Trump's Newest Campaign Ad

My guess is Sheldon Adelson’s donation of $25 million for ads against Hillary might be paying for this terrific ad!  Go Trump!

6 responses to “Trump's Newest Campaign Ad

  1. Donald Trump approves that message; may the rest of America do so as well.

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    A message worthy of approval! And there are many more to be told that are like it!

  3. just saw a disturbing interview with Allen Dershowitz. He said the FBI will never indict Hillary. He didn’t really give good reason, but this investigation won’t be complete until after the election most likely, and I guess he figures the FBI will not indict a president-elect. If she loses? Who knows? Then there is the problem with early elections. Thousands have already voted. I think that’s the stupidest idea – if a large number voted early and new evidence comes out, many might have voted differently.

  4. A terrific ad! As for some of the above comments, I hope that counter coup
    can move quickly enough to stop that from happening, but probably not, I’ll count on it being reversed by nullifying all that Obama had done.
    Trump had said he’d do the same. Those criminals must be tried and jailed for their crimes!. . God willing, it’ll happen…either here or in hell.

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