Obama’s Moral Compass

2 responses to “Obama’s Moral Compass

  1. williamjamesward

    Generations to come if any will wonder why Americans did not
    revolt against this felon and his spending money like it was his
    and the duplicitous government that did not stop him that had
    control of the purse. Lack of moral character in a degenerating
    society following the removal of the Bible from schools, the false
    affirmation of the lie about separation of Church and State
    toped off with the slaughter of innocent babies in the womb
    gives a picture of offenses against God. Moral turpitude must
    be answered for and God will not be mocked, a sincere repentance
    and revival is due while returning to a moral society based in
    our Judeo-Christian values. Perversion and sin has to be called
    out and the fact that amoral Judges corrupt the courts and
    denigrate good people while promoting sinfulness, must be
    ended. Those who do not want God in their lives are free to
    go away, their ultimate destination awaits them and we do not
    want any of our loved ones taken by them………………William

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    • Freedom Rider

      Excellent summation of the worldwide, and especially America’s, current state of apostasy Brother William. But of all your words of wisdom the first and last lines: “Generations to come if any…” and “…we do not want any of our loved ones taken by them.” stand out for me as the most salient and terrifying. … FR

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