Trump: I Won Popular Vote If Illegal Voters Excluded

Why the Electoral College is necessary
The #NotMyPresident movement keeps pushing the “Hillary won the popular vote” line, but it’s meaningless; if the president was selected by popular vote, then both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would have campaigned in completely different states than they did.
In short, Hillary saying she won the popular vote is like saying she won a footrace by driving a Dodge Demon.
There’s a legitimate reason for having an Electoral College: if the president was selected by popular vote, then only densely population regions of the U.S. would decide who would become president. The United States of America would be reduced to the United States of New York and California, with 48 other vassal states.
And why is the presidential election the only race that’s decided by the Electoral College? Simple: it’s the only race that shows up with the same major candidates in all 50 states. Other races, such as the U.S. House and Senate, involve candidates who are chosen only by voters of that state.
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3 responses to “Trump: I Won Popular Vote If Illegal Voters Excluded

  1. I am amazed at how many people I run into who have no idea about the electoral college – no understanding at all. Ignorance may be bliss but it is at least part of the reason the country is in the condition that it is.

  2. williamjamesward

    The Democrats and Leftist Greens marshaled millions of illegals to
    vote and thus bolstered a failing Hillary Clinton. They lost any way
    but as is typical of them they point to the popular vote, sham act
    for irrelevant conclusion at best. The problem is mostly in the
    understanding and that is what the left has insured by taking
    civics out of curricula in education, or rather indoctrination in
    the dumbing down process of Communist subversion and the
    encroaching enslavement of mind and body………….William

  3. We have an Electoral college because the US is a republic, not just a democracy. States originally had more power but came together for issues like defense, which affected them all. The idea of a democracy, where the popular vote determines everything, is too open to corruption. Our electors are necessary to certify the votes in their states and carry out the will of the majority of each state’s citizens. It seems apparent that if the US went strictly by the popular vote, the loser would always mistrust the outcome, and it wouldn’t be long before a tyrannical core group took over the country and dissolved the “democracy”. Obama is trying to do this, which proves that a tyrannical leader can take away freedoms if a majority of the population isn’t vigilant. The electoral college must stay. It’s not enough, but it’s one way to deter tyrants. The other is that the citizenry must stand for the rule of law and refuse to look the other way when the president oversteps his authority.

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