Drudge Slams GOP: ‘No Different’ Than Dems

Drudge Slams GOP: ‘No Different’ Than Dems

Media mogul frustrated with Republican establishment



First keep Obamacare, now raise taxes on top earners? At least illusion there is difference between parties is finished once and for all!


Drudge has been a faithful Trump supporter, but hasn’t hesitated in criticizing him and the Republican Party when he feels they’ve wavered from their promises, even going as far as suggesting the Republican leadership be sued for fraud.

This is what Drudge’s website, Drudgereport.com looked like after Trump’s tax plan was released Wednesday.

One response to “Drudge Slams GOP: ‘No Different’ Than Dems

  1. The Democrats and Republicans are still the two sides of the same
    counterfeit coin, minted daily in Washington District of Criminals.
    During all primaries the people must get rid of the entrenched rats
    and vote in honest people who will make America Great Again!
    A third party may rise out of the ashes of the hopes of the loyal
    and faithful patriots……………..William

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