President Trump to Shut Out Mainstream Media

The official death of establishment media control

4 responses to “President Trump to Shut Out Mainstream Media

  1. williamjamesward

    Oh my, the masters of smelly misinformation are being sidelined,
    well they deserve it. They can go onto College campuses and
    cry all they want but we can certainly do without them……BooHoo!

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  2. Those in the MSM, including reporters, middle mgmt, CEO’s and owners might as well go off into the sunset. After decades of lying to the citizens, they will never regain our trust again……EVER! When colluding with traitorous factions of the FBI to spew downright lies to “we the people” becomes the norm, then we have to repudiate them and the FBI. They can all go to h*ll along with the Sunday political shows.

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  3. And we need to “shut out” their sponsors!

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  4. The MSM and the affiliates distort and spin EVERYTHING. Or they ignore it.
    Newspapers are losing circulation, and TV stations are losing viewers. That’s just due to new technology.
    But thanks to their disgraceful performance especially since Obama, I cut back and do not believe anything they present as news. It’s all FAKE.

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