MilesTones: Dog Thinks He is a Female Cat

by Rev. Austin Miles

My neighbor has a dog named Bruno that thinks he is a cat….a FEMALE cat. The owners humored the dog and began to treat him as a female cat, even calling him, “Kitty.”  The dog, encouraged by this affirmation, tried to climb a tall tree, fell, was badly injured and is now at the vet hospital getting repaired. (He did balk at going into the dog section).

They also stitched up the scratches on his face from a feral cat he tried to mate with. Sometimes it is dangerous to attempt to be other than what you were born to be.

Small Vermont Town Learns What Goes Around Comes Around

Residents in the small Vermont town of Rutland are expressing anger at their mayor’s decision to resettle 100 Syrian refugees, most whom are Muslims, in the area.

According to Daily Caller writer Saagar Enjet,  Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras defended his decision, saying the town’s demographics are declining, and they are having trouble recruiting younger workers and, “we need people”, saith he. He also thinks refugees will bring cultural diversity. That is for sure.

The outraged townspeople say they had little say in the mayor’s decision, which would affect them all and they formed an advocacy group called, Rutland First, to pressure the mayor to reverse his decision.

Hold on! Vermont is a progressive leftist state. MilesTones is astonished at this reaction since that leftist state works closely with Obama in demanding that we open our borders so Muslims can come in. Karma strikes again!

Obama Proclaims the Excellence and Accomplishments of his Presidency

Obama is BRAGGING about his “excellent accomplishments” during his days in The Oval Office.  Radio Host Bob Boyd (Issues in Education heard on over 700 stations) reminded us that Obama’s legacy is:

Eight years of war.

Lowest economic growth in American history.

Record number of mass shooting.

Record number of people on food stamps.

Record High Health Insurance Costs.

Record high national debt.

Worst rioting since 1967.

Highest poverty level in American history.

And THIS is what he calls Excellence and Accomplishments? On second thought, Obama has been very supportive of those with mental health issues.

New Years Song, Obama Obama How You Can Lie!

Sing to tune of “Oh Johnny”

Anxiously counting down to Donald Trump’s inauguration this month, the MilesTones music department has given new lyrics to the old tune, “Oh Johnny Oh Johnny How You Can Love.”

Ready? Uh one and a uh two and……

Obama, Obama, how you can lie,

Obama, Obama, you are so sly,

You make my head explode in rage,

And when I’m near you, sir, I really want to kick your bottom,

Obama, Obama, it’s time to go,

You’ve over stayed your time,

You’ve done nothing, its true,

For the Red White and Blue,

So O-bama, O-bama, Ohhh—AHHHH!.



2 responses to “MilesTones: Dog Thinks He is a Female Cat

  1. Thank you Rev. Miles. I needed an chuckle this AM. But at what cost.. The price of a Muslim POTUS and a STUPID population. The road to recovery will be long and strewn with IEDs.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh my gosh, Pastor Miles is so funny and so clever, but I’m not surprised he has that in him. I laughed at all of it, and I sang the song, and the real list of his accomplishments, we knew right along. Gads I can’t wait until that fool is gone..and where he goes next will not be up, for sure he’ll go down..

    Liked by 1 person

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