Trump Restores Pride: No Bull

By Jim O’Neill

In a Trump administration, there will be no bulls—t.

Bobby Knight “Bobby Knight to Michigan Rally

We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise.  We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.  We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.

C.S. Lewis (1898-1963) “The Abolition of Man

Trump is almost single handedly restoring pride – pride in America, pride in work, pride in ourselves.  Not, mind you, the false twisted “pride” of professional victim-hood, nor the bloated self-importance of narcissistic vanity, but the inner glow of healthy self-love, self-worth, and self-respect.

For much too long “we the people” have allowed ourselves to be cowed and cornered by the insidious poison of political correctness and its attendant evils of guilt and shame.  No more!

The wretched effects of political correctness are much more widespread and pernicious than many of us realize.  Simply by being, simply by existing, Trump is anathema to the legions of SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) and their narrative of twisted truths and tawdry lies.

In a wonderfully serendipitous black swan event “we the people” have found our spokesman in Donald J. Trump, and he has found his sounding board in “we the people.”  We feed off of, encourage, and lift one another.  Trump is no Don Quixote tilting at windmills, but a lion-hearted warrior who cuts through thorny tangles and gets things done.

As I say, his very existence is an affront to the politically correct crowd.  But you know what Trump says about political correctness – and “we the people” applaud and cheer him on.  Thank God someone of national stature is finally showing some sanity and guts.

I am no Johnny-come-lately to the “Trump Train” – back in 2011 I wrote a pro-Trump article with the New York Post-worthy title “Help Trump Dump the Chump.”  I had hopes that he would enter the political fray at that time, but it was not to be.  It has been worth the wait though.

But to return to the subject of pride:  It is way past time for American males, especially white American males to take pride in their gender, reclaim their manhood and grow a pair.  It was John Newton, William Wilborforce and other white European males who put an end to the African slave trade – even while Muslim slave traders and black Africans continued the practice.  Do not come whining to me with some “white privilege” nonsense.

I am a child of God; on this earth for an indeterminate and strictly limited period, and I refuse to waste my time mollycoddling SJWs and their absurd inanities regarding race and gender.

Now if we are children, then we are heirs–heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ….

Romans 8:17

I have no time for SJW guilt, shame, and dismal disheartening tales of woe.  We are children of God and the only us this universe and eternity will ever know.  What an unbelievably glorious story is contained in our birthright!

Not in entire forgetfulness,        

And not in utter nakedness,      

But trailing clouds of glory do we come          

From God, who is our home….       

William Wordsworth (1770-1850) “Ode

We are saved from pompous ego inflation by the sure knowledge that all of our gifts and splendor are “on loan” from the Creator, and the humble recognition that “all men are created equal,” so that our glory is their glory and visa versa — if only more of us fully realized this simple yet profound truth.

I wish to avoid getting bogged down in the byzantine minutiae of theology, so I will instead point toward the rather new science of “Intelligent Design” (ID) and leave it at that.  Please avail yourself of at least a modicum of knowledge regarding the philosophical roots of science itself and the bare essentials of irreducible complexity before attempting to pass judgement on ID.  I highly recommend the book “Intelligent Design 101” as a starting place for anyone unfamiliar with the subject.

And in place of our Creator, our glorious inheritance, our divine self and immortal status – what do the secularists, the humanists, the atheists, the materialists give us? Nothing.  They give us nothing at all.  A planet full of technologically clever monkeys hellbent on staying stuck on stupid, spiritually speaking.  I would give a room full of chimps with an open box of hand grenades a better chance of long term survival.

Is it not time to leave behind the sparkling dead-end trinkets and toys of materialism, ego, and temporal dross – and turn toward a brighter future of spirit, vigor, elegance and elan?

America is currently lost at sea, rudderless, with a deluded and dithering captain at its wheel.  God willing, on November 8th “we the people” will transfer control of our ship-of-state to a fearless helmsman worthy of the honor; who will at long last steer America back on course.  Vote Trump!





4 responses to “Trump Restores Pride: No Bull

  1. Pretty soon, there will be, not a bull, but an elephant in the room, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And we in Virginia should build a wall to keep Kaine out, from returning to Virginia.

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  2. Great article! Everything that comes at me gets filtered through The Word of God and this seems the same for Jim O’Neill. When looked at Biblically, it seems clearer by the hour that Trump is God’s man “…for such a time as this”, warts and all-like the rest of us. Thanks,CZ &Jim.

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