Whistleblower Pilot: Pilots Are Flying Muslims Into US Illegally

muzzie flying


Incredible Interview: Pilot and whistleblower, Dennis Swelky, states that the TSA now requires pilots to relinquish rights to pass their ‘security risk assessment’, or lose their job. And that a prominent pilot and Tennessee State Rep. flew 1000s of illegal Muslims into the US.

The connection here is that Swelky was asked to sign a document, which he received at his company, Kalitta Charters, that stated that he ‘must not object’ to what would appear to be ‘security risks or violations of federal law’. He would not sign as he didn’t want to be part of any illegal activities. In the same breath, he claims other pilots have admitted flying in Muslims illegally.

Swelky questions how many other pilots have received this type of notification and asks that they come forward if they have. He claims other pilots in his company have received the new regulations and signed without actually reading it.

Swelky also states that Tennessee State Rep. Rick Womick and retired pilot admitted in front of an audience of thousands at a local church that he flew 1000s of illegal Muslim into the US multiple times.

The testimony is that planes would fly passengers to Europe, but on return would be scheduled to be empty. “They loaded that aircraft rock-solid full with every seat filled of illegal Muslims.” Afterwards the Muslims were supposedly brought in behind security, given money and “all kinds of other benefits” and escorted to various parts of the US.

Are there any pilots within our audience here at Truth And Action that have received any kind of new ‘regulations’ from TSA?

2 responses to “Whistleblower Pilot: Pilots Are Flying Muslims Into US Illegally

  1. How much more are we expected to take? If this is true….

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