Just when you think Democrats can’t sink any lower a story like this from a VA union leader hit


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

During a recent radio interview, a Democrat Veterans Administration Hospital union leader, who is now ashamed of herself, admitted she lied about letting sick veterans die to avoid giving Republican Congressional investigators information they could use against Democrats.

Germaine Clarno

In a sad admission of guilt and placing her allegiance to the Democrat Party over the very lives of sick men and women who have turned to the Veterans Administration for healthcare, former VA hospital union president Germaine Clarno lamented “If I would’ve gone to him two years ago, who knows what kind of lives could’ve been saved?”

Clarno, a lifelong Democrat and social worker at Hines VA hospital in Hines, Illinois was referring to Florida Congressman Jeff Miller, the Republican leader of the House Veterans Administration subcommittee.

Congressman Jeff Miller

She was the president of the hospital’s union of doctors during a clearly avoidable, deadly wait-time scandal that took the lives of innocent sick veterans.

Over the span of this scandal dozens of veterans died needlessly due to inordinate waiting times at multiple VA hospitals around the country. This cruel abuse of patients led to the death of some 40 veterans in a Phoenix facility which came to light in 2013.

At Clarno’s hospital in Hines, the House investigation found other substantial, potentially deadly problems such as heart scans being thrown away without having even been reviewed.

When Clarno recognized she was going to be grilled by the Miller Committee, she went to a Democrat whom she knew could/would not do anything about the criminal neglect she and her co-workers were guilty of. This was to clear her conscience without actually giving political ammunition to Republicans, something she considered worse than letting innocent veterans die.

Long tailed Weasel: Genus Democratis Fanaticus

Clarno displayed the true colors of a typical Democrat when she tried to weasel out of her guilt by implying that she would have gone to a Republican (who would have done something) had it not been for the “frosty” relationship between Democrat union officials and Republicans.

She commented, “It was really upsetting. This isn’t about, you know, whether you have a D or an R at the end of your name. This is about the VA, this is about protecting the men and women who fought for our country.”

“I am a scorpion and I do what scorpions do,” comes to mind.

2 responses to “Just when you think Democrats can’t sink any lower a story like this from a VA union leader hit

  1. And how many more thousands of veterans have died and are dying today thanks to such criminal bullshit. And where is justice? These are acts of criminal homicide but I see nothing about charges even in this clearly admitted case. I have never gone to the VA and never even joined the VFW. I am sickened by our military and have no pride in the years I served. Don’t confuse my attitude with my regard for the many fine men I served with and those serving today… Their “leaders” by and large though can go to hell. And many most certainly will!.

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