1. She is totally right. Good for her and I have a new affinity for L.L. Bean. Now I will endeavor to patronize every company being targeted by that commie outfit.
    The fact that Kaba the Hut look alike Rosie has come out calling for martial law lends a comedic element to the threats against the inauguration.

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  2. williamjamesward

    Linda Bean has the right American attitude and thus is a target of
    the totalitarian left, I pray she and her company prosper.

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  3. It was a typo or my spell checker JABA the hutt.
    I t might take a while to do but I think at least sending every company listed on that Leftist pinko grabyourwallet fan mail would be cool thing to do.

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  4. Good idea, let’s do it, make a form letter and then send to every one of these nutcases.

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  5. Here is what I will send out. I prefer email over mail.

    Hi. I’m a customer/potential customer / fan of your brand.

    As a voter, consumer and citizen of the U.S.A. I commend and concur with your position to support and conduct business with the Trumps.

    I feel very strongly about our country and our right to articulate our prerogative as a consumer, and I will endeavor to be a customer and otherwise show my support for your company.

    As the attacks on Trump and our culture continue, it becomes easier to identify who are patriotic citizens and who are globalists and seditionists; and since I do not riot or demonstrate or participate in civil disobedience, I welcome the opportunity to express my support by voting with my wallet.

    Of course if news to the contrary appears about your company, it is your right to take whatever position you feel you need to, and my right to take appropriate action as well.
    Just to be forthright, I find Trump opponents misinformed and repulsive.

    With the flood of lies on the MSM, it may at times know the truth about Trump or where the hearts and minds of many Americans lie, so this email is to confirm at least where mine are; and I am not alone.

    Best Regards & In God We Trust

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  6. Superb Me!!!! But I know for a fact you’ll never find any negative position by L.L. Bean…she’s a tried and true patriot…we love her!

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  7. I better rewrite it.

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  8. You can, but it’s good

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  9. The lady makes me proud. Totally moving! Thanks to all of you. I’m not very tech savvy but I’m in on the letter if you tell me how to be a part of it.

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  10. Even though the Grabyourwallet site looks like a spreadsheet, it doesn’t seem to be editable so I have to transcribe each vendors contact info into my contacts, or something else I can share, unless someone has a better solution.
    I’m not an activist or a millennial so I do not possess these talents and tools.

    How come the only outspoken Trump supporters I’ve seen are bikers whose leader is a chainsaw artist?
    More power to him and his group, but the optics are not good, and I’m not hearing from any other groups except women with tattoed vaginas.
    Plus you know guns are not permitted in DC, so the only people with weapons will be police (who are under orders to do nothing), and of course the homeboys who have lots of guns.
    I think Trump should teleconference his oath, and stay away until they can drain and flush all the violent Leftist scum.

    Of course if I encounter any of these violent turds in let’s say a Walmart parking lot or a gas station, I’m prepared.

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