Silicon Valley CEO: Middle America a “Sh*thole” Full of “Stupid People”

“Clean up your act” by electing progressives. she says

5 responses to “Silicon Valley CEO: Middle America a “Sh*thole” Full of “Stupid People”

  1. williamjamesward

    This woman comes across as ignorant, bigoted and not a person
    I would want around me. She knows nothing of Americans and
    has been brain washed in leftist misinformation, a part of the swamp
    needing to be drained, salted and paved over………………William

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  2. This ignorant twit is in a “Service Business”. She does not create “Wealth”. All wealth must be created my Farming and harvesting; Mining and extractions; and Manufacturing. Transporting materials and finished goods is a necessary Service. Information Technology is a Luxury Service, not a necessity.
    You know, like all the things that the “Stupid People in the Shitholes” produce that make her (relatively useless) life possible. ‘
    I’m getting real sick of these over educated idiots that think that their high paying job actually makes them more valuable then the people that make their Luxury Lifestyle possible. This twit is “more valuable” than Cher or the other libTARD Hollyweird “stars”, but on a Reality Scale, not by a whole lot.

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    • Freedom Rider

      “Uncle Joe” Stalin coined (so far as I know) the term ‘Useful Idiots’ for the likes of this fool. Seems appropriate…

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  3. Right honey.
    You would rather use child labor to build your junk working with hazardous materials, and have call centers in places where children are sex slaves and there are open sewers running down the middle of the street.
    And by the way, the West coast has become famous for its immorality, substance abuse and illegal immigrants not to mention the national sewer pipe, Hollywood.

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    • And open sewers running all over all the streets… I was stationed in SF in the mid ’60s. Alameda NAS. It was gorgeous. My girlfriend and I drove all over the countryside and SF, Sausalito Thousand Oaks, Chinatown on Chinese New Years. Couple of trips to Tijuana for huarache sandals and tequila… No sweat then. No way now. Great memories but I wouldn’t wish that hole or any other part of the coastal areas of CA on anyone now… Well maybe Obama and Hillary.


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