Speculation Has Become Fact

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The Leftist media has worked tirelessly to suppress the damaging revelations about Hillary Clinton’s corruption by distracting the public with a lewd audiotape of Trump from over a decade ago. Despite their efforts, this is too big of a story to be suppressed entirely. What many of us have been attempting to convince people of about Hillary has been to no avail thus far, but now we have hard overwhelming evidence. Before I go into the details of the emails released by Julian Assange of Wikileaks, I must address the media’s attempt to discredit this accurate information. They have blamed and accused Russia of being the source of Wikileaks hacking material and that they are releasing completely false information. There are many issues with this artificial explanation. First, it is a proven fact that from the beginning, Wikileaks has never produced false information. Not even once. Secondly, if they had…

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One response to “Speculation Has Become Fact

  1. Wonder where some of these other folks were baptised, like:
    Megyn Kelly (she stated she was Catholic on TV last night) or Hillary and Bill. In the lake of fire, or Flint reservoir or a vat of moonshine?

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