Why Trump is Leading the Pack

4My comments:  So far, Trump is filling a huge void.  The American Constitutional conservatives are starving for someone who isn’t afraid to speak the truth.  Trump is really doing that, and he doesn’t care who slams him because he slams them right back.  He may not be everything we want or everything we like in the end, but it sure is wonderful watching the MSM and the other politicians going berserk attacking him.  And because they do, Trump’s numbers keep rising.  P.S., His wife is a lot prettier than what we have now, and we probably wouldn’t be paying $44 million bucks for their vacations.

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  1. Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2015 12:26:50 +0000 To: annmadeloni@hotmail.com

  2. Why TRUMP
    Let me tell you the whispers coming from the dark recesses of my (very private) mind.
    Having the last vestiges of hope systematically, painfully peeled, like so many layers of delicate skin, for almost a decade, has left me, the individual, frightened to my core.
    Everywhere we look in this country, from the lowest levels on up, we have seen a terrible virus take hold.
    That virus is called “political correctness”.
    That virus is CENSORSHIP. Of speech. Of thought. Of faith. Of morality.
    Of individuality.
    Can’t rely on or trust the local police to “protect and serve”.
    When WE ask for their help, they arrest and even kill US.
    They have made us fear for our safety.
    Can’t rely on or trust our local teachers to teach our children truth and fact.
    When WE ask that they NOT teach propaganda and perversity, they report US.
    They have made us fear losing our children.
    Can’t rely on or trust our doctors.
    When we truthfully answer their governmental questions re: gun ownership, they report US.
    They have made us fear losing our freedom.
    Can’t rely on or trust our local pastors to keep our confidences.
    When we question the pervasive “relative morality”, and plead for God’s LAWS, they report US.
    They have made us fear losing our community.
    Can’t rely on or trust our local librarian. When we ask for “conservative” books, “religious” books, they report US. They have made us fear losing access to knowledge, and knowledge is power!
    Can’t rely on or trust our neighbors. When we question, when we refuse to get bogged down in newspeak, they report US.
    They have made us fear a shunning that could actually cost us our jobs, our homes, our families.
    Can’t trust our own children. When we speak openly of things contrary to their indoctrination, in the privacy of our own homes, they report US. Many of us now fear our own children. WOW!
    A man named Donald Trump has stepped up and said he wants to:
    “make America great again”.
    Do I trust him implicitly? Hell no! If the last 10 years has taught me anything, it’s to trust no one. Not until they earn it.
    But after the last decade of lost reputation, lost sovereignty, lost pride, I, as an American, cannot help but be compelled by this one man’s lack of fear; by this one man’s brave outspoken conviction of what is right and what is wrong; by the siren’s call of renewed American self-love and not American self-loathing.
    I have full intentions of voting for Trump.
    He is not a politician.
    He’s a self-made man.
    He’s a financially INDEPENDENT man.
    With money comes power, ergo, he is a POWERFUL man. Maybe, whispers my soul, just maybe, this change will bring back American hope.
    Maybe, just maybe, with Trump’s help, we can:
    “make America great again”.
    Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2015 12:26:50 +0000 To: annmadeloni@hotmail.com

  3. annmadeloni — excellant, excellant comments. This morning while I was watching, actually it was more listening, to the CBS national news, the talking heads ask what was the attraction to Trump. Your comments say it all.

    • MA, Trump is filling a void that for far too long has been empty of anyone in the political arena having the guts to speak the truth. And by the way, Don Trump was spot on about McCain…

  4. Trump is correct about SO MUCH;If/When he becomes President,I have no doubt he’ll run into a LOT he’s not familiar with,but I DON’T doubt that he’ll rally the most straight-up,knowledgeable,capable people there are,and will learn what he needs to know to do the subject justice,and he’ll jump in,full tilt. As I’ve said before,no VALID President does the whole job himself-that’s why they select their Cabinet. Those are his “Go To” people,there to help him with things he may be weak on or less capable on. Most of the skills he’s used to become the successful Business Entity he is now will also see him through a Presidency,many of the concepts involved are not that dissimilar.

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