Obama-Meryl Streep Speeches Leave Listeners Speechless

by Rev. Austin Miles


CHICAGO 1/11/16–Last night Obama gave an eternal farewell (?) speech letting us all know how much he accomplished during his reign and indicated how we will miss him. This prompted Boston Herald Journalist Howie Carr to write: “How can we miss him when he won’t go away?” Mr. Carr went on to marvel that Obama didn’t throw out his shoulder from patting himself on the back. My kind of writer.

Obama’s endless self congratulatory speech brought cheers from his leftist audience along with standing ovations for practically every sentence he uttered. His comments were freely delivered, not bound by the chains of accuracy. In this rare case,Obama was transparent. Every one, including his Communist backers, could see right through him.

Mr. Carr concluded his piece by asking, “By the way, is the speech over yet?” We have the uneasy feeling that it is not.

The Obama speech treat came on the high heels of Meryl Streeps’ Golden Globes award recognition acceptance formality, which needs to be put in verse: We called upon the Milestones Poetry Department talents (?):

Meryl Streep,

Thinks she’s neat,

And the adviser to the USA.

She is the Queen

Of The Silver Screen,

Whose words are wisdom? Nay!

She used her time

To thump Trump,

Over issues she knew nothing about.

But Trump is accustomed

To such foolish attacks,

And didn’t waste time to pout.

She pretends to be someone else,

That’s what she’s paid to do.

But advising on national affairs,

Is plainly stupid to do.

She’s an actress, that’s all,

With no scholarly zing.

Like her Florence Jenkins character,

who actually thought she could sing.

Her film persona hit wrong notes,

Even in Carnegie Hall.

But she thought she was gifted,

Like Streep who chose Trump to maul.

Hollywood stars are hugely paid,

To pretend to be somebody else.

With movies geared to manipulate minds,

While hiding integrity on shelves.

There was a time in the good old days,

When performers would entertain.

But nowadays, that’s not so.

Instead they’ve become a pain.

Perhaps instead of paying to see a propaganda movie it would be more beneficial to read a book.


4 responses to “Obama-Meryl Streep Speeches Leave Listeners Speechless

  1. A completely self-absorbed president.

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  2. Obama lives in an alternate universe. He was born there, or maybe not. We’ll probably never know, since it’s so uncool to question his birth certificate. Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona dared to conduct a forensic study into the birth certificate and the next election in 2016 gave him his first loss after a 24 year reign. One of the media’s reasons given were his contempt of court charges. The reason? “He was found to be in civil contempt of federal court for disobeying a judge’s order to stop enforcing state immigration laws.” Just like fellow Republican and former AZ Governor Jan Brewer – she also was elected out of office after trying to enforce immigration laws. Now this is in Arizona, where illegal immigration from Mexico led to Phoenix being called the rape capital of the US. This may seem off the subject, but I’m trying to make the case that anyone who tried to buck Obama, even by steadfastly following the law, could find themselves suddenly unpopular with voters. That’s just not likely. There’s a story here someone needs to investigate. These elected officials were trying to FOLLOW the law and they became saddled with bogus charges that may have cost them their jobs. How anyone could applaud obummer, the criminal-in-chief, is beyond belief. They have to be deaf, dumb and blind, or just blinded by dark skin.

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  3. I fully agree with you Cathy…

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