That Iran Deal and Nukes

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3 responses to “That Iran Deal and Nukes

  1. It’s not about nukes at all! According to Rush Limbaugh, the fix was in when Boeing wanted to sell planes to cash-strapped Iran. Sen Bob Corker wrote the legislation that unfroze the Iranian moolah so the Mullahs could afford to restock the failing Iranian aircraft.

    “Do you know why we did the Iran deal, just for example?

    You know why the Corker Bill exists as it does, why there’s never any serious effort to stop Obama in making the Iran deal? Do you have any idea? It was money. There was a news story, I think it was the UK Daily Mail. If not, it was something similar. The Iranian national airline, such as it is, is falling apart. Their aircraft are old and dilapidated, and because the sanctions have been in place, they’ve been unable to buy new aircraft, replacement aircraft or parts to repair what they have now.

    So basically their national airline is a joke. They in Iran, the mullahs, have ordered a number of replacement aircraft, made by Boeing. Boeing therefore wants the deal. But in order for the deal to happen $150 billion in frozen Iranian assets needs to be unfrozen. Now, Boeing is a contributor to the Republican Party. I wish I could remember what newspaper I read this in. Off the top of my head, I think it’s the Daily Mail, but it might very easily could be something else.

    But the bottom line was that Republican politicians, elected officials basically had to please a very well-to-do donor or series of donors that were going to be able to engage in new business with Iran if the sanctions were lifted. If you look at the Corker Bill, all it was about was lifting the sanctions by statute. Now, this is very important. The Corker Bill secured the sanctions being lifted by statute.”

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