House passes bill to undo last 60 days of Obama’s rules & regulations

Add this to your daily prayers folks…we really need Obama’s final filth undone…

Fellowship of the Minds

Yesterday was a good day.

A moving truck arrived at the White House — a sign that the Obamas are packing up and leaving. Really.


Also yesterday, the second day of the newly elected Congress, by a vote of 238-184, the GOP-majority House of Representatives passed the Midnight Rule Relief Act that enables Congress to repeal in a single vote any rule finalized in the last 60 legislative days of the Obama administration.

Lydia Wheeler reports for The Hill, Jan. 4, 2017, that if passed by the Senate and signed by President-elect Donald Trump, the Midnight Rule Relief Act (MRRA) would amend the Congressional Review Act to allow lawmakers to bundle together multiple rules and overturn them en masse with a joint resolution of disapproval.

Obama already has threatened to veto the bill if it were to make it to his desk before he leaves office.

Pouring cold water on…

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4 responses to “House passes bill to undo last 60 days of Obama’s rules & regulations

  1. I’ve run out of flowery words. I just keep praying ‘God Help Us’.

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  3. Yes, this is old, but how could the military man keep from laughing out loud, he probably thought, “Good grief, this person doesn’t have a brain.”

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  4. williamjamesward

    Now if they will be able to erase his entire eight years and all of
    the sell out to Islamist subversion, that would be nice. While at it
    how about obliterating all information about him existing or does
    that happen at final Judgment……………..?

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