Sessions’ Plan To Expand Slavery & Govt Theft

3 responses to “Sessions’ Plan To Expand Slavery & Govt Theft

  1. I never heard anything about Sessions views on forfeitures before he was chosen for the AG position. This cannot stand. Trump has to address this. Sessions is a huge disappointment. He spends his time on this and war on marijuana when medical marijuana (cbd oils, etc.) needs to be available to the populace. Where are the trials to indict Clinton, Obama, Jarrett, Rice and the rest of the criminals? Has Sessions been compromised by threats?

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  2. This has happened over and over again to innocent people in Michigan. They take their homes and everything in.them, even any cash they might have in the house or in their wallets, their cars and of course, their property, farms etc.

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  3. greenworxx, Trump is surrounded within such a deep swamp, I cannot imagine how hard it must be for him to hold his head up to breathe while all the Satanists are pushing his head down, They intend to drown him and the only one who can help him out of this miasma is our God who can do all things. We must keep praying for him and ask our Father that He will miraculously intervene to save him, we the people, and this nation from all this evil. God help us.


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