Watch your prostate!

* Do all of our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

* Note: Taken from The Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 12/26/16

Christmas is over, but there’s plenty of fruitcake still around… because docs are going absolutely NUTS!

The PSA test has flunked every single study that’s come along. It’s so bad that even major mainstream health organizations like the U.S. Preventive Service Task Force won’t recommend it any longer.

Yet a new survey finds nutty doctors are STILL pushing this ugly test on unsuspecting patients!

The Medscape survey finds that more than half of docs – 54 percent – believe the benefits of the PSA test “always” or “often” outweigh the risks.

Throw in the number who say those benefits “sometimes” outweigh the risk, and the total jumps to 90 percent.

These aren’t just opinions. They’re leading to ACTIONS too, with 60 percent saying they “always” or “often” push the test on their patients.

Another 29 percent “sometimes” use it.

Only 4 percent of docs have ditched it completely despite the fact that even the guy who discovered PSA calls the test “a profit-driven public health disaster” and said it’s “hardly more effective than a coin toss.”

One reason the test is such a failure is that it can’t distinguish between common harmless tumors and rare deadly ones.

Most of them are in that first category. They’re completely harmless – but shady urologists won’t admit that to their patients.

They’ll pretend your life is on the line.

As a result, the PSA test has led to aggressive and painful treatments for harmless cancers – including treatments that could put you in diapers for the rest of your life.

Many guys also lose the ability to “do it,” and some never have sex again.

Yet they actually THANK their doctors because they’ve been conned into believing those treatments saved their lives.

And they’d rather be alive and in diapers than pushing up daisies.

Well, friend, it turns out you don’t have to make that choice. A second new study shows that nearly every guy diagnosed with prostate cancer eventually dies of something else.

The study finds NO DIFFERENCE in the death rate between guys dutifully screened for prostate cancer every single year… and guys who get screened only occasionally or even NEVER at all.

Put yourself in that last group.

Unless you’ve got some complicating factor – like a close relative who died of this disease – screening is far more likely to hurt you than help.

And if you DO find out you have cancer, it may not need treatment at all… because guys who choose the “watch and wait” approach live just as long as men who rush into drugs and surgery.

With a ‘no way’ for PSA,
Jack Harrison

6 responses to “Watch your prostate!

  1. The key phrase in almost every medical advisory is “Profit Driven”
    to such and extent that alternative medicine is the way to go. Cancer
    was cured in the 1920’s by taking sugar out of the diet, it sets off
    the dinner bell for cancer cells and mix in some omega 6 oils and
    yum for cancer. Consider all of the mystery additives in processed
    foods, few know what they really are and if you are suspicious of
    them you are sane and avoiding them like the plague is the best
    way to go in planning a diet. Plain wholesome foods prepared at
    home with you in control of the ingredients coupled with care
    and some examination of ingredients can keep you out of a
    the clutches of greedy so called Doctors that are under the
    control of the Drug companies. I like the Mediterranean Diet
    when eaten proves healthy………….William

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  2. I’m sorry to say that I have a best friend who, short of a miracle, is dying of with a matastasized prostate cancer and a PSA of 300. He was a lifetime vegetarian and nutritional herb and vitamin supplement guru. He refused establishment treatment and self treated all the way from the early stages. Go figure. He is now going along with doctor’s protocol to buy him more comfort and time while both he and they believe it is too late. We shall see. Fortunately, we both take comfort in the grace and comfort provided through blood of Jesus no matter what. Praise God.


  3. I can’t watch it–it’s inside, around my lungs or someplace.

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  4. I’m taking my three-day state board to become a MD. At 68, I don’t have time for all that med-school nonsense. Upon receiving my license, certificate to practice medicine, I’ll offer surgery at $29.95. I got the idea from Earl Scheib. And all my surgeries include priming and waxing.

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