes themselves appear to be good compassionate people. Instead use Common Sense. T H I N K of their history and lifestyles.

Muslims are the most deranged, demented individuals on earth who originated straight from the pits of hell by Mohammed, who became the devil incarnate as he came to earth to start a new “religion.” that would be called, ISLAM.  To emphasize the stupidity of the people, Mohammed stated that the Angel Gabriel came to him and dictated the Koran, the working orders of Islam that would become the law of the land, a perverted law that would displace the God of Israel.

LET’S PAUSE FOR A MOMENT AND T H I N K. Gabriel is the Arch Angel of Israel and this impostor, Mohammed,  actually was able to convince people that this angel would double-cross God and His Chosen People, Israel, in order to help start a new religion that would kill all Jews- God’s chosen people!  How’s that again?

Even the most stupid dumb bells should be able to figure out the absurdity of that idea. But then again, we are not dealing with actual people. We are dealing with 7th Century Stone Age Savage BASTARDS!

Now men, don’t get your panty-hose in a twist (fascinating how language declarations have so drastically changed). First of all, the word, Bastard, is a biblical word, meaning questionable circumstances regarding the birth of an individual. The Muslims who delight in torturing animals are members of a bastard race, created by the SIN of Abraham. Yes you read that correctly.

In brief, God had promised the elderly Abraham a son. Instead of holding on to the promise of God, Abraham, encouraged by his wife Sarai, ‘went into’ (biblical term meaning had sex), with his Egyptian servant girl Hagar. The perverted idea, proposed by Sarai, would mean Abraham might have a son through his servant girl, to carry on his name. Swell.

Even though God PROMISED a legitimate son and heir through Sarai, Abraham did not have full faith in God’s promise which resulted in a sin that has caused chaos in the world ever since with the birth of Ishmael.

Ishmael’s illegitimate birth resulted in the formation of the Arab race, out of which grew Islam and the world has suffered massacres and chaos ever since. Here is yet another result of sin.

Bear in mind that this and all the Islamic attacks on innocent people are all taking place because of the SIN of Abraham who had received a promise from God that he and Sarai would have a son. This demonstrated a deplorable lack of faith in God, Instead of waiting in due time for God to provide the fulfillment to His promise, Abraham virtually jumped the gun.

When Sarai suggested he ‘go into’ Hagar the servant girl, the Bible states that,  “Abraham HEARKENED (hastened) to the voice of Sarai.” He was hot to trot.

Here is what God said about Ishmael who had been created through this illicit union:  After naming Ishmael, God said, “And he will be a wild man, his hand will be against every man and every man’s hand against him, and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.”   Genesis 16:12. Thus the Arab race and Islam began.

Talk about a totally accurate prophecy! God knew the consequences of the sins of Abraham that to this day affects the entire world. These consequences came as a result of Abraham, like many of us, expecting God to answer our prayers without a waiting period. We expect all prayers to be answered ‘right now,’ with no waiting required that in turn gives God a chance to work out all the details the answer to that prayer will provide.

So the birth of Ishmael, the original Arab Muslim, which has caused death, torture, rape, theft, chaos and murder simply for the sake of murder has all come to pass due to sin. It is to be noted that this was not the only sin of Abraham. Twice he lied to a king who had taken them in by introducing Sarai as his ‘sister. And the king faced God’s punishment as a result.  Abraham’s faith in God was iffy.

There is still hope for Muslims. God is still reaching out to you. Millions of Muslims (yes MILLIONS) have been visited by Jesus in vivid dreams, so vivid in fact that those who had that visitation were propelled to leave their ‘religion’ immediately, flee from their homes, since they would be immediately killed for leaving the Islamic faith.

Now that they know the truth they are now compelled to serve The Lord of Lords and King of Kings. They were snatched from the brink of hell’s fires and brought to the light. And that is still possible for many Muslims who come to their senses. MUSLIMS-READ THIS CAREFULLY.

The first thing to learn is that Jesus is the God of Love. The word ‘LOVE’ is nowhere to be found in the so-called Muslim ‘holy book.’ Indeed, the entire Koran is about hatred with instructions on how to entrap and murder their victims. Their “god” Allah, is an immoral god who offers 72 virgins waiting on satin sheets in heaven to sexually serve for eternity, those who die while killing others. And this would be the behest of the God of the Universe who had no restraints or morality? I don’t think so.

And did anyone else even think of the challenge of spirits having sex together since they are transparent with no substance. We can state for sure that those who killed expecting those 72 virgins awaiting them have been lied to and are all burning in hell for eternity. This is truth.

That entire Islamic ‘religion’ is a lie that turns what could have been great people into blood thirsty psychopaths whose only goal is to cause turmoil and suffering, precisely the devil’s work.

The word love is not even suggested in the Koran or Islam itself. The Koran is all about hate, murder, rape, theft and conquest. And the new Christian converts quickly learn the power of love. Those who have made the transition have become the finest Christians anyone could ever know and now live happy lives.

Does this writer hate Muslims?  For those who torture animals and people, yes. These are sub-humans already condemned to hell. However I have known many very good Muslims. This writer will never forget the warm hospitality extended by Bedouins in the deserts of Israel.


To open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me. Acts 26:18

This writer urgently urges Muslims to seek the light. The choice is in your hands to have a happy productive life. You have been manipulated into a lie. You are better than that.



Where the Hell is PETA?!

By Jim O’Neill

“I’ve seen cats being played football [soccer] with.  I have seen cats with their legs torn off and their eyes gouged out.  We see cats that have had their heads torn off, and ones that had skin ripped away, or had their legs and back broken. …The worst thing I saw was a bunch of kittens crawling around with their bowels hanging out because they had their bellies cut open.” 


The above is the testimonial of a Danish Animal Protection worker, as translated by Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels.  But don’t expect the wider Left to get on the case anytime soon.  Not only are the atrocities being committed abroad, in the suburb of Vollsmose in Denmark, but the perpetrators are from a “protected” group: Muslims.                               

 Selwyn Duke “Kittens’ Guts Ripped Out: Heinous Cruelty to Animals in Muslim ‘No-go Zone’”

The godly care for their animals, but the wicked are always cruel.

Proverbs 12:10 (NIV)


Warning: The following link contains extremely graphic photographs of European Muslim cruelty to cats – including cat crucifixions mocking Jesus.  Gloating sadism on parade.

Perhaps you are not a “cat person,” and their torture and killing leaves you unmoved.  Do you like dogs then?  Because Muslim cruelty to dogs leaves their cat cruelty in the dust.  Try this link, and if it interests you then you will find links there to many other similar articles.  If you claim to love dogs then you should be willing to become at least somewhat aware of their suffering under the boot of Islam.

In Britain, which has become “ground zero” for Europe’s canine controversies, blind passengers are being ordered off buses or refused taxi rides because Muslim drivers or passengers object to their “unclean” guide dogs.

Soeren Kern “Muslims Declare Jihad on Dogs in Europe

 All of which brings me to the main point of this article, which is where the hell is PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in all this?

They have no problem comparing the “American Kennel Club (AKC) to the KKK (despite the fact that the AKC has not burned a cross on anyone’s lawn to the best of my knowledge), and protecting fictional characters such as Pokemon.  Nonetheless, PETA is oddly silent when it comes to Muslim mistreatment of domesticated animals.

To PETA’s credit, they have brought attention to the cruelty of Muslim halal slaughterhouses in the past.  But their silence in the face of undeniable evidence of horrific cruelty toward cats and dogs by Muslims is cowardly, hypocritical, and in itself cruel.  By remaining quiet about such torture they are in effect sanctioning it.

The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together….  “They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain,” says the LORD.

Isaiah 11:6, 65:25 (NIV)

Update on Elephant Who Cried After Rescue

by Rev. Austin Miles


NEW DELHI, INDIA 2/18/17–The story of Raju the Elephant who cried real tears of gratitude during his rescue after 50 years of cruel abuse has a happy ending. He has almost completely recovered after several months at the Wild Life SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center in India.

We asked if the abuser has been charged or arrested. As you can see by this update just received from the Compound, the government there has not yet taken action against the perpetrators of the totally inhuman treatment of this magnificent creature. Meanwhile, we are pushing to get a petition started to demand that arrests be made with proper punishment following.

Here is the original story of Raju with Photos. This is the toughest story this columnist has ever written. How could anyone do something like this? One thing for sure such cruelty can only come from savages not humans.

Below is the message just received which certainly brightened our day as it will yours:

—–Original Message—–
From: Arinita Sandilya 
To: chaplainmiles
Cc: Suvidha Bhatnagar
Subject: Re: Press Inquiry

Dear Rev. Austin,

Greetings from the Wildlife SOS family!

We would like to take this moment to thank you for the wonderful article on our beloved pachyderm Raju.
Here’s a little update on Raju for you 🙂


The above picture is Raju celebrating a year of freedom with cake!

The veterinarians at the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre report that Raju’s treatment has progressed leaps and bounds since he first arrived at the centre and was entrusted into their care. Although initial progress seemed painfully slow.

Raju is now a far cry from the elephant he used to be, walking around comfortably and engaging in trunk tussles with another bull elephant, Mac, even though there is a nearly 30 year age difference between the two. Raju’s gait is no longer abnormal, as his hip and shoulder abscesses have all but healed, thanks to the regular draining and disinfecting process that the veterinarians prescribed.

A huge part of Raju’s recovery has also been thanks to the target training sessions we have introduced into our elephants’ routines. Since the process is based on positive reinforcement, Raju gets lots of love, appreciation and peanuts – all of which have resulted in a calmer and much more cheerful elephant! Raju is an absolute delight to be around, and his calm and patient aura reinforces the idea that he is an exceptionally special bull elephant.

As for Raju’s former owners, the matter is on-going and we are waiting for the government to take action against the accused.

Should you have any queries regarding the same, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you so much for your concern once again. People like you make this world a better place for the animals!


Arinita Sandilya

Communications Associate

D-210, Defence Colony, New Delhi

Mobile: +91 8860077981


Tortured Elephant Cried Real Tears When Rescued

by Rev. Austin Miles


Every day something new comes to my in-box that shows why God became so angry at the sins and cruelties of man that He flooded the entire earth to get rid of them all except for one righteous man, Noah, and his family.

As civilization re-grew and advanced, so did the seemingly inventive cruelties that man has devised against his fellow man and other creatures. They are not content to cause people and animals to suffer, but they have carried that sin over to little babies about to be born. Tiny babies who are inconvenient for the parents who want no responsibility in life to tie them down when they could be out partying.


What is even more horrific, these immoral misfits, who keep Planned Parenthood in business, join lines to abort their babies whose little hearts start beating before six-weeks in the womb. In other words they are not only live babies, but they have a nervous system and feel pain the same as we do. Ultrasound has PROVED this.

Yet, these little lives are such a burden to unintentional parents that they don’t care how they get rid of the baby…just do it!  And how do they get rid of them? A “doctor” goes inside the womb with a sharp scissor-like instrument that literally snips and tears the limbs off the baby….a live baby being dismembered who feels horrific agony and reacts by twisting while silently screaming. This doesn’t matter to the accidental parent who simply wants to be free from responsibilities.

Frankly this columnist believes that the only reason God has not destroyed the earth again by flooding, or even more apropos, by fire (since the sins of today are even greater than in the days of Noah), is because the coming of Jesus is now eminent and all evil will soon be cast into the lake of fire.

My keyboard is stained with the tears I’ve shed while reading and writing some of my columns. This latest story about the elephant that cried opened the floodgates. Animals were all created by God. They all have their individual personalities and have the same kind of feelings we do….feelings of fear, pain, love, joy, grief and anxiety.

This columnist has been friends with dogs, cats, lions, tigers, rhinos, elephants, virtually all kinds of God’s special creatures. How I pity someone who has never had the privilege of knowing an elephant. These magnificent beasts are intelligent, loyal, caring and very social animals. Yet they have been especially targeted by evil people for profit, killing elephants or disabling them so their tusks can be sawed off to sell–or simply killing them in order to display their heads in a family room.

This latest story tells of an elephant in India named, Raju, orphaned as a baby after his parents were killed by poachers. The baby was kept, immediately put into captivity and shackled in spiked chains that dug into his body and his legs. And that is how he lived for almost 50 years of his life. Every move he made was painful, indeed, agonizing. This very same thing recently happened to a big bear that was used in a roadside wild animal attraction.

If that was not bad enough, Raju was bought and sold several times, forced to become a ‘riding’ elephant for tourists from daylight to sundown, with every step he took being torturous because of the spiked chains that bound and punctured his legs. Plus his cruel owners would beat him.

Raju was in those chains 24 hours a day. Not even a moment of comfort was afforded him. Every time he was sold, the new handler would beat Raju for no reason but to show him who was ‘boss.” This is what this gentle giant endured for 50 years, a creature that had done no wrong to anyone.

When discovered, Raju was in pathetic condition. He hadn’t been fed properly for months. He had started eating scraps of plastic and paper in a desperate bid to survive. The word properly got out and a daring nighttime raid by a team of rescuers from Wildlife SOS along with 20 Forestry Commission officers and two policemen, swooped in to release Raju from his confinement and found him so tightly bound by those spiked chains that he could hardly move.

A team of 10 veterinarians also were with the group. The rescue was completed on July 4th, which marks America’s Independence Day, which had special significance for this particular rescue.

The owner of Raju, who lived in the Uttar Pradesh region of India, tried to stop the raid by attempting a standoff.  The team secured the property and began to free Raju from the painful spike chains. Any activity in the area of the chain wounds was painful to the slightest touch. Raju made little beeping sounds, not from any pain, but in gratitude. This elephant knew he was being rescued and would be set free for the first time.

The team came with fruit and spoke softly to the pachyderm to put him at ease and to let him know they were there to free him. As the last chains were cut off him, Raju, began to cry…yes…cry with big tears rolling from his eyes. It was a very emotional moment for all involved. They gave him a sedative so they could load him into a truck to take him to a sanctuary.

And yes, animals do cry with big tears. I remember an elephant that had a little dog as his best friend for years. When that dog died, the elephant trumpeted in grief and yes, this columnist saw the tears come from his eyes. I have seen dogs cry with tears running down their faces when their owner died. I would often be called when someone dies and then prepare to do the funeral. That is when I saw this as fact, that yes, animals grieve like we do.

Raju was taken 350 miles to an elephant compound; The Wildlife SOS’s Elephant Conservation and Care Center Refuge in Mathura. Five female pachyderms excitedly flapped their ears, trumpeted greetings and touched Raju with their trunks, all signs of joy. Raju is experiencing happiness and comfort for the first time in his life. Elephants live to 70 or 80 years.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Animal Cruelty?

This columnist plans to work with a U.S. Senator to craft a bill to add a unit to Law Enforcement specifically to protect animals. The new officers’ unit would be: Law Enforcement for Animals–LEFA. These units would be actual police officers who have gone through the Academy, are armed and can make arrests.

LEFA can forcibly enter an area where animals are being tortured and arrest those responsible as well as seize their property to pay veterinarian bills and other costs. Many animal rescue organizations do undercover videos to record the horrors being perpetrated against animals, and that includes slaughter houses. They do not just kill the animals; they fully torture the innocent victims before the actual kill.

There is nothing humane about that process. I have seen some photos which have kept me up at nights. Those working undercover should be able to stop such a process and arrest the person involved. I could never understand how someone could simply film something so horrific without jumping into action to stop the torture of an animal.

The savages who do this must be arrested on the spot, and they can be, under this new unit. Those who are secretly video-taping can have a concealed weapon and take immediate action.

There can be special courts established to handle any case involving animals. This can all be set up, and it will be. I worked with one very famous U.S. Senator to craft and sponsor a bill making the import and export of ivory a criminal offense since elephants are viciously killed for their tusks. That bill was crafted, presented on the floor, and passed.

This one will be as well. But I need your help to back me…..not financial, but those of you–and that includes those who are retired–can help by sending letters, emails, signing petitions and making phone calls to officials as this bill is crafted. You will know exactly what is going on through my columns.

Indeed, please get a note off to me through the news site this column appears on to let me know I can count on you. One goal of this is to close all factory farms, shut down any and all roadside wildlife exhibitions, and to do frequent inspections wherever there are animals, including zoos.

Oh yes, there are those who will state that The Bible says; “Man shall have dominion over the animals.” The proper translation of that word, ‘dominion’ is: RESPECT–COOPERATE WITH the animals. So don’t try to use that Scripture verse to justify mistreating or torturing an animal. That is NOT what the Holy Scriptures implies. We must respect animals and cooperate and work with them since we all share this one planet.

Closing Thought: The death of babies keep Planned Parenthood alive….and prosperous…the love and protection of animals keeps man’s soul alive.





BREAKING: Hollywood Reporter VERIFIES that PETA Video A FAKE!

by Rev. Austin Miles


HOLLYWOOD 2/6/17–PETA, a furry version of the Mafia Protection Racket has been exposed in Today’s Hollywood Reporter as absolutely FAKING a video purportedly showing a German Shepard being mistreated while filming the movie, A Dog’s Purpose. 

There are two different stories in today’s edition with the truth which can be found at this link:

Today’s story says it all with this statement from the American Humane Society and a third-party:  “American Humane said Friday that an independent animal-cruelty expert concluded that preventative safety measures were in place. The group also said that the leaked video was deliberately edited to mislead the public.”

Catch that? “Deliberately edited to mislead the public.” So it is now in the open that this was all a lie in order to profit PETA. Their tactics did damage ticket sales which in turn deprived audiences from seeing a beautiful family movie. All for selfish ill-gained profit.

The original attack by PETA came as a featured national news story with photo, headlined that a ‘terrified German Shepherd was thrown into rapids for a film,’ which infuriated the public. That hoax story made it appear that the dog was thrown off a bridge. That scene for the movie, A Dog’s Purpose, took place in artificial rapids in a water tank constructed on the movie lot.

See the original story I wrote about this PETA deception which is fully detailed and leaves no questions.  Link

TO THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Since you first reported on this in a featured story, this follow-up should be also a featured story, rather than buried in the other news scattered on the site.

TO THE PUBLIC: PETA wrecked the planned Premier of the film which had to be cancelled, taking away from the thrust of the opening day, delaying it for two weeks, then simply opening without fanfare.

Let us make a new Premier this weekend of Feb. 10-12 and make this a family event.

This writer is incensed at that snowflake pansy organization not only because of their dishonesty and lies for profit, but they take in a lot of money that should go to actual animal protection agencies.

To The News Media, including Hollywood Reporter. Stop this nonsense of referring to ‘controversial’ film due to LEAKED video, which makes it appear like they secretly filmed something of importance. Now hear this: That video was NOT LEAKED. That video combined with other videos was PRODUCED, EDITED and widely distributed TO MAKE IT APPEAR THE DOG WAS TERRIFIED AND IN DANGER. 

Again, this was all lies, deception, misinformation, and a shakedown by a totally corrupt organization that falsely claims to protect animals in order to enrich themselves.

To The Movie Going Public: Have a movie date with your entire family and make this coming weekend a banner weekend for the most meaningful film you will ever see.


Dog’s Purpose Movie Thrives Despite PETA’s Attacks–Review

by Rev. Austin Miles


BOISE, 1/28/17–Do not–repeat, DO NOT MISS THE BEAUTIFUL MOVIE, A Dog’s Purpose, no matter what the bogus animal protection group, PETA, claims in order to keep you from attending. Those hippie types have organized boycott petitions for this movie with 68,000 signatures while using their own fake news press releases to dissuade patrons from buying tickets to the most meaningful film that one could ever see.

Don’t fall for this. Go and see this movie without delay. It is a totally satisfying and fulfilling movie. And if you love animals, such as this columnist, you will be greatly moved. Indeed, when you go home, you will want to give extra hugs to your own pets with the feeling that you know them better after seeing this expertly crafted film that truly captures the personality and inner feelings of a dog.

It is to be noted that all of PETA’s efforts to sabotage this movie, part of their shakedown for profit, is based upon lies.They LIED about an incident they claimed took place during the filming of this wonderful movie. They falsely claimed that a “terrified” German Shepherd was thrown into the rapids, and once in the water, went under, with personnel rushing in to “rescue” it.

That dog was in no danger. The “rapids” were created in a huge water tank constructed on set. The dog had rehearsed the dramatic scene several times where he rescues a kidnapped little girl who had been thrown into the rapids by her abductor. Being at the time a K-9 police dog, he jumped in to rescue her, going under water to pull her to the top, then to the shore.

The dog had rehearsed the scene, at another location at the tank, and balked at having to do this in a location he was not familiar with. PETA profited by selling a video of this supposed event to TV networks and sent releases to print newspapers, milking it for all it was worth to raise money for their organization and to shake down producers. They are an extortion racket under the guise of being an animal protection agency, which they are not.

That video they claimed was so urgent, was taped over NINE MONTHS AGO. So if PETA reps were on set, and videotaped this, why didn’t they jump in and put a stop to the production and get the dog to safety if this had really happened? They had no interest in the animal.They actually kill more animals than they “save.”  While I support several animal rescue organizations I would not give PETA one penny.

It was all a ploy to gain them publicity at the opening of a movie based on an all time best-selling book. They virtually hijacked the advance publicity and anticipation in order to bring all that attention to themselves. Publicity is their motivation. How many remember when these nutty PETA woman stripped totally nude in a very public area of San Francisco to protest the wearing of fur. This alone shows what they are all about.

Plus, the carefully examined video was shown to be heavily edited to make it appear to be an event that was not. Again, PETA LIED to make a case to bring them publicity and stimulate donations at the expense of the movie company and movie goers who would be deprived of seeing an excellent film.

And it is to be added, that PETA executes animals in their shelters, not even keeping them in there for the required time mandated by law so that their owners have time to come and claim them. They even kidnap dogs and euthanize them in the van taking the innocent animal away. They should never present themselves as an animal protective organization.

But wait, don’t they do some good? They do. But remember, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

The nation wide-release of the film had good attendance for the first two days of their opening weekend. even though the PETA protests did result in lower ticket sales. Fortunately, the pickets could not be at the theater I attended with my family, since it was in a shopping center on private property. It was good that they could not perform their feigned concern there. If they had tried to block me they would have quickly learned that the laws of gravity are still intact.

Then there are those ‘reviewers’ who snickered at the film with words like, “fluff, syrupy, tear-jerker, overly sentimental, schmaltzy ” and they even criticized the words the dog audibly thought, for instance, when he expressed love for Ethan’s girl friend by thinking, “I like her. She smells like cheese.” This is probably how a dog would think. Yet this misguided critic took issue with the animal’s thought.

These “reviewers” have a problem with expressing love, emotion or deep feelings. They believe in showing no emotion no matter what happens. They are hard-hearted and unfeeling. They are the kind of parents who will not say the words, “I love you,” to their wives and children. As a chaplain I constantly deal with the wives and offspring of those sorry individuals. They are incapable of having deep feelings. So their “reviews” are not worth even reading. There is no honesty in them.

THE MOVIE: This film traces a dog’s life, through several lives. When he dies, he becomes another dog, but with the same knowledge and deep feelings for certain people. From the beginning the dog named Bailey is wondering what his purpose is in life. We hear his thoughts and feelings with a wonderful voice job by Josh Gad

His purpose becomes clearer and clearer with each life he lives. The film ends with the most touching and wonderful conclusion one could ever hope for as everything in his life comes together in a most remarkable way.

The cast is great, believable and handle their roles so realistically that the audience feels they are witnessing a real event. Ethan is a main character who comes in the story as a very young boy played by Bryce Gheisar.  K.J. Apa plays him as a teenager.  We see him age, played by Dennis Quaid, with a powerful final scene when he realizes the spirit of the dog he had loved and grown up with was in another dog’s body that Bailey now inhabited.

The touching ending could not be better. What great writing by the author of the book, W. Bruce Cameron. The movie was true to the book with only a couple of minor exceptions but this did not distract or alter the content of the book.

Do support this film with your attendance. The animals were NOT mistreated in the slightest. They are all absolutely charming and you can’t help but fall in love with all of them. This film gets four stars from this reviewer. PETA gets four enemas.

Bogus PETA Case Against “Dog’s Purpose” Movie

by Rev. Austin Miles


The PETA organization has, out of the blue, attacked the upcoming movie, A Dog’s Purpose, due to open this weekend. But because of their uproar and organized protests, the opening of the movie has been cancelled. Furthermore, PETA has blatantly told the public to boycott this film because, they falsely claim, animals were mistreated in the filming. They were not.

They bolstered their case by trotting out a video of a dog balking at being tossed in artificial rapids to show the animal jumping in and rescuing a little boy who the dog knew as “the boy” who had been swept away by the currents. The edited video was circulated by PETA and shown widely on TMZ and other TV programs just before the premier of the film to gain for them full attention.

Now get this–the incident of the balking dog happened 15 months ago! Again 15 months ago! So why, if that video was a true account, did they not immediately take action instead of waiting 15 months? Did they just now think of it?  No.

The publicity would be greater just before the opening of the film and attracting more donors to their stated cause of protecting animals, even though animal protection is not the focus of their business.

First of all, the dog had rehearsed this scene, but at another location near the water. That was the location he was familiar with and balked at doing it someplace else. Also, those who have a dog will know by experience that when teaching a dog something, or even playing fetch, the dog will eventually balk at further activity simply because he or she has had enough. That was what happened here.

Animal workers on the set, including an animal rights representative, did not see any cause of concern regarding the treatment of the dog. Not only that, but the author of the book that the movie was based upon, W. Bruce Cameron, who no doubt was on the set, would never have allowed any kind of mistreatment to the animals in the film.

He would have jumped in immediately and put a stop to it. The author, Mr. Cameron, obviously loves dogs and his writings capture the heart and soul of the dog unlike any author I have ever read. He would NEVER allow any dog to be put in any precarious situation.

The misrepresented outfit called, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, known as, PETA, claims to protect animals while at the same time, kills 90% of the animals dropped off at their ‘shelters.’  These kills have often been animals that were up for adoption. For more info on this outrage Google-Peta Kill Shelters. You will be shocked at the stats and documentation that will come up.

A solid case in Norfolk Virginia spotlighted two PETA workers snatching a little girl’s dog from the front porch of her home, taking it to their shelter and euthanizing it. The main purpose of their “shelters” is to kill animals.  Not only dogs, but they will kill any and all kittens they can get their hands on.

The parents of the little girl whose beloved little dog was virtually kidnapped from her front porch by these low-life’s, sued PETA that didn’t even keep the pet in the shelter for the required length of time before killing it. But their lawyers stated that this case was all fabricated even though the family had videos of the thugs stealing the pet from that front porch. And PETA got off Scott free thanks to their lying lawyer.

This is where your PETA donation money goes, to lawyers to keep them out of trouble and to get cash settlements for their complaints. The protection of animals is the least of their concerns. That claim is nothing but a front.

They are able to afford the highest priced legal eagles to protect them. Their General Counsel on payroll is Jeffrey S. Kerr, who declares any plaintiff untruthful, such as the parents of the little girl whose precious dog they stole to kill.

THIS is where your PETA donation money goes, to lawyers to keep them out of trouble for the crimes against animals they commit as well as for the profit given them by victims to stop the protests.

My own experience with PETA was in San Francisco with a circus performing there. I knew every animal on that circus and every trainer. I saw first-hand that all the animals were treated with care and respect. Yet, on opening night, here they came. The unwashed sloppy sign-carrying hippie types with vulgar language who pumped their fists in the air triumphantly as cars went by honking their horns in support.

This was to mark territory only and exhibit power which they must have learned from animals which I am loath to compare them to since it would be an insult to animals. There was absolutely no cause for concern with the animals with that show. That entire demonstration was bogus.

Peta now brags; “We shut down the Ringling Brothers Circus.” This is all about ego and power, not about helping animals. All of their so-called “animal shelters” are ‘kill shelters.’  Even the most liberal city in America, San Francisco, objects to the PETA kill shelters. San Francisco has “no kill” animal shelters. They want them all adopted.

You can say anything about liberals; however, they are all very protective of animals. I worked personally with the Senator Dianne Feinstein offices in San Francisco and D.C. to draft and introduce legislation to make the import and export of Ivory illegal, since the ivory is brutally taken from elephants and rhinos. That law WAS drafted and passed.

PETA more resembles a mafia extortion business than an organization to protect animals. Indeed, the protection of animals appears to be the least of their priorities. Do NOT listen to these misfits or give them your money. There are many animal organizations this writer supports. Animals are very close to my heart and my love for them is deep. But PETA takes away money from the legitimate animal protection organizations.

And do NOT boycott the movie, A Dog’s Purpose.  This columnist, who was touched by the book more deeply than any book I’ve ever read–and I have a huge library–will be there and will encourage friends to be there as well.

Those who have not really known an animal will for sure know more about them and appreciate them after reading the book and seeing the film. Those who truly love animals, such as this writer, will love them even more and give them extra hugs.


Former Ringmaster’s Take on Circus Closure

by Rev. Austin Miles

(Before becoming a minister, this columnist in younger years worked as a circus ringmaster for major shows throughout the U.S. and Canada, bringing extra insight to this breaking story)

The Ringling Brothers Circus, The Greatest Show on Earth, will be no more after May 1, 2017. It is closing for good. Like everything else, it has had its day. The surprise announcement was made to heartbroken performers this past Saturday, January 14th, after a performance in Orlando.

This came as a shock since only a couple of days before, they grandly announced they would have the first female ringmaster in the 146 year history of that circus.  She was counting on a full career. She was in rehearsals to take that spot. So there was no clue of the almost immediate announcement.The season for the grandeur we all looked forward to is sadly coming to a close.

There are five seasons of life. The first season is birth and exploration; the second–adolescence to young adulthood, the third–career and family–the fourth–old age (for those fortunate enough to reach that point), and THEN–drum roll…the fifth season…that was…f a n f a r e....THE CIRCUS SEASON!

How everyone looked forward to seeing the circus wagons come to town and the canvas big top being set up. Many town folk showed up to help put it up in order to get free tickets to the show where one could see things never before seen, daredevils risking their very lives to present their death defying acts to gain applause.

To add to the drama an ambulance with the back door open sat near the performance area, emphasizing the danger that was about to displayed. Accidents were very rare, but this was a press agent’s gimmick designed to add more excitement to the event, which kept audiences on the edge of their seats.

The early circus days, were accompanied by other traveling entertainments, such as ‘rep shows,’ where the troupe traveled with a canvas theater doing a different play every night for a week plus vaudeville specialties between the acts. This all took place during an era without TV shows, iPad and computerized movies allowing heroes to perform amazing stunts.

To be entertained in those early days meant going out somewhere to see something. The circus played a key role in satisfying that need. This intriguing and somewhat mysterious group of performers did shows in many towns that had never seen “foreigners’ before, nor the many exotic animals that were part of the troupe. I remember playing in Canada where no one had ever seen an elephant before.

The circus began in 18th Century England where noted equestrian, Sgt. Major Phillip Astley, who was a famous member of the 15th Light Calvary Brigade, began giving public performances with his horses on a property he purchased at Half Penny Hatch in Surrey County, which today is known as Waterloo Station.

His performances became so popular that he expanded the program, adding acrobats, jugglers and clowns to keep everyone entertained as the horses were being prepared for their next exhibitions. The news of this crowd-growing entertainment crossed over the pond to America, where John Rickets introduced the concept as the Rickets’ Circus. 

Since the original idea was created and presented by horse master, Phillip Astley, from that day on, the Ringmaster of the Circus, who announces, coordinates and presents the performances, would be referred to and billed as the Equestrian Director.

Other circuses were created and crisscrossed the American landscape. The Ringling Brothers Circus, also at one time known as the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, came together as the granddaddy of all circuses. It performed under a huge big top and indeed was a traveling city. Instead of the old circus wagons, the Ringling show traveled by two trains. And they did one-night stands. That meant, a different city every night and every day. The troupe slept on the train on their way to the next city.

They could pack up and load that entire community along with the Big Top, personnel, equipment, tented facilities for the animals, wardrobe, dressing tents and laundry and then reassembled it all in time for a matinée and night performance in a different city the very next day This so impressed the Kaiser of Germany that he came to America to spend a few days with the circus to see how they could move such a vast city so quickly. The Kaiser was eager to learn how to move his troops with more efficiency.

The Tom Packs Circus took the circus out of the tents and put them into auditoriums and outdoor sports arenas. That was a huge change. Outdoors, the aerial acts could go higher in the air and the finale of the show was a giant fireworks display. That circus had 10 rings and this Ringmaster had to keep track of all 10 of them.

The circus became a must see event wherever it played and it packed the stadiums. There was a lot of TV coverage. Then the animal rights people began to picket the shows urging the public not to attend claiming that the animals were mistreated. Even though they did exaggerate some of their accusations, they did have some legitimate beefs.

The animals mostly spent their times in cages or staked to the ground like the elephants with no real freedom of movement. This should never be. There seemed to be no awareness of animal instincts for certain freedoms which is vital to them.

I did not know what went on backstage due to being on the performance floor throughout the show. It was brought to my attention that performers loved their animals and took good care of them. Not only that, the performing animals were the bread and butter for the trainers, so they were not about to do anything harmful to them.

There was one incident that I did witness. A baby elephant during a performance got frisky and knocked down an assistant in the act with her trunk and then tried to do more harm to him while he was on the ground. After the show, the trainer took the little elephant outside and beat it viciously with a bull hook. This was totally wrong and strong objection was raised.

There was another incident of a chimp trainer from Mexico wearing military style boots who would kick his chimp unmercifully. This angered the circus performers who took the chimp away from him and virtually ran him out of the country. He would never be able to work in the U.S. again. So any animal cruelty was rare and the circus performers themselves would take action against it. Again, this was all back in another era.

It was inevitable that the circus would eventually end. First of all, it became too expensive to move the show and pay for arenas, and travel expenses have gone out of sight. I can remember that in those early days, I would stay in the best hotels with no strain on my budget. But as the years went by, hotel rates skyrocketed and I could not afford to stay in the very hotels I had used all those years, even though I was making considerably more money.

The entertainment world drastically changed. Now there is home entertainment,where you can watch the best movies and variety shows on TV without leaving your living room. The new computerized movies can provide thrills and chills without having to go out to see them even though many do go to see them on the big screen or in 3-D.

Plus, Ringling itself became much too glitzy, which downplayed the actual skills involved. It became a performance factory. Because of the high technology used, the performances became predictable and mechanical, losing its appeal.

Under pressure from PETA, the elephants were taken out of the circus and put in a compound for a proper retirement. The natural elephants in the show were a tremendous draw and when they left, so did most of the public.

The raw, tough  gritty rag-bag circuses of the past displayed an honesty in their performances that was real and yes, daring. It did not look planned. It was not predictable which was a part of its intrigue. It was its own little world. Sometimes something can become too modernized.

Ringling’s latest ‘modernized’ ploy was to use a female Ringmaster (ring Mistress?)  Earlier they tried a black Ringmaster and that did not really work. Besides, the taste of the public now is constantly changing. The days of habit are gone. Most of the smaller circuses have folded up. Now the big one itself has become too expensive to operate, meaning, the circus is no more. It is all over. But what a run it had while it lasted.

It is to be noted that the circus was a proud family tradition (it grieves me to say “was” which confirms that the circus is no more). While the world’s entertainment has evolved to vulgarity, obscenity,filthy sex scenes and perversions to attract people, the circus has never needed a censor. It has remained a wholesome family entertainment. That never changed. It was a tradition that will be greatly missed. Especially by one who was once a part of it. But life moves on. That is inevitable. And so be it. It is time to say goodbye.

To capture the real heart of the circus, below is a prayer of a clown, written by the late Dan “Pappy” Kerr which fully expresses the true heart of the circus:

The PRAYER of A Clown

Dear Lord:

HELP ME TO, Cause more smiles than frowns—
Create more laughter than tears–
Scatter more sunshine than rain–
Dispense more happiness than gloom—
Spread more cheer than despair—

CONTINUE TO GIVE ME: The privilege of entertaining orphans, under-privileged kids and crippled children. And withdraw not the special blessing I’ve always received for doing this work.

CONTINUE TO GIVE ME, The opportunity of working with the small fry of every race, creed and color, and the use of this opportunity to try to encourage them to help make a better world in which to live.

NEVER LET ME, Know fame or fortune to the extent that I will forget or neglect my friends.

NEVER LET ME, Grow so big that I will fail to see the wonder in the eyes of a child or the twinkle in the eyes of the aged.

NEVER LET ME, Forget that I AM A CLOWN and a member of an old and honored profession, and should be a credit to that profession by forever striving to keep Clowning on a high and decent level where it rightfully belongs.

NEVER LET ME, Forget that my work is to try to cheer people up, make them happy and make them laugh. make them forget momentarily all the unpleasant things in their lives.

NEVER LET ME, Acquire financial success to the point where I will discontinue calling upon my Creator in the hour of need, or acknowledging Him in the hour of plenty.

I AM THANKFUL FOR, Being a part of, and having a part in, the one great entertainment the entire family can enjoy, the one great entertainment that has never needed a censor–THE CIRCUS.

I AM THANKFUL FOR, Having found my work, a work in which I take great pleasure and in which I grow in happiness and satisfaction.

I AM THANKFUL FOR, The reputation I have of being able to repeat on any date ever worked.

I AM THANKFUL FOR, The million safe and non-accident miles I’ve traveled.
The million people I’ve appeared before;
The million laughs I’ve had in “Clown Alley.”

“Bless all Clowns and Circus Troupers wherever they may be, protect and watch over us and forgive our mistakes. Help us all to give our very best performance right up to the final curtain. And, when we join the assembly in the backyard of heaven to make “SPEC” for through-out eternity, let not one member of our profession be absent when the whistle blows.” Amen

Dan “PAPPY” Kerr.

And so, dear people…thank you for coming…and a very pleasant….good night.

Elderly Nazi Flails Columnist

My comments:  The Old Nazi who wrote to Pastor Miles is an obvious anti-Semite if he believes in the Russian forgery of the protocols.  I’ve written about the origins of that filth many times.  Thanks to the Pastor for allowing us to see this.

by Rev. Austin Miles

This columnist receives a thousand emails a day which makes it impossible to respond to every one. The majority are positive and supporting while many others are attacks from readers who just want to fight and bring attention to themselves, as all columnists will attest.

While touring with The Royal Lipizzaner Stallion Show where I served as Chaplain and gave the historic narration (to earn my keep), General Patton was credited for saving the Lipizzaner’s from the Nazis during World War 2 who planned to kill them and basically make hamburgers out of them.

At many of the arenas we performed in, especially in Canada, elderly Nazis would come back stage by one or two to confront me and demand that I not include that in the historical narration. “That is wrong!” they thundered indignantly, “The Nazis had nothing to do with that.” But they very much had something to do with that, indeed everything to do with it. I was intimately familiar with that history.

The email below came from an elderly Nazi who took me to task for comparing hunting for sport with Nazis and others who actually enjoy torturing captives which was detailed in my piece, “Trophy Hunter Dies in Fall while Stalking Animals,” which was published on News With Views. It was that comparison that lit this man’s fuse.

Here is his email to me exactly as written. Notice his misuse of Christian references:

From: Reinhold Sommerstedt <>
To: chaplainmiles <>
Sent: Sun, Jan 8, 2017 8:06 pm
Subject: Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

Dear Chaplain Miles,

I have read your judgmental article about career and accidental death of Italian trophy hunter, Luciano Ponzetto.  I generally agree  that in these days hunting merely to boast is highly inappropriate.  The Commandment makes a clear distinction between “killing” and “murder.”  You have made such a case.  We do not celebrate nor condemn to hell any sinner.

However, your slanderous statement about Nazis in the excerpt from your text below is far more reprehensible, destructive and deadly than shooting game for sport.  It is also an abominable violation of the Command of our Father.

Excerpt  You Wrote:  “It is to be noted that these mentally unstable people actually enjoy causing living creatures to suffer. They seem to enjoy that feeling of ‘power,’ the same as the Nazis who tortured their captives.   In countries like Venezuela, young soldiers are taught that when they torture someone, causing them to suffer, they become a man.”

The Commandment:   “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”   Though it may be unwitting,  your violation of this commandment  is nevertheless  rendered even more abominable when presented by one professing to be a Christian minister, scholar, historian and analyst.  Your readers presume and trust that you have been diligent about what you express in your teachings.  Especially when making purported statements of historical fact.  

I can understand  that you have been subjected to continual false reports. especially about the Christian Nationalists of the German Third Reich.   Yet, because you are a professing scholar there can be no excuse for bearing false witness and not conducting a diligent search to discover the truth.  Our Savior Yeshua promised,  “You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.”   When you bear false witness you proliferate the falsehoods that drive the deceptions of the Synagogues of Satan.

There exists a vast body of knowledge and genuine history about the German Third Reich.  No honest scholar can refute the revisionist historical review without reading such texts and presenting valid arguments that substantiate the truth of the all too common conventions that allow false witness and slander upon which to predicate your commentary such as cited above.

I am confident that you often make such reference to support your sophomoric commentary.  Most people grasp the significance of the ultimate excuse:  “The Devil made me do it.”

Consider this private admonition my first step of Christian discipline as rehearsed in the Word given here below:

Deuteronomy 19: 15-20   “Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.  And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.  Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

Again I say unto you;That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Just about everything you have been told about the German Third Reich and American History is false. This Great Deception is designed to destroy Christendom.

You may choose to consider my challenge to be that of a hateful man.  That response will have been programed by the Enemy of Christ.

If you accept my challenge I shall do my utmost to help you conduct your own diligent inquiry.    The Bible teaches all of this.  In addition, one must be circumspect to diligently investigate actual history to become able to rightly divide the truth.  To unravel this particular deception there is a place to begin in secular history, just prior to the year 1900 and proceeding through that century and continuing until the present day.

READ:   ” A Short History of The Balfour Declaration”

From that resource you can deduce the cause of the recent 100 years of continual wars of aggression that destroyed vast areas of human habitation,  murdered more a than 100 million innocent people and enslaved billions even now.  To understand who is doing this you need only to understand this simple Christian Principle:   “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path.”   With such trustworthy guidance you can become an overcomer in this tormented world beset by the Legions of Satan.

READ also:   “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of  Zion”   A free interactive copy is available at:

Wikipedia:  Bible Believers is the website of the Bible Believers’ Church of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Because the website reprints antisemitic material such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Henry Ford’s The International Jew,[1][2] and Holocaust denial material from authors such as Bradley Smith and Mark Weber, a complaint was lodged under Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act.[2][3][4][5] In 2007, Justice Richard Conti of the Federal Court of Australia ordered Anthony Grigor-Scott to remove from the website antisemitic claims that Jews deliberately exaggerated the number of Jews killed during World War II.[3][6] However, the order was overturned on appeal due to a legal technicality: “Bible Believers Church” could not be sued, since it lacked legal personality, and the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986 (Cth) (HREOC Act) would not permit (in the same proceeding) its substitution with another defendant who could be[7]

Bible Believers were described as “[o]ne of the most visible of the plethora of eccentric pseudo-Christian groups in Australia” and “extremist” by the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) in their 2008 report on antisemitism in Australia.[8]

Americans cannot repent because American will not confess


In His name and by His power.


A response to this nonsense was necessary, especially since he tried to pass himself off as a Christian which he is not, nor was Adolf Hitler as the atheists try to claim as a club against Christianity. My anonymous minister friend, after reading this, emailed:  “Unfortunately the man is troubled, confused and seeking to use the Bible to defend the indefensible!  I was surprised to see him place New Testaments scriptures in Deuteronomy but yet I shouldn’t be surprised, but recognize that God is not the author of confusion!”

Here is the response I sent to the Nazi: 

Mr. Sommerstedt,

My father was a fighter pilot in WW 2 and brought back photos of the victims of Nazi torture which was so inhuman it made me sick. Plus, the Nazis were smiling as they made life miserable for their victims. Again I saw those photos, plus heard the stories personally from those who were so horribly treated by your people.

So please do not attempt to deceive me regarding history that I am totally familiar with. Plus, I was in Venezuela when this outrageous statement was given regarding torturing a human being ‘made a man’ out of you. 

So I’ve done my homework, sir. Do not attempt to contradict me. And do not contact me again as your mail will automatically go to spam.

Rev. Austin Miles

To see the original story that prompted this outburst, click the link below:

It is to be noted that many German soldiers who were captured proudly carried photos of the atrocities they had committed against American soldiers and many have been seen. One my father took from a Nazi showed a young American soldier screaming in agony after being hung upside down by his testicles and the Germans watching were laughing.

It is also to be noted that there are many former Nazis who have given their hearts to Jesus, turned their lives around and have become model Christians. THAT is the good news.







Trophy Hunter Killed in Fall While Stalking Animals

by Rev. Austin Miles


Radio Host, producer, TV personality and national columnist Jerry Newcombe alerted us to this news item that took place Saturday. The story he sent absolutely made my day. It was a classic case of poetic justice, which we are seeing more and more of these days. CHEERS!

Italian trophy hunter, Luciano Ponzetto, posed happily on-line with his trophy kills, beautiful animals who posed no threat and were simply going about their lives before being cruelly cut down by a REAL beast.

This heartless murderer, who killed innocent animals in order to cut off their heads and display them in his home would proudly announce that he was a big game hunter, as if that were a status symbol. This made him feel like a man and a conqueror. This coward was neither.

There was nothing big or grand about this misfit mental case. No animal stood a chance with him since he was armed with high powered weapons that would tear them apart on impact. So this was a totally one-sided “conquest.”

Ponzetto had just returned from another cruel hunting trip in Canada and was hunting with friends in Colle delle Oche near the northwest city of Turin on Saturday.

During this latest killing spree, according to The New York Post,  when he made each kill, this deranged creep would pose with the dead animal, with a sickening victory smile on his face…see photo.

For his hunt in Italy, Ponzetto slipped on ice and fell 100 feet down a canyon splattering onto the rocks below. He died instantly from the fall. Pity. The magnificent animals he cut down in cold blood did NOT die instantly, but suffered intensely for a period of time that seemed to be an eternity for the animals, something these sickos seemingly take pleasure in.

His body was recovered by helicopter and taken to a local hospital even though nothing could be done since he was already dead.

It is to be noted that these mentally unstable people actually enjoy causing living creatures to suffer. They seem to enjoy that feeling of ‘power,’ the same as the Nazis who tortured their captives. In countries like Venezuela, young soldiers are taught that when they torture someone, causing them to suffer, they become a man.

What is shocking, is that this sick maniac, Luciano Ponzetto was…now sit down…a veterinarian (!), and states that he “loves animals.”  Yea, he loves them dead with their heads hanging on the walls of his den. And people brought their pets to him? Surely they did not know who and what he actually was.One cannot love animals who takes pleasure in bringing unspeakable suffering to them.

It is too bad that this jerk did not linger while suffering after he fell down that canyon. The animals he murdered for his own ego certainly did.

At the Brooklyn Zoo in New York, there is an exhibit of scary animals. Then visitors are ushered into a dark special enclosure, where they are to see the most dangerous animal on earth. It is a spooky encounter. Everyone was ushered into the dark room uneasily. After a time, the light came on and all were standing in front of a mirror, to see the most violent dangerous animal on earth. Yes, the human…us.

The death of this Italian trophy hunter is not a case where the world was deprived of a life, but rather freed from the despicable life of a man with no heart that the world is better off without.  Karma has struck once again.

Final Note: Animals are God’s creatures. They have the same feelings and emotions we have; They experience pain, anxiety, fear, love, happiness and grief, exactly as we do. The next time you are injured and in excruciating pain, remember that animals feel the same full impact that we feel.  Luciano Ponzetto should be buried in asbestos undergarments. Where he is going he will need them.


Game Warden Who Helped Dr. Walter Palmer Kill Cecil Escapes Charges 

by Rev. Austin Miles


Dr. Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist, is a snarky little nerd of a man who felt he would prove his ‘manhood’ by cruelly killing the beloved lion, Cecil, in order to display his head prominently in his home. That dastardly deed not only failed to prove his manhood but made him the most hated man in America.

Palmer had made the trip to Zimbabwe to pay professional hunter,Theo Bronkhorst, $50,000 to lure Cecil out of the protected park to an unprotected area where the slaughter could take place. Bronkhorst also has been reported to be a game warden with the responsibility to protect animals in Hwange National Park.

After being led to Cecil by Bronkhorst, the beautiful lion was first shot by an arrow from the bow of Dr. Palmer, which punctured his insides and remained lodged in his body as Cecil used every ounce of strength he had left to flee. He suffered intensely for 11 horrible hours, roaring in agony, until Palmer, who stalked him, found where he was and finished him off, confirming his “manhood.”

According to Environment-Wildlife Journalist Taylor Hill of TakePart, Zimbabwe Environmental minister, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, initially called for Palmer to be extradited to Zimbabwe for trial along with Bronkhorst, not for the killing, mind you, but for them not buying the proper permit to hunt in that country. The entire unfortunate tragedy is wrapped in money and greed.

A year later, Palmer was notified that he would face no charges. Here is the original story and background regarding this atrocity:

It has just been learned that the accomplice to Palmer’s murder of Cecil, Theo Bronkhorst, has also been freed from all charges. What? His lawyer, Perpetua Dube, told South African news site, News24, that the charges against his client were, quote, “too vague to enable the defense to properly mount a defense.” And that settled it. How’s that again? You never learn that ridiculous defense in law school. Those people are so lacking in ethics that there was never a full trial for either of those two misfits from hell.

The killing of Cecil generated such international outrage that the African park officials complained that–now get this–“The Cecil effect is leaving too many lions alive.”  What bloodthirsty greedy savages! And yet, uncaring ignorant tourists keep coming to that area and enriching those people–rewarding them– by doing so.

Meanwhile, several countries, due to the efforts of those of us who advocate for animals, have restricted the import of lion trophies. Several airlines now refuse to ship any animal trophies. Poachers have been hampered. It is now illegal to import and export Ivory (from elephants and rhinos) and to even sell any “works of art” made from the tusks of elephants that were cruelly killed to obtain this ivory along with rhinos for their horns.

That law was put into action after speaking with the offices of Senator Dianne Feinstein in San Francisco and D.C. with the request to draft and sponsor this bill which she did and which was then passed. All ivory products were confiscated and destroyed. We will push for the severest of penalties upon anyone who causes pain to animals, beasts and indeed, all living creatures.

All those who are cruel to animals will face severe judgement from God Himself, Who created the animals and loves them. It seems that animals have more sincere and caring  hearts than humans.

For the entire original story, along with photos, click on this link:


Elephant Tusks Now PROTECTED-Manhattan Shop Busted

by Rev. Austin Miles


NEW YORK CITY-The new law making it illegal to import and export ivory and to sell any art products using ivory, was effectively demonstrated this past Thursday, the 22nd.  An upscale shop in Manhattan, Metropolitan Fine Arts and Antiques was busted on that day resulting in the largest seizure of illegal elephant ivory in New York State History.

According to a story written by Taylor Hill, associate editor at TakePart, covering environment and wildlife, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and the State Department of Environmental Conservation indicted the storeowners and a salesperson for selling and offering for sale, illegal elephant ivory, at a total value of more than $4.5 million.

The three individuals are being charged with two counts of illegal commercialization of wildlife. The shop was in violation of New York’s strengthened elephant ivory sale ban.

Officials discovered 126 elephant ivory pieces for sale at the store, including two pairs of un-carved elephant tusks, priced at $200,000 and $150,000. With prices like that it is no wonder that the poachers have no concern of the suffering they cause.

The worldwide elephant population is hanging in the balance due to the horrific cruel killings of them in order to satisfy their greed for profit, no matter what suffering the process of obtaining the ivory causes the elephants.

Elephants (and rhinos) are magnificent creatures who feel emotions, pain, anxiety and grief like the rest of us. Those hard hearted wealthy people who only care about their own stature by having the ‘art work’ carved from those tusks, prominently displayed in their homes, have no concern of the pain involved. These are selfish people.

They are no better than the poachers themselves whose greed and status symbols rule their lives. That also goes for those who go trophy hunting in order to display an animal’s head on the walls of their dens or living rooms.

With the solid action taken Thursday, a strong message is being sent to poachers, traffickers, and dealers that they will all be stopped and prosecuted for this heinous activity.

Elephants are in peril due to the illegal wildlife trade, a black market worth an estimated $7 BILLION annually, according to the United Nations.  We were told that 96 elephants a day are being brutally murdered due to the greed of the poachers and their wealthy patrons.  Between 2010 and 2012, 100,000 elephants were killed by poachers in Africa who were driven to kill by the high demand for ivory in the…make this clear…ILLEGAL wildlife trade.

The United States is the world’s second-largest market for trafficked ivory, with most sales occurring in New York, California and Hawaii.

All three of those states have passed laws in the past three years banning domestic ivory sales, and the Obama Administration pushed a nationwide ban on nearly all African elephant ivory sales this summer. Stand by for an historic moment, as this writer gives a tip of the beret to Obama.

It is to be noted that this columnist was instrumental in getting that bill passed. Senator Dianne Feinstein was contacted in her San Francisco and D.C. office with a request that she craft and sponsor a bill making it illegal to import and export ivory and to sell products made from the tusks.  She came through and the bill was introduced and passed. CHEERS!  Thank you Senator.

Officials plan to destroy the sized items on World Elephant Day in August of 2017 as part of the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Ivory Crush Event.  We will try to be there.

For the complete story, go here …

Epidemic Snatching of Dogs -Why? Shocking!

by Rev. Austin Miles

SAN LEANDRO Ca—6/10/16–Yesterday a young boy was walking his beloved pup in the Washington Manor neighborhood of San Leandro. His new pup was a 3 month old black German shepherd, a beautiful dog with perfect fur. Below is Maya, a kidnapped dog.

While walking, two men came quietly into the scene and parked their light-colored car near them. Suddenly a man jumped out and tried to snatch the dog from the 14 year old that refused to let go of him. The driver of the car got out with a gun, pointed it at the boy and demanded the dog, taking it by force.

The young man was in anguish as the strangers tossed his dog in the car and sped off. The boy ran home. This dog-napping is becoming more and more prevalent with dogs being forcibly taken from owners and from their back yards.

We saw this coming, after learning the reason for the seizures. The kidnappers sell the dogs to fur factories, to make, among other apparel,UGG Shoes and boots. You do NOT want to know how that fur is taken from the dogs.

Those who have joined this cartel are low life’s who are strung out on drugs and alcohol.  They are so out of control that they will do ANYTHING to get a few dollars to support their addictions not caring in the slightest about those who will be hurt in the process, both man and animal.

What is worse, they don’t care. They simply must fuel a habit that has enslaved them. This is becoming more and more widespread and a very dangerous trend.

CAUTION: It is to be advised that anyone walking their dog have pepper spray handy, just in case. It is better never to take your pet out alone. Always have someone with you.

Be very careful about leaving your pet in the back yard.  Keep your eye on him or her. NEVER leave your pet alone in the back yard if you must go somewhere which includes work. And even when home, do not let your dog out to a fenced FRONT yard or porch unless you are there as well.  This is what it has come to.

Be in touch with local and area animal control officials and bond with other pet owners.  Here is a previous story about that fur factory business. Unfortunately it spotlights a very famous pop star that will do anything to look beautiful. While I do appreciate her advocacy for rape victims, especially those who were raped as children, it is not appreciated what she wears. What is more, we believe that she is fully aware how that fur is obtained and processed.  Here is the direct link to that story:

As for those who cruelly mistreat innocent animals who feel pain and fear the same as we do, our remedy would be to put them through the same process the dogs are put through. First tie their feet together, then hoist them up in the air while they scream for mercy.  While they are hanging upside down, plunge a knife into the stomach side their body and cut downward, then rip the skin off their bodies to use in lamp shade factories.  It is known that those who mistreat and torture animals also mistreat and torture  people. This is going to stop.

While California exhibits its aberrations and anomalies, one huge thing to say in its favor, is that this state and the liberals who populate it, are VERY protective of animals. That gets a tip of the beret.

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS!!  I learned last night that the little kidnapped dog, Maya, managed to escape her captors, was found and returned to her owners.  CHEERS!  Law enforcement is pursuing the dognappers.  This is absolutely great news!.