FAKE NEWS: Newsweek Admits They Didn’t Proof Read ‘Madam President’ Issue; They Didn’t Even Write It

No one on our staff wrote it… We subcontract out to a company.”

A Newsweek editor admitted Wednesday that the infamous Hillary Clinton ‘Madam President’ issue was not proof read before being shipped out, and no one on the staff at the magazine had any hand in writing it.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Newsweek political editor Matt Cooper attempted to defend the fact that Newsweek printed and shipped out commemorative issues declaring Hillary Clinton the next US President, days before the election even took place.

The outlet even had Hillary sign some of the 125,000 copies of the magazine, which in its introduction labeled Trump supporters as “deplorable” and described his campaign as “fear and hate-based conservatism”.

Cooper admitted to Carlson that he personally did not read the content of the issue before it was sent out, and neither did anyone on his staff. What’s more, none of them even know who wrote the thing.

“The writing in this is, shall we say, not up to the editorial standards of Newsweek,” Cooper said, adding “no one on our staff wrote it. We subcontract out to a company.”

“But when you read it before it went out, what did you say?” Carlson asked.

“Well, no, we didn’t [read it],” Cooper replied. “We subcontract these commemorative issues to a company … so it’s sort of been done on a separate track, and we did not review it before it went out.”

Things then got downright weird as Carlson asked what would’ve happened if the subcontractor printed something insane like the writings of Hitler, and then sent it out under the Newsweek banner, without the staff proof reading it.

“Well, if they had reprinted Mein Kampf, that would be even worse,” Cooper said, claiming that in future the magazine will work harder to review the content being printed in such issues.

So there you have it, an arm of the corporate media literally printing politically biased fake news, admitting it is fake, and admitting it doesn’t bother to review it or even write it in the first place.

Is it any wonder that less than 5 percent of Americans trust the mainstream media?

One response to “FAKE NEWS: Newsweek Admits They Didn’t Proof Read ‘Madam President’ Issue; They Didn’t Even Write It

  1. This is why I pray for you and all who stand for truth, the truth of the Word or man. Stand tall on your BC comic-strip podium, engraved, TRVTH–you’ve earned it!


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