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America Now Similar to 1930s Germany!

Did You Know America Now Similar to 1930s Germany?

The parallels between 2015 America and 1933 Germany are shocking

by Illinois Mike – September 30, 2015

If you think the things that have been done in this country under the current administration are bad, it’s what is yet to come that we need to keep our eyes on.

Ultimately it will be “the People” as a whole who will choose between stopping or participating in the demise of this country.

All of perversion and anti-American activity that is being pushed and displayed to the population is being done with a purpose; if we look back just 70 years ago we can see exactly why.

In Germany prior to the adoption of National Socialism the country was comprised of 2/3rd Protestant and 1/3rd Catholic; Germany was essentially a Christian nation.

Coming into the 1930s and before the rise of Adolf Hitler, Germany was considered the most socially progressive country in Europe: open homosexuality, transgendered persons and the whole cabaret culture was adopted by and thrust upon the population by the types of people we would call “liberals” today; in fact the first recorded male-to-female gender reassignment surgery occurred in Berlin in 1931.

This type of activity and behavior was hefted upon the average German who was tolerant of it because of their Christian foundations, initially having a “live and let live” attitude toward the other members of their society. However, because they saw it destroying their traditional value system and were watching it being thrust upon their children, it was essentially grinding on the underlying psyche of the average German citizen; much like the United States today.

Then suddenly a tough-talking man comes on the scene, speaking in populist language about restoring the greatness of Germany, knowing this was exactly the average citizen greatly desired.

One of the first actions taken to “return Germany to greatness” was the Reichstag Fire Decree which modified their constitution to allow restrictions on personal liberty, especially the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press, the right of assembly and the right of association.

There were also restrictions on privacy in postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on private property.

This was followed by the book burning which was the purging of German society of the “literature of perversion;” literally the burning of pornography and associated materials and text books that were viewed as the source of the perversion they were seeing all around them. This quickly evolved into burning all sorts of things that challenged the agenda of the Nazi party.

Then the round ups began.

In Milton Mayer’s 1955 book They Thought They Were Free, the poem by Martin Niemoller’s that is often quoted regarding the rounding up of persons can be found.

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a jew.

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.”

More accurately, they first came for the gypsies and “perverts” who had “tainted German society” and those people who had “come out” and “proudly identified themselves” during the tolerant period.

You can see this as the catalyst that helped to spin things out of control in order to “purify and restore the greatness of Germany.

Once the concentration in the ghetto’s and round ups began, the ignorant brow beaten population was now effectively scared into submission. Their submission and worship of God was transformed into the submission and worship of the state and the groundwork was laid for all hell to break loose.

So, as scary as the shift is that has occurred under the current political leadership in America, it is the rapid and extreme movement in the other direction that we should all be aware and afraid of.

The people are ready to support anyone who is willing to “get the job done” and this is the point where “…decades can happen in weeks” (to quote Vladimir Lenin) swinging this country so far in the other direction that we will find ourselves quickly on the wrong side of history.

We have a stunningly ignorant, brow-beaten population crying out for a strong leader to restore the greatness of America.

We have the legal frame work of control in place.

We have dozens of groups from “preppers” and “patriots” to “transgendered persons” who have arrogantly identified themselves thanks to pop culture encouragement.

We have the surveillance structure Germany didn’t have, with everyone and their predispositions and social associations carefully catalogued through the technology they haven’t been effectively encouraged to avoid.

We have religious, ethnic and other minorities that are being blamed for every ill possible proudly identifying themselves.

We have “leaders” emerging, who are pitching a populist message with a “get it done” attitude who pledges to restore and prove the greatness of the United States.

Everything is in place, we just need the “right leader” and another catalyst event and we’re all going to be in deep trouble.

One has to ask themselves, if for instance the Republican “tough guy” candidate with populist rhetoric were to be elected and he and his “get it done” attitude wanted to “round up” and “deport” ethnic and religious minorities like the Hispanics and Muslims, how many people in today’s society would really oppose it? Where would it go from there? How could the voice of reason ever stop it once it starts?

The bottom line is one man is not going to fix this mess and will only act to lead you to your own demise; the only way to fix this is that the people are going to have to find it in their gut to stand up and speak out.

Germany is Insane: Nurse evicted from home of 16 years to make way for “refugees”

N.J. Supreme Court expands police authority for warrantless car searches


 Supreme Court Justice Barry T. Albin hears oral arguments in Trenton in this 2009 file photo. (Patti Sapone | Star-Ledger file photo)

N.J. Attorney General News

TRENTON — The state Supreme Court on Thursday overturned its own 2009 decision on warrantless car searches, broadening police authority to search vehicles based on probable cause.

The 5-2 decision, stemming from the case of a Salem County man who was charged with illegal handgun possession following an unrelated motor vehicle stop, was praised by the state Attorney General as a fix that helps law enforcement.

Civil rights advocates, however, decried it as a rollback of civil liberties in the state.

William L. Witt was pulled over on Route 48 in Carneys Point in December 2012 after he approached a police officer with his high beams on and “failed to dim” as he passed. After speaking with Witt, the officer concluded he was intoxicated, performed a field sobriety test and placed him under arrest.

While searching the car for evidence of open container alcohol consumption, the officer found a handgun in the center console.

Witt sought at trial to suppress the gun on the ground that police performed an unreasonable search in violation of the the state constitution, and a state appeals court panel found in May of last year the officer did not meet the “exigent circumstances” standard for warrantless searches spelled out in a 2009 decision by the Supreme Court.

FROM 2009: N.J. Supreme Court upholds some warrantless car searches

That decision, known as State v. Pena-Flores, found police must obtain a warrant to search a vehicle unless they have both probable cause to believe the vehicle contains evidence and can demonstrate “exigent circumstances” such as time constraints or safety concerns that would justify performing a warrantless search.

The state Attorney General’s Office had argued the Pena-Flores decision was “unworkable” because of the difficulty of obtaining warrants on the fly and had led to “unintended negative consequences.”

Justice Barry T. Albin, writing the majority decision, found the standard applied in the 2009 decision “does not provide greater liberty or security to New Jersey’s citizens and has placed on law enforcement unrealistic and impracticable burdens.”

The court also found the 2009 standard had the unintended consequence of causing an “exponential increase in police-induced consent automobile searches,” suggesting that police officers may be pressuring motorists to volunteer for searches rather than take time to obtain a warrant.

“The heavy reliance on consent searches is of great concern given the historical abuses associated with such searches and the potential for future abuses,” Albin wrote.

Federal law allows for warrantless vehicle searches based on probable cause, and New Jersey’s two-pronged standard has long been considered added protection for motorists.

Writing the dissent, Justice Jaynee LaVecchia called the decision “a retreat to the federal standard for warrantless searches of an automobile.”

“One can only wonder why the State and the majority of this Court find it appropriate to turn from the progressive approach historically taken in this State to privacy and constitutional rights of motorists,” LaVecchia wrote.

Acting state Attorney General John Hoffman praised the decision as “a clear and workable rule” that strikes “an appropriate balance between protection of citizens’ constitutional rights and the paramount need for public protection and officer safety.”

Alexander Shalom, an attorney for the New Jersey chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, which filed friend of the court briefs in the case, said New Jersey has historically had more protection of motorists’ rights than other states.

“With today’s decision, those protections no longer exist and police will be able to routinely conduct warrantless searches of vehicles,” he said.

He said lawyers for the state had “relied on self-fulfilling speculation of doom by arguing that it would be too difficult for officers to know when they needed to request a warrant.”

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23 Seniors Died After Receiving Flu Shot Sold by Pharmacies


The annual marketing campaign pushing people to receive flu vaccinations is in full force. CVS Pharmacies is offering a 20% off shopping pass if you purchase a flu vaccine.


As you can see in the screen shot above, taken from the CVS website, senior citizens over the age of 65 are being targeted to get the “high-dose” flu vaccine.

The FAQ [2]at the CVS website defines the “high-dose” flu vaccine: “Containing four times the amount of antigen (the part of the vaccine that causes the body to produce antibody) in regular flu shots, high-dose flu shots, along with the additional antigen produced, are intended to create a stronger immune response.”

The name of this flu vaccine that is marketed for seniors is called “Fluzone.” You can find it being marketed to seniors at all the major pharmacies in the United States.

MORE|SOURCE:… (link is external)


Carl Icahn: Trump can save America

BY Cheryl Chumley FOR WND.COM


Wall Street wonder Carl Icahn, 79, who’s made a name for himself in business, investing and philanthropy, had nothing but praise for the man he’s just endorsed for president, Donald Trump, saying his fellow billionaire businessman is the only candidate out there who can save America.

“I would say it’s an endorsement. I think at this moment in time, he’s the only candidate that speaks out about the country’s problems,” Icahn told Bloomberg on Tuesday. “I’m behind Trump.”

Icahn first announced his support and outlined his views in a short video titled “Danger Ahead.”

Icahn says that while he disagrees with Trump on “certain issues,” he believes America “needs somebody to wake it up.”

“Maybe he’s brash, but he’s willing to say what he believes and he’s willing to say, ‘Hey, this is complete bulls—,’” Icahn said in the video, which is posted on his website.

“The middle class guy who’s making $50,000 a year realizes ‘I’m being taken advantage of.’ He can read, he can understand. Ya know, in czarist Russia, they had to have a revolution. And then the czars would bring out the machine guns and mow them down. All these guys have to do is vote.”

Trump had publicly courted Icahn since launching his campaign, repeatedly naming him to his wish-list of Treasury secretaries – something Icahn at first seemed reluctant to embrace. But he’s since come around to the idea.

As CNN reported, Icahn sent out a tweet in early August that read: “After last night’s debate, I decided to accept @realDonaldTrump offer for Secretary of Treasury.”

Icahn added “we are in dire need of a breath of fresh air,” but later rescinded the offer to serve in a Trump administration while still singing Trump’s praises.

“His ego permits him to – where a lot of these other presidents don’t – surround himself with really good people,” Icahn told Reuters. “Not just me, but others.”

Icahn, to Reuters, said one of Trump’s characteristics that sets him apart from the other candidates, and makes him the best man for the White House job, is his willingness and skill to hand pick excellent advisers with reputations as the best of the best.

“He needs as many good people as he can get in this environment today,” Icahn said. “We certainly don’t see that in many of these presidents.”

Like Trump, Icahn is known for his outspoken views and has similar roots in New York City.

“I want to speak out now because, I know this may sound corny but I grew up in the streets of Queens,” Icahn said in his video. “I love this country and I feel so strongly abut the dysfunction that is going on both in Washington and the boardrooms of corporate America.”

Icahn said one problem facing the country is the carried interest loophole, which allows earnings of hedge-fund managers and other private-equity firms to be taxed at a lower rate than normal income. Trump said he wants to eliminate the tax break.

“People on Wall Street, they’re good friends of mine,” Icahn said. “I like them. But not having to pay full taxes on money that you’re earning is an absurdity.”

The Wall Street guru also said U.S. companies have been doing a great disservice to the economy by camping profits in overseas’ ventures, via complicated tax schemes.

“If we don’t really allow these companies to bring the money back that they are making [overseas], they are just going to move out of this country,” he said. “It’s going to happen more quickly than they think. While Congress is sort of fiddling around, this thing is being done. The country is burning and they’re fiddling.”

Trump’s just-released tax plan shows his intent to bring companies back to domestic soil. He has campaigned on the idea that China takes too much advantage of America’s economy and U.S. businesses ought to have a restructured tax code to allow them to better compete and grow.


Child’s Rush to Pope STAGED! and More…

by Rev. Austin Miles


WASHINGTON, D.C. (9/24/15)–Is anything real anymore? Apparently not. We learn that the sudden opening of borders was staged, and that protests like the ones in Ferguson, were staged and the participants, holding professionally printed signs, were actually paid by George Soros to be there, along with the riots breaking out all over the world in an effort to destabilize countries, which weakens them. 

This means that all of the disruptions and protests against society are not spontaneous as we are led to believe. They are purposely staged to change thinking on an issue of importance to the Communist leaders.

Now it has been learned that the little 5 year old girl, Sophie Cruz, who rushed in the street toward Pope Francis in D.C. to hand him a note regarding rights of immigrants during the popemobile parade, was indeed staged by members of Los Angeles-based immigration rights groups.

So like all the others, this did not just happen but was planned and scripted in an attempt to push an ongoing political agenda by opening the gates to allow illegal immigrants into the U.S. to receive all benefits, paid for by taxpayers.

The purpose of actions such as this is to gain publicity and worldwide attention that might bring wide support to change all laws and restrictions regarding immigration.

The leader of the group who uses children to push their political agenda is Juan Jose Gutierrez, who heads The Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition.  His use of the children of immigrants is to soften their push for an immigration overhaul to the pope.

Still, this little 5 year old had to wiggle her way onto the parade route and get the pope’s attention. She was intercepted by Secret Service officers who stopped her and started to take her back to the sidewalk when Pope Francis motioned for them to bring the child to him. When in direct contact with the pope, she handed the pope a note about wanting her parents to not be deported.

Absolutely no blame is being put on the child. Most children would do almost anything to help their parents. This is understandable. However, no child should be used as a tool to accomplish a political agenda that benefits adults any more than children being used as shields during battles.

According to reports, the group had been preparing the little girl for about a year to run to the popemobile to deliver the message about the hardships of illegal immigrants living in the U.S.and to personally ask the pope to basically intervene.

The same organization headed by Gutierrez pulled this same stunt last year in Rome, using a stage-managed 10 year old, Jersey Vargas, to rush to the pope to plead with him to help free her immigrant father from a detention center. These days, nothing seems to be as we see it to be.


Pope speaks, Boehner resigned. Obama did not. Pity.

Yesterday’s San Francisco Naked Day

Saturday (5/25/15) was Naked Day in San Francisco. That’s right, a time when everybody can roam the streets letting everything hang out. They requested a permit from City Hall for that romp in the raw, and….the city granted it. And this was the day that the Prime Minister of India arrived in the Bay Area. No wonder world leaders think the U.S. is nuts.

And yes, they have the ‘right’ to be served in all public places including restaurants. I kid you not. Only question, where do they keep their tip money?

Obama’s Total Immorality and Perversion 

Huge outrage. Afghanistan soldiers cannot control their lust for little boys, grabs them and sodomizes them whenever and wherever they want. Over there, child rape is perfectly OK.   An outraged American soldier came across an Afghan sexualizing a little boy, and beat up the offender. What does Obama do? He punishes the soldier who saved a little boy from further abuse with a court martial. This can only be expected from an administration with an LGBT supporter and participant sitting in the Oval Office.

Photo Caption: Child with Note to Pope

Photo Credit: The Connecting Link


Undermining America: The Refugee Coalition



On September 24, 2015, mayors from eighteen U.S. cities signed a letter to President Obama urging him to take in even more refugees than the mere 85,000 that the administration intends to accept this year. The letter, while listing only 18 mayors, is in reality apart of a much broader network that consists of over 84 mayors in nearly 100 cities and growing that are working in conjunction with the organization called Cities United For Immigration Action (CUIA).

In this letter written to the President, the mayors not only commend Obama for accepting 10,000 Syrian Refugees, but call for him to accept tens of thousands more. They state that “as the mayors of cities across the country, we see first-hand the myriad ways in which immigrants and refugees make our communities stronger economically, socially and culturally. We will welcome the Syrian families to make homes and new lives in our…

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New York Caves To Radical Muslim Demands

by Robert Chambers for CITIZEN-ACTION.COM


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced this past week that he will begin closing New York City public to observe Muslim holidays beginning with Eid al-Adha – also called the “Feast of Sacrifice” and Eid al-Fitr– the day that marks the end of the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan.

Mayor de Blasio made the announcement at PS/IS 30 in Brooklyn, where 36 percent of students were absent the last time Eid al-Adha fell on a school day.

The New York City schools serve 1.1 million students with Muslim students representing 10% of enrollments. In making the announcement, de Blasio said:

“We made a pledge to families that we would change our school calendar to reflect the strength and diversity of our city. Hundreds of thousands of Muslim families will no longer have to choose between honoring the most sacred days on their calendar or attending school.

This is a common sense change, and one that recognizes our rowing Muslim community and honors its contributions to our City.”


New Evidence that Antidepressants Are Causing an Epidemic of Violence



An article in the current British Medical Journal explains why the link is stronger than previously thought. Action Alert!

ANH-USA has researched dozens of the most high-profile cases of violent crimes over the last few decades. We found that in just under half of the cases (eleven out of twenty-three), the perpetrator was documented to be taking, or had recently stopped taking, some form of antidepressant or antipsychotic medication.

In another seven cases, the killer had been on these medications earlier. We suspect that number is even higher, but the information is either not publicly available or not known.

Other publications support these findings. Mother Jones looked at all mass shootings from 1982 through 2015—seventy-two incidents altogether. Of these, more than half of the perpetrators (forty-three) had shown signs of mental illness prior to the crime. Given the propensity of conventional doctors to prescribe antidepressants and other antipsychotic drugs (more on this below), it does not seem like a large leap to assume that many of these perpetrators were taking medications.

The FDA recognizes this, and many antidepressants carry “black box warnings,” the most stringent precaution a drug label can carry before being removed from the market. Many antidepressants carry a black box warning of an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior. Dr. Robert Whitaker notes that there is also a shocking risk of increased violence to others, which is not highlighted in the black box.

Important research has shown major drugs like Paxil and Prozac to be linked with violence at a substantially higher rate than other drugs—users of Paxil are 10.3 times more likely to do violence to themselves or others, while users of Prozac are 10.9 times more likely to commit acts of violence. Other evidence shows that people who have exhibited no propensity for violence or aggression can develop violent behavior soon after beginning antidepressants. (You can find still more evidence of the link between antidepressants and violence in our previous coverage of the topic.)

The FDA relies on studies conducted by major drug companies themselves, which may not be reliable. Even if the data is pristine, the interpretation will almost certainly be skewed in favor of the drug.

Consider the case of Paxil. Fourteen years ago the manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), published a study which was interpreted to mean that Paxil was safe and effective for teens. A new analysis of that same data, published this week in the prestigious British Medical Journal, found the exact opposite to be true—that teenagers on Paxil did no better than a placebo on a standard depression assessment, and that GSK had seriously downplayed the drug’s dangerous side effects!

This reinterpretation was only possible because GSK, to its credit, allowed the data to become public. It should be noted, however, that this was only done once the patent had gotten older and was thus less valuable.

Suicide and violence are just two side effects of antidepressants. There have been a total 134 warnings from regulatory agencies in eleven countries including:

  • 30 warnings that antidepressants cause heart problems
  • 21 warnings that they cause birth defects
  • 6 warnings that they cause anxiety
  • 5 warnings that they cause mania or psychosis
  • 4 warnings that they cause death
  • 4 warnings that they cause hallucinations or delusional thinking
  • 4 warnings that they cause involuntary movements
  • 2 warnings that they cause sexual dysfunction

There is a great deal we don’t know, partly because so much of drug companies’ research on these drugs is kept secret. But the correlation between violent crime and the use of these legal, mind-altering prescription drugs is too strong to be ignored, while scientific evidence of the connection continues to mount. So why hasn’t the FDA done anything?

The answer should be clear enough. Antidepressants are some of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the US. About 10% of Americans—30 million people—are on antidepressants, which includes 25% of women in their 40s and 50s. Antidepressant use has increased an astounding 400% in recent years. This translates into billions of dollars in profits worldwide for the pharmaceutical industry. And drug company money represent a substantial percentage of the FDA’s operating budget.

What is especially tragic about the wide use of antidepressants and their connection to violence and other terrible side effects is the fact that there are far safer, natural alternatives. We’ve reported before about some of these.

Sometimes depression is triggered by a life event or series of events. But what conventional medicine generally fails to notice is the connection between the brain and the body—how the body, and especially the gut, can have a profound effect on the brain, and vice versa. In some cases, it is a simple nutrient that is missing. It is often B vitamins, or it may be a mineral such as magnesium.

An integrative approach to medicine also addresses the imbalances in the body that may cause our mood to be out of whack. Consider that 95% of the body’s serotonin, the chemical that most depression drugs try to increase, is found in the gut. The standard American diet does not optimize either serotonin or gut health, leading to leaky gut syndrome and sustained inflammation.

Antibiotic use can also lead to gut dysbiosis and leaky gut because they destroy the good bacteria lining the intestines, allowing pathogenic bacteria to colonize. When the lining of the digestive system becomes permeable, toxic substances and bacteria leak into the bloodstream, triggering food sensitivities, inflammation, and autoimmune problems.

Additionally, hormone imbalances caused by hypothyroidism, which often goes undiagnosed, may cause mental health problems. Many people taking antidepressant medications, then, should really be addressing the underlying thyroid issue.

To find an integrative doctor in your area who won’t simply prescribe Prozac but will address the root cause, click here for some helpful links.

This is a life-or-death issue. How many more violent crimes will we have to endure before something is done about SSRIs and other mental health medications?

A recent news story told of new protocols and training at the University of Virginia Medical Center, preparing staff for the possibility of a gunman on a shooting rampage, which the Emergency Manager Coordinator views as an “unfortunate inevitability.” The irony of this is completely lost on the hospital staff. They see no connection whatsoever between the drugs they are prescribing and the “inevitable” shooter they are preparing for.

In 2011, ANH submitted a Citizen Petition to the FDA asking them to expand the current black box warning on antidepressants to include the danger of violent actions toward other people, in addition to the current suicide warning. This request has so far fallen on deaf ears. This time, we are reaching out to Congress to see if they can urge the FDA to act on this crucial issue.

Action Alert! Congress recently observed Mental Health Awareness Month. Write to your legislators and urge them to take meaningful steps towards addressing this serious issue—such as directing the FDA to update their black box warnings of antidepressants to include warnings of increased violent behavior. Please send your message immediately.


Dr. Manuel Martinez-Lavin, the lead author on this study Re-HPV Vaccine Gardasil

* Do our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

  • Note: Taken fro Health Sciences Institute e-Alert – Jenny Thompson – 9/29/15

    Dear Reader,

They’re glued to their beds in constant, crippling pain.

Many can no longer walk — and some struggle to even make a fist.

You’d think I was talking about seniors who’ve had their joints destroyed by a lifetime of arthritis. But these are young girls who haven’t spent their first day in high school yet.

And they’ve all had their tiny, healthy bodies destroyed by the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

A stunning report from a prestigious research hospital in Mexico has found that Gardasil is triggering a painful — and potentially incurable — disease identical to fibromyalgia.

Girls around the world are being left in non-stop agony. And they’re the latest proof that the mainstream and our government have been lying to us about the safety of Gardasil for years.

Looking for answers

Autumn was a young, healthy teen with dreams of going to the prom and heading off to college — right until three shots of Gardasil destroyed her life.

She’s now spent five years battling excruciating migraines and pain in her chest, back, pelvis, legs, and knees.

And this former soccer star who used to practice four hours a day now can’t even go to school.

Autumn’s family has spent years looking for answers. But it turns out her case isn’t isolated — and it’s not exactly out of the blue.

In the research out of Mexico, scientists profiled 45 kids from around the world, including the U.S., who developed chronic, debilitating pain and fatigue after receiving an HPV shot.

Dr. Manuel Martinez-Lavin, the lead author on this study, said the condition is remarkably similar to fibromyalgia. And he ought to know — he’s one of the leading fibromyalgia experts in the world.

The research started when Dr. Martinez-Levin treated two girls who had an illness like fibromyalgia that struck shortly after they received an HPV shot.

The doctor said he had never before seen such a devastating and painful disease of the nervous system at such a young age.

And when he started digging around, Dr. Martinez-Lavin found that girls in chronic, debilitating pain were turning up in doctors’ offices all around the world.

In fact, earlier this year researchers from Denmark identified 53 Danish kids who had an HPV vaccine followed by “symptoms consistent with pronounced autonomic dysfunction.”

In other words, the shot attacked and shut down parts of their nervous systems, leaving them in constant pain.

These cases have been piling up in the U.S. for years. As I’ve told you before, the FDA has received thousands of reports on Gardasil through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

As of 2013 the number of serious side effects reported were just shy of 30,000. That included 136 deaths and more than 900 kids who are now disabled, possibly for life.

But our government and the mainstream couldn’t care less. Believe it or not, they’re claiming that just because kids ended up crippled after getting Gardasil doesn’t mean the shot caused it.

How else do they explain it? Alien abduction?

When it comes to protecting innocent kids from Gardasil, Autumn’s mom wants to know, “Where is the medical community now?”

I’ll tell you where they are. They’re out collecting cash from speaking engagements and do-nothing consulting gigs for HPV vaccine makers like Merck and GlaxoSmithKline.

In fact, right after this latest study went to print, Dr. Eduardo L. Franco from McGill University — a paid consultant for Merck and GSK — hit the airwaves claiming that some people have probably won the lottery after getting Gardasil. So maybe we should start associating the shot with good luck.

Have you ever heard anything so callous in your life? Do me a favor, Dr. Franco — head over to Autumn’s bedside and try to peddle that nonsense.

Sharing my own battle with HPV and cervical cancer was one of the most difficult and personal decisions I’ve ever had to make. But I wanted you to understand that there are ways to beat the disease without resorting to these dangerous — and even deadly — shots.

Now with states like Rhode Island getting ready to force Gardasil on every middle-school girl and boy, it’s never been more important to fight to keep this poison out of our kids.

This isn’t just about medical freedom any more. It’s about the right to protect our kids and grandkids from having their lives destroyed — or lost — thanks to a shot they don’t need.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson

“Case reports of ‘syndrome’ appearing after HPV vaccination” Zosia Chustecka, September 18, 2015, Medscape,

Today’s Contest. “Guess The Name Of The City”

OK, friends this will be fun. You get to show off your superior knowledge of Geography while having a major freakin brain aneurysm at the same time. If you survive the explosion in your brain we will even throw in a free 1 yr subscription to the Blog. That’s right. 1 Free yr Of Exposing Modern Mugwumps delivered to your inbox everyday.      😉

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What Hellhole did you Guess?

Scroll down to see what Beautiful city these lovely people have destroyed.


Little More please.



Little More please.





It is Marseille, France’s second largest city!

Lovely isn’t it now.

´´Non , c’est devenu la 1ère ´´…
And do you know what is the second language spoken in Marseille?
It’s French. The first is Arabic.
Give them Paradise and they will turn it to a garbage bin.
France is already gone.

Gaddafi once said in a speech that there was no need to invade Europe,
because in 20 years Europe would be Muslim.

It has been reported in the London Daily Mail (January 2014)
that 50% of all babies born in the UK in 2012 and 2013 were Muslim.



He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world’s believing him. This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and in time depraves all its good dispositions. -THOMAS JEFFERSON, letter to Peter Carr, Aug. 19, 1785

Carly Fiorina is now the flavor of the month with the MSM and talk show hosts, none of whom have done any research into the woman’s background and beliefs. Strong debate performances and conservative sound bites don’t tell the full story. If you haven’t read Part 1 of my article on Carly, please do, as you will learn of her destruction of Lucent Technology and Hewlett Packard.

There is a reason Fiorina shows up on lists of the “Worst CEOs Of All Time,” (See here, here, here, here, and here among others) and it’s not because the whole business world is engaged in some kind of conspiracy to portray her as an incompetent. Was HP better off after Carly left than when she arrived? The answer is no. [Link] Despite the spin she tries to put on it, Carly Fiorina was a disaster for Hewlett Packard, and they’re still suffering from her so-called leadership. [Link] Fiorina left HP with one of the largest golden parachutes, really unheard of! [Link]

Don’t forget about her trading with Iran in violation of U.S. trade sanctions by using a foreign entity. [Link] According to a column by Josh Rogin: “Under Fiorina’s leadership, Hewlett-Packard sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of products to Iran through a foreign subsidiary, despite strict U.S. export sanctions.” [Link]

When Carly was forced out of HP, the very next day, HP stock jumped over 10%. [Link]

Remember too, Carly openly stated in a speech that she uses the Marxist Hegelian Dialectic every day. Check out this amazing article on Carly and Hegel.

Don’t forget Carly’s love of the Islamists, and her speeches extolling Islamic history only nine days after 9/11. On Monday, 21 September 15, Fiorina appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show. Besides her singing about a dog, she stated she would not have a problem with a Muslim being president of the United States. Skip to 1:48 in this video and listen to what she says.

There’s even more, more than I included in the first article, and it’s damning to say the least. There is so much damning information on Fiorina, that it’s near impossible to cover it all.

Fiorina and Common Core

Craig Barrett, AZ’s chief Common Core promoter and Chairman of the Board at Achieve Inc. (architects of the Common Core standards), hosted a private fundraiser for Carly Fiorina in AZ on 9/10/15, according to the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) Briefs.

Craig Barrett, Arizona’s poorer version of Bill Gates, routinely supports candidates for Governor and Superintendent of Education who then go on to advocate for his position of supporting common core learning standards and the suctioning of our kids’ data to all of his buddies at the Chamber of Commerce.

Craig Barrett would not support anyone who is truly against Common Core in their actions.

During her run for US Senate in CA, Carly Fiorina put out a paper praising and supporting Obama’s Race to the Top (RTTT) which tied federal funding to the adoption of what would later be called Common Core, which includes federally driven learning standards, tests, teacher evaluations, and NSA like data suctioning systems, which are all in place now. [Link]

Alyson Klein at Education Week points out, during Fiorina’s 2010 run for U.S. Senate in California, she apparently supported the very programs which helped give us Common Core to begin with, even though CC has been around for years and they simply change the name. A one-page education policy brief is still available on her Senate campaign website and provides the incriminating evidence.

Fiorina-Backed Website Touted Planned Parenthood

During the CNN debate, Fiorina blasted Planned Parenthood and the horror of selling baby body parts for profit. However, she certainly hasn’t put her money where her mouth is. The Daily Caller reported that Fiorina joined Revolution Health Group, (RHG) when it was founded in 2005, along with Colin Powell, as an investor and board member. RHG was a website which promoted abortion benefits and directed users to Planned Parenthood, National Abortion Federation, and NARAL for more information. Women were urged to “think through” their “choices,” but a pro-life perspective was not offered.

The website no longer exists, as it reportedly failed to turn a profit and was merged with health website publisher Waterfront Media in 2008. But the abortion issue page was archived in 2007 on the Wayback Machine.

Her stance on pro-life was quite different when she worked for John McCain’s re-election. Check out her statements back then. [Link]

In this article by Tim Brown, he states, “She (Fiorina) should also be asked why she would invest in a website that promotes an organization that was murdering even more babies at the time. How exactly does this square with Ms. Fiorina’s character?”

While campaigning for John McCain, Fiorina assured pro-choice folks that McCain “has never signed on to efforts to overturn Roe vs. Wade.” Why would a pro-lifer regard this as a positive attribute to be touted? Why would a pro-lifer sign on as a surrogate for that sort of candidate?

In August 2008, Fiorina stood next to one Debra Bartoshevich, a Hillary Clinton partisan, at a press conference, and did not correct Bartoshevich when she said, “Going back to 1999, John McCain did an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle saying that overturning Roe v. Wade would not make any sense, because then women would have to have illegal abortions.” Why would a pro-lifer stand on stage and remain silent when the candidate for whom she speaks is portrayed as pro-abortion? [Link]

Fiorina on Hillary

On Fox News, Fiorina said that it’s “absolutely crystal clear” that Clinton broke the rules and that she’s trying to cover it up. She pointed out that Clinton had a “server in her basement” for years, then decided to “wipe it clean” two years after leaving the State Department and before her presidential run.

Well Carly, what about your destruction of five hard drives prior to the ousting of Walter Hewlett and the HP board, and your massive takeover which gained you millions? [Link] Here are the facts from the man who was told to destroy Carly’s hard drives. I’ve spoken to him personally.

My name is Charles Nielsen, and I was an employee with HP from 1/2000 until 8/2001. I worked in the Boise, Idaho Data Center. I was the sole Customer Engineer allowed to work on Carly’s Private Server. It was kept under lock and key, and I was the only engineer allowed to work on it under the direct supervision of the Data Center Manager; I was new to the company and was used as a dupe. In March of 2001, just before Carly Fiorina had taken control of HP from Walter Hewlett, I was asked to remove the 5 hard drives from her personal server and physically destroy them with a hammer. I asked why I would destroy hard drives that at the time were worth over $15k apiece and I was told because she said so.

Shortly after destroying all evidence of her conspiracy to take over the company, she removed Walter Hewlett from the board of directors and made off with approximately $500 million dollars from the company with the rest of the board of directors ($100 million for Carly personally). All of her emails and all working documents were destroyed. I have kept my silence until now, when I find it highly offensive that after laying off close to 33k workers and sending stock prices into the gutter ( $55 a share when Fiorina took over to a little less than $20 a share under her leadership) she is pretending she would never behave like Hillary has. Carly Fiorina is as corrupt as they come.

Fiorina on Illegal Aliens

Jerry Perenchio, the former CEO of the Spanish language station Univision, is Carly Fiorina’s biggest donor at $1.6 million. Perenchio was also the national finance co-chairman for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign with deep ties to California. Remember, Carly was recruited by John McCain as the top advisor for his Republican 2008 presidential campaign. [First on CNN: Who’s giving to Carly Fiorina’s super PAC?, by MJ Lee, CNN, July 31, 2015]. Other major donors are all from Silicon Valley. Fiorina is their best hope (perhaps even better than Jeb Bush) for increased levels of legal immigration, a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens and massive increases in imported foreign workers.

Fiorina supports the DREAM Act. In her first debate with Sen. Boxer in 2010, she said: “I would support the DREAM Act because I do not believe that we can punish children who through no fault of their own are here trying to live the American dream.”

The DREAM Act (acronym for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) is an American legislative proposal for a multi-phase process for undocumented immigrants in the United States that would first grant conditional residency, and upon meeting further qualifications, permanent residency.

The bill was first introduced in the Senate on August 1, 2001, S. 1291 by Dick Durbin and Orrin Hatch, and has since been reintroduced several times (see legislative history) but has failed to pass.

Last June, Fiorina appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and said she is against a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, but that a path to legal status is “a possibility.” [Link] So, what is the difference? She also added she is open to immigration reforms that would give citizenship to children of illegal aliens. If that’s the case, she might as well give every illegal alien citizenship. They are not “undocumented immigrants.” They have broken the law and invaded our country. Why are we giving these lawbreakers anything?

In a Breitbart article last August, 2015, Fiorina made this statement, “I’ve been very clear I don’t support deportation. I don’t support amending the Constitution or challenging the 14th Amendment. I think these are ideas that stoke anger but don’t solve problems. I think Donald Trump is stoking anger without solving problems. And I think others, now, are sadly pandering to him. There has been a very unfortunate racist tone that has emerged in a lot of the discussion about immigration and that’s inexcusable. We must be a country that welcomes legal immigrants to this country. We must be a country that recognizes that we have industries like agriculture that have depended on temporary migrant labor for generations.”

Sorry Carly, but I couldn’t disagree with you more, not to mention your use of the race card! Donald Trump is echoing what Americans are saying to each other. The lawbreakers are here illegally and should be sent back as they were by past presidents. As for “anchor babies,” the fourteenth amendment should not apply to lawbreakers who purposely invade our country in order to give birth on American soil. The pregnant illegal aliens gain a foothold to stay here, and then collect entitlements from American taxpayers, monies they’ve never paid into and that are bankrupting America.

Stay tuned for more to come, and I’ll also be discussing Dr. Ben Carson.

Tennessee: The story behind the score

My Comments:  One would think being in the very buckle of the Bible belt would insure a very “clean” state, but that is far from the truth.  Not only is TN listed as third in the most corrupt states, but has twice been number one! 



Embarrassed by a bribery scandal, Tennessee legislators passed a sweeping ethics reform bill in 2006 they portrayed as the showpiece of a new era of accountability.

But six years later, real questions persist over whether the heart of that bill, the creation of the Tennessee Ethics Commission, effectively polices public officials and lobbyists in this state of 6.4 million people.

Since its creation, the commission has been plagued by infighting, controversy and questions about how serious lawmakers really are about lasting reform. In six years, the panel has yet to find anyone guilty of violating an ethics law.

That mixed ethics message helps explain why Tennessee receives a grade of C and a numerical score of 76 from the State Integrity Investigation conducted by the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity and Public Radio International. The state did score well enough in some areas to rank 8th overall, but it drew criticism for allowing corporate political donations and redrawing political maps in secret.

One former state lawmaker – who tried unsuccessfully for years to pass ethics legislation – believes his former colleagues never wanted the new reforms. The bribery scandal, former state Rep. Frank Buck said, drove lawmakers to act.

“They did it because they had to do it. I think the public demanded some of that,” said Buck, who retired in 2008 after 36 years in the legislature. “I don’t think the leadership in the House at that point in time, and some on both sides off the aisle, wanted it.”

The six-member Ethics Commission regulates lobbying activity, financial disclosures and ethical conduct among state and local public officials.

Yet it’s not clear how many complaints have been filed against lawmakers, lobbyists and other public officials, because that information is not available to the public.

The roots of reform

The Ethics Commission was born out of the FBI’s Tennessee Waltz sting, which led to the convictions of nine state and local officials and a lobbyist. The 2005 scandal brought down four sitting state lawmakers, including former Sen. John Ford of the politically powerful Ford family in Memphis.

Following the FBI arrests, the ethics bill emerged from a special session of the legislature called by then-Gov. Phil Bredesen.

“It’s a commonly known fact that, at the time, Bredesen forced the legislature to do something that they did not want to do,” said Bruce Androphy, the Ethics Commission’s first executive director. “That’s no big secret—by holding the special session, he sort of put the legislature’s feet to the fire to do something that they would not have done independently on their own.”

The commission voted to remove Androphy as executive director in 2009 after a rocky 2.5 years. At the time, some said lawmakers and lobbyists had no appetite for an assertive ethics commission. Androphy’s critics said the commission couldn’t get things done, and chided him for opposing a move to combine the commission into the Registry of Election Finance.

A year later, former Jackson, Tenn. Mayor Charles Farmer resigned from the commission out of frustration the panel was doing little to weed out corruption.

In his 2010 resignation letter, Farmer wrote that he was “increasingly doubtful that the Tennessee Ethics Commission can make a meaningful difference in whether the work of government is conducted ethically.” Farmer did not respond to a request for comment.

Then, from November 2010 to June 2011, the commission did not meet for seven months because new members had not been appointed.

Policing judges

Lawmakers have paid little attention to the commission. Instead, they have geared up for a fight with the state judiciary over the judges’ own ethics panel.

The Tennessee Court of the Judiciary, an ethics panel for judges, has come under fire by state lawmakers and some citizens who say it’s not disciplining judges who behave badly.

Lawmakers are upset the COJ dismisses more than 90 percent of complaints against judges. As with the Ethics Commission, the complaints against the judges are not public record. Some files become public only when a judge is formally charged by the panel.

“I question whether or not those complaints should have been dismissed,” said state Sen. Mae Beavers, one of the COJ’s biggest critics. “We have actually had judges who are committing felonies who are allowed to resign, and then they’re never prosecuted.”

Beavers contends the failure to discipline judges or prosecute them when they commit crimes makes them, essentially, unanswerable to the law.

The COJ disposed of 334 complaints against judges last fiscal year, with the overwhelming majority dismissed. The group issued nine public reprimands, six private reprimands, three deferred discipline agreements and five “dismissals with warning.” It suspended one judge after he pled guilty to official misconduct.

Former state Attorney General Paul Summers, once a judge on the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals, said many complaints come from people angry that they lost their court case.

He says critics can’t assume judges are sweeping complaints under the rug. “That’s just not the truth,” Summers said. “Judges are in the business of making tough decisions about other people, other judges, other lawyers, other citizens every day of their lives. And just the fact that they’re having to make a tough decision about someone else who also is in their profession, that’s like water on a duck’s back. That’s just another day of work.”

The majority of the members on the panel are appointed by the Tennessee Supreme Court. Some members of the legislature, including Beavers, would like to change the law so that the speakers of the state House and Senate appoint the members.

Some judges say their independence is threatened by the Republican-led legislature.

Still, the COJ has a long history of dismissing complaints. In 2009, Tennessee Watchdog reported that of the 2,997 complaints lodged against judges from 1999 to 2009, less than 1 percent triggered disciplinary action.

It remains to be seen what state lawmakers will do with the COJ, or whether they will take up questions about their own ethics panel.

Campaign cash

Also unclear: What role corporate money will play in Tennessee politics.

When Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill on June 1, 2011 removing the ban on corporations making political contributions, the Volunteer State became one of just a few states allowing direct corporate contributions to candidates. Corporations are limited to donating $10,700 per election to candidates for statewide office and to those running for state senate seats. Corporations are limited to donating $7,100 per election to candidates running for local office or for the state house of representatives. Primary elections, general elections, runoff elections and special elections are each considered separate elections.

Bob Tuke, a Nashville lawyer and former chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party, said the law allows big donors to remain anonymous. He says the money will come out of the general coffers of a corporation, but the public will not know who is behind it.

On other fronts, Tennessee has a mixed record. The state ranked 40th in the openness of its redistricting process. Last year lawmakers posted information online so the public could participate in the process and invited public comment, hailing the steps as open government. Yet the actual redrawing of maps was conducted in secret.

The State Integrity Investigation also gave lawmakers low scores for meeting secretly to discuss the budget.

Tennessee government did score well on other gauges of transparency:

  • The state got a score of 90 for its auditing process. The comptroller’s office regularly issues reports on fraud, waste and theft costing taxpayers millions.
  • The state pension fund got a solid grade for being well-run and transparent.
  • The state was highly ranked on selecting competent, professional judges for its appellate courts.
  • The General Assembly’s website got high marks for being user-friendly.

And, a 2008 law says government officials must respond in writing within seven business days of public information requests – and created an Open Records Counsel to help citizens obtain information from sometimes reluctant agencies.

Want to get this information in the hands of those who need it most? Use the report card’s “E-mail this score to your state official” button to automatically send Tennessee’s grades to your governor and state legislators. If you’re from another state, use our map to find your state and send your state’s report card to the people who represent you.

Photo credit: Tennessee Senate (Terrance).

WARNING: Your battle with bugs could give a child you love cancer

Daily Dose with Jack Harrison

If you’ve got little ones in your life — whether they’re children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren — you know why they’re called rugrats.

Set them down on the rug, and watch ’em go.

They will explore every inch of that floor if you let them, and find nooks and corners in your home you never even knew existed.

Of course, they’ll also pick up just about everything they can find and try to gnaw on it — and it doesn’t matter how well you childproof your home, they will ALWAYS find something you didn’t.

But at least you can grab that old sock they found behind the sofa before they shove it into the mouth.

It’s what you CAN’T see that’s the real problem. And if you’ve ever had an issue with bugs in your home — if you’re one of the tens of millions of Americans waging war against ants, fleas, silverfish or (shudder) cockroaches — there could be something lingering in the nooks and corners of your home that can be devastating to a child’s health.

It’s the insect killer used to wipe those bugs out.

Yes, you know you shouldn’t ever spray it on or near a child. You know it’s toxic.

But what most folks don’t realize is that those nasty chemicals can linger on surfaces long after they’ve been sprayed. And if a little one comes for a visit and starts digging around behind the sofa, he might come out with something worse than an old sock.

He could end up with cancer!

New research finds that insect killers increase the risk of horrific diseases in children when used inside the home, boosting the odds of childhood leukemia by 47 percent cent and childhood lymphomas by 43 percent.

Kids exposed to this junk can also suffer nerve damage and hormonal problems.

There are even immediate dangers to a kid licking a finger that’s been on some flooring that was recently sprayed, including stomach pain, vomiting, respiratory problems and more.

If you’ve got a bug problem, do the little ones in your family a favor and wipe ’em out the old-fashioned way: with a thorough cleaning and fanatically good hygiene.

And if the little pests are still poking their heads out, go online and search “natural bug killers” for a ton of good ideas that won’t harm the kiddos.

Bugging out,

Jack Harrison

Something stinks: Ted Cruz’s Super PAC donated $½ million to Carly Fiorina’s campaign