One of America’s deadliest conditions… CURED!

* Do all of our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

* Note: Taken from The Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 7/5/17
It’s practically a crime, if you ask me.

Every year, some 400,000 Americans DIE of sepsis… yet they’re not killed because this condition CAN’T be treated.

It’s because Big Pharma WON’T make a treatment!

Sepsis isn’t an ongoing condition. If you could get your hands on a cure, you’d need it just once — and Big Pharma crooks don’t give a rip about one-and-done meds!

Sure, they’d make big bucks off it, but not as much as they swindle off drugs that people have to take every day for years and years.

Well, a stunning new study shows we never needed Big Pharma’s help in the first place on this one — because the REAL cure to sepsis has been right under their noses all along!

The answer, as it turns out, is plain old vitamin C mixed with a cheap steroid.

Throw a little inexpensive thiamine — a.k.a. vitamin B1 — into the potion, and you’ve got a powerful weapon that can WIPE OUT the sepsis and SAVE lives.

Sepsis is when your immune system goes off the rails in response to an infection. It goes so crazy that your body’s own healthy tissues and organs end up under attack.

It leads to tissue damage, kidney injury, kidney shock, organ failure, and — too often — DEATH.

The new study shows just how deadly it is, with 40 percent of the patients DYING without the “cocktail” treatment — and that number might even be a little low, compared to what SOME hospitals see.

In some cases, between half and 60 percent of patients who develop sepsis die.

But in the new study, nearly all of the sepsis patients given a mix of vitamin C, hydrocortisone, and thiamine lived.

Just 9 percent — less than one in 10 — died from this otherwise fatal condition!

If only those Big Pharma fatcats had bothered to look, they might’ve made a small fortune off a patented version that they’d market and sell for big money.

Instead, it’s been uncovered by researchers OUTSIDE of that ugly industry who used cheap ingredients that EVERY hospital already has on hand.

Now, doctors and patients alike will have access to this CURE for just PENNIES!

Hopefully, the word on this will get out fast and hospitals across the country will swiftly make the C-mix their front-line treatment for sepsis.

But since, in reality, hospitals are S-L-O-W when it comes to adapting and adjusting, be sure to speak to the doctors ASAP and demand that they deliver this life-saving treatment as quickly as possible if one of your own loved ones suffers from sepsis in the hospital at any point in the future.

Spreading the word,
Jack Harrison

3 responses to “One of America’s deadliest conditions… CURED!

  1. williamjamesward

    Dosage would be helpful. I have always relied on colloidal silver but hey
    if this concoction works, yahoo!!!………….William

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  2. To the best of my knowledge, this would likely be as is the case with many treatment modalities. Dosage is generally based upon age, weight and general over-all health condition of the patient.
    Susie Bowman

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