Gary Johnson: I Thought Aleppo Was an Acronym

But what the hell is the acronym Aleppo?

Gary Johnson thought Aleppo, the war-torn city in Syria, was an “acronym.”

“I was thinking in terms of acronym Aleppo,” he said about his screw-up on MSNBC during a later interview on The View.

But what the hell is the acronym Aleppo?

Only Johnson can make himself sound even stupider after revealing he was clueless about the city, which was Syria’s largest before it became the main battle zone of the civil war.

Interestingly, Johnson pointed out that the U.S. is supporting ISIS-linked Syrian rebels in a proxy war against the Assad government and that regime change “doesn’t work,” but when one of the hosts pointed out his views are similar to Trump’s, he stumbled.

That suggests his entire campaign, funded by the globalist Koch Bros., is only meant to be an anti-Trump spoiler to swing the election to Hillary.

It would also explain why Johnson is on The View in the first place as well as numerous other establishment programs unlike other Libertarian Party candidates in the past.

The mainstream media wouldn’t be giving favorable coverage to an supposed “anti-establishment” candidate like Johnson unless his campaign was helping the establishment, namely Hillary Clinton.

“Although he has zero chance of winning, Johnson could have taken enough votes away from Trump in key states to ensure a Hillary Clinton victory,” reported Steve Watson. “Johnson, who calls himself an advocate of small government, also has highly questionable ‘libertarian’ principles.”

“He even wants to give the government the power to shut down bakeries that refuse to make gay wedding cakes, violating his own Libertarian Party’s platform.”

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4 responses to “Gary Johnson: I Thought Aleppo Was an Acronym

  1. It’s mind boggling that people who think of themselves as ‘serious conservatives’ would even THINK of voting for this nincompoop.

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  2. Study his stand on principles and see if he is Libertarian, even pro-American. I take him for a UN/NWO control freak.

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  3. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    More Leninist than Libertarian?

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  4. He’s as factly ignorant as Tim Kaine! Kaine wants to limit the capacity of a “clip” to 15 rounds. (I’m not aware of any15-round clips. I’d think, if not handled gingerly, the thing would fall apart.) Now this DEMONrat served in Viet Nam. You know, M 16s with 20-round BOX MAGAZINES–NOT CLIPS? If he doesn’t know/remember that elementary fact, how can he be trusted with anything else? Maybe his DI had to do the “This is your weapon, this is your gun.” thing with him. Cain was to Abel, as Kaine is to America.

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