9-11 Truth or Death – Ode to a “Debunker”

Does No one remember the Five Dancing Israelis [mossad? covering] the  tyranny and Arrested On 9/11? – I do! >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRfhUezbKLw <<< 3 min…. FR

9-11 Truth or Death

Ode to a “Debunker”

It seems fashionable to attack and “debunk” those who question the official narrative of the 9-11 myth that has been etched into the public’s consciousness via war criminals and their propagandists.

I’m always baffled by people who seem happy to use their energies to transform the crimes and lies of the corrupt elite into patriotic acts of devotion.

Are they cowards, afraid to admit how corrupt their own government is?

Perhaps they are victims of Stockholm Syndrome, an affliction characterized by a submissive posture where the slave begins to defend his captors and aligns himself with the position of his masters?

Maybe they are just hired goons, doing the filthy work of promoting the mendacious and murderous agenda of the establishment they grovel to in exchange for pieces of silver?

Could it be that they are just well-meaning fools, who have been mentally assaulted by a lifetime of exposure to propaganda, misinformation and pre-programming designed to make them love their servitude and hate their own salvation?

Their pathetic yearning to be part of an establishment that could care less if they live or die brings to mind the unrequited love of a pre-teen with an excess of hormones and a deficit of wisdom.

Their gleeful attacks on the people who are risking everything to expose the crimes and lies of the ruling elite who are destroying their own future is a suicidal form of cultural terrorism.

It seems to me that when intelligence officers, pilots, engineers, physicists, architects and members of foreign parliaments risk their careers and reputations to share their inside information regarding a historic event, we should listen.

But the “debunker” cannot see past the blinders that have been permanently affixed to his tiny head.

He dares not spend any of his precious energies or time promoting freedom or exposing war crimes, or torture, or any real injustice .

That would be heresy to the “debunker”.

Their limited understanding of history and the true nature of the world they live in only provides them with enough information, and the required animus, to attack a specific group of people that they have been directed to hate via media manipulation and psychological warfare too sophisticated for them to comprehend.

They are unaware of this manipulation and process their marching orders on a Pavlovian level.

We can only hope these deluded souls are able to become enlightened to the point where they no longer do the bidding of the very forces desiring to enslave them.

They are a curious and sad breed of trolls, dupes, and cannon fodder, who we should all pity, for their kind will be the ones who bring down Western civilization.

Not with a bang, but a tweet.

On a personal note, one of the only pieces in the permanent collection of the September 11th Memorial and Museum in New York that questions the official narrative of 9-11 is one of my creations.
(More to the story here: >>Watch – 9/11 Truth – 30min – FR-<< https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRGy1hYuvqw)

I’ve been viscously attacked by these trolls, been sent death threats and called every pejorative in their limited vocabularies for daring to question our fearless leaders.

I wear their insults like badges of honor.

My answer to them is simple.

May your chains lay lightly upon you.

Anthony Freda

4 responses to “9-11 Truth or Death – Ode to a “Debunker”

  1. As Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

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  2. I am really confused by this posting. I understand the essay on debunkers, but don’t understand who the 5 dancing Israelis are or what happened to them. Would someone like to clarify what the actual claims are or what the story is trying to say? There is the implication that some Israelis had inside info on the 9-11 attack, but we are not told whether they were even charged. To be honest, I don’t recall ever hearing about them before. So what is the story please?


    • That’s why I posted the 3 minute video Cathy. Do your own research. There is much more to be found with a few clicks of the mouse. I’m not here to do other people’s work for them. ‘The Truth Is Out There’… for those who can stand The Truth!


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