ISIS: 7-year-old jihadist beheads man… Kiddie day in the Caliphate

Wake Up The Dreamers! This is not only a Middle Eastern nightmare. Thousands are right here right now. There are fenced, gated and guarded Islamic sleeper cells all over the USA. It’s just a matter of time until these highly trained and motivated children will come for you. You don’t believe it? Dream on…  FR


ISIS Shows Preschooler Killing Victim Tied to Carnival Ball Pit

All the fine young cannibals.


(ISIS video screenshot)

After an end-of-the-year Click> video showing pre-teens hunt down and kill bound prisoners in an abandoned building, the Islamic State today released an even more gory follow-up with children as young as preschool age murdering prisoners tied to broken carnival rides.

The 18-minute highly produced video out of ISIS’ Khayr province in Syria was distributed through publicly accessible Islamic State media channels, social media and file-sharing sites, including Google Drive and, briefly, YouTube.

It begins by showing adults training in a bombed-out building, but transitions into adults leading small children in exercises. A boy about 9 or 10 years old is shown gleefully participating in a public stoning.

Like previous ISIS videos featuring children, the video argues that coalition bombing is a reason for kids to join jihad and kill Americans.

And as in previous execution videos, a trio of prisoners accused of being spies make videotaped “confessions”. The film then cuts to an abandoned funfair filled with ruined carnival rides such as a Ferris wheel and kiddie train.

(ISIS video screenshot)(ISIS video screenshot)

The first victim is zip-tied to the interior of a tilting, spinning disk ride. A boy about 7 years old ascends the stairs and is handed a knife by a black-clad ISIS member. He covers the victim’s eyes with one hand before being given a signal by the adult jihadist. The boy then saws at the victim’s throat. When done, he wipes off both sides of the knife on the victim’s white T-shirt.

The ride is then slowly spun with the victim’s head sitting on the floor of the interior.

(ISIS video screenshot)(ISIS video screenshot)

The second victim is tied to the fence inside a ball pit filled with broken balls. A preschool-aged boy clad in black is handed a small gun by the adult ISIS member. The child shoots the victim five times before holding the gun aloft and yelling “Allahu akbar” twice.

(ISIS video screenshot)(ISIS video screenshot)

An older boy who appears about 12 years old is the final executioner, pushing a bound victim into the dirt next to kiddie train tracks.

Before he kills the prisoner, the preschool-aged boy makes a motion of drawing his hand across his throat.

After sawing the victim’s throat, the boy plunges the knife into his back before walking away.

(ISIS video screenshot)(ISIS video screenshot)

At the end of December, the Islamic State released a grisly video showing child jihadists hunting down bound “apostates” in a live-fire training exercise.

The half-hour-long production, from ISIS headquarters in Raqqa, shows child jihadists — boys about 9 to 12 years old — sent on an exercise through an abandoned building with some dummy targets in the rooms and a handful of live targets: prisoners with their hands zip-tied behind their backs, trying to elude the child jihadists in the multi-story, debris-strewn building.

ISIS has often touted its “cubs” program to train young jihadists. In April, a video featuring all child jihadists showed the kids making threats in French translated into English.

“Beware, we have what we need to defend ourselves/Well-armed soldiers are ready to kill you… Beware, we are ready to fight back/Our swords are sharpened to slice necks,” a French-speaking boy sung in the nasheed.



3 responses to “ISIS: 7-year-old jihadist beheads man… Kiddie day in the Caliphate

  1. williamjamesward

    The war of good vs. evil goes forward and Judgment Day is coming
    closer for evil. As our swamp drains I hope those who now are in
    charge will not listen to the evil ones left behind by Mullah Obama.
    Justice must find a way of moving through Washington District of
    Criminals and secure America against our enemies and evil
    within and without………………Go Trump…………..William

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Reading this article made me sick in my stomach. I agree with williamjamesward. May the Lord have mercy.

    Liked by 2 people

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