If Trump Election is Overturned, Who Will Be President?

What is happening in DC?


6 responses to “If Trump Election is Overturned, Who Will Be President?

  1. williamjamesward

    The very idea is nauseating and we are aware of who the victor is,
    this foolish leftist just can not get over the election and wants her
    stupid face in public, nothing more. If some crew put together a
    scam and tried to upset the American people who elected
    Donald Trump, it could go very bad for them…………William

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  2. Looks like it ain’t gonna be Fidel Castro.

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  3. I wonder what the big left media would do if Trump signs an executive order that repeals allowing published lies for political gain? The media would be forced to publish truth. Require that all information not be slanted, and not to be used for advancing partisan views for the left.

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    • Taking over the news media and the entertainment media was one of the 45 goals of the American Communists which Congress held a hearing on in 1963 but even way before then in 1935 then president of the American Communist party was publically calling for the government to take over the operation of our schools, why was this so obviously important to the Communists; they knew if they could control the media and our schools they could create an ignorant society. Another goal of the Communists was to capture one or both of our political parties, the Democrat party has been captured along with the RINO party, our schools were captured when Jimmy Carter signed off on the Department of so-called Education the dumbing down took form. The great number of fools in this country today proves how successful these Vermin have been, it took decades for America to get in such horrible shape and it will take probably decades if ever to reverse the damage already done. Personally I don’t see it ever happening, I just hope I’m wrong.

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  4. The Communists have infiltrated almost everything, the Unions are
    probably totally controlled by them…………….William

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