Famous Homosexual Serves as Lector During Pope Francis’ NYC Mass—VIDEO



NEW YORK, September 26, 2015 (ChurchMilitant.com) – A scandal has erupted in the Big Apple after last night’s Papal Mass at Madison Square Garden, where a famous open homosexual served as lector during Pope Francis’ Mass.

Mo Rocca, an American comedian, actor and journalist, well known for his role on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and now a commentator for CBS, admitted his homosexuality during a podcast interview in 2011.

The then 42-year-old Rocca spoke of his joy at being in New York at the site of the Stonewall Riots, when gay “marriage” was passed in New York state, after two Knights of Columbus tipped the vote in the legislature.

Rocca said, “You gotta’ be there for a piece of history like that. … [It] was very memorable and emotional and a great place to be.”

After publicly announcing his homosexuality and support for gay “marriage,” because of his fame Rocca quickly skyrocketed in popularity among LGBT activist circles.

When Rocca appeared on live news feeds last night as the lector for the Papal Mass, Twitter blew up with scandalous praise as everyone saw this as the Church’s — and specifically Pope Francis’ — acceptance of homosexuality and gay marriage.

Before people jump to irrational conclusions, we must keep in mind that it is beyond improbable that Pope Francis even knew Mo Rocca’s name let alone that he was a famous homosexual. After all, Pope Francis admitted in an interview that he gave up watching television in 1990 and he greatly struggles with the english language.

But among the people that would’ve known are first and foremost His Eminence, the cardinal archbishop of New York City, Timothy Dolan, who literally sat idly by as Rocca read the first reading with Pope Francis and dozens of cardinals and archbishops staring on.

Liturgy directors are entirely responsible for the management of people, places and things during major archdiocesan events such as this.

Many questions and frustrations still remain as to why, out of all the Catholics in New York City, a famous, open homosexual was chosen?

At the end of the day, it is Cdl. Dolan who must take ultimate responsibility for approving the decision to have Rocca as lector, and for failing to vet those people who publicly appeared at the Mass alongside Pope Francis. Neither can Dolan claim ignorance, considering the celebrity status of Mo Rocca in New York and nationwide.

How involved were prelates of the USCCB in organizing the Papal Mass, and did they have a direct role in picking Rocca to publicly represent the Catholic faith in front of millions watching at home?

Whatever the truth of the matter may be, Rocca was not picked because he’s a Spanish-speaking Catholic born of Colombian and Italian descent. He was chosen because of his open homosexuality and his support of gay “marriage” by revolutionaries within the archdiocese trying to push change to Church teaching. And Cdl. Dolan, as head of the archdiocese, is responsible for giving final approval.

ChurchMilitant.com contacted the archdiocese of New York for comment, but their communications office is closed until Monday, when ChurchMilitant.com will contact the archdiocese again.

2 responses to “Famous Homosexual Serves as Lector During Pope Francis’ NYC Mass—VIDEO

  1. You say: Before people jump to irrational conclusions

    How do you come up with irrational? Makes no sense givin the pope supports gays all the time.


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