Donald Trump Did Nothing Wrong Compared To The Clintons

Learn why Trump’s “vulgar” comments are a non-issue in contrast with rape, and murder by the Clintons

Hillary Clinton is just the latest villain from a long line of mind controlling ne’er do wells that have ruled over the United States since it was inevitably infiltrated by the global elite’s central bank scam in 1913.

What Trump said was nothing.

In fact, most of you watching this right now have probably said worse…. men and women…especially the fake liberals with your pseudo intellectualism born of Salinskyite mind control.

2 responses to “Donald Trump Did Nothing Wrong Compared To The Clintons

  1. williamjamesward

    The Democrats are a smear machine connected to false morality
    and RHINO’S………..falsity is their trademark…..and brand….William

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  2. If the moral status of America is accurately reflected in the tone of the campaign, it’s a tragic season for the nation. What do you think God is trying to say to us? Is He happy with us? Sure, I’m preaching to the choir, since the readers here are probably all good people. (Any trolls listening?) But I think it’s an historical and Biblical fact that the majority of the people determine the character of the nation. There has always been a remnant, but the rain falls on the holy as well as the profane. It falls on the remnant to save the whole nation. How does the minority elect the prez? Only with God’s help. A very small remnant was saved in the flood. From that nucleus, the world was restored. It’s possible the US will be destroyed, with only the remnant saved. Be prepared for anything, but something is inevitably going to happen.


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