Make America Employed Again

Actually linked to his in an article I’m writing on Senator Mike Lee, who hates Donald J. Trump

Th3 Platform

It started with that infamous Carrier deal back in November that secured 1100 jobs remaining in Indiana. Of course the mainstream Left and Right chastised Trump for HOW he went about it: tax incentives. Here’s the logic. The mainstream demonizes Mr. Trump for giving “the dirty corporations” incentives to remain in America. They make it seem as if he is allowing them to rip us off from revenue. They are absolutely lying to you and they know it, or they are stupid. The 7 million dollar tax incentive for Carrier is an investment not a handout that will generate a return of keeping the jobs in America. This brings in a RETURN FOR THE INVESTMENT! Employees will more than compensate for that 7 million dollars over the long term since they pay federal income taxes. This is opposed to letting these companies leave and we get nothing. This same type…

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