Hillary Clinton Set To Exit Presidential Race

Damaging data dump could destroy her politically

Roger Stone says the end of Hillary will be on Wednesday – if she stays in the race, her chances of winning won’t improve unless the system is rigged:


3 responses to “Hillary Clinton Set To Exit Presidential Race

  1. “Unless the system is Rigged?”
    That’s a joke, right?
    The bastards are closing in. They’re ready to start a war with Russia to upset this election.
    Whatever it takes

    When this is all over maybe Trump will open “Trump Villages” all over the country where all of us endangered species can buy in.
    He could start with the vast blocks of despair in many of the inner cities.
    He could pick up vast tracts in the country for those tree hugger types.

    They could be incorporated and designed to keep the freeloading scum out.

    One of my best situations was when I found my accountant Vinnie on Long Island..
    It was a ‘referral’
    His whole purpose in life was to help his clients pay less taxes.


  2. MeThePeople, right on.


  3. Since I’ve no tears, are there still professional mourners as in antiquity?


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