The TRUE toll of mammograms

* Do all of our loved ones & friends KNOW ?  Thermography is a much safer and often more definitive for early cancer detection.  See:.

* Note: Taken from The Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 7/16/17

It’s supposed to be a HUGE relief. And sure, when you learn you DON’T have cancer, you can bet it’s a massive weight off your shoulders.

But ladies, you might have to march right through the gates of you-know-where to reach that point!

New research shows the HIDDEN toll of false positives for breast cancer.

They drive women right to the brink of their sanity — turning them into such nervous wrecks that many end up taking powerful and dangerous drugs to help cope with all the stress.

The study of women ranging from middle-aged right up to the senior years finds that false positives drive you so batty that you’re 20 percent more likely to end up on happy pills such as antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds.

This isn’t rare, either.

Mammograms are notorious for cranking out false positives the way airport metal detectors think every little keychain or belt buckle is a deadly bomb. Just LOOK at the machine funny, and the thing will light up!

Over 10 years, up to 60 percent of women who have mammograms end up with a false positive.

But when you get that call to come back in for more tests, there’s nothing “false” about that “positive.” It’s only natural to fear the worst or even become absolutely convinced you have cancer.

And that’s why so many women end up on mood meds after a mammogram.

You might think the anxiety ends after a few anxious weeks when the second test reveals no cancer.

But it doesn’t.

A 2013 study found that the trauma of THINKING you have cancer — even briefly — can linger for YEARS!

That study found that false positives lead to pessimism and anxiety for three years after, and possibly longer.

And that’s STILL not all.

Up to 9 percent of women with a false positive don’t just get anxiety, stress, and a second scan. They get a painful biopsy.

Again, all of this is for a cancer that’s not even there!

The mainstream is concerned about the new study, but it’s not because they care about the needless suffering. Nope.

They’re worried it might make women LESS inclined to get mammograms.

Gee, ya think????

This is like hitting someone in the head with a hammer, then worrying they might start avoiding hammers.

It’s time to bring the hammer down on the mammogram, which is responsible for more unnecessary suffering than any other medical procedure out there.

Even when it finds a “true” positive, it’s generally a “stage 0” non-cancer that doesn’t need treatment… but will end up getting treated anyway, often with overly aggressive procedures that can cause far more damage than the disease ever would.

Speak to a naturopathic medical doctor about other, better, safer, and more accurate options.

Ending the anxiety,
Jack Harrison

2 responses to “The TRUE toll of mammograms

  1. The “standard of care” for breast cancer is a money machine;
    The women are intimidated and frightened by the propaganda.

    The same propaganda machine the brings us russiamania, and political correctness.
    It never occurs to you they’re charging $150 for an aspirin, and $300 for a band-aid.

    “Maybe the prognosis right, and I’ll miss my opportunity to see my children graduate and have children”

    The patient caves.

    The drugs they prescribe after the surgery are poison.
    If the patient is still alive ten years after the treatments, it is charted a success.
    If the patient is still alive ten years after declining the treatments, she isn’t on any chart, and is considered an anomaly.

    If she dies 11 years after treatment, it doesn’t count.

    But when asked, she will say she is a cancer survivor as an expression of thanks to God, and it will be assumed by the dimwits she followed the prescribed course of treatment.

    Like in Seinfeld
    “What do you mean you won’t wear the pink ribbon?”
    “Everybody wears the pink ribbon.”
    “You got a problem with wearing the pink ribbon?”

    It’s a crying shame how big pharma, the insurance companies, the AMA, and the Federal government have all partnered into this fascist ‘healing’ enterprise.
    But this all began way before ACA.

    I hope President Trump can try to fix it.

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  2. Me too Me, your comments are spot on


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