Boycott Trump-hater and Penzeys Spices

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shannon-coulterShannon Coulter, a marketing professional from the San Francisco Bay Area and founder/CEO of DoubleKnown Communications, has started a boycott, #GrabYourWallet, to get retailers to dump their Ivanka and other Trump merchandise., a Canadian online retailer, is the first to “dump Trump” in the #GrabYourWallet boycott.


#GrabYourWallet has a spreadsheet of “Companies to Boycott” — businesses that presently carry the Ivanka or other Trump labels. The boycott campaign even coaches its hate-filled followers to send this message to a business:

“Hi. I’m a customer / fan of your brand. Unfortunately I’ll no longer be able to shop there because you do business with the Trump family. If you were to no longer do so I would consider returning as a customer. Please communicate my feedback to store management. Here’s what I said to a rep who said ‘Well, we don’t carry Donald’s products’: Because Ivanka…

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9 responses to “Boycott Trump-hater and Penzeys Spices

  1. williamjamesward

    Anything connected to Donald Trump and his family will have my
    attention and I will buy what I can when I can. Those nitwits that
    would boycott should get a life, in Iran maybe……………William

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  2. I’m boycotting because they’ve all run out of Play Doh and safe spaces! (I typed that in tears.) I suggest this foolishness will INCREASE sales of Trump merchandise, thanks for the list of pro-Trump companies.

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  3. Thanks, CZ. Following your list, I left a “thank you” at Amazon. I suppose 499 buffoons think they can take down the likes of Amazon or any of these companies. In fact, thanks to your helpful list, I image sales will INCREASE. Time allowing, I shall send more thanks yous. I suggest all your readers do the same. We cannot afford to rest on laurels, just because we won an election. It’s just the beggining for them AND us. Keep them on the run and “Make America Great Again” and keep her that way. Death to liberalism/progressivism/socialism/communism! Thanks for the starting inertia.

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  4. Amen, CZ–grit our collective teeth and dig in!

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  5. make a twitter & facebook so people can follow


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