Did Paul Ryan’s Top Advisor Leak the Trump Tape?

GOP establishment plot to sabotage the Donald?

2 responses to “Did Paul Ryan’s Top Advisor Leak the Trump Tape?

  1. The potentates in Washington, D.C. will do anything, and I mean anything, to try and make sure Trump does not win. RINO Ryan is being bought and paid for by the Clinton’s and their handlers. We need to ask ourselves, Why is so many people, organizations and entities so scared of a Trump presidency? Are they really scared? Are is this all a ‘put on’ to make this election look like a real competition? If Trump actually wins and does even one or two things that he has promised it will be a lot better than a Hit-lie-ary win. She already has the people and systems in place to make sure she hits the road running, so to speak, if she gets in office. I will take Trump some time to be as effective. In the mean time there will be all kinds of disdain for him. What I do know for sure is that we live in a very very evil world and God Almighty is in control!

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  2. Please! Not the little homosexual, cheating, etc. Ryan?! Not one of the pillars of the up-and-coming RINOs?! Say it ain’t so!


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