URGENT: Spot the warning signs of this deadly new risk

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* Note: Taken from the Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 2/6/17

Diabetes is like a wrecking ball aimed at your entire body… but there’s no part of your insides that gets slammed quite like your poor pancreas.

It’s ground zero for the disease, as it struggles to pump out insulin.

Eventually, you can practically see the smoke coming out of the pancreas as the beta cells just plain burn out.

Now, the latest research shows how that’s only the beginning of your troubles… because if you have diabetes, you could end up with something far worse than a worn-out pancreas.

You could be in the express lane for pancreatic cancer!

You don’t want the “C” word in any part of your body, if you can help it.

But you REALLY don’t want it THERE – because pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of the disease.

The moment you get diabetes, your risk of pancreatic cancer jumps.

In fact, 50 PERCENT of all pancreatic cancer patients were diagnosed with diabetes roughly six months earlier.

It’s as if the diabetes is the first warning sign!

Over the first three months with diabetes, your risk of pancreatic cancer more than triples. Between three and six months, it more than doubles.

The risk starts to tail off after about a year, but even then, it’s still 70 percent higher.

Now, not all that risk is coming from the diabetes itself.

One of the true causes is those new meds the doc will switch you to when your diabetes gets worse. Some of them have been linked REPEATEDLY to pancreatic cancer.

In fact, your pancreatic cancer risk jumps by SEVEN TIMES if your doc puts you on more powerful meds.

Some docs will even start you out on those drugs – and it turns out all that risk’s for nothing, since many of these new meds are actually NO BETTER than plain old metformin in many cases.

That stuff’s certainly no picnic, but it’s a whole lot safer… and might even CUT the risk of pancreatic cancer!

But why stay on metformin if you don’t have to? Switch to a back-to-basics low-carb diet, and you could work with your doc on a plan to cut and even ELIMINATE all your meds.

Of course, it’s not just the meds alone at work here.

The disease itself could be tearing your poor pancreas apart – and even if you don’t end up with cancer, you could end up with other pancreas problems.

The lesson? If you develop diabetes suddenly or the disease starts getting worse, get yourself checked out – because pancreatic cancer’s no joke.

It’s a killer disease, but if you can get it caught and treated ASAP you have a shot at beating it.

Protecting your pancreas,
Jack Harrison

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