So Many Hate Hoaxes by Fascists in America

4 responses to “So Many Hate Hoaxes by Fascists in America

  1. These people calling wolf so often are going to cause police to stop putting any importance on such claims in the future. But these days, the younger generation has no clue what they are doing.

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  2. The means never justify the end–even if the end has merit, which in the cases presented in this video, they unquestionable do not. Makes me angry, but, once more, exemplifies human depravity and ignorance. People need the Lord.

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  3. This post was good.
    I’m still angry about a story the local CBS affiliate broadcast on the evening news. They never miss an opportunity to slam Trump.
    The story had all the ingredients, as well as an indirect accusation of Trump supporters.
    A black woman’s (who was described as a veteran) step son was about to be released form the hospital after a month long bone marrow operation.
    The problem was that ‘someone’ left the oven on while they were away from the double wide trailer causing a fire and rendering the trailer uninhabitable.

    The child now has nowhere to come home to. they broadcast images of the filthy dump, the fire damage, and also what they described as graffiti spray painted on the exterior of the burned out structure.
    They blurred what they described ans racially oriented graffiti, but showed ‘Trump 17’ which had been sprayed in rather small letters on the trailer.

    The woman being interviewed was saying how they were no longer able to live in the trailer and she questioned “how this could happen in 2017”, and “what does she tell her step son?”

    I ususally send the general manager a complaint after one of these stories thae only marginally fit the categories of human interest, or news.
    Hey it is a sad story.

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    • Freedom Rider

      Typical. Doubtful. Not how to torch a house (dump) A**holes looking for a ‘Go Fund Me’ account. Half the country is a squalid dump of ‘entitled people with their hands out and no jobs… And a $700.00 I-Phone. Sad but true.


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