Frank Luntz Says Trump Wowed Focus Group: ‘First Time There’s Been Any Genuine Movement’

Donald Trump’s highest moment when he held Hillary liable for her emails and called for a special prosecutor

Luntz also sent out a series of tweets showing Trump dominated the debate:

Frank Luntz


Focus Group: Who are you willing to vote for?

• Hillary: 8
• Trump: 9

• Hillary: 4
• Trump: 18


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Who had the greater positive impact on your voting choice tonight?

• 21 say Trump
• 9 say Clinton

6 responses to “Frank Luntz Says Trump Wowed Focus Group: ‘First Time There’s Been Any Genuine Movement’

  1. williamjamesward

    Donald skinned Hillary and brought the focus on her deplorable
    conduct and the high talk of her career producing a basket of

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  2. When Luntz came on and announced that Trump had scored big, Megyn Kelly froze. What a shock. How can this be?

    There was a moment during the Luntz segmeant where some lady was saying she was mother of three girls and strongly objected to what Trumo said. The guy sitting nest to her started to rationalize The situation and language; and she looked shocked and expressed her disappointment.
    Maybe they were married or had struck up a conversation during the telecast. We’ll probably find out as FOX milks and dissects the focus group. But that dynamic is the snapshot that tells the whole story why the big deal.

    So Paul Ryan SOH comes out and tells the republican buttheads to ‘save yourself’.
    That confirms that party politics empowers the leaders to conversely instruct the membership to fall on their swords too, and of they do not stay in line they’re over.

    Did Trump say he was giving contributions to him to the RNC, and funding his campaign with his own money? I knew he was funding himself, and also he is soliciting contributions, but I got the impression the RNC hated
    Trump from the very beginning; then they seemed to shift their stance, now this.
    There will be more slander heading Trump’s way for sure.
    True or fabricated; legally obtained or not.
    Half America is stupid or commie.

    When Hillary mentioned Trump’s kids, was it code for
    “we got contracts out on them”?

    All I can do is pray them and vote for Trump.

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  3. yes, definitely pray for him. I heard HC apologized for calling us deplorable, but I never heard that apology. It’s like the story of the feathers in the pillow – words are like feathers in a pillow. Once they’re out, it’s really hard to put them back in. How does she make sure all the deplorables hear the apology? Trump apologized, but he really didn’t owe us one, because those who heard his potty talk had to turn on the video by their choice. But she issued that insult to all of us without our consent. I’m waiting for my personal phone call or email with her apology…….

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  4. no-nonsense-nancy

    Luntz is an idiot. Trump has never been out of the race. If he
    was, wh does he draw 20,000 people or more to his rallies? I guess he goes by the MSN rigged polls.

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